PICTURED: Suspect, 29, shot dead outside Nashville cinema after attacking audience with a hatchet and pellet gun as it's revealed he had 'history of mental illness' and was also carrying a fake bomb

Nashville movie theater shooting in Mad Max screening leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Police released an image of Vincente David Montano, 29, (left) who was holding an Airsoft replica pistol (bottom left) when he attacked a mostly empty screening of Mad Max: Fury Road around 1pm Wednesday at the Carmike Hickory 8 theater around 1pm Wednesday afternoon. Officers say he let off huge amounts of red-tinted tear gas and slashed a man with his axe (bottom right) before being shot dead when he tried to leave via a back entrance - his body is circled to the right outside the exit he took. Police and fire personnel are pictured center heading into the theatre with gas masks. Three moviegoers were injured in the attack, but none of the wounds were serious.

Revealed: How scaremongering NYPD video of psychotic naked New Yorker high on 'weaponized marijuana' was actually of Iowa man high on PCP in 2002

NYPD's scaremongering 'weed' video was man on PCP in 2002

The NYPD released a 2002 video of a man on the psychotic drug PCP in Iowa and claimed it was recent footage of a New Yorker under the influence of synthetic marijuana. The clip shows a naked man screaming wildly, squatting in the street, and scrambling up a fence, defying Taser guns with 'super human strength'. It was played during a press conference on Tuesday as Police Commissioner Bill Bratton (bottom right) issued an 'urgent' warning that 'weaponized marijuana' - or K2 - is a growing concern for New York officers.

Colorado resident becomes the second person in the state to die from the plague so far this year

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The unidentified adult likely died of the relatively rare septicemic form of the disease, the Pueblo City-County Health Department said.

Baby rescued by father's desperate call home when he realized he had left boy in 80F car at train station on work commute

uthorities said a 6-month-old boy was left in a hot car for several hours Wednesday morning at the Forest Glen Metro stop after his father said he forgot the baby was in the back seat, locked the car and got on the rail system to go to work.

The incident began around 10 a.m., when authorities said the child?s grandparents called saying the boy?s father had called them once he realized he had parked the car at the Metro stop and forgotten the baby.

Authorities said the father later said he parked at the Forest Glen stop around 7:30 a.m. When rescuers arrived at the station they found the boy?s grandparents searching for the car. They were able to locate the car and found the infant in it.

Firefighters broke the car windows to get the baby out. He was said to be conscious and breathing and was transported to an area hospital.

The 6-month-old boy had spent close to three hours inside the locked vehicle at the Forest Glen Metro station in Silver Spring, Maryland, before someone noticed the child and called police.

National Enquirer runs deathbed photo of Bobbi Kristina amid heated family feud over another image taken during her funeral

Bobbi Kristina’s DEATHBED photo taken at Georgia hospice on National Enquirer cover

The jarring image that graces the cover of the tabloid depicts the 22-year-old woman lying unconscious under a blanket in her bed at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Georgia. The magazine cover also features a smaller photo of Bobbi Kristina's mother, Whitney Houston, lying in her casket in 2012 after her own drowning death.

'Shawshank' prison escapee Richard Matt had blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal driving limit when he was shot and killed by officer after three-week manhunt

Richard Matt, 49,had a blood alcohol content of .18 per cent - more than twice the state's legal limit for driving - when he was gunned down near the New York town of Malone on June 26.

Plane wing found washed up on Reunion island IS from missing MH370, Malaysian PM reveals as investigators are finally able to confirm the jet crashed into the sea 515 days after it vanished 

Najib Razak has confirmed that the wing fragment found last week was from the Malaysian Airlines plane that went missing last March, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Wall Street banker who claimed ex-wife was nothing more than a glorified childminder during divorce is ordered to pay her $6million

Paul Perkins, 61, from New York, had dismissed 67-year-old Vibeke Steineger's claim on his $13million fortune, saying she contributed 'in no way' to his success or business during their marriage.

The Game 'sued for $10M by contestant on his new reality show who claims he sexually assaulted her several times'

She's Got Game

The Game is reportedly being accused of sexual assault by a contestant on his new dating reality show She's Got Game.

Obama calls for support for Iran nuclear pact - but bashes Republicans, tells Israel's PM he is 'wrong' and admits unfreezing cash WILL fund terrorism

He channeled John F. Kennedy announced a nuclear nonproliferation deal with the country on this very day in 1963 and gave a speech at the same venue earlier that summer.

EXCLUSIVE: Wracked with guilt over Bobbi Kristina's death, Bobby Brown confides: 'I should have made her go to rehab and become her guardian - just like Britney Spears' father did to save her'

Wracked with guilt over Bobbi Kristina's death, Bobby Brown confides: 'I should have made

Bobby Brown regrets that he didn't force Nick Gordon to move out of Bobbi Kristina's townhouse and leave her alone - legally if necessary. Now Bobby is facing another crisis - Daily Mail Online has learned his wife is suffering from severe diabetes. Alicia Etheredge had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital on the day of Krissy's funeral and Bobbby is very worried.They were not able to attend the burial in New Jersey on Monday. Jamie Spears was named conservator of Britney's personal and financial life and protection from former manager Sam Lufti, after her meltdown. Bobby believes he failed Krissy but he vows to never fail any of his  other kids again.

The perks of being Chelsea: The Clintons 'helped buy daughter's $9million apartment and let her husband network at foundation events' as it's revealed she 'brought her own team of three with her to stint at NBC'

Chelsea Clinton's parents Hillary and Bill 'helped buy her $9m apartment'

Chelsea Clinton's awkward teenage years in the White House may be far behind her, but she's still treated with just as much protection as a first daughter. Despite the fact that Chelsea is now in an important role on the board of her parent's multi-billion-dollar charity, hardly anything critical has been written about the 35-year-old progeny of American political royalty in recent years, in large part due to an aggressive campaign by her parents flacks to keep the press at bay. And like many a privileged child, the Clintons have given their daughter a lot of handouts in life - from helping to buy her a $9million apartment to referring their billionaire friends to Chelsea's financier husband, sources told Vanity Fair in a new profile.

Former Owl City musician charged with trying to lure teenage girl back to his hotel room and onto the band's tour bus for sex

Daniel Jorgensen, a band member of the band Owl City, has been indicted in Atlantic City on charges of attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl to his hotel room while on tour two years ago,

U.S. offers $5M reward for information on El Chapo as head of DEA suggests escaped drug kingpin may still be in Mexico

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman broke out of one of Mexico's most secure prisons last month via a sophisticated mile-long tunnel that opened up in his cell's shower.

Body of diabetic teacher missing for two weeks in California forest found near the motorbike he was last seen riding

Long Island native who was missing for more than two weeks in California national park found dead 

The body of a Long Island native who had been missing for more than two weeks in the California wilderness was found dead Tuesday morning.

Edward Cavanaugh, 45, who grew up in Ronkonkoma in Suffolk County before moving to San Francisco 20 years ago, was an experienced outdoorsman who also led his high school students on backpacking trips that would last up to 10 days.

But a massive team of authorities and volunteers began searching for him after he was last seen on July 17 on his blue Yamaha YZ250 motorcycle in the Rock Creek trail system in the Eldorado National Forest.

The El Dorado Sheriff's Office reported his body was found at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday off the nature trail in a rugged brush area. His motorcycle was near the body, police said.

The investigation is ongoing and a cause of death has not been released.

His family issued a statement through the sheriff's office thanking ev

Ed Cavanaugh, 45, was last seen on CCTV on his Yamaha YZ 250 motorcycle leaving his cabin in the Eldorado National Park on July 17, but his body was found in rugged bush Tuesday.

Son, 26, 'stabbed his father to death with a SWORD and left him in a chair with blade sticking out of his stomach'

A man has been charged with stabbing his father to death with a sword at his parents' suburban Philadelphia home.
Twenty-six-year-old Eli Goodrich was arraigned Wednesday in Bucks County on criminal homicide and weapon possession charges.
EXCLUSIVEMan Says He Saw POI Sexually Assault Missing NJ Boy
Authorities allege in court documents that Goodrich, who recently moved to Philadelphia, was on a weekly visit to the family's Middletown Township home Tuesday when he said his father wasn't ``going to control my mind anymore'' and he had to kill him.
Investigators said the 67-year-old Alan Goodrich was found in a chair with a sword protruding from his stomach and was pronounced dead less than an hour later at a hospital.

Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Man-Accused-of-Killing-Father-With-a-Sword-in-Langhorne-Home-320801771.html#ixzz3hysHG5OY 
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Eli Goodrich is accused of stabbing 67-year-old Alan Goodrich at his home in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday evening, where police say they found him with horrific stab wounds.

Crab-like 'alien facehugger' in a cave is spotted on Mars in latest bizarre claim by conspiracy theorists

Crab-like 'alien facehugger' in a cave is spotted on Mars by conspiracy theorists

Alien hunters say they have spotted a 'woman with breasts', watching the Curiosity rover from a distance (left). Not only that, but in the same week, they have seen a mysterious 'facehugger crab' on the red planet (right). Scientists say these strange sightings are a case of pareidolia, which is the psychological response to seeing faces and other significant and everyday items in random places.

Boy, 11, charged with manslaughter after 3-year-old boy is shot dead 'with gun he took from his father's closet'

The 11-year-old appeared Wednesday in a Michigan juvenile court on charges of manslaughter with a weapon aimed with intent but without malice, as well as using a firearm during a felony.

Father travels 3,000 miles from Finland to Africa on a JETSKI after his son asked him if it was possible 

When your son asks you if it is possible to jetski from Finland to Africa, most fathers would laugh it off with a smile or dismiss the suggestion as an unrealistic dream. Risto Piispa tried it for himself.

Discovery's cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting amid Josh Duggar molestation scandal cost the channel $19MILLION

The reality show - starring Arkansas-based Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children - was cancelled by TLC's parent company last month amid eldest son Josh's molestation scandal.

School 'warned authorities about 7-year-old's dramatic weight-loss in the months before boy was beaten into a coma by his father'

Massachusetts boy Jack Loiselle, 7, was rushed to the hospital on July 14, after his father, 26-year-old Randall Lints, called 911 saying he had found him unconscious.

Newly released video shows harrowing moment officer shot dead unarmed black man Jonathan Ferrell after he crashed his car and went looking for help

Video shows moment officer Randall Kerrick shot Jonathan Ferrell dead in Charlotte

The moment an unarmed black man was shot dead by police after he went seeking help following a car crash has been released in newly revealed dashcam video. Jonathan Ferrell can be seen walking towards the officers before breaking out in a sprint when they attempt to stop him 'Get on the ground' by one of the officer just a few seconds before multiple gunshots ring out. An officer then says 'shots fired, shots fired' before saying 'don't move.'

Hunter who helped American dentist kill Cecil the lion dismisses case as 'FRIVOLOUS' in court

Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst talks to media outside the Hwange magistrates court, August 5, 2015.  A Zimbabwean court on Wednesday postponed his trial for failing to stop American dentist Walter Palmer illegally killing the country's most prized lion last month. Bronkhorst was arrested last week and charged with breaching hunting rules when he helped Palmer lure Cecil, a rare black-maned lion, out of Hwange National Park and shoot him with a bow and arrow, in a case that caused international outrage online and put the spotlight on big game hunting in Africa. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

At a court in Hwange town, Zimbabwe, hunter Theo Bronkhorst (pictured) dismissed the case against him as 'frivolous'. He also described the US dentist who killed Cecil as a 'good man'

Brilliant Benedict, the sweet prince of the stage: Triumphant Cumberbatch treads the boards in five-star production of Hamlet after fans queued for 36 HOURS to see his opening night in London

Brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch treads the boards in five-star production of Hamlet

Audiences got to see the first preview performance of Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation of the great Dane, at London's Barbican Theatre - and they didn't leave disappointed. The Hollywood actor wowed theatregoers last night as his star appearance in a highly-anticipated production of Hamlet proved a huge hit. On the play's opening night, the 39-year-old stepped into the spotlight to take on the mantle of the tragic hero in Shakespeare's epic drama. His performance of Hamlet in a hoodie earned raved reviews from many in the packed crowd - who at one point erupted into crazed applause mid-scene. The attraction of seeing Cumberbatch showcase his acting prowess live on stage was clear from the moment his avid followers - who call themselves the 'Cumberbitches' - arrived up to 19 hours early, some having travelled from as far as Los Angeles.

More than a third of Americans oppose removing the Confederate flag from state buildings after the Charleston killings

Pro-Confederate flag supporters gather for a rally at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in Stone Mountain, Ga.  (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)  MARIETTA DAILY OUT; GWINNETT DAILY POST OUT; LOCAL TELEVISION OUT; WXIA-TV OUT; WGCL-TV OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

In total 34 per cent of American opposed the move by South Carolina to remove the flag from its statehouse, a poll showed, amid protests supporting people's right to fly the civil war standard.

They're not just moochers: 20 percent of millennials are helping financially support their parents

Unlike their reputation for laziness, millennials are helping to support their aging parents. At least 22 percent of Americans are spending $12,000 a year supporting parents who are financially challenged.

Pope invites Oprah, Matt Damon and Ari Emanuel to the Vatican to help improve Catholic Church's image in the media

The American show business heavyweights, have made it onto a shortlist to meet with the pontiff in order to discuss ways to improve the portrayal of the Catholic Church in Western media.

Divorced people who remarry are 'still part of the church' and should not be treated like outcasts, declares the Pope 

The Catholic church suggests divorcees who marry again are 'living in sin' and should not receive communion but Pope Francis' comments have hinted the ban could someday be lifted.

She'll just have to Shake it Off! Taylor Swift beaten to the top spot on Vanity Fair's best-dressed list by Britain's first lady Samantha Cameron

Taylor Swift beaten in Vanity Fair's best-dressed list by Samantha Cameron

Taylor Swift (left), 25, was pipped to the post in the prestigious fashion line-up by Samantha Cameron (far right), 44, the wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron. Ballerina Misty Copeland, 32, placed third, while Amal Clooney (far left), 37, and singer Rihanna (right), 27, placed fifth and sixth, respectively. British actor Bill Nighy nabbed the top spot on the men's list.

Woman held captive by her rapist boyfriend for four MONTHS finally rescued after sending out a desperate note for help in her rent check

After victim sent note with rent check, maintenance worker saves woman from 4 months of captivity - ANTHONY ALLEN

The victim told police she had been held by her boyfriend, Anthony Allen, 34, in Lenexa, Kansas, since April 1, but was busted out by police on Sunday after the building manager found her note.

Less than one third of speaking parts in the biggest films from 2007 to 2014 were female - and just 20% have female leads


USC's Annenberg School examined the 700 top-grossing films between 2007 and 2014 for the study. In 2014's 100 most popular movies, 21 had a female lead, the same percentage as 2007.

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush accused of 'patronizing' Hispanic voters after marketing an 'over-priced' $75 guacamole bowl to raise funds for his campaign

Sales of the 'Guaca Bowle', or molcajete, will benefit the former Florida governor's presidential run. Critics have been accusing Jeb of 'patronizing' Latino voters by selling the pricey item.

Emotional moment dead bat boy's little sister throws ceremonial pitch at baseball team's first game since nine-year-old died from strike to the head by a practice swing

Keirsie Carlile, the seven-year-old sister of bat boy Kaiser Carlile, threw the first pitch at the Liberal Bee Jays' home game in Wichita, Kansas, against the Seattle Studs on Tuesday evening.

'I use it to protect my own kids': Jessica Alba finally responds to Honest sunscreen backlash after claims it is 'useless' and leaves children with painful sunburns

Jessica Alba responds to Honest sunscreen backlash after claims it is 'useless'

Jessica Alba (left) has responded to online backlash that the sunscreen she created for her organic beauty company Honor is causing people to get horrific sunburns (inset) - including children. 'Protecting our loved ones and yours is the reason we founded @honest. As parents, it pains us to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with our Sunscreen,' wrote Alba on her Instagram account. 'We develop and use Honest Sunscreen to protect our own children - Honor, Haven, Luke, Evie, and Poppy - at the park, in the pool, outside, every day. As with everything we do, we take sun protection seriously here at Honest.' Honor and Haven are Alba's daughters (right), while Luke, Evie, and Poppy are the children of her business partner Christopher Gavigan.

More than half of black people say police have treated them unfairly

Half of African-American respondents, including 6 in 10 black men, said they personally had been mistreated by police because of their race, compared with three percent of whites.

Man throws away winning $10,000 lottery ticket but recovers it thanks to kind shopkeeper who helped him find it in a trash can

Cedric Jackson said it was a 'blessing from God' that Sarabjeet 'Ricky' Singh from Rick's Food Mart in Rome, Georgia, was able to retrieve the winning tickets from a trash can in his office.

Poll shows Eleanor Roosevelt is a favorite to be face of the new $10 bill

More than one in four Americans are hoping the soon-to-be redesigned $10 bill will feature Eleanor Roosevelt, according to a McClatchy-Marist poll released Wednesday.

Convicted leader of New Jersey crime family who inspired Tony Soprano has died aged 90, marking 'the end of a mobster generation'

John M Riggi, 90, ran the DeCavalcante crime family for more than two decades - even ordering murders and receiving payments while in prison for extortion and murder.

EXCLUSIVE: Dentist who killed Cecil the lion hires armed security and installs covert cameras after death threats and vandalism at his homes crammed with evidence of his hunting obsession

Cecil the lion killer Walter Palmer hires armed guards after death threats

Walter Palmer has hired armed guards and put in new CCTV cameras after his $1.1m Marco Island, Florida home was targeted by vandals who painted 'lion killer' on his garage door (top left). The dentist (inset) is in hiding after becoming reviled around the world for killing Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion. He has three homes, all of them now under close surveillance. His Florida home is a shrine to his hunting obsession with a jet ski lift painted to look like a giraffe (right), elephant statues in the garden (left) and animal print curtains.

Socialist Bernie Sanders pulls into dead heat with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses supporters at a campaign kickoff in front of a giant Colorado flag at an event in Denver, Colorado August 4, 2015.    REUTERS/Rick Wilking

A new WMUR/Granite State Poll has Clinton leading Sanders 42-36, but the poll's margin of error is 5.9 points, making it a statistical tie. And now other Democrats are testing the waters too.

FBI 'investigating Hillary's emails': The pressure on Clinton mounts as agents 'probe her private server and the security of classified information'

The FBI has already made contact with Hillary Clinton's lawyer David Kendall and the Denver-based company that manages her private email server, according to a Washington Post report.

'I don't want to attack anybody ... I'd rather just discuss the issues': Front-runner Donald Trump goes presidential ahead of Thursday's first Republican debate

(FILES) In this July 10, 2015 file photo, US presidential hopeful Donald Trump addresses the press at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Billionaire Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said August 2, 2015 he tries to pay as little tax as possible, and kept Americans in suspense as to whether he will release his tax returns. That disclosure is a staple for American presidential candidates. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton did so on Friday, making public the returns of her and husband Bill for the past seven years. Over the years the duo have released their tax returns going back to the 1970s. Trump, the brash, trash-talking real estate mogul leading the crowded pack of Republican hopefuls as they prepare for their first debate this week, did the rounds of US morning talk shows again Sunday. He was on three of them.AFP PHOTO / FREDERIC J. BROWNFREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

The billionaire tells ABC he's ready to punch back if his rivals hammer him, 'but I'd like it to be very civil.' His rivlas will likely hit him for changing positions 'more than a porn star,' one political aide predicts.

Affair rumors, a love child and a marriage that seemed unbreakable: Inside Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's shock split

A look at Gwen Stefani and Rossdale's relationship, as they split

With the news that Gwen Stefani, 45, has filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale, 49, (pictured together left) FEMAIL takes a look back at their relationship and explores why high-profile splits can make us lose faith in love. In 2004, a paternity test revealed that Rossdale was the father of Pearl Lowe's daughter, Daisy Lowe, 26 (middle). In 2010, Courtney Love (top right) claimed she had an affair with Rossdale and, in the same year, Rossdale admitted he had a secret gay affair with cross-dressing male singer Marilyn in the Eighties (bottom right).

Florida twins busted for talking about smuggling crack into jail in their private parts while sitting in the back of a patrol car after shoplifting arrest

Officers heard Stacy and Stephanie Heichman, both 31, plotting to smuggle drugs into the prison after they were arrested in connection with a shoplifting at a Target in St John's County, Florida.

Florida police officer resigns after he is caught on camera throwing peanuts at a handcuffed homeless man

Officer Andrew Halpin has quit after he was filmed taunting and throwing nuts at 44-year-old Randy Miller as he sat on a bench in Sarosa County Jail in Florida, in an incident blasted as 'unacceptable.'

'I've been on TV for 17 seasons': MTV's Ridiculousness star pleads with cops as she is arrested 'for attacking a nightclub security guard after catfight'

MTV's ~Ridiculousness star Chanel West Coast arrested in club brawl

MTV star Chelsea 'Chanel' Dudley landed in jail Tuesday night after getting into a scuffle at a popular West Hollywood nightclub. The 26-year-old rapper and budding actress, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, was photographed being arrested for allegedly assaulting security officers at the LA hotspot 1 Oak. Dudley, who appears on the shows Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory, reportedly got into a fight with another woman inside the club and was thrown out.

Space telescope catches the moon crossing the Earth from the 'dark side'

The images which make up this animation were taken between 3:50 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. EDT on July 16, showing the moon moving over the Pacific Ocean near North America.

Woman mauled by brown bear in Alaska despite using bear spray

A 20-year-old woman was flown to an Anchorage hospital after she was mauled by a brown bear on Tuesday near a popular recreation spot on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

PICTURED: Ben Affleck and Jen Garner's former nanny, 28, sips on cocktails and frolics in bikini at luxury hotel and Batman star is 'picking up tab' after marriage split

Ben Affleck and Jen Garner's former nanny, 28, sips on cocktails and frolics in bikini at

The former nanny linked romantically with Ben Affleck is living it up at one of the world's most exclusive hotels as the actor's divorce from Jennifer Garner grows ever more bitter. Christine Ouzounian, 28, is holed up at the luxurious Hotel Bel-Air where she's been working on her tan in a tiny black bikini and enjoying drinks at the hotel's poolside bar. The pretty blonde who was fired by Garner just over a month ago, appeared not to have a care in the world despite being at the center of a media firestorm over whether or not she and Affleck, 42, are having an affair.

Pumpkin seeds, radishes and... hemp? Ivanka Trump's health coach reveals the seven superfoods responsible for the heiress' radiant complexion 

Ivanka Trump's gorgeous skin is partly down to a diet of superfoods including avocados, radishes and plenty of different kinds of seeds, all revealed by the heiress' health coach Maria Marlowe

Hold a wet tea bag on it, always use a cotton bud and NEVER apply toothpaste: The doctor-approved way to get rid of a spot

700-01879554..© Michael A. Keller..Model Release: No..Property Release: No....Woman Squeezing Pimple

More often than not, a pesky pimple decides to pop up just before an important event, date or job interview. But how can you get rid of it without making things worse?

Mystery of the Jewish message found hidden in a secret chamber: 2,000-year-old Aramaic and Hebrew graffiti drawn with mud leaves experts baffled

A hidden chamber used for ritual bathing in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago was uncovered under the construction site of a new nursery school in the city. The walls were covered in inscriptions.

A natural knockout! UFC fighter Ronda Rousey shows off her bare-faced beauty as she donates her championship belt to a Brazilian judo school

Ronda Rousey donates UFC championship belt to Brazilian judo school

The 28-year-old bantamweight champion visited the school, which is owned by Olympic bronze medalist Flavio Canto, in Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday. Before winning the belt, she said that she wanted to leave it somewhere special in the country - and picked the school as the recipient. Ronda has been seen out and about in the country since beating Bethe Correia in a match that ended after just 34 seconds on Saturday.

Has Jihadi John re-emerged in latest ISIS video? Masked militant holds knife as terror group threaten to execute hostage if 'Muslim women' are not freed by Egypt

The video, which was shared on Wednesday by Islamic State sympathisers, shows a man wearing a yellow jumpsuit kneeling before a knife-wielding masked man in military fatigues.

Wish you were here...? ISIS release bizarre jihad holiday brochure for cheap package deals to Islamic State promoting swimming, farmers' markets and BEEKEEPING

The travel guide includes shots of jihadis enjoying a swim in an Olympic-sized pool in Mosul, Iraq, and others of tranquil scenes including a sheep farmers' market and a jihadi beekeeper at work.


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Life jackets found off Georgia coast could belong to teen Florida fishermen who vanished at sea two weeks ago

Life jackets found off Georgia coast could belong to teen Florida fishermen

Life vests were found on a sandbar near Savannah, Georgia on Tuesday 400 miles from the boys' homes -- it was unclear if they were theirs. Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14, disappeared near Jupiter, Florida on July 24 after setting out on a fishing trip. Their boat was found capsized July 26 some 200 miles from where they shoved off but per policy the Coast Guard did not tow it in. The teens remain lost in the Atlantic after military ships, planes and a Navy destroyer combed an area the size of the state of West Virginia to find them

Fix split ends... with prawns: Shells of the crustaceans contain substance that can replace man-made chemicals in shower gels and shampoo

Scientists have found using prawn shells in shampoo could keep hair moisturised and reduce split ends.The team of researchers discovered a polymer called chitosan.

Exercising in your early teenage years 'reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in later life'

Scientists at the University of Exeter found that while exercise made a difference at the age of 13, it made no impact on insulin resistance - a precursor to type 2 diabetes - by age 16.

Six hundred people feared to have drowned after boat carrying 700 migrants across the Mediterranean capsizes 

The fishing boat overturned 25 miles of the Libyan coast just before midday on Wednesday, with initial reports suggesting there were at least 150 people in the sea.

Do you see it? Image of Jesus seen on bathroom wall in Mexico home

Elvia de la Toba's daughter first spotted what they believe is a depiction of Jesus Christ on Monday in a cinder block in their home near La Paz.

President George W. Bush reports for jury duty in Dallas and spends the day posing for photos with his fellow potential jurors - but does not get selected to serve

George Bush reports for jury duty in Dallas, poses for photos with fellow jurors

President George W. Bush was back to serving his country on Wednesday when he showed up for jury duty in Dallas. The former president not only fulfilled his civic duty, but also took plenty of time to pose for photos with other potential jurors. Even better however is that at the end of the day Bush got the news every person who reports for jury duty longs to hear - he was not selected to serve.

Public companies ordered to reveal pay gap between CEOs and employees in bid to crack down on executive excesses 

The ruling by the Securities and Exchange Commission concludes two years of fierce debate over one of the most controversial proposals the agency has ever put forward.

Person of interest has been detained after shots were fired near Mississippi military base for second day in a row

Shots were fired for a second consecutive day near Camp Shelby in southern Mississippi, but there are no reports of anyone being wounded, National Guard officials said Wednesday.

America denies sick Briton in Guantanamo a medical test: Officials claim it would be 'too difficult' for independent doctors to assess him

The development, which campaigners described last night as 'outrageous', is another painful blow to Mr Aamer's (pictured) family in London and dampens hopes he could soon be released.

'Spending $400 on an ugly escort': Adults share their most humiliating financial failures as it's revealed 80% of people feel constantly stressed about money

As new research reveals that 80 per cent of the country feel stressed about money and finances, a group of adults have shared their worst budget-based secrets on the confessions app Whisper.

The heart shredding betrayal when your husband sleeps with the nanny: One couple's devastating story - told by both sides

The heart shredding betrayal of your husband sleeping with the nanny: A wife tells her

Many women joke about their husbands running off with a nanny or au pair - but for some it becomes a heart-breaking reality. Here, in a startling account, a scorned wife shares her despair, while her husband confesses. Abigail Shepherd, 38, is a project co-ordinator and mother-of-two from the UK. Her husband Ben left her for another woman. And not just any woman, but their nanny of 15 months, who was 23.

Why women feel more pain than men in break-ups: But they do get over it faster and move on 

The tears, the anger, the tub of ice cream - it's the classic picture of a woman going through a break-up. Scientists believe that women actually suffer more emotionally than men after break-up.

Dominatrix called 'Goddess Jude' sued after 'using her sadomasochistic relationship with elderly dementia sufferer to drain his accounts of $500,000 and take his house'

Judith Gumbrecht, who lives in Orlando, Florida, allegedly exploited her 68-year-old 'financial slave', Alex Abrams, after discovering he had clinical depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Sadistic owner arrested after dog is found buried alive up to its head by its lead

French dog owner who buried pet alive is arrested after outrage

A traumatised dog has been found buried up to its head in dirt in France, with the photos of the horrific incident sparking an out pour of anger on social media today. Police have confirmed that the owner of the dog has been taken into custody, who said his dog had run away. The French mastiff was discovered and then rescued on Saturday by a man walking his own dog on waste ground in Carrieres-sur-Seine, west of Paris.

Seven Christians detained in China after taking part in protests against government campaign to tear down crosses from churches

Pastor Bao Guohua, his wife Xing Wenxiang and five members of Holy Love Christian Church staff after understood to be held by police in Jinhua, in the east of Zhejiang province.

Man guzzled two bottles of stolen wine in store bathroom before walking out with sushi stuffed down his pants

Police say Nathan Phifer, 28, sneaked booze into the bathroom of a Texas grocery store before trying to flee with his pants full of fish.

Bad news for Obama's nuclear deal: House's most senior Jewish Democrat says he will oppose nuclear pact with the Ayatollahs

Two other congressional Jewish Democrats came out in opposition of the accord this week, as well. They intend to vote with Republicans on a resolution rejecting the international accord.

Dog shocks its owner by saying 'mama' as she tries to teach her baby to speak

Dog shocks its owner by SPEAKING the word 'mama' in bid to be fed

Captured on camera is the incredible moment a pooch uttered the words 'mama' in a bid to get some food ahead of its human sibling who is learning to talk. The 30-second clip, which was filmed in Utah, features Australian Shepherd dog Patches clearly saying the word twice, much to the surprise and delight of his owner Andrea Diaz-Giovanini. The humorous video concludes with nine-month-old Samuel putting his hand to Patches' mouth in an attempt to stop him from talking. The clip has been viewed over 1.5million times on YouTube

Middle school teacher, 27, 'had a sexual relationship with two students including one, 15, who she slept with in her husband's Jeep'

Middle school teacher facing 15 years in prison after being charged with sexual assault for having sex with a minor for SIX weeks
Lindsay Anderson of Geneva, Illinois is facing 15 years in prison after being accused of having sex with a minor
The middle school teacher allegedly had a relationship with the minor for six weeks, from April 1 to May 5
The minor's parents contacted police when they learned of the alleged assault 
Anderson is currently out on bail and cannot contact the minor or go withing 150 feet of the minor's home 
PUBLISHED: 07:37 EST, 19 May 2015 | UPDATED: 08:21 EST, 19 May 2015
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A middle school teacher has been charged with sexual abuse and sexual assault after having sex with a minor.
Lindsay P. Anderson, 26, of Geneva, Illinois, allegedly had a sexual relationship with the minor for six weeks, between April 1 and May 5.
The youth's parents contacted police when they became aware of the alleged assaul

Lindsay Anderson, 27, from Illinois, was charged with having a relationship with one boy, 15, in May, but now a new indictment has added charges against a second 14-year-old pupil.

Personalized rifle owned by assassinated US President John F Kennedy expected to fetch $100,000 at auction in Illinois

The former president was a rising star of the Senate when he bought the gun in 1959, and despite his liberal views, he was a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association and loved to shoot.

Thieves hack sick girl's online charity and empty the account she used to donate thousands of dollars worth of toys to a children's hospital

Noelle Gregoire, from Haverhill, Massachusetts, suffers from dysplastic spondylolisthesis, a rare and debilitating spinal condition that requires her to wear a neck brace.

Terrifying 911 call of brave boy, 12, who hid in a closet and called authorities while two men broke into his house while he was home alone

Scottsdale boy, 12, hid, called 911 during home burglary, police say

A 12-year-old boy called 911 and hid in a closet Monday morning as two men burglarized his family's home in Scottsdale, according to police.

Police said the boy ignored a doorbell ring at 7:30 a.m. but soon saw two men go around to the backyard and attempt to break into the home near Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway, according to Sgt. Ben Hoster, spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department.

The boy grabbed the phone, hid in the closet and spoke to a 911 dispatcher as the burglars did their work, Hoster said. Police arrived in time to confront two suspects outside the house.

Cole Austin Lewallen
Cole Austin Lewallen (Photo: Scottsdale Police Department)
Hoster identified the suspects as Jay Johnson Jr., 36, and Cole Austin Lewallen, 31.

Johnson was arrested at the scene, and Lewallen was arrested in the backyard several houses down after being tracked down by a police K-9, Hoster said

Lewallen was treated f

The unidentified youngster from Scottsdale, Arizona, was in the house alone when he heard suspects Jay Johnson Jr, 36, (pictured) and Cole Austin Lewallen, 31, knock on the door.

Two special ops airmen killed in free-fall training in Florida 

Sergeant Timothy A Officer, 32, and Sergeant Marty B Bettelyoun, 35, were killed during a military freefall exercise at the Eglin Air Force Base range in Florida on Monday.

Horror as surgeons remove a four inch WORM from a woman's eyelid after diagnosing a parasitic infection

Doctors at the Aster Hospital, Dubai, removed the 12cm worm from the 55-year-old woman's eyelid. They diagnosed her as suffering a parasitic infection called dirofilariasis.

From heroin and loaded guns to £51m best-paid star in Hollywood: Rise, fall and rebirth of Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr's rise, fall and rebirth in Hollywood thanks to Iron Man

After being tipped for stardom, Robert Downey (right, with Gwyneth Paltrow on the red carpet) Jr spent the late 1990s and early 2000s addicted to drugs and reduced to earning eight cents an hour scrubbing pizza pans in the kitchen of the LA County jail during regular stints in prison (inset, actor in court being handed three years for violating probation from a 1996 drug conviction). So it is all the more remarkable that the 50-year-old was yesterday named the best-paid male actor for the third year running (left), raking in £51million. Just how did he achieve this remarkable change of fortunes? Fittingly a superhero transformation is behind his success.

Man stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her grandmother to death because his baby wasn't named after him 

Pittsburgh police say a man upset that his ex-girlfriend wouldn't name their newborn son after him fatally stabbed her and beat her 72-year-old grandmother to death.

Whole DINOSAUR skeleton and astounding 213 fossilised eggs taken during pillage of archaeology site successfully recovered from Chinese villager's home

Police seized the prehistoric fossils in Heyuan, southern China, during an operation to recover items stolen from an archaeology site. The skeleton is thought to date back 100 million years.

These girls got game! Hilarious moment female soccer pros went undercover at an all-male game - and put the men's skills to shame with their fancy footwork 

Female soccer pros play at men's game & put the guys' skills to shame

Two women dressed up as a fashion-loving girly-girl and a grandma and asked to join a group of male soccer players in a game. The men all doubted their skills - until the woman started scoring goals left and right. As it turns out, the women were both professional freestyle soccer players. Raquel Benetti, from Brazil, and Alice Fougeray, from France, each brought their impressive skills to the field - and taught the men a thing or two about judging a book by its cover.

Make 'wriggly worm' vegetables, dine as a family and NEVER use bribes: Experts reveal the best ways to stop your child being a fussy eater

A new study suggests that toddlers who are fussy with food are twice as likely to suffer depression and anxiety later in life. Four experts share their top tips on ridding picky eaters of their bad habits.

Avoid the open bar and NEVER forget your fanny pack: How to be the world's best bridesmaid - from a professional who's done it 30 TIMES this year alone

Jen Glantz, 27, is a professional bridesmaid who gets paid to support brides on their big days. She tells Daily Mail Online readers how to do the job well - and still walk away with friendships intact.

Baby delivered by emergency c-section after nine months pregnant woman not wearing a seat belt was killed in car crash 

StONINGTON ? An infant was delivered by emergency C-section Tuesday after an expecting mother was killed in a single-car crash on I-95, state police said.

The crash happened in the southbound lanes about 11 a.m., state police said. The driver, 26-year-old Alexandra Brown of Niantic, was killed when she was ejected from the car after it hit a guard rail and rolled.

Brown was pronounced dead at Westerly Hospital in Rhode Island. She was nine months pregnant, state police said

Say a prayer
AT 8:43 PM AUGUST 04, 2015

The infant was delivered at Westerly Hospital but later taken to Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, state police said. The infant was in critical but stable condition Tuesday night.

Brown was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident occurred, state police said.

The accident is under investigation. Anyone with information is being asked to contact Troop E in Montville.

Alexandra Brown, 26, crashed her car in Stonington, Connecticut, Tuesday, and was thrown from the vehicle. She died at the scene, but her baby was delivered in a critical but stable condition.

You get down on all-paws! Family Jack Russell shows baby how to crawl 

A five-month-old baby was having trouble embarking on his first crawl -- and when his pet Jack Russell noticed his difficulty, he came to the baby's aid by carefully demonstrating the proper technique.

'If someone calls you a giraffe, that's okay!' Supermodel Karlie Kloss shares some of her own insecurities, as she offers up 23 life lessons in celebration of her 23rd birthday

Karlie Kloss offers up 23 life lessons in celebration of her 23rd birthday

The former Victoria's Secret Angel compiled a list of the 23 things she's learned during her 23 years on Earth - all while baking herself a funfetti cake straight out of the box. Karlie admits in the video shared on her Klossy YouTube channel that she is typically more health conscious when making treats for herself, however, she is willing to make an exception to celebrate such a special occasion.

Meet America's youngest mayor! James Tufts, aged three, becomes the first citizen of Dorset, Minnesota

Adorable four-year-old James Tufts has followed in six-year-old brother Robert's footsteps, who served two terms in the ceremonial position in the tiny town of Dorset which has just 22 residents.

The pop palace where Michael Jackson lived when he recorded Thriller, invented the moonwalk and recovered from his first nose job 'to be opened to the public'

His most famous home is Neverland, the ostentatious ranch estate two hours drive to the west, but Hayvenhurst House, pictured is where the magic that made him a musical genius happened.

Our sun's fate pictured: Dying star known as the Southern Owl Nebula is captured glowing in its death throes

The object is almost four light years across and is located in the constellation of Hydra, and its informal name relates to a similar object in the skies of the northern hemisphere known as the Owl Nebula.

Book two one-way flights, change your location settings and request a vegetarian meal on board: Little-known travel tips that will surprise even frequent fliers

27 little-known travel tips that will surprise even frequent fliers

For even the most seasoned travellers, long-haul flights can be stressful. Business Insider has compiled a list of handy travel hacks to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. To save money, read up on code shares to see if you may be eligible to earn miles on partner airlines and when you pack, keep your heaviest belongings at the bottom of your bag to balance it.

SAVED: Real-life 'Up' house spared from demolition as charity plans to move it to a new address - but they won't use balloons!

Edith Macefield's home in Ballard, Washington, which hit the headlines in 2006, has been saved from being flattened by the OPAL Community Land Trust. They now plan to relocate the house to Orca Island.

Salma Hayek hits out at Donald Trump again saying immigrants are being used to 'polarize and get votes'


Appearing on Good Morning America on Wednesday, the 48-year-old actress said she felt the whole immigration issue was being used as a political tool

Don't flash too much flesh, don't get drunk and DO let him pay for dinner: Millionaire matchmaker reveals her controversial dating tips for finding Mr Right

Lady Lara Asprey, 32, from Chelsea, London, has helped members of high society like Prince Charles's polo playing chums and top Hollywood celebrities find love via her own dating agency.

Grand Theft Ostrich! Cheeky bird attempts to break into CAR at safari park

A cheeky ostrich attempted to gain access to a car by pecking at the door handle with its beak. The humorous and rather surprising footage was captured at a safari park in England.

'Don't whistle, I'm not a dog': Photographer captures topless portraits of women fighting back against sexism by painting powerful feminist statements onto their bare bodies 

Women post topless to fight back against sexism in Feminism portraits

Photographer Liora K moved to Tucson, Arizona, in 2010 and has since struggled with the state's treatment of women's rights, so she created a new photo series called Feminism that sees women of all shapes, sizes and colors fighting for the issues they care about.

Ronda Rousey gives UFC championship belt to Brazilian judo school and social project as a gift after beating Bethe Correia

Ronda Rousey has gifted the UFC championship belt she won for her 34-second demolition of Brazilian Bethe Correia on Sunday morning to a judo school and social project in Rio de Janeiro.

Anything you can do I can do better! Parrot wins argument with Labrador named by BARKING at him during heated debate

Parrot wins argument with labrador dog named Jax by BARKING at him

An intelligent parrot was successful in an argument with a dog after it barked at it during a heated debate. The hilarious debate between the two animals was captured on camera in what is believed to be Scotland and took place in a front room. In the clip the parrot barks at the dog for 30 seconds and even causes it to slip off the sofa in surprise.

Long in the face? No, horses share facial expressions with humans and are more animated than chimps and dogs

University of Sussex researchers used an Equine Facial Action Coding System to identify different individual facial expressions on the basis of underlying muscle movement.

Could a gastric band make you a lightweight? Alcohol bypasses the stomach, and is absorbed straight into the bloodstream after weight-loss surgery

Scientists at Washington University in St Louis found women who consumed two drinks after the operation had blood-alcohol contents similar to those who had four drinks but hadn't had the surgery.



Macho author Ernest Hemingway's mother raised him as a little girl and 'twin' to his older sister, stunning photos prove

Macho author Ernest Hemingway's mother raised him as a little girl and 'twin' to his older

Macho author Ernest Hemingway's mom, Grace, raised him as a 'twin' girl to his sibling, Marcelline, and new photos at JFK Library (right) show the famous 'man's man' had a most unusual childhood, dressed in frilly dresses and coiffed like a girl. Experts say that many themes in Hemingway's work, such as machismo, gender anxiety, and homophobia, can probably be traced back to his mother's bizarre predilection.

A city rebuilt from the ashes: Now-and-then images reveal how Hiroshima has become a modern metropolis 70 years after it was devastated by an atomic bomb 

The bomb dropped on the Japanese city at 8.16am on August 6, 1945, destroying 90 per cent of the buildings and eventually killing 140,000 out of a population of just 350,000.

Terrifying moment Russian crane driver is killed when his vehicle snags overhead cable and bursts into flames

The crane driver had been moving material from a block of flats in Krasnoyarsk, in central Russia's Krasnoyarsk Krai region, when it caught the overhead cable and burst into flames.

Ready for their close-up! Photographers share precious images of sleeping babies using their camera bags as cribs

Photographers take pictures of babies sleeping in camera bags

Photographers are capturing perfect pictures of their sleeping babies by transforming their camera bags into comfy cribs.The compartments inside the cases are the perfect size to carefully cradle a baby, and the tiny tots seem perfectly at home as they snooze among the expensive camera equipment.



The $400,000 Rolls Royce with a smart stereo to drown out the sound of the outside world

Rolls Royce Wraith has smart stereo to drown out outside sounds

The Rolls Royce Wraith boasts an 18 channel stereo system, and microphones that can monitor outside noises to help block them. It has two highly powerful bass speakers, seven tweeters and seven mid range speakers. Two 'exciter' speakers are hand-fitted in the car's headlining to bring the sound to the listener at ear-level.

He's the real Kung Fu panda! Playful bear Caitao performs breathtaking acrobatics in celebration of his fifth birthday

Panda Caitao looked like he was having an absolute ball at his birthday party held at the Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province, northern China, yesterday. He delighted crowds with his spontaneous performance.

Manicures gone mad! Bizarre new 'bubble nails' craze sees women piling acrylic on their talons to create bulbous 3D effect

A nail art trend where women create a hump on their nail with acrylic is sweeping Instagram. Manicurists create the bumpy talons and accessorise them with glitter and jewels.

Are these the world's geekiest pants? Video game enthusiasts raise cash to create women's underwear inspired by PIXELS

Designers Sebastião Teixeira and Cesaria Martins, from Lisbon, Portugal, sought crowdfunding for their lingerie, which was prompted by their love of retro computer games.

Wear a green hat! The bizarre initiative being used to publicly humiliate jaywalkers in one Chinese city

Officers are being deployed to catch jaywalkers in Shenzhen, China. The new punishment doubles up as a derogatory expression meaning a man whose wife has cheated on him.

The world's first 'unstealable bike' goes into production: Chilean engineers create radical bicycle with a self-locking frame

Unstealable Yerka bike designed in Chile goes into production with self-locking frame

The design, called the Yerka, looks like most bikes on an average street, but the bottom tube of the frame can be split into two parts and wrapped around a pole. According its creators, the frame can be dismantled and reconnected to make a lock in just 10 seconds. Once the bike's seat tube forms a lock around a pole, the only way to steal the bike would be to saw through it, destroying it in the process. It also feature anti-theft screws, which require a special key to open them (top right).