A home that towers above the rest! Space-age property has 360-degree views, fingerprint entry and a beer dispenser in the sofa

Skysphere in Linton boasts 360-degree views and a beer dispenser in the couch

Plastics engineer Jono Williams, from Linton, New Zealand, spent $50,000 (£32,000) on materials and worked on the Skysphere for 3,000 hours after coming up with the idea over a few beers. The solar-powered home has a number of slick features that are controlled by a smartphone app, including a couch with a built-in refrigerated beer dispenser and a fingerprint scan that unlocks a hatch that opens to a metal ladder within the steel column.

America's 'germiest' wall, a Stonehenge replica made completely of foam and England's only gnome reserve: The world's strangest tourist attractions revealed

The world's strangest tourist attractions revealed

Depending on where you are in the world, popular tourist spots can range from wonderfully wacky, such as Seattle's chewing gum-covered wall to downright chilling, like the Kutna Hora Bone Church. Another popular stateside attraction is the Big Lobster (main) in Kingston, Australia, the Big Pineapple (top right) in Bathurst, South Africa, and the Upside-Down House in China (bottom right).

Glories of secret Britain: 20 enchanting gardens you MUST visit this season

In a search for Britain's unsung sightseeing gems, we've chosen 20 glorious gardens for you to enjoy, from the intimate to the grand. We've avoided the most famous so you'll escape the hordes.

Meal with a view! Romantic floating restaurant opens in China's Zhejiang Province... but it's only accessible via boat transfer

For anyone in search of a unique dining experience, look no further. The romantic restaurant is fashioned out of a wooden floating dock, and looks to only accommodate parties of two.

Say goodbye to cramped knees: 'Legroom adjustable' plane seat moves backwards and forwards according to height of the traveller

In an era where it seems like every airline is trying to cram as many people in to get the best profits, legroom space comes at a premium - but a new 'legroom adjustable' seat is looking to change that.

Croatia is heating up: Little-known island of Losinj set to become the star attraction of the Adriatic (and could be their answer to Majorca)

Hotel chain Jadranka is spending a fortune in Croatia after building and re-developing a number of hotels and luxury villas - and have plans for a golf course and international airport.

Now that's a party! Man breaks world record by celebrating his birthday for 46 HOURS flying across the International Date Line

Sven Hagemeier, from Germany, has just set a record for the longest birthday celebration ever - strategically flying between time zones to extend the party for almost two days.

Pavarotti couldn't get enough of it, Joan Collins honeymooned there... but you don't need to be a millionaire celebrity to holiday at the private island of Pangkor Laut

Pavarotti couldn’t get enough of it, Joan Collins honeymooned there… but you don't need to

The exclusive resort featuring hotel bedrooms on stilts above the sea (main) has long been a favourite holiday haunt of celebrities, including Pavarotti and Joan Collins (left) and Michael Schumacher and Eric Canton (right). It has just got even more accessible thanks to British Airways, which has new daily flights to Malaysia as well as holiday packages to Pangkor Laut from £1,339pp.

Leg it to Legoland: A stay inside the resort's dragon-guarded hotel complete with themed rooms and a pirate splash pool

Windsor's Legoland theme park, has been going for nearly 20 years, attracting two million annually. But with 55 rides many people now elect to spread their trip over two days and stay at the 'resort' hotel.

From 100ft monster waves in Portugal to the dangerous 'pipeline' in Hawaii: Infographic reveals the world's best places to surf

It charts how the biggest breaks compare to each other, with the 100ft monster waves at Nazare, Portugal, towering over the rest. The infographic explains that quality counts, too.

Who said men can't multi-task? Commuter stuns passengers with 'workstation' that includes a music stand and laptop... and there's even a baby strapped to his chest

Passengers couldn't help but stare in wonder at the man, who used a music stand, laptop computer and wireless keyboard to create one of the most absurd scenes ever on an Overground train.

Would YOU want to fly in this? Passenger captures the terrifying moment his plane takes off in a raging thunderstorm

Passenger films raging storm as plane takes off in the U.S.

James Reeves was flying with United Airlines from Chicago to Houston in the U.S, and was lucky enough to get the window seat to film the action unfolding outside.

Anything to declare? Boy, 12, sparks security scare after a GRENADE was found in his hand luggage at Florida airport

Transportation Security Administration officers made the shocking discovery at Jacksonville's international airport, a day after a hatchet was found in a teen's luggage at Orlando's airport.

Inside the £200k cruise that nearly sold out IN A DAY: Passengers on the Seven Seas Navigator will visit 31 countries in six continents (and there's unlimited champagne for the duration)

Seven Seas Navigator cruise passengers will visit 31 countries in six continents

The Seven Seas Navigator will visit six continents, 31 countries and more than 60 ports of call featuring 29 Unesco World Heritage Sites. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio, whose subsidiary company Regent Seven Seas runs the ship, revealed that nearly three quarters of the berths were sold on the first day of sales. The cheapest rooms cost £35,000, while couples wanting the very best berths will need to fork out £200,000.

Shocking moment airline passenger was punched in the head by 'drunk man who refused to turn off his phone before take-off'

Footage shows the unruly passenger at Chicago's O'Hare Airport removing his hand luggage from the overhead bin before he pauses, speaks to a man in the front row and then throws a punch.

British tourist suffers horrific leg injury after 'false widow spider bite' while on holiday in Lanzarote

Barry Jackson, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, said he began to feel unwell at his resort and spent three days in Lister Hospital after his leg suffered horrific swelling below the knee.

Is this the future of room service? Robots deployed to cater to hotel guests' needs... and they can even navigate the lifts

Savioke Relay Dash Guest Hallway.jpg

The Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley hotel in the U.S. and the Aloft Hotels brand of Starwood Hotels are both utilising androids in the hospitality sector, both created by Savioke.

They are endorsed by Twilight star Kellan Lutz and help you sleep on planes: Why Blackout Bands are the latest must-have in-flight accessory

These sunglasses, which were developed by Twilight's Kellan Lutz, are 98 per cent opaque and perfect for concealing your shut-eye from the world. Or, you know, other plane passengers.

From TOWIE to Downton Abbey: The best of Britain's TV locations (and whether it's a blessing or a curse to be linked to the show)

From TOWIE to Downton Abbey, the best of Britain's TV locations

Essex residents have recently launched a bid to stop TOWIE tours in Brentwood over fears 'disruptive' tourists could deter people from visiting. The show (top left) which regularly draws in nearly a million viewers per episode, is not the only one to have captured the attention of tourists wishing to see where the stars hang out. Shows such as Geordie Shore (filmed in Newcastle, bottom right), Poldark (Cornwall, top right) and Game of Thrones (Northern Ireland, bottom left) have put their respective filming areas on the map, with some enjoying a boost in tourism.

British holidaymakers warned about travel to Cyprus as temperatures hit 57C and steering wheels MELT

Some car thermometers in Nicosia logged 63C, with the heat being so extreme that one person wrote on Twitter that she'd put her iPhone in the fridge.

Welcome to the 'Condom-inium': Stay in this Ibiza apartment for FREE for a week - if you don't mind sleeping in a bed covered with safe sex messages and STI statistics

The Sexual Health Condom-inium has been created after research revealed that one in 12 Brits have contracted an STI on holiday, and more than a third have had unprotected sex.

There's love in the air: New Tinder-inspired app, CrewMe, connects pilots and cabin crew looking for romance

Inspired by the likes of Tinder, Hinge and OKCupid, CrewMe is a brand new dating app, developed by a pilot - catering to flight crew on layover in foreign locales.

Men spend £400 on beauty treatments and new clothes to prep for a holiday in Marbella (but those going to France, Italy or Portugal splash out just £50)

A recent survey comparing male and female holiday prep habits found that 19% of males spent over £400 on beauty treatments, tanning and new clothing before jetting off.

The seals outnumber the guests! Scottish holiday island with spectacular sea views, a restaurant and lighthouse is yours for £2,000 a night

Sanda Island off coast of Scotland available for rent for £2,000 a day

Located a mile from Mull of Kintyre, rugged Sanda Island boasts four cottages (top left), a natural beach populated by seals, and a lighthouse (top right) with 360-degree views. When guests arrive at the 400-acre outcrop they are treated to a traditional welcome from a Scottish piper and then shown to their cottage. For £2,000 a day, the 'island package' includes meals, an excursion to Northern Ireland, a fishing trip and supervised whisky tasting.

'Highway to the Danger Zone!' Moment Southwest Airlines crew blared Top Gun song through cabin as plane took off

Footage captured by a passenger reveals the moment a flight attendant recreated a scene from the Tom Cruise film as the plane barrelled down the runway.

Hotels in Spanish holiday hotspot of Lloret de Mar given power to evict badly behaved tourists amid concern over rowdy image


The move by officials at the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar is the first of its kind in the country that will actually see troublemakers have their reservations terminated.

Timing is everything: Save up to 45% on your summer holiday... simply by travelling during the week of August 22

New research by Skyscanner, in their Summer 2015 Uncovered report, reveals the best time to book holidays to some of Europe's most sought-after summer destinations.

Holidaymaker's fury after currency exchange shop gave her €600 worth of counterfeit notes... and she still hasn't been reimbursed

Pauline Westall obtained the notes from The Money Shop in Oldham and didn't realise they were fraudulent until she tried to use a €50 note (approximately £35) at a shop in Malta.

Pagan burial grounds, the ghost of Anne Boleyn and the property that inspired The Shining: These are the world's most haunted hotels

These are the world's most haunted hotels

For adventurous travellers looking for a night to remember, consider checking into these spooky spots, including a converted prison and a luxurious Italian residence haunted by Mussolini. In Kent, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn is a five-star bed and breakfast where many have spotted her ghostly apparition wandering through the gardens, while the Chateau de Brissac (main) is haunted by The Green Lady. In Los Angeles, the spirit of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe (top right) has been spotted in the mirror of her favourite room: 229.

Is this the world's creepiest hotel? Inside the CRYPT where guests sleep in a coffin on a concrete platform that held a priest's remains for 100 years

Believed to be the first of its kind, the bizarre room comes with a custom-built pine coffin with enough room for two brave souls, and a vent that was meant to exhaust the gases emitted by a rotting corpse.

Southwest Airlines flight delayed after plane's wing knocks over catering truck at US airport

The Boeing 737-700 was being pushed back from its gate at Denver International Airport when it hit the catering truck. The truck's driver climbed out and was taken to hospital for evaluation.

He ran out of countries! Meet the traveller who visited EVERY country on the planet - before turning 40 (and he's got advice on how you can do the same)

This man visit EVERY country in the world before he reached 40

Gunnar Garfors succeeded in travelling to all 198 countries around the world by the time he reached 37. He has released a book on his journey called 198: How I Ran Out Of Countries. The explorer managed to combine his love for travelling with his job, working in broadcasting during his trip. Along the way he has experienced Machu Picchu (top left), India (top centre), Iran (top right), Petra (bottom left), Bhutan (bottom centre), Mount Klubbviktind in Norway (bottom right).

Book two one-way flights, change your location settings and request a vegetarian meal on board: 27 little-known travel tips that will surprise even frequent fliers

For even the most seasoned travellers, long-haul flights can be stressful. Business Insider has compiled a list of handy travel hacks to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

Adorable footage captures baby wallaby Monti settling into his new surroundings following the death of his mother

Baby wallaby Monti is well on the road to recovery following the passing of his mother and was recently moved to a new enclosure in Tierpark Berlin to embark upon his new life.

EasyJet apologises after in-flight magazine highlights Belfast's often-violent Orange Order marches as TOURIST ATTRACTIONS that are 'great to watch'


Last month 'The Twelfth' parade, commemorating the 1690 Battle of Boyne, saw violence break out when marchers from the Orange Order clashed with nationalists in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dramatic moment firefighters hosed down passenger plane after it was forced to make emergency landing without nose gear

The pilot of the RusLine aircraft was hailed as a hero for landing the plane after its landing gear malfunctioned and failed to deploy on approach to an airport in Russia.

Adventurer converts his grandma's van into a mobile home enabling him to live and work on the road - clocking 60,000 miles

Travis Burke's photos from adventurer's 60,000 mile US tour

Professional adventure photographer Travis Burke has spent 16 months and 60,000 miles touring some of North America's most stunning locations in a converted 1994 Dodge Ram Van. His fascinating work includes photographing the Milky Way Galaxy or backpacking in search of hidden waterfalls.

Hilarious moment monkey opens mouth as wide as possible and reacts in complete shock at sight of a chicken SANDWICH

This is the hilarious moment a monkey from Longleat Safari and Adventure Park in Wiltshire came face to face with a chicken sandwich and reacted in horror.

Keeping up with the Indiana Joneses: More Brits than ever before embarking on risky pursuits while on holiday (and the over-65s are getting in on the action too)

Millions of travel insurance policies have had to be updated to keep up with the growing travel trend, and now include activities such as 'cave tubing' and husky sledge driving, according to Virgin Money.

Stay in amazing locations around the world without paying a thing: Travel site lets you exchange your skills for a FREE room

Worldpackers offers stays in 96 countries without travellers paying a penny. The site allows travellers to swap cooking, musical or languages skills for a free bed for the night.

Projectile vomiting, temper tantrums and explosive diarrhoea: Mothers reveal their nightmare plane stories (that will have everyone supporting adults-only flights)

EXCLUSIVE: Following calls for adults-only flights, parents confess to FEMAIL their worst on-board horror stories - including one tot who shouted, 'There's something wrong with the plane!'.

Tourists speak of 'pandemonium' after leaping from Russian sightseeing boat that exploded and burst into flames

Tourists in Russia leap from sightseeing boat that burst into flames

While meandering down Lake Baikal in Russia, an explosion on board the Barguzin 2 saw around 112 people leap for their lives onto rafts. Passengers, which included locals and foreigners, reported smelling smoke on the vessel before it was engulfed by flames, while sailing near Peschanka.

Concrete jungle to the rainforest in under 11 hours: British Airways to launch direct flights from London Gatwick to Costa Rica

Starting in May next year, British Airways will be offering nonstop flights from Gatwick to San Jose, the Costa Rican capital. It is hoped the service will boost tourism in the country.

Grand Theft Ostrich! Cheeky bird attempts to break into CAR at safari park by pecking the door handle with its beak in hilarious video

A cheeky ostrich attempted to gain access to a car by pecking at the door handle with its beak. The humorous and rather surprising footage was captured at a safari park in England.

Commuters, meet Miffy! Train carriages in China get a colourful makeover to celebrate cartoon rabbit's 60th anniversary

Four carriages of the city metro in Guangzhou have become all the rage among netizens and commuters since appearing decorated with pictures of the popular cartoon rabbit 'Miffy.'

Is this your bunny? The Facebook campaign to find owner of stuffed toy that's hopping all over the internet

Staff at Aalborg Airport in Norresundby, Denmark, said they had only been planning to have a bit of fun when they posted images of a lost toy bunny to Facebook - but the post has since gone viral.

Inside the luxurious £600-a-night treehouse hotel where every suite has a fireplace and infinity pool high above the forest floor

Tsala Treetop Lodge boasts treehouses with fireplaces and infinity pools

Offering a unique take on a room with a view, the wood and stone treehouses at Tsala Treetop Lodge boast high ceilings, kitchenettes and outdoor showers in a peaceful location between the coastal towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. Every suite and villa has a private deck with an infinity pool (top right) and a balcony offering sweeping views of a lush forest (left). When it's time to eat, guests dine on a deck suspended high above the forest floor (bottom right).

The future of picnicking has arrived: The space age backpack that contains a table, cup holders and USB hubs

This space age backpack - or 'technopicnic' - is inspired by sci-fi hit 2001: A Space Odyssey and contains everything the picnicker of the future needs.

Would you check into a hotel called Scandic Hell? The most unfortunately named accommodation in the world

They say it's all about location, location, location - but a name is important, too. Tourists might be forgiven for doubting the standards at Terrible's Hotel in Vegas or Scandic Hell in Norway.

Heathrow chaos: Passengers forced to board flights without their luggage after power cut stops conveyor belts

Long queues built up in London's Heathrow Terminal 5 after a temporary power outage sparked mayhem, and a cordoned-off area filled with hundreds of suitcases.

30 days, 14 states and four time zones: Ultimate road trip itinerary takes travellers to all the tourist hotspots between New York City and Los Angeles

UK competition site, MyOffers, has drafted an itinerary for an epic 30 day road trip across the entire continental United States - and no stone has been left unturned.

'This photo will haunt my son forever': The internet goes wild over hilarious holiday snap of boy's terrified expression on 75mph roller coaster

Skyrush roller coaster photo of boy's terrified expression goes viral

Will Poole, from Wilmington, North Carolina, posted the amusing picture on Reddit and Imgur, where it has more than 3.3 million views in just two days. Under the headline 'This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever', the photo shows Kylan McKittrick's terrified expression as the Skyrush coaster, at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, hit a massive drop. Will has been accused of 'shaming' his son, but says Kylan is thrilled with all of the attention he has received.

Downton Abbey's butler Jim Carter serves up reasons why London is the 'cultural capital of the world'

In the film, previewing the coming autumn season of events in London, Mr Carter hones in on London's theatrical offerings and recommends the Southbank to any visitor to the capital.

Dramatic moment drunk man was hauled off a plane after fighting with passengers and forcing pilot to make emergency landing

A witness said the man had been drinking before the flight and began causing problems for passengers and cabin crew as the plane flew from Novosibirsk to Vladivostok in Russia.

Tourist, 77, trampled to death by COWS while taking shortcut through pasture in Swiss Alps

Police said the woman was knocked over and trampled by cows that apparently were trying to protect their calves in a fenced-off area near Laax, in the Swiss canton of Graubunden.

Bird's eye view! Incredible images showcase daredevil parahawker letting Bob the vulture swoop in for a chicken dinner

Adam Gerber captured images of parahawker letting Bob the vulture swoop in

These amazing pictures of spectacular views may look like they were taken on a paragliding trip but there's a unique twist. This is parahawking a novel new sport for adrenaline junkies that gives them the chance to soar through the skies with birds by their side. Adam Gerber, 25, captured these incredible snapshots in Pokhara, Nepal, which is currently the only place in the world to offer the daredevil activity.

Food for thought! One-fifth of Brits admit that local cuisine is the most important factor when choosing a holiday destination

Over 50 per cent of British holidaymakers admit that the local cuisine on offer is a determining factor when deciding where to book, while 22 per cent reveal that food is the single most important thing.

'There is excrement in almost every bush': Rude tourists slammed after using trail to picturesque mountain ledge as public toilet

Visitors to Pulpit Rock have been causing such a mess that there is an unbearable stench on hot summer days, according to a group that manages the trail and famed plateau.

Government gives go ahead for £360m fleet of state-of-the-art trains that will reduce journey time between London and Cornwall... but only by 14 minutes

first great western new train.JPG

The privately-funded fleet, made by Hitachi, is more powerful, greener and more efficient than the current 40-year-old fleet. FGW was shamed as the second worst in the UK for delays this year.

The moment a 'UFO overtakes' Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet during take-off from New York JFK Airport

This is the moment a plane enthusiast captured a UFO overtaking a flight during take-off from New York JFK airport. The peculiar object has led to speculation that it may be an extraterrestrial craft.

I would drive 500 miles! Scotland's stunning answer to Route 66 is named one of the top coastal road trips in the world - just two months after it was launched

Scotland's Route 66, the NC500, named in the world's top 6 coastal road trips

North Coast 500 - to be known as NC500 - was only launched two months ago, but has struck a chord with travellers due to its stunning scenery, beaches, such as Achmelvich Beach (inset right) and fairytale castles like the ruined Ardvreck Castle (inset left) that can be seen along the route. The initiative, backed by Prince Charles, aims to showcase local Scottish food, drink, accommodation and activities.

Rise to the bait! Footage captures angry fish LEAPING from water in a bid to bite fingers of a man teasing him

A fearsome fish showed exactly why you shouldn't tease it when it was filmed jumping from its tank and attempting to bite the fingers of a man in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

You don't scare me! Plucky cat Felix stands its ground against Tiger named Neiko and even screeches at it in intimidating manner

A plucky cat named Felix went head to head with Neiko the tiger and even screeched at it in an intimidating manner. The incident is believed to have taken place in America.

Revealed: 'MH370 plane door' that was found on Reunion island beach is just a LADDER, say police - as locals claim seats and suitcases washed up there months ago 

Malaysian director general of civil aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman - who is leading the investigation in France - confirmed the part found on a beach near capital Saint Denis is not part of doomed MH370.

The incredible 82ft-tall hotel aquarium in Berlin that has an elevator for guests INSIDE it (and is home to 1,500 fish)

AquaDom's hotel aquarium in Berlin has an elevator for guests INSIDE it

Containing over 1 million litres of water, AquaDom, situated inside a Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin, is said to be the largest cylindrical tank in the world. The lift that runs through the centre of the tank gives guests the perfect chance to witness all of the aquarium's 1,500 fish (top left).

The shocking moment airline employee loses her cool during airport chaos in Italy and SHOVES a passenger

A video shows passengers demanding answers from staff during flight delays at Rome's Fiumicino Airport last Wednesday, but one female Alitalia worker failed to keep her cool.

Monaco, St Tropez... and now Mayfair: Glitzy London district joins European hot spots as a top holiday destination for the rich

Mayfair has undergone a recent rejuvenation and a new report says it is again viewed by wealthy foreigners as one of the premier luxury resort destinations - not just for the middle-aged.

New chapter in airport delays: Sorority sisters' souvenir booklets cause pre-flight chaos in Texas because they could be mistaken for BOMBS by scanners

Hours of delays were caused at William P. Hobby Airport last Thursday, as thousands of sorority sisters tried to bring through thick souvenir booklets from their latest convention.

How China is turning a disused quarry into a stunningly futuristic mountain resort with an indoor ski slope and a 200ft waterfall

Chinese disused quarry turns into Dawang Mountain Resort

With Beijing winning rights to host the 2022 Winter Olympics just last week, it is believed that the complex could attract a new generation of winter sports fans to the country. The Dawang Mountain Resort, to be built near Changsha, Hunan Province, is a proposed five-star luxury resort and leisure complex, housing a water park, indoor ski slope and 200ft waterfall.

London-bound flight forced to land in Amsterdam after diverting around Chinese military exercises and 'running out of fuel'


China Southern flight CZ303 that set out from Guangzhou is believed to have made the diversion after it used up too much fuel making a detour around Chinese military operations.

Thomas Cook tells holidaymakers they WON'T get a refund for their Tunisian holidays... even though it's stopped selling them because it's too dangerous

A Dundee man has demanded answers from Thomas Cook after the company refused to refund his holiday to Tunisia on November 1 despite cancelling sales for the very same trips.

Terrifying moment Cathay Pacific passengers were told to put on life vests and prepare for emergency WATER LANDING

Ethan Williams, a 25-year-old British tourist, recorded the mid-air drama as passengers put on their life vests and learned the 'brace position' as the plane diverted to an island in Alaska.

Amazing drone footage shows mother and her calf swimming up to boat and allowing tourists to PET them

Gray whales allow tourists to pet them in amazing drone footage

Wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine captured the magical moment the friendly mother and her calf approached the boat in San Ignacio Lagoon off the Pacific coast of Baja California. The mother, a gentle giant at 40ft in length, allowed the tourists to touch her head, and she was soon followed by her curious calf (inset). This thrilling video shows the whales playing with the tourists, with scenes from high above and under the water's surface.

A long way from the cobbles! Coronation Street star Antony Cotton heads to Santorini to see the sunset everybody raves about

Corrie actor Antony Cotton and his partner, Peter, discovered amazing bars and restaurants on the Mediterranean island, and found plenty of time to admire its fascinating sunsets.

Watch the terrifying moment a great white shark RAMS a boat and almost capsizes it ... but don't worry, it's only saying 'hello'

EXCLUSIVE: A video shot in New Zealand shows a great white rocking and biting at a boat with two men on board, but an expert told MailOnline that it was not showing aggressive behavior.

Face to face with a mountain lion: Hiker shouts at stalking cougar in a desperate bid to scare it away

This is the dramatic moment a man came face to face with a mountain lion while on a trek through the Glacier National Park in Montana, on the Canada-United States border.

Is this the ghost of Anne Boleyn? Visitor to beheaded Queen's childhood home spots ghoulish hand in a castle corridor

Liam Archer, 26, was exploring Hever Castle in Kent with his family when he took the picture which appears to show a ghoulish hand hovering in the left hand side of the frame.

Portuguese paradise: Inside the incredible Douro Valley wine lodge that has it all... from sensational views to world class food (and the port isn't bad, either)

Inside Portugal's Douro Valley wine lodge Quinta Nova

Quinta Nova (pictured) would be a tempting place to stay in an industrial wasteland. But it happens to be in the outstandingly beautiful Douro Valley and has a swimming pool set among the vineyards which, as MailOnline Travel found out, makes it irresistible.

From blood-red waters to a geothermal spa (and one that vertigo sufferers will hate): The world's WACKIEST hotel pools

These are the pools that are just as eye-catching as they are pleasant to swim in. They can be found in hotels that seemingly want their pools to be one of their top selling points, with jaw-dropping designs.

Breathtaking drone footage of Japan's stunning Pacific coastline that'll make you think you're looking at the Maldives

A Japanese videographer, Yuki Eikawa has captured the stunning crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches of the Kagoshima islands on the southern western tip of Kyusha in Japan.

On the frontline of Afghanistan's attempts to boost warzone tourism in 'oasis' of Bamiyan... despite the conflict around it

Bamiyan - famous for empty hillside niches that once sheltered giant Buddha statues that were blown up by the Taliban - has largely been spared the wrenching conflict in Afghanistan.

Thought paradise was just for honeymooners? Presenter Jamie Theakston has a whale of a time with his family in the dreamy Conrad Maldives resort

Jamie Theakston has been visiting the Maldives for over 15 years but for the first time has his family in tow. Pirate excursions, water fights and nature trails entertain his kids at Conrad Maldives.

A renowned spa, four Michelin-starred restaurants, miles of sandy beach and an international hotel of the year: Why Jersey is fast becoming a holiday hotspot for foodies and families alike

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, boasts one of Europe's top spas, several Michelin-starred and award-winning restaurants, the sumptuous Atlantic Hotel and miles of sandy beaches.

Breathtaking Britain: Lake District named UK's most spectacular landscape to capture on camera... with southern beauty spots snubbed by photographers

Lake District named UK's most photogenic landscape

Professional and amateur photographers favour the Lake District (main photo) when it comes to capturing amazing scenery. It was followed by the Yorkshire Dales (inset), Peak District and Snowdonia National Park. At No 6, Stonehenge was the first southern spot to make the list, followed by the White Cliffs of Dover. In a second poll more than 2,000 UK adults were asked to rank the top 'lesser-known' beauty spots in the UK, with Scotland's Isle of Skye ranking first.

Leopard circles car in game reserve and surprises tourists inside by jumping up at the window and attempting to attack them

A leopard at the Kruger National Park jumped up at a car window travelling through a game reserve in South Africa - and the moment the predator struck was captured on camera.

What could possibly go wrong? Passenger carrying handbag with a GUN design on it is stopped by German airport officials

Breman Police in Germany have issued a photograph of the handbag and warned passengers not to travel through Bremen Airport carrying the item as hand luggage.

Forget the crowded coast! How to avoid the tourist herd in the South of France and still find waters as azure as the Mediterranean

Where holidays in the South of France are concerned, Britons are like sheep, flocking to the Côte d'Azur. It's far better to head to Marseille and then north-east into the Provencal Alps.

Marvellous Marbella... with an extra shot of caffeine: Finding perfect cappuccinos and sand dunes after travelling 15,000 miles in an RV

A family of four set off on a 15,000 mile odyssey around the UK, Morocco and Spain in a motorhome. They find perfect cappucinos and sand dunes at Camping Cabopino near Marbella.

My enchanted island: Fashion designer Julien Macdonald is stunned by Bali's spirituality, beauty and its white water rafting

Inspired by Bali's sense of tradition, family values and beautiful aesthetics, Julien Macdonald relaxed after Fashion Week at Alila Villas Soori.

Fresh sightings of 'large sharks' keep popular Australian beaches closed following attack on bodyboarder that left him seriously injured

Experts say shark attacks are increasing as water sports become more popular, but fatalities remain rare ©Peter Parks (AFP/File)

Beaches at the tourist hub of Ballina, where a bodyboarder was severely injured by a shark last month and a Japanese surfer was killed in February, stayed closed.

Butterfly Dream, Sunset Rice Clouds or Flying Dumplings... Is your kid's inflight meal tastier than yours? How airlines are giving their children's food a makeover

Airlines have begun to embrace the idea that children not only want variety and flavour in their inflight meals - their parents want to give them the healthy option, too.

Now THAT'S a lot of hot air! Dozens of balloons create mesmerising display of colours and shapes in skies over Bristol

Colourful balloons of all shapes and sizes, including a penguin, soared over the city in a dress rehearsal for next weekend's Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Welcome to the weirdest camp site in the world where there's not a tent in sight

Guests can sleep inside a quirky ART EXHIBITION in Amsterdam

Marrying art and camping UrbanCampsite Amsterdam is inviting guests to stay in an art exhibition in one of 14 artistic and unusual mobile objects. The pop up campsite has been launched in the newest part of the city- Centrumeiland of IJburg, a sand scape surrounded by the IJ lake boasting a view of the island of Pampus.

'Welcome t***': Premier Inn guest demands apology from budget chain after obscene message is displayed on TV in his room

Phil Burke claims the offensive message was displayed when he arrived at the budget chain's hotel in Dartford, Kent. The cost of his stay was reimbursed after he made a number of complaints.

Up all night to get lucky... footage: Fascinating drone video offers rare look at Norwegian beauty spots in the midnight sun

The mesmerising video offers sky-high views of Norway's Donnamannen Mountain, the sea and snow-capped peaks while the sun shines brightly in the sky at midnight.

From stunning beaches to A-lister approved hotels: The inside track on France's bustling Mediterranean city of Marseille - now served by DIRECT Eurostar from London

The Eurostar now whisks passengers at 186mph direct to France's second city and its incredible coastline, world-class restaurants and vibrant bars. Here's your guide to the highlights.

Adorable footage captures domesticated cat playing with and feeding adopted baby LYNX after its own mother rejected it

A domesticated cat has adopted a baby lynx after its own mother refused to feed it. Footage of the adorable duo playing and eating together was captured at the Novosibirsk Zoo, Russia.

Are school holidays a blessing or a burden? Survey reveals tomorrow is the day parents reach 'breaking point' with their kids

The report showed that exactly half of British parents were likely to have had enough on August 1, with more than half of the planned budget for entertaining will have been spent by this date.

Photographs that make a splash! Incredible images capture the raw beauty of waves breaking off the coast of South Africa

South African amateur photographer Marck Botha, 28, shares his passion for the coastline off Durban by capturing unique and colourful images from inside its incredible waves.

Could these futuristic lighthouses prevent another Costa Concordia? Designs include Batman beam and a 'silent compass'

Lighthous designs including Batman beam could prevent another Costa Concordia

The winners of a competition intended to commemorate the Costa Concordia tragedy and design a new lighthouse concept for the spot where vessel sunk near Italy, have been announced. The winning concepts of futuristic lighthouses penned by young architects comprise a Batman-style light that's thrust into the night sky (pictured left), a delicate construction that creeps into the sea and a 'silent compass' (shown bottom right and left).

Bride-to-be's disgust at Thomas Cook after her mother dies but firm refuses to refund trip she'd booked for her Greek wedding

Karen and Alan Rothwell had paid £1,500 to see their daughter Catrina walk down the aisle in Kos, Greece, in September - but Karen tragically died last weekend.

'The Queen does not live in Edinburgh Castle': Reddit users who live near famous tourist attractions ridicule holidaymakers' dumbest questions

To help tourists to manage their expectations, an amusing Reddit thread has lifted the veil on some of the most underwhelming destinations or attractions on the planet.

Anger over Uber goes global: Drivers using the mobile taxi-booking app have their cars smashed up outside Mexico City Airport

Carnage as Uber drivers are attacked at Mexico City airport

RE: the credit, the precise YouTube original source couldn?t be determined, but we know all other major news outlets have taken this footage. Should be fine.

Video of the incident outside Mexico City Airport showed people throwing eggs and flour inside the windows of vehicles, kicking doors and trying to rip off side mirrors.

'Go around, I repeat go around, traffic has interfered on the runway': British Airways flight forced to abort landing to prevent crash with private jet


The near-miss occurred at Geneva Airport when the British Airways flight was told to perform a 'go around' after a private jet entered the airspace at the same time.

Family who saved for ten years to go on dream holiday to Disney World say daughter is still suffering damaging health effects from mouldy room FOUR MONTHS later

Family on Disney World holiday say daughter is suffering health effects 4 MONTHS later

Gary and Jamie Foreman spent ten years saving the £7,000 to surprise their three children Isobel, 10, Brady, six, and Phoebe, four (pictured right), with a dream two week break to Disney World, Florida. Before they were due to fly, Jamie, 38, contacted the hotel, which was booked through tour provider Virgin Holidays, to tell them that their hotel room would have to be clean, as her daughter Phoebe (left) had suffered from asthma attacks in the past. However, the family were shocked to discover dirty beds (inset) and mould in their room.

An Inspector Calls: Head for the Scottish Borders to find a welcoming pair of family-run hotels in Melrose

The new railway opens next month, linking this pretty Borders town to Edinburgh, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a quiet weekend in spectacular surroundings.

Holiday in North Korea? Stunning time-lapse video that actually makes you WANT to visit Pyongyang

City-branding pioneer JT Singh has teamed up with videographer Rob Witworth for their stunning time-lapse project, which is called Enter Pyongyang.

Terrifying footage shows pilots struggling to land passenger jet battered by high winds at one of the 'scariest' airports in the world

The video shows an Air Berlin plane rocking from side to side, and appearing to shift off course as it approaches the runway in Funchal, on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

Breathtaking new Somerset cavern with rare 'King Arthur's beard' rock formations is revealed to the public for first time after three tonnes of explosives exposed it 

Somerset cavern with 'King Arthur's beard' rock formations revealed to the public

Owners of the Wookey Hole attraction were left stunned by the incredible discovery (main and top right), and the new cave - officially known as 'Cavern 20' - is now accessible to visitors for the very first time. The chamber is the largest at the West Country attraction and also features a subterranean lake which had previously only been seen by a handful of cave divers. It also features rare fluted rock known as 'King Arthur's Beard' (bottom right).


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America's 'germiest' wall, a Stonehenge replica made completely of foam and England's only gnome reserve: The world's strangest tourist attractions revealed

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