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  • System Requirements - There are always questions about what's required for HTML Help to work on a given system. This page contains the majority of information necessary to understand what to do.
  • Tutorials - From Char James-Tanny's popular Workshop tutorial to links to Don Lammers' best works on the subject, we've got all the hard info.
  • MS Access - This PDF explains all the "gotchas" and techniques related to using HTML Help with Microsoft Access. These techniques are also useful for other Microsoft Office products.
  • Visual Basic Class Module - This class module contains the majority of HTML Help techniques which are useful in Visual Basic 5 and 6.
  • Visual Basic Sample - This sample illustrates the usage of a lot of the techniques in the above class module.
  • Visual Basic Training Cards - Training cards have always been difficult to implement in Visual Basic 5 and 6. This sample illustrates how to accomplish this with HTML Help.
  • VB.NET - Coming soon ...
  • MFC Sample - A small sample, illustrating how to call HTML Help from an MFC Visual C++ application.
  • Help Object Library DLL ver. 4.0 - This DLL is basically a port of the HTML Help class module, but with major enhancements, including WinHelp functionality.
  • IE Silent Install Tools - Silently installing Internet Explorer to support HTML Help can be a bit tricky. These tools can help in this endeavor.
  • Popup Tester - A small VB5-based application to help troubleshoot problems with HTML Help What's This? popups.
  • Tips and Tricks - Adding the MSDN menu or Previous and Next buttons to an HTML Help window? A lot of this information is here.
  • FAQ - From a couple discussion lists, our own compilation of frequently-asked questions.
  • Papers - A collection of a few papers on some interesting HTML Help topics.