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“Athletic Engineering is built of the absolute finest health and fitness professionals.”
At Athletic Engineering, we specialize in functional training - that is, training that places the body in positions that are true to actual life or sport. Research has shown that this is both the safest and most effective way to train. We focus on strengthening the core, which increases efficiency and agility while reducing the chance of injury. Our expert team of Strength and Conditioning Specialists can custom-design programs for healthy individuals, those recovering from injury, groups or teams. Our ultimate goal? To help you obtain optimal fitness, using a scientifically based approach and cutting-edge techniques that keep you engaged, motivated and injury-free.
What sets Athletic Engineering apart?

There are three key differences that set Athletic Engineering apart from other fitness facilities.

  • We hold strictly to a medical model that includes some of the best doctors and physical therapists in the Seattle area, as well as health care professionals and exercise personnel who are experts in their respective fields. At this time, very few fitness facilities receive direct physician referrals - and even fewer take the time to integrate programming with physical therapists or other health care professionals.
  • We are strong believers in communication between ourselves and those we serve. This includes not only communication during your session, but close follow-up afterward as well. We stay in touch via phone and email to ensure you're progressing along the road to optimal fitness. This definitely distinguishes us from most other fitness facilities, where no direction is given outside of the training sessions and there are few (if any) opportunities for contact while training independently.
  • Athletic Engineering's approach is scientifically based. Our staff is knowledgeable about injury processes, tissue healing, injury prevention and optimal fitness. Using the latest scientific research, we design programs that are specific to your individual needs and goals. And our protocol continues to develop on a regular basis, keeping pace with the research being conducted on human movement and functional training. Some fitness facilities will tell you that functional training simply involves exercising on an unbalanced surface, or focusing exercise on the torso. There is much more to it than that, as you will discover when you work with Athletic Engineering.
What does it mean to obtain optimal fitness?
It means you have maximized your capacity for accelerating, decelerating and transferring loads through a balanced, stable and coordinated linkage system from hands to feet. When you are optimally fit, you will be able to respond to a full spectrum of dynamic challenges requiring optimal cardiovascular capacity; mobility of limbs and spine; and the ability to quickly react to predictable and unpredictable situations without destabilizing your center of gravity beyond recovery. Optimal fitness allows you to meet the challenges of short bursts of high-intensity demands as well as longer endurance activities. The end goal for an optimal fitness? Reaching the point where you can participate fully in life's offerings, engage to the full extent in the opportunities that come your way, and react to the unexpected without incurring injury.
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