“Trooper of the Year” Good Cop Sexually Assaults a 4-Yr-Old Girl Multiple Times, “Cries” When He is Sentenced

officer demers

Officer Demers pulled a handkerchief from his suit to “wipe tears” from his eyes in front of everybody in court. Photo via Scott Dolan/Staff Writer for Central Maine News

MAINE — Officer Andrew Demers worked as a police officer for 26 years with the Maine State Police.

He was a so-called good cop. Police supporters trusted him.

He received the “Trooper of the Year” award twice.

He was one of the most highly “decorated” police officers in Maine’s history.  He was a model of what faithful police wives have in mind when they say “Yeah but some cops are GOOD!”

This “good cop” has been sentenced to prison for only four years — and may get out sooner because of his statist privilege — for sexually assaulting an innocent child.

The child was only 4-yrs-old.

Now that he’s been caught, Officer Demers began “crying” as he pleaded guilty in a courthouse to molesting the 4-yr-old child.

We wonder, did he ever shed one tear as he molested this poor child over and over again?

Officer Demers will pay just $5,000 to the child, a tiny fraction of what he made as a police officer, funded by American taxpayers.

Some might question whether Demers feels any remorse for what he did to this helpless child, given that part of his defense case used the excuse that his actions were “out of character” and were caused by all of his stress working as a police officer.

As if he’s the victim.

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“Crimes like this come from a dark place within a person that are often buried deep within and unknown,” the judge said.

Despite pleading guilty to sexually assaulting the child, the courthouse was packed with police supporters, police wives, and statists who kept defending him by referring to his “exemplary” behavior as an officer.

The child’s parents, however, sat silently on the other side of the courthouse, mourning over what this monster did to their little daughter.

At first Officer Demers was facing 30 years in prison for gross sexual assault. But his attorney was able to get that charge dismissed.

After that the parents wanted a sentence of at least eight years — at least something! — but even that sentence was again reduced. In all Officer Demers will spend only four years in prison.

Officer Demers admitted to sexually assaulting the child multiple times.

“He took my little girl’s innocence,” the child’s mother stated.

Demers’ defense attorney claimed that Officer Demers was already punished because his reputation was ruined and because he brought heartache to his family.

“Officer Demers is, by every single account, the last person that anyone ever expected would be involved in an offense like this and this alone speaks volumes about who he is, as he has lived his life in a way that is the farthest cry from behavior at issue here than one can imagine,” his attorney wrote.

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Everybody referred to him as a "good cop" -- and he was molesting a 4-yr-old girl.

Everybody referred to him as a “good cop” — and he was molesting a 4-yr-old girl.

“There are also very real, significant concerns about Andy’s safety while incarcerated in the custody of the Department of Corrections,” he added.

The attorney requested that Demers be allowed to serve a lesser sentence in the county jail instead of prison.

The judge rejected that request.

Officer Demers at one point pulled a handkerchief from his suit to “wipe tears” from his eyes in front of the court room.

As he walked out of the courthouse, a reporter tried to ask him a question but he would not answer. 

Officer Demers decided to plead guilty as part of an offer between the attorneys. Originally Officer Demers was going to receive a Class A felony charge of gross sexual assault, for which he would face up to 30 years in prison. By pleading guilty, that charge was dismissed.

Officer Demers will be released soon, but the child’s trauma and anguish caused by this “good cop’s” sexual assault could last a lifetime.

What else did this “good cop” do that we don’t know about? How many fathers, mothers, and children did he lock in cages for smoking a harmless plant? How many people did he beat? How much money did he steal from hardworking Americans in order to generate revenue for the State in the form of “traffic tickets”? How many times was he silent as his “brothers in blue” abused and harassed citizens? Did he rape any other children that we haven’t found out about?

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Watch video below:

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  • theallseeingmaster .

    Yep, he was a good cop alright; good at not getting caught.

  • David Seastrom

    In Michigan this isn’t uncommon to face up to 25 years with molesting a child and get 4 to 7 years. Usually because they group ages of children like under 10, 11-13, 13-16. With each grouping there is a lesser sentence due to guidelines. Most children molested fit in the older category because their bodies look more adult so many pedophiles get 4 years prison with years of parole that follow the sentence or 5 years tethered probation. With this guy though he molested a small child and this was multiple times. He should be charged for each time he molested her. Like a teacher, and others in authority positions should be held to a higher standard and sentenced to longer terms because of their positions. The Ottawa County correctional officer received a longer sentence because of his position. Why didn’t this pedophile pig have the book thrown at him? He’s crying “oh poor me, poor poor me.” I hope he gets raped in prison, but he might be into that kind of thing.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      I believe he’s in for a rough time, big time. He’s a cop + molesting a toddler, repeatedly. If he was a good cop, it will not help here. If he was actually a dirty cop for 26 years, well, paybacks going to be an hysterical 10 foot, 400 pound, Bi-Polar bitch. His basic problem from here forward is everybody has kids; guards, lawyers, prisoners, doctors, case workers, parole board members… The next several years will be what he has crafted for 26 years. Who will really want to help him anywhere? Ever?

      • Stevie Russell

        Cops don’t go to general public, they get special treatment even in prison. Street justice is the way to go.

        • GenEarly

          Seems like justice is only available in the streets or in prison. Felons in prison have more integrity than judges. This offal, Andrew Demers is going to get shanked, repeatedly, until dead. Offal to Offal.

  • stacell72

    Oh wah! wah! Somebody call the wah-bulance!

  • IceT

    Hopefully this guy ends up as a prison scarecrow with a broken broom lodged up his ass into his internal organs lol

    • Troy Gardner

      Unfortunately that won’t happen because the cops are not put in the general prison population. Instead they are put in a much safer “resort like” section

      • Funkasaurasrex

        “Accidental” meetings will be quietly arranged. Bank on it.

  • Daniel Petersen

    My oldest brother molested me and only got a year in jail for it…
    Lately he just was allowed to clear his record of said charges and is now no longer having to register as a sex offender…
    The system could care less about us or our safety.

    • Guest


      • Susan Maree Jeavons

        Really? That’s why you’re here? Troll some where else.

      • Funkasaurasrex

        I was unable to experience Daniel Petersons pain until you provided expert guidance. Thank you Guest.

      • Really-pissed Guy

        Lol, Guest.

        • Twinkiedawn

          And up yours, too.

      • Twinkiedawn

        Seriously “Guest”? Up yours.

    • Rachel Flanagan

      The system appears to be leaning in favor of pedophiles, an agenda to be soft of them.
      I’m incredibly sad for your experience and impressed with your fortitude.

      Ignore the “grammar lesson,” by the more “indoctrinated,” some folks can’t help themselves.

      • Clarence E. Ware II

        Slippery slope. One agenda softens another. It will get worse before it gets better.

    • sharon brown


  • Susan Maree Jeavons

    As an adult survivor of incest, I think these parents should sue for damages. $5000 won’t cover the cost of her counseling. It won’t cover the years she will think she did something wrong. It won’t cover her feelings of shame, guilt, anger, bitterness and feeling different. 4 years? How many times did he molest her? This enrages me! I don’t care what honors he received! I don’t care how much the community likes him. He molested a 4-year-old child! He is a monster! Oh, maybe it’s because it wasn’t your child. God forbid something should happen to your child. Then you would understand my rage! SHAME ON YOU!

    • Vincenzo

      FOUR TIMES? Once; he could have thought ‘what I did is horrible, I shouldn’t do this again.’ Twice, three times, a FORTH TIME though??? He displayed zero conscience, and that’s the sign of a monster in my opinion. He stopped only because he was caught.

      • Christopher Ross

        even one time was wrong , fuck forgiving him the first time and fuck, “he could have thought ‘what I did is horrible, I shouldn’t do this again”, he would still be guilty, there is no excuse for a grown man sexually gratifying himself with a child, the man should be murdered!

        • Debbie Bellamy

          That is so sad, it makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder if any of his supporters are raping babies too? How could you support someone like that, is he raping his kids also? How did anyone in their right mind stand beside that piece of shit and defend him? I hope that his SORRY ASS gets raped in jail, so that family could get some justice. I also hope that he gets shanked!

          • Kennethpytn

            Ha! Tell it to Sally Waters in the above Debbie. She is STILL trying to tacitly defend this lump of shit. She is saying that his having been a cop has nothing to do with it. Bullslhit!! This fucker knew what he was doing because he didn’t just start doing it. Indeed, not, he has been using that cop bullshit as a cover, just as many of them do. He has been a molester for years and it is on now that he was caught!!! I would pay particularly close attention as to what cops came to his defense and spoke up for him at his sentencing. I’d lay odds that they are also perverts. Any SOB that would defend this bastard and speak up for him, has too be a damn pervert themselves. Sally Waters, I suspect YOU for even beginning to try and defend this SCUM. No GOOD cop in his right mind would defend such garbage.

          • Sally Waters

            Where’s the evidence he ever molested any other child?

          • Kennethpytn

            Stop it Sally Waters. You are making yourself appear silly! Just ask any person on here.

          • Sally Waters

            You’re the one who looks silly. You’re basically arguing there are other victims because there must be. Logic and reasoning is not your strength.

          • Kennethpytn

            It was actually 5 times, and at one time he was the State Police Chief. Five times Sally, on a four year old kid. Shame on you Sally Waters. Shame!


          • Sally Waters

            Stay focused now he retired over 20 years ago. He went to jail for molesting a four year old. Was he molesting her over 20 years ago when it would have been relevant that he was a cop? Try writing it down if the math is giving you trouble.

          • Kennethpytn

            Damn that. There are other victims who will soon come forward. This is exactly why he pled guilty so quick. He wants to close out the matter. I am hip to this fucker.

          • Sally Waters

            Goodnight Looney Tunes!

          • Kennethpytn

            Good night Officer Waters!

          • Nicole Yaciw

            You’re the only psycho here. Go suck some more pig dick, you disgrace to humans every where.

          • Maddie

            you pathetic pice of troll trash.What person could ever love you and it’s a dead cert that your own mother cringed at your very prescence.

          • bowden

            Maddie is mad???

          • Kennethpytn

            You know the truth, Sally. You know that there are more victims, Some may be grown now, but they have a story to tell on this man.

          • Kennethpytn

            Good night, Sally Waters.

          • Harry Cain

            Well why is he trying to use the cop card now if he’s been retired for 20 years.take your punishment like a manman( or the sick depraved perv you are)

          • bowden

            Cop Card? who used the cop card. The press?

          • Anita Brokaw

            So who is to say that this didn’t happen 20yrs ago simply because his case came up for trial?. The article states that he won awards for best outstanding officer. More tgem once. I bet his wife knows more then she is telling. Its a dam shame that he was raping this poor child and they did absolutely nothing,not once but numerous times. So when did they decide to do something about it?. What he did was wrong and he should have never been able to work as a police officer after the first time. So what this would imply is that there is more going on within the law enforcement departments all the way down to the local levels. There can be No more state secrecy that allows these types of incidents to take place and hidden from the public. Do they nit understand how many children’s lives are put in danger everyday because of their lack of concern for our children. It doesn’t matter how good he deceived his fellow man in acting under the color of law there is no excuse, for turning a blind eye to the fact that, he was a danger to society, they ignored the safety of children every where. So what are we to think about the situation going forward. Your incarcerating individuals for minor drug charges trying to bring criminal persecution against them,shooting and killing innocent individuals on the street of America for no other reason then a trumped up accusation of on fearing for their life acting under the color of law. Are we missing something here or congress and the previous administration allowed this behavior to become acceptable?. Someone needs to answer some serious questions concerning the internal affairs of these departments.

          • bowden

            once. dementia. once. dementia. keep pretending. Pray for your family! Hopefully you won’t age and develop dementia. Are you for Obamacare’s death panels. Do you believe that we should not allow people to age? Or, maybe parents should not be leaving their 4 year old with a man who has dementia? Not sure where you are coming from. Hadn’t been a cop since the early 1990’s. Can you read?

          • dufas_duck

            Don’t argue with Sally, she was a prosecutor and a lawyer trained to protect the police and others working in the judiciary. Her word is infallible…

            She already insinuated that the judiciary system is perfect and all that work in that system never do wrong……besides that, she only sees what she wants to, same with her reading….

          • Sally Waters

            Don’t listen to Kenneth. He’s just mad because he has no facts to back up his opinion and gets angry when anyone points it out…and he’s not very smart.

          • Omega

            Aha! You are a prosecutor! I was right from the get go; you’re a damn cop, now trying to protect one of your own. Sally Waters, you’re a prime example of what is wrong with this broken system; why a worm can shoot a twelve year old kid playing cops and robbers in a playground; why a shitballs in Detroit can shoot and kill a sleeping seven year old and then openly lie on the grandmother and walk away without being punished. What a disgrace you are, Sally Waters. You are exactly why I no longer refer to myself as a Black American; but simply an American.

          • RandyBoBandy

            The facts? The facts are simple: pig gets a few months in jail for each of the numerous times he sexually molested a toddler. Show me a case where someone not hiding behind a blue costume gets a sentence that lenient.

          • Maddie

            You display many signs of psychopathy girl.But then you already know this eh?

          • ykronos

            Actually logic and reasoning is your strong point as sexual predators are usually considered sick or have a disease like alcoholism. It’s not something you just wake up and decide you are going to do. It is on going and slowly degenerates over the years. So it is highly likely there is a string of other victims, especially if he was in a position of such power as being a cop.

          • Keith Mattia

            I agree this is not something you wake up one day and suddenly get the urge to do. While no other victims have come forward i could almost guarentee that somewhere in this mans past are other victims.
            I Have a good friend who found out her biological father she was not raised by had done numerous amounts of time for rapes against children between 4 and 5 years old though he was only convicted twice he openly admitted to her that he had been a child molester for years and had in his estimation assaulted at least 30 children
            and the truth of her conception was the fact her mother at 15 was one of his victims and thats how she came to be. He expressed that he was indeed sorry had done his time was now a permanent level 4 sex offender required to be heavily monitored undergo chemical castration remain in intense counseling
            This piece of crap calling himself a police officer is up there in age i wouldnt be surprised if numerous victims come forward in the near future. And as another poster said look closely at those who are defending him theymay just be molesters too, just becuse their life looks like an upstanding example of how every person should conduct their lives doesnt mean behind closed doors they arent acting out their true nature Which could be a perverse nature!

          • bowden

            The press tells the truth!!! Always!!!!! Sad.

          • Jamie

            And your defending a child molester that doesn’t n make you look silly it makes you disgusting. Do you have children? I truly hope you do not. Your just as horrible as the monster your defending. That man didn’t cry because he felt bad he cried because he was caught I pray that he gets the true justice he deserves in the measly fouryears he serves.

          • bowden

            Yes, I have children. I have parents. I know this man. Hopefully you will never have to look at your relatives age and have something so terrible happen. We will pray for you

          • Maria NoGames

            Being human isn’t your strength.

          • Susan Maree Jeavons

            One victim is one too many Sally! If it was your child, maybe you would think differently. Then again, maybe not. Maybe it’s all about ego with you; making a name for yourself. I wouldn’tw ant to defend this man, and I don’t know why anyone would.

          • Alan Wallace

            Ask the people who do the work. These pervs don’t just suddenly start at his age. That’s a fact.

          • bowden

            Fact is, it does suddenly start. Same thing killed Robin Williams. Sad. Very sad.

          • Maddie

            SILLY???what an understatement. the whole issue here you dumb idiot is what he did and nobody rapes a child by mistake and at his age just for the first time. you trying to say that this monumental evil has just manifested itself suddenly out of an otherwise pure heart???you’ve set yourself up for something REALLY bad to befall you very very soon along the same lines(law of the universe and all that). Remember this when it happens SOON.

          • bowden


          • bowden


          • Boro Boy Bluey

            Theyre definitely not your strengths

          • Barbara Brown

            No more victims necessary, execute the bastard!! FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME! He should be swinging right next to that Dugger piece of shit!

          • bowden

            The only people on here besides ms. waters are victims who will always be victims.

          • bowden

            There is no evidence that he ever molested another child. He has dementia. No one wakes up at 73 and molests his son’s daughter and then admits to it. No one. Sally Waters, you have done your homework haven’t you. The MSM makes stories up when there are none. This is a shame on society. A damned shame.

          • James Williams

            You must a secret child molester.

          • bowden

            No evidence.

          • Maria NoGames

            Where’s the evidence he didn’t? Child molesters are known to be serial molesters. Duh.

          • bowden

            Really? Where is the evidence he didn’t?? Are you an American? Where is the evidence that he did? Stupid people are known to be stupid.

          • Alan Wallace

            Talk to the people who have made it their life’s work to prosecute these sickos and/or help their victims. No one starts molesting children in middle age. A look into his background would be very revealing.

          • bowden

            Look. Please. Nothing there.

          • Nicole Yaciw

            Where’s the evidence you’re not a brainless cop dick sucker?

          • Maddie


          • bowden

            Argue much?

          • Flex Hill

            Who gives a damned wether he did it to other children or not, if it was my child he did this to, I’d be the one going to jail. Not only is he a scumbag, but the judge, prosecuter, and all of the sick f#cks who came to his support are scumbags also.

          • Boro Boy Bluey

            Because a paedophile doesnt just decide at 50 + to become a fu@king nonce, I’ll bet my life that there’s many more of his victims out there. & he’d be still raping that poor little girl if he hadnt been caught… Once a paedophile always a paedophile….

          • James Williams

            He admitted it

          • Maddie


          • James Williams

            Bull this had plenty with him being a cop and the family got 0 justice here. The people who defend this piece of shit needs to honestly think what if this was your child. Yet you defend him and think that it’s okay shame on all his supporters shame. This is a child and gets a slap on the wrist he needs to do the rest of his life in prison and pay for his crime. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s tried again.

          • Susan Searle

            I know of two in Hampshire – never even got charged nor put on at risk register. This piece of scum – doubt he would have ever busted a child rapist like himself – probably would have joined them for a beer and a chat about how good it feels. May he find true justice in prison – for he did not get it in the court room.

          • Maddie


          • Bill Erdly

            probly the whole police force were involved why would any body in thee rite mind stick up for a ass hole like this

          • bowden

            who raped?

        • Maddie


        • Tisa Muhammad II

          i concur.

      • Monkeys Uncle

        It was actually 5 times, and at one time he was the State Police Chief.


        • mortified

          who said It was 5 times??? the child?

          • Maddie

            Oh no not another socio/psychopath walking amongst us anal aperture


        And despite what others appear to be claiming, there are other victims. Predators like this don’t get caught the first time. Especially predator monsters who have 26 years of police experience behind them.

        • LusciousDC

          ou are exactly correct! These people always want to make excuses for these Demons. Of course it’s not his first time, that’s why he had no remorse, nor a conscience as he did it at least 3 more times. With all the other crap going on with these rogue cops, they don’t want him to appear that bad. Why did he only get 4 years? Protected. anyone else would have gotten at least double digits. If I were the parents I would sue him to the point he will want to kill himself.

          • Nat Bee

            What if the “rogue” cops are the “good” ones?
            What if the regular cops are the ones we fear, or need to fear?

    • MaconSouthernGent

      The main problem is that he can be sued and a big judgement awarded but no money will be sent to the victim. He could easily file bankruptcy and likely get out of paying such a judgement.

      This is just one example of law enforcement action “caught.” The mentality is it’s THEM (cops) against US (the public).

      • Uhmbaya Laury

        Well then can suit the PD where he works and name him in it that Would be the way they would get money

        • MaconSouthernGent

          Yes, you are correct that they would have to sue the department to get any real damages. It’s unfortunate that punitive damages can’t include jail time.

        • Sally Waters

          I must have missed the part where they said his crime was committed during the course and scope of his employment…

          • Kennethpytn

            You miss it Sally Waters because you did not want to see it. This fucker did not just begin to molest. He has been doing it for years and years. What is your problem with defending this lump of shit? You must be a cop, and if you are, you are suspect yourself for defending this shitball. I have not seen you show ANY concern for the kids who this bastard destroyed. On the contrary, you seem more concerned that we are mentioning his having been a cop. Damn right, that is exactly what he was, and that is exactly what he used as his cover as a protector of men, women, and children, but betrayed.You are suspect Sally Waters, because instead of distancing yourself from this SCUM, you are tacitly defending him and his time spent as a cop. If you are a cop, it is your type that the people are out there protesting about now, because you are NOT a good cop, inasmuch as you would turn a blind eye to the criminal acts of your fellow cops. In fact, Sally Water, such cops are actually far worse than the actually criminals because we can easily identify those of the criminal element. However, it is extremely difficult to track down and point out those criminals, such as yourself, who are masquerading as cops, but who are really criminals. Indeed, it is your kind that is bringing down America!

          • Sally Waters

            Where did it say he had molested other kids? Where did it say he had been doing it for years? It does not say that because that’s all speculation. Remember innocent until proven guilty? Well it applies to everyone, even cops. You’re just a zealot. You have no credibility because your argument is based on assumptions. I’m no cop. Im just not a criminal…or a dumbass.

          • Kennethpytn

            “Before he was arrested, Demers admitted to investigators to assaulting the child multiple times.” That is a direct quote Sally. Goddammit Sally, what the hell does “multiple times” mean? Stop defending a slimeball. He did it over an extended period of time. DUH! Moreover, Do you really believe that she was the first and only? I think not, Sally Waters!! Stop making yourself look bad on here. Just woman up and denounce this SCUM as detestable! Do it now and redeem yourself, Sally!

          • Sally Waters

            Since just repeated yourself instead of providing any evidence of any other victims I will assume you have none. By the way…I will akso assume you can count. If he retired over 20 years ago and the victim was four years old, how did he molest HER when he was a cop?

          • Kennethpytn

            Smh! You are a sicko Sally Waters.

          • Sally Waters

            Because I pointed out the flaws in yoir argument?

          • Kennethpytn

            Smh. Not one word of concern for the child! Smh. I think that you are a cop, Sally. Only a cop would think as you. No ability to think whatsoever. A complete Black Hole! Smh.

          • Sally Waters

            Still no evidence of any other victims huh?

          • Kennethpytn

            Good night Officer Waters.

          • lila James

            Sally waters, a child’s life was altered forever she will never know normal. Children are the future of this country, you mess with them you mess with your country’s future. It is a sick crime, and a crime against society. We should all be concerned and outraged.

          • Miguel C

            It is disgusting how many people become supporters of animals like this. I understand the bond one makes with family and loved ones but this should never supersede empathy and the well being of others especially children! There is a site that seeks to shame corrupt officers but there should also be one to shame attorneys and supporters of paedophiles.

          • dufas_duck

            A prosecutor using the words ‘innocent until proven guilty’ ??? Isn’t that blasphemy in the prosecutor game and system?? Don’t you really mean it the other way around??

          • Sally Waters

            It’s just another example of your bias and lack of knowledge of the judicial system. I’m betting you learned all of that from the jailhouse lawyers Am I right? So if they’re so smart, why are they in jail?

          • dufas_duck

            As usual, prosecutor mentality making assumptions not based in fact…speculating much, Sally….that’s how you put innocent people in jail…

          • dufas_duck

            I don’t know, never been convicted of anything, been accused of stuff though and the dumb prosecutors wouldn’t look at ‘exculpatory’ evidence…they just wanted another victim to thow into jail…Prosecutors prosecute, they don’t give a damn if someone is innocent…… Not in their vocabulary..

          • dufas_duck

            She’s a prosecutor that works with the police to protect their own…Everything is normal..

          • Sally Waters

            Hahaha I haven’t been a prosecutor in 13 years. Damn you guys are just dumb.

          • dufas_duck

            Still have the same mindset…protect your and all the rest are guilty….

          • Maddie

            psycopathy makes it so easy to dismiss the suffering of a child and continue to wind up GOOD people you unlovable piece of sub-human garbage. You’re retribution by the law of what goes around is so imminent.

          • bowden

            Calm down. All she is asking for is proof.

        • Sally Waters

          He wasn’t a cop when the crime occurred. He had retired decades earlier.

          • Kennethpytn

            That fucker was molesting for years, but just go away with it. Mark my word, new victims will soon emerge to reveal their stories, Sally. In fact, I would not trust the investigating cops from that area because they may cover it up for him.

          • Sally Waters

            You need medication. You’re starting to sound like those conspiracy nuts. I’ll check back later to see if you’ve actually been able to find EVIDENCE of any other victims. Oddly enough I am not taking your speculation as fact.

          • Nicole Yaciw

            Conspiracy nut? I have one name for your stupid, sorry, sack of shit ass, EDWARD SNOWDEN, BITCH.

          • Maddie

            STILL defending the piece of human filth garbage to the last eh? The fact that he did it to ONE child and was discovered should be enough to silence you. The paedophile ring gets bigger and bigger.

          • bowden

            No one came forward.
            not one person.

          • Maddie

            Once a cop always a cop it’s in the blood

          • Nikol

            Does that matter u stupid dumb ass!! U r one of the reasons the world is the way it is!! Rape is rape no matter what position u hold

        • bowden

          Again, he hadn’t worked for a police department since 1993.

        • MaconSouthernGent

          The problem is that the agency that he worked for may have passed a law that limits their liability. Wrong in my opinion, but likely will stand up in court. So, it could be limited to 10k no matter what.

      • ISpeakOnlyTruth

        If the victim’s lawyer is a good one, they will do a civil suit for damages and put a lien on ANY tangible thing he owns; home, condo, etc. If he dies or sells it, the money will go to the victim

      • Kurt

        Dear Macon Southern Gent. I am a bankruptcy attorney. If Demers filed a bankruptcy, a good bankruptcy attorney can keep it from being dischargeable. If you can prove intentional harm to another person, you can keep that person from discharging the debt in bankruptcy. But you can’t sit on your rights. You have to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

        • MaconSouthernGent

          I hope that the victim does in fact find a good lawyer and knows their rights.

      • Sally Waters

        Why? Are you insinuating that he molested this child because he was a cop? I don’t see what his profession has to do with his perversion. The article is just inflammatory and clearly written by a cop hater.

        • Kennethpytn

          I tell you what, Sally Waters: Why not take your daughter and let him baby sit her, since you believe in him so much!.

          • Sally Waters

            Clearly he is a pervert. He would be a pervert regardless of his former occupation. And you’re an idiot regardless of how you feel about him.

          • MaconSouthernGent

            And from the picture of tears on his face, since he’s been caught, he’s turned his life around and helps little old ladies across the street.

        • MaconSouthernGent

          The fact that he was a police officer certainly didn’t hinder him in being able to get away with it–until eventually…

        • fuckthat22

          she’s saying you don’t have to be a cop to be a p.o.s. child molester. She is also not a cop…

          i think you’re evil, bitch.

      • PatriceB82

        Filing bankruptcy will not get an individual out of that kind of judgement, at least according to federal bankruptcy law. That rule only applies to corporations.

        • MaconSouthernGent

          Not a lawyer and I hope that what you said stands firm against this perp. But, the thing many lawyers look at before taking a case is will they make money on it. I’ve been through this once and although my case had merit, the perp was let off the hook because damages that could be sued for would not amount to the time the lawyer wanted to commit to it.

          In the end, it was all a lie by him to get me to sign on the dotted line. Justice is for those who can collect damages. Injustice remains for those who rely on the bottom feeder lawyers who first try to tell you they will handle your case, only to find out that when they do the specs and there’s no money to be found, they don’t know you.

          If this country changed the way criminal proceedings were handled and that the defendant, if found innocent, in every court, in every county in every state, received the money they spent back from the state on legal fees, we’d see a lot less of these types of arrests largely based by law enforcement officers knowing how to work the system.

          I hope that this convicted cop lives long time and experieces all the pleasures of being locked up, all of them.

      • raythemixer

        Sue the state, bankrupt them.

      • Keith Mattia


    • Philip

      I feel for her and for you. I knew a girl who was led into an incestuous relationship by a combination of an older brother and parents who were either terribly ignorant (I don’t think so) or sick. Her life was anything other than happy and the scars that were left on her went terribly deep. She is no longer alive.

      • Susan Maree Jeavons

        I was 5 when it started. My scars were deep too. My mother did nothing to stop my father. At 17 I left home to escape. I am 65 now. I am a survivor, not a victim. I have forgiven my parents. Life is good, and I have my God to thank for that. I could not have survived without him. I am so sorry about your friend. What doesn’t kill us truly does make us stronger.

        • Jenna

          I am so sorry that happened to you. As a mother of 4 children, things like this absolutely break my heart. I am so glad that you have managed to have a good life in spite of the trauma you endured. I happen to be an Atheist, but I am glad that your faith helped you to get through this horrible thing that happened to you, especially since your mother, who should have been your fiercest protector did nothing to help you. I have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I can’t even imagine the rage and violence that would erupt from me if someone hurt them. I honestly think I would black out and beat them until I was too tired to beat them anymore or they were dead. The fact that you have been able to forgive your parents shows that you have come so far in your journey of healing and I admire your strength.

          • Susan Maree Jeavons

            God Bless you Jenna. And he will. You sound like a wonderful mother.

        • Clarity-jane Seer

          We have a lot in common/ the military covered up what we suffered/

          • Susan Maree Jeavons

            I’m sorry they did that to you. It just enrages me how much this goes on! I wonder how many never tell…

        • FranSpencer

          Praying for healing and comfort <3

          • Susan Maree Jeavons

            I am 65 and am at peace with my past. “Scars tell us where we’ve been. They do not dictate where we’re going.” Rossi from Criminal Minds

          • Lovingme Corvette Trezure Wesl

            I too was molested for years as a child by my uncle. I am grown now and has moved on and past it. I don’t speak to my uncle anymore as well as my mom doesn’t talk to her brother anymore either. I never even got an apology, not like I was looking for one, and a lot of my family thought I was lying until he came out and told the truth when I was 12. But I have looked past it all and have blocked a lot of memories of my childhood and I just pray for those who are in this situation or has been in this situation, because it’s really sad and sick and no one deserves it. God bless u!!!

          • Susan Maree Jeavons

            You’re right. No one deserves this. It is good that you are talking about it. It helps. I use to write about child abuse and recovery, and mentor other survivors. After 6 years and over 70 articles, I met so many brave men and women like you. I have learned that the best thing you can do to help a survivor, is to listen to them. Thank you for sharing your story, and God Bless you too.

    • AuntieMama

      God bless you Susan, for sharing. There is no torture too severe for molesters of children.

      • Susan Maree Jeavons

        Thank you. I agree’

    • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

      five million, maybe

    • bowden

      4 years. For dementia, he got 4 years. He served the State of Maine in one form or another his whole life and when his mind gave in, he gets put away. Think before you leave a 4 year old with a 73 year old man who has dementia. Please people. Do some research. Look up “A Lesser-Known Dementia That Steals Personality” Look up the study recently published regarding “When Frontotemporal Dementia Leads to Crime—Prosecution or Protection?”

    • Eddie Zamora

      We the people Vote and choose our leaders and laws and who gets to govern them and who gets to exercise them.
      Funny the people we vote stay in position of power and nothing changes

    • Patrick H.

      These people would find reason to stand up for Jack the ripper.

    • Zanne Goldwire

      He should have rec’d life in prison..that poor child will have a lifetime of flashbacks and difficulty..an eye for an eye. As an officer he already know what he got coming to him from the inmates and it will be in double doses b/c he’s law enforcement and a child molester and they dislike both.

    • Tisa Muhammad II

      i concur. He is a MONSTER & those who allowed him to walk on this one, have BLOOD on their hands. GOD is NOT DEAD.

  • MalindaKail

    “out of character” please, he had a job that gave power over the less powerful. I’m sure he never used that power during his job duties. Just over a four year old child.

  • Mills Buchard

    I noted some years ago that the management types at work (Army Corps of Engineers) tended to behave a lot like those who rape children. Threats, psychological terror, and finally blaming the victims. I mentioned that to a fellow I knew who taught psychology classes at the university, and I asked him why some people behave that way. I expected a long and complicated answer, but what he said was “Because they can.”
    Why do some sick cops rape children or commit murder? Because they can.
    There is a revolution heading our way, to take back the U.S. from people obsessed with greed, lust or other mental illnesses, and always remember it was the cops who first drew blood.

  • Fuck cops

    What a price of shit. Fucking pigs.

  • DaleGribble2

    4 F*****G years? this sub human scum should be castrated and suffer a slow and painful demise. If you want to get away with rape, murder, extortion, etc. become a pig. They are apparently above the law and have no problem pissing away our tax dollars. All pigs in this country should be disarmed. Sub human s**t stains breathing air a dog could be breathing.

  • http://demotropolis.org demotropolis

    i hope he doesn’t make it out alive

  • alanneil10

    Another slap on the wrist for a psycho cop! The only good thing about this is that at least he did not murder that child. In prison, he will be put in a protected group of cells along with other pedophiles, rapist, and snitches or else he would be raped then killed.

  • Robbin Zeigler

    He is a pervert and pedophile and I hope he gets just want he earned and deserved for raping this 4 year old. I hope he leaves jail in a body bag too. Which would definitely prevent him from raping other children if he is released. A pervert is a pervert is a pervert.

  • konata500

    now do they have physical proof of it or did people just say he did it and panicked was he caught by witnesses in the act….i am not opposing anyone but i have heard of kids being to to lie and say stuff about people touching them
    even Difus “cant spell it off the bat” leads them to say it sometimes….now if this guy was proven to do it I say death for destroying innocence by you know america the rich destroyed religion to avoid the laws that would put them away they made all the rules with loopholes only they can get out of and any who serve them get the same evil privileges

    • kyd

      he admitted to it

      • konata500

        ah ok hmm i thought people always deny stuff like that guess not all humans are dishonest

  • P Feezee

    its very rare that those that commit these sort of crimes have only done so once in their lives.

    • Liddie

      Other victims may choose to remain silent, or are dead in my opinion. What kind of investigation was done on him? Accessing his computer history? His entire personal history should be ordered to investigation. All of our actions on a computer and internet can be traced. Even our whereabouts can be monitored, dredged, and researched. I would not leave any stone unturned.

  • Jenni Lovsey

    Put kiddie rapist in general pop, letting them know what he is, wont have to worry about him for long.

  • Phasung Baccam

    Enough is enough the dirty we are sick and tire with this sick cop get short time in jail then avarage citizens

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    Where is all the outrage when a cop shoots a dog? Obviously that is more important.

  • Gaan Thai

    “good cop”,yup, unfortunately a narcissistic asshole also.

  • ABN

    With any luck, he will never make it out of there.

  • Paul Shalikashvili

    In Russia, cops are called “Garbage”. Mostly the worst people in society become police.

    • Sally Waters

      In our country the worst people in society are the criminals…as it should be.

      • jollyroger

        You know I could write a few things about little c….like you but I won’t uffice to say that most Prosecuting Attny’s. care nothing for the law. They are out to make anmke for themselves in order to climb the political social ladder on the backs of minorities, the weak and innocent .
        So how did you like being a scumbag?
        You are part of the problem. You are no different than these pigs who rape women and children.
        You probably like to give B.J to cops don’t you?

  • sung dude

    I really hope he’s sexually assaulted in prison.

  • kraigrichard

    name these prosecutors and judges the enablers of bad cops where do they live?

  • mikrat

    Remember – We vastly out number them and Out Gun them. Once the People get off their asses and realize that WE are and have the power they are done. And they know it. This is why they are trying to sway and control the people through fear.

    Just 3% of we the People out-number all of the Gov. Police and Military at about a 10:1 ratio.

    Let the Star Chambers and Hangings begin – Fill the Tree’s.

  • lean6

    If there’s any such thing as karma, this animal should never make it out of prison alive.

    • Truth

      There is worse than him. Doubt it ?

  • poppabeensmooth

    He cried for getting caught and embarrassing himself/family. Sadly only a few in there shed a tear for the girl.

    A courtroom full of disgusting creatures. Stains on humanity

  • Virginia McCann

    I am going to say this in light of a post I responded to about how some men do not like women who are Feminists. With these articles about 4 yr. old babies, teenage girls, women, and elderly women. Is it any wonder, WHY, AND HOW the women who are used, abused, raped, and assaulted, the mental, & emotional scarrs don’t just disappear, as scarrs, bruises on her skin, & broken bones…DO HEAL. The memories won’t allow a woman, teenage girl, nor a young baby..to TRUST ANY MAN for a long time ( 3-years to decades ). I should know….. I was a victim of domestic violence.. Mine began when I was a girl, I saw my step-dad brutally beat and torture my mother. My mother beat, verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused me. The majority of the men that I dated, lived with, married, to one-degree abused me in more ways than one.
    The abuse began when I was 7yrs-19yrs. The first man that I was intimate with, raped me on MY FIRST TIME, when I was 20yrs old. I am 48 yrs. old now….and I am just now able to hold my head up high, confident, caring, passionate, and compassionate about my life and care about others. I am trusting people more and more everyday.
    Men who have no clue..as to what a woman goes through, with a batterer, rapist, and verbal intimidations, from a man…or woman. If you don’t know, may I suggest that you listen to several female girls and women speak and educate you…

    There are wonderful, caring, passionate, compassionate, loving and nurturing men who value women in the world today. And I thank God for men like you. * Thank You *

  • m3ll0

    And now its his turn to be violently raped

  • diana

    How can any right thinking person try and defend him by saying what a nice and good man he is. She was only 4 for goodness sake.

  • bonnie

    Do not let this man have such a light sentence.How could the judge even give him such a light sentenc? .How many others have there been? Because he was stressed does not mean he had the right to abuse this little four year old. If he has done this don,t tell me he hasn,t ever did this before. A normal man who was not a pediphoile would not abuse a child sexually.This judge had the nerve to said he and his family have suffered such embarrasement .Well to bad for him.I,m sorry his family has to have the embarassment of finding out he is a pediphoile.But I see no empathy from this judge at all for the little girl or her family. This judges sentence should be overturned and a more severe one put in place .Also a lot more to the childs family in damages.This judge is an embarassement to his profession.

    • dufas_duck

      When are people going to realize that the judges, the DAs, the police are all on the same side… That side is one is guilty until they can prove it, even more so now that they have received training from the NSA and DHS after 911….

      Judges will believe every word, lying or not, that a policeman utters. Judges have disallowed evidence that a person is innocent based on a policeman’s word or on an objection by a DA. DAs are there to put people in prison, not to allow their innocence to prevail….

      DAs rely on the police to give them the evidence to make their convictions. Even years later, when it is found that a person was innocent and wrongfully convicted, most DAs will fight tooth and nail to keep the innocent in prison. How many DAs have you heard of fighting for an innocent person?? DAs will convict a ham sandwich if they could. DAs will hide exculpatory evidence that proves a person is innocent just to get another conviction under their belt. Remember, a DA is nothing but a lawyer being paid by a community. Their job is to convict no matter what. Innocent people in prison looks bad on a DA’s resume….

      Police are a legalized street gang whose sole purpose in life is self protection. They are a ‘mutual admiration society’ as evidenced by the all the cops, their families, and other hangers on sitting in the court’s gallery supporting a confessed child molester. It doesn’t matter what evil a cop does, the cops and their kind will back them up and if given the chance, destroy evidence, lie, and otherwise cover for a bad cop…

      It is a rare policeman that will even make a rudimentary investigation to ascertain if an arrest is even warranted. Way back, police would do the same thing…only they were more honest about it. The police would arrest someone and if the person would present anything that would show the policeman was arresting the wrong person, the cop would tell them ‘to tell it to the judge’ and arrest them anyway while the real perpetrator walks away. Now, the cop will just beat or kill anyone that attempts to clarify a situation and make up reasons for the brutality….

      • Kennethpytn

        Goddamn, so well written dufas_duck.

      • Sally Waters


        • dufas_duck

          Yep, thankyou…hogwash is exactly how the judicial system handles things. Read up on many of the innocent that eventually get released from prison. You’ll find that the police lied or held back exculpatory evidence, and the DAs do the same. Many judges disallow evidence that may show the innocence of a defendant.

          • Sally Waters

            I was a prosecutor for five years and a defense attorney for twelve years. The only people that feel that way about the judicial system are the criminals.

          • Sally Waters

            I was a prosecutor for five years and a defense attorney for twelve. The only people that feel like that about the judicial system are the criminals.

          • Sally Waters

            I was a prosecutor for five years and a defense attorney for twelve. The only people that feel that way about the judicial system are the criminals.

          • dufas_duck

            The only prosecutors that speak as you do is trying to cover up for themselves or others. There have been plenty of prosecutors that over look and hide exculpatory evidence, and hide it from the defense, or fight bringing up in court. If you were an honest prosecutor, you wouldn’t deny it. Your job is to convict and what you are rated on is how many convictions you put under your belt. Very seldom does a prosecutor come to the defense of an innocent person, and when someone is proved innocent, a prosecutor will fight tooth and nail to keep their ‘innocent person’ in prison so as to not tarnish their fine record of convicting people.. Can’t have it known that a prosecutor put an innocent in prison can we..

            You are in the same category as the policeman who will purgur themselves or plant evidence to confirm an arrest. And with the same immunity that the police have, you can cheat justice very easily….

            An honest person can’t be leery of the judicial system?? You prove your mindset with the comment that only criminals question the judicial system. All people are guilty until you can make them so, one way or another??? You would fit right in with Jim Crow and fellow travelers…maybe even burn a few crosses along the way…

          • Sally Waters

            You sound like zealot or a lunatic. You’re also very uninformed about a prosecutor’s duties.

          • dufas_duck

            Prosecutors are out to support the cops , bad or otherwise. All though prosecutors PR is to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, it never seems to work out that way. It’s protect the bad cops and put as many citizens away as you can, it makes good news and helps during the next election cycle. Prosecutors are not judged by how many innocent people that they protect, they are judged by their conviction record……

  • H

    A friend of mine, at 13 years old, was falsely accused and convicted (tried as an adult) of a sexual assault on a child that she didn’t touch and will be on the sex offender list for the rest of her days. This pig gets CAUGHT in the act and openly admits to repeatedly molesting this child, gets a slap on the wrist and will probably only have to register for 5-10 years, if at all. Justice isn’t blind anymore; she’s looking at social status and money these days.

  • humboldtrick

    Oh no, he’ll be in jeopardy if sent to prison. Too fucking bad, creep. Because he was such an exemplary officer it speaks volumes about him. NO. The fact that he raped a 4-YEAR-OLD is what speaks volumes about this shit bag. This scumbag should be dragged into the street and summarily executed. Immediately. Same goes for all the pieces-of-shit who defended this worthless fuck.

    • bowden

      Now it’s rape? Who said anything about rape?

  • NunyaDangBisness

    Someone should just shoot this fuckin’ pig and be done with it. Kiddy rapers have no place in society – especially those who have privileges such as he does due to his career in law enforcement. Set an example – fry this pig.

  • Danzig Panzer

    If I was the little girls father
    I know exactly what to do next, no exception, no mercy

    • danzig the panzie

      father’s doing her too!

  • dufas_duck

    Since most police think they have the right to do anything they want and the public has no rights what so ever, child molesting, rapes, beatings, and killing is nothing to these cops. Even the cops supporters seem to think that this is OK because the perp is a cop.

    There is no way to get through to these people, they will keep on doing their low life actions because they can…………….

  • Gregory Nizio

    All these supporters are the same ones who supportcops and prison guards killing and crippling suspects and prisoners cause the victims are “thugs” go fuckin figure.

  • Gregory Nizio

    Carrying a concealed weapon w/o paying for a permit and not doing anything with it is an automatic 2 years in michigan. Only double that for molesting a 4 year old 4 times and threatening her and her family at gunpoint???
    Really? Those must be tears of joy for getting off easy. Hope hes in general population and the others find out hes a child molesting cop.

    • Maria NoGames

      Wow, I didn’t see where he held her family at gunpoint. He should have gotten a much harsher sentence. Hopefully it will turn out to be life. Monsters need to die, he is a monster.

      • fuller

        Oh my god!!! You morons believe each other so easily!!! Did his ‘son’ tell you that too???

        • Maria NoGames

          You are the moron, or are you just sarcasm challenged? I didn’t see where he held her family…means it wasn’t there because I can read. And his son? What has his son to do with this 4 year old child molesting (admittedly, by his own confession) monster?

          • bowden

            I think fuller is talking about the facts from the local news accounts, it was his son’s child who was molested…

          • Maria NoGames

            OMG he molested his own grandchild?? I don’t understand what makes us think that is worse, but it does seem exponentially worse to commit not only a sex crime but incest in the process.

  • bobfairlane


    ““There are also very real, significant concerns about Andy’s safety
    while incarcerated in the custody of the Department of Corrections,” he

  • JohnComeau

    here’s hoping he gets his 4 years in with the general prison population. gangsters are, for a large part, family men with youngsters on the outside. they will make sure this guy suffers for his crime. it may become a lifetime sentence.

    • Vi Bird

      They will keep him in a “sterile” environment! He won’t ever see general population. They like to keep the cops away from the “real” criminals. The pervie cop won’t get next to so much as someone that is in there for a joint, let alone someone that may deal out the real punishment that this POS deserves!

  • Lorelai

    Maine had a child sex ring, which Bob Carlson, a “well Loved” pastor was a part of, that went to the highest echelon of law enforcement. This article reveals the mentality that is barely spoken of. Disgusting.

  • Shari Peterson

    People still can’t figure out why I can’t stand pigs.

    • Sally Waters

      My bet is that you and/or your loved ones are criminals…that is usually case with cop haters.

  • Shari Peterson

    PLEASE, CITIZEN VIGILANTES – FIND THIS MAN AND DO WHAT IS PROPER. The “just us” system is not handling him justly.

  • Joseph C. Krywalski


  • Orson Bean

    Demers is a sadist and sociopath–those types are drawn to police jobs where they can abuse people and get away with it–as he did for almost 30 yrs! He has ALWAYS been a sick bastard. Look at the photo of him in uniform–the eyes–he’s got the look of a predator. There are hundreds of thousands of sicko’s like him working as cops right now. No wonder the public has finally awakened to the dangers these psychos pose to their safety.

  • misdirection

    Good luck in prison, sir.

  • ‘Mikee Edwards

    I truly hope that the internal prison justice system takes care of this monster so he never leaves. Boot Hill for this criminal, and make it snappy!

  • Foliage

    How can an adult male, trained to see reality, dim his vision so that he could sexually molest a 4 year old child? In some places he would be executed by firing squad, and in others would smirk in sharing the act with his co-horts as an act of male dominance. Sickening, horrifying behavior, rationalized beyond comprehension. He should get life.

  • George Thompson

    I HOPE The inmates give him his “Good Cop” award while he’s in jail!

  • SlimJim

    Fuck “Andy’s safety.” I hope he get’s turned into some big guys bitch.

  • disqus_7XeFokRE9B

    This is the one he got caught on. 4yrs. is condoning Rape. Hopefully he will meet a fitting end soon as this type of savage dont change.

    • sharon brown

      Yeah, when he go to jail. They are going to tear him a new ass hole. And I do mean hole.

  • davidfulton3
  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    This falls under “high crimes and misdemeanors”. When a public official swears an oath to protect the citizens constitutional rights and then violates the same, this mongrel preyed on the weakest, his penalties are supposed to be amplified. He worse than most sexual predators, he carried himself about as an exemplary model citizen.

    • Sally Waters

      Get all the facts first…the article fails to mention that he had retired from law enforcement decades before this crime even happened.

      • Jeff Pearce Sr.

        Well then Sally, they should of just let him go free since he’s a retired pillar of the community. How much more did this monster get away with when wearing the “the uniform of all that is righteous and upstanding?” Big jail time for this mutt in general population is the prescription.

  • Maria NoGames

    The defense attorney stated, and I quote, ““Officer Demers is, by every single account, the last person that anyone ever expected would be involved in an offense like this and this alone speaks volumes about who he is, as he has lived his life in a way that is the farthest cry from behavior at issue here than one can imagine,” his attorney wrote.”

    I beg to differ. He is the very type to be molesting little children and getting away with it. Most all cops are breaking the law, daily. Most of them became cops for just that reason. A dark place inside, indeed. That dark place is what calls the lawbreaking portion of the citizenship to be cops, because they know that the people they are supposed to protect will have no way to defend themselves against their protectors.

    • Sally Waters

      You are so full of shit.

  • Chuck brown

    Had this officer been black, they would have given him the maximum sentence and then some and those same “supporters” of this “good cop” would have not existed.

  • Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers

    He’s crying what about the child, this sorry trash should have gotten some real time 4 years oh bullshit!

  • Chuck Seese

    We’re mixing apples and oranges here…Not all cops are child molesters. Not all child molesters are cops. Child molesters come from all walks of life. To try and paint this as a “cop” issue is very silly and misguided. This guy should be punished to the fullest extent possible.

  • Angela R. Ford-Jones

    They need to send him to prison in another area, Chicago, New York. Somewhere he can learn his lesson. Bastard..mm

  • Jasmine McDaniels

    What a shame fry his ass child predators should be sentenced to death i’m sure she was crying to while this animal forced his self on a baby it’s fucking disgusting this fucking creep don’t need protection let them rape his ass in prison he deserves it

  • karolprice

    He owes this little baby and her family way more then that $5000 dollars. He has killed that child soul so how much is her soul worth? Far more then he can pay but he can start with that miserable $5000.00 and pay that amount every week until he dies.

  • nana ruiz

    He wasnt performing as a good officer when he was doing that to the little girl he was suppose to protect her not take advantage … he should rot in hell …. how many more cases like this has happenes because of him and never got the light shined on them … makes you wonder.. i hope while in jail they treat him like he treated her … make him feel helpless defeated and SORE

  • Clarence E. Ware II

  • S Dixon


  • BR549

    I want to see how this whole sex offender register thing works out with this guy. Will he still be allowed to carry a firearm or hang out within so many feet of a school?


    If it was a black man, he’d get life without parole

  • marc

    This child is damaged for life. 5k won’t even cover a fraction of that child’s counselling. What a POS!! I wonder how many of his fellow pigs stood by his side and covered for him?? All cops are bad.

  • Kennethpytn

    Where are all the cop lovers now!!! They will blame it on the street of his job, or maybe the Black males made him do it. Hopefully the brothers inside will greet this SCUM appropriately.

    • Sally Waters

      He did it because he is a pervert not because he used to be a cop twenty years ago.

      • Kennethpytn

        Finally, I just as I said he would do; they blamed his crime on the stress of his years on the job. Damn shame. What the hell does the job as a cop have to do with him molesting a 4 year old girl? Tell me that, Sally?

        • Sally Waters

          It’s the defense attorney’s job to come up with something good to say about their client. I would have made the same argument if I had been his attorney.

          • Kennethpytn

            I am sure you would have. Ha.

  • Kennethpytn

    Don’t worry, the PBA will get him out and someone like Patrick Lynch will make a big speech, yelling about how dangerous his job is, and how Al Sharpton and Mayor deBlasio made this good cop molest a child, and White America will eat it all up. This piece of shit did not just start molesting. Indeed, not, he was always a SCUMBAG with a uniform, badge and gun on.

  • Lyric Thompson

    “Officer Demers is, by every single account, the last person that anyone ever expected would be involved in an offense like this and this alone speaks volumes about who he is, as he has lived his life in a way that is the farthest cry from behavior at issue here than one can imagine,” his attorney wrote.

    The EXACT same thing could be said of most serial killers. The BTK killer worked for the city and was a deacon for his church.. John Gacy used to volunteer as a clown at charity events and even was an alderman for his church or Ted Bundy.. I could go on and on.. None of these people you would ever suspect of horrific crimes. Let alone murdering massive amounts of people.. YET THE DID. The only thing his neighbors and community not knowing does say is that he was good at covering up his crime !!

  • Uhmbaya Laury

    Those are all good and vaild questions I hope someone looks into it soon!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Sue the court and the officer separately… How can it be that he just have to pay 5000 for what he did, outrages !

  • eg

    @Jeavons you are absolutely right … this is disgusting to say the least .. they always cover for their own no matter what they have done to the public … he couldnt be but so good since he repeatedly raped this baby … a real psycho he is , and they will let him out so he can do it again ..!!! But only in America, our good ol JUSTICE system gone totally corrupt for the judges on down to the streets …

  • truth101462

    In this nazi, white supremacist society these types of monsters go ignored, while we focus on “alleged” (not convicted) people like cosby. Demonize black males in the media everyday while white men run pedophile rings and commit mass shootings all across america, The dominant society enjoys and denies their privilege, but white supremacy will ironically be the destruction of the u.s. This country is babylon, and white supremacy is the devil’s greatest weapon.

    • sharon brown


  • sharon brown

    The people standing behind him must have a lot of secrets of their own. Who would honestly uphold that mans’ actions against a 4 year old child. If the parents were to put a bullet in him for hurting their child, they would do the rest of their life in prison. That 4 yr old child will be in a prison of her own and she was offered 5, 000 dollars. Bull.

  • Alphonso Dunbar


  • Phillip Marsh

    If there is any justice someone will SPREAD the word of what this bastard did to the other inmates. From what friends have told me, child molesters don’t do well in prison. May this bastard get what he truly deserves!

  • whatiam

    All that stress made him want to “fuck”, a baby?!! Come on!! The cops do what they do because they can, and they know with the help of other cops, the grand jury, union officials, defense attorneys, judges,and mayors, they will essentially get off!! I guess he’ll say the baby reminded him of Rosemary’s baby (demon). So this is what stress made him do!! WOW!!! SMDH!!

    • militia

      You like that word don’t you. Who said anyone fucked a baby??? Did you fuck a baby???

      • whatiam

        Obviously you like it too. Go on, justify this trooper’s actions!! Have at it!! Will you cry after you’ve defended him too? Oh, forgive me, sexually assaulted”. Is that better? If it is, then you’re pretty messed up yourself!!

  • ISpeakOnlyTruth

    I hope when that low life (and that’s being polite for online purposes) POS should be in general population as well as letting the inmates know why he is there. It’s time he meet Bubba and his friends and get a taste of what he delivered. Let him cry for help in there and be ignored. May he rot

  • Charles Edward Pardue

    I’d be curious to see how Andrew Demers would score on the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale. His behavior reminds me of someone in this spectrum, highly emotional about his own concerns, but with little empathy towards the assaulted child.

    I remember when Teb Bundy was brought to trial and the resulting evidence that showed he was highly psychopathic, with little concern for his victims but possessing deep emotions in regards to himself and people that he considered part of his immediate circle.

    Psychopaths are also highly adept at manipulating other people and hiding their true feelings about others. This might have allowed him to function in his role in law enforcement without showing his true colors.

    The judgement in this case is also a cruel joke, 4 years for sexually assaulting a child and a $5000 fine? Frankly, he should at least forfeit his state pension fund earnings. If I was the child’s parents, he’d also be looking at a nasty civil suit. I also have no sympathy for law officers who go to jail and expect kid-glove treatment. Frankly, the current criminal justice system has created the nightmare which is the American prison system and no exceptions should be made just because someone used to wear a badge or be a member of the bar.

    • Flatliner

      What should concern you is the fact that you actually believe what you are reading. If you were a professional, you would show far more courtesy to the morons reading this article by understanding that reporters love to incite violence and with you egging them on by actually believing articles like this, you are as low as they are. Most of the people commenting on this site are looking at a pedophile every time they look in the mirror. My father always told me, believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear. I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it and I refuse to lower myself to the racist pigs on this site.

  • djtorchMusic

    Did I read something wrong or did he just walk out of the Court a free man?

  • Carabella1

    THIS man is the epitome of a thug!

  • Larry Sullivan

    WHO CARES! It’s not like he was suspected of selling loose cigarettes, or anything as immoral and illegal as that. All he did was sexually molest children, while also covering for his friends when they were accused of doing the same. … Nothing to see here. No morning talk shows need weigh in. Police don’t need to use him as the face of some “No More” campaign. His actions don’t represent his race, nor the “League.” Don’t try to make him into some type of monster. … He’s not black.

  • Dawnli

    I only hope the bastard is raped on a daily basis for the entire 4 yr. sentence! Can’t believe this is allowed to happen in the U.S..Despicable!!

  • Sandy Moran

    I have read some very scary articles about pedophilia, and how we would all be shocked and sickened about how prevalent it is in our society. In some circles, these people know each other and protect each other. If this police officer has dirt on someone higher up, it would be simple for him to get protection while in prison. It would seem that he may have already pulled some strings to have such a light sentence.

  • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

    what a load of crap . every person faces ‘very real, significant concerns’ about safety when in custody


  • Chelsea Solis

    I hope someone kills this fucker in jail

  • Staling Ramocan

    How can they let him off with a slap on the wrist. Our justice system have failed in so many ways.

  • William martin

    That child is damaged for a lifetime.

  • William martin

    We true citizens in this nation should not excuse the higher ups who make these wayward and undisciplined cops believing that they are above the law.

  • Sam A.

    Lock him up and throw away the damn key.

  • Loretta McClure

    The parents should sue the state & I bet many attorneys would take their case pro bono. How sad for that child!!!!

    • Sally Waters

      Sue the state for what??? He retired from duty decades before this crime happened.

  • Cape911

    Disgusting beyond belief & only (4) Years? WTH
    Were he Black & in Racist Maine They would’ve hung him day one!!

  • http://www.alexthomasactor.com/ Alexander

    The charge of GSA was dismissed because he pled guilty. In other words “for not making us go through the work of trying you for the actual crime you committed, we will act as if you did a lesser crime”

  • Dee Queen

    Pig, I hope he gets Fk everyday he spends in that jail, what a Fk monster, Good Cop is a Devil Pig.

  • Kathryn Smith

    The parents should sue the city… Or county or whatever entity be worked for…

  • Dana Pekarchick

    Pray that he does not live to see the sun set on his first day in jail! Put his ass in GP and let him experience the feeling of what he did to a 4 year old. He knows his days in the land of the living are numbered! Good riddance!

  • Rashad Coes

    #AllCopsLivesMatter … Nah not at all! Hope he ends up cellmates with a cat as big as Eric Garner…

  • ChooseyNKC

    This child wasn’t his first time either. He’s got more victims. How about some of those parents speak up now and not wait years before they do.

  • Inny, Meeny, Miny, Mo!

    Why is the victim, the Mom and Dad being treated as an after thought? Wrong is wrong and right is right. Your exemplary work record means nothing when you have raped a defenseless child.

    • jr.

      Can you read?????

  • Inny, Meeny, Miny, Mo!

    How did he get access to the child?

  • billybear3

    May there be many oversized penises up his butt over the entire 4 years…

  • Ella Marie Major

    All of the outrage that the public b.s. towards Mr. Cosby for alleged sexual assaults & real monsters like this are admitting to real crimes against babies & All they get is a back page in the corner of somebody’s newspaper!!!! DL H. is forever documenting Mr. Cosby, but something as major as this goes un-noctice!!!! $5000 & 4years for actually raping a 4year old child, not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times & because he was considered a good cop he gets slapped on the hand, give me a break 4Real!!!! This real life monster should be in prison for life without the possibility of parole!!!!

  • Starfire Wolf

    He’d better cry. The inmates will beat the hell out of him for being a cop and then make his butthole look like the Grand Canyon for being a child rapist. He will probably be killed in prison. Child rapist are considered the lowest of the low in prison. Add to the fact that he’s a cop and you have a target painted all over him. Good.

  • Some Guy

    Four years in solitary, I’m assuming. Child molesters have a way of turning up dead in prison.

    As others have suggested, the victim’s family should sue him for every penny he’s got. It would be just for him to starve to death on the streets as a pariah once he’s released from jail.

    • bowden

      The victims family is his family!! They just have to wait for their inheritance and if people from this crazy site have their way, they won’t have to wait long…

  • Susan Anne

    You can learn a lot about the judge in this case.

  • Cyndeewi

    There has got to be a God in heaven. White people get away with just about anything with their privilege status and they have the nerve to judge others, what a crock!

  • Cindy Reynolds

    Crocodile tears, plain and simple.

  • Eileen Luciano

    I hope he get what he deserves in prison. That poor baby has to live with his abuse for the rest of her life. He is a monster.

  • SuperLuminal Man

    He should do LIFE.

  • SuperLuminal Man

    ANY Official charged with the Authority of the Public Trust (“The People”), who is in a position to cause harm to members of that Trust that they would not otherwise possess without said Authority, who then willfully USES that Authority by violating those People, should he held accountable to the Law they’ve formally sworn an OATH to uphold in a more severe way than the common People they’re allegedly on duty to “protect” …

  • Bridgett Cash

    Who cares about his safety in prison? I hope Bubba plays hard with him. Repeatedly. Over and over again.

  • L.P. Simonsen

    He’ll be lucky to survive prison

  • Adan

    Cop, pedophile… he won’t make many friends in prison. Perhaps one of his new colleagues will give him some proper justice.

  • Joe H

    As a police officer who investigates sexual assaults, I am disgusted by the actions of this person and the laughable sentence he received. I could give a hoot about the so called character of this man before he was caught. He sexually assaulted a child and for that, he is nothing but a monster, regardless of his title or stature within the community.

  • Chrystal

    The verdict/outcome sends a very disturbing message to the public. A law enforcement officer can do whatever he wishes [including raping a baby] to the unsuspecting public and get away with it, especially if he has any accommodations, because when a horrific monster such as this piece of shite, Demers gets caught, they will just hand him a tissue – after all, he’s the victim is he not? – pat him on the back and grant him absolution for all his dirty filthy deeds. She is 4 years old, he deserved NO MERCY.

    Too bad he is going to get special treatment in prison, because “Big Bubba” needs to butt ‘uck him 4 days straight then shove a hair curling iron into his new happy spot.

    • junior

      same thing needs to happen to you!

  • frostbitblue

    Filming cops?? What a stupid website.

  • Tellit Likeitis

    This pig needs a bullet in his head. I’ll do it pro bono and then go have dinner…

  • HughMungus

    Unfortunately, his malignant actions are of no surprise for me. Corpus empirical data has revealed a correlation concerning police officers and the propensity of domestic violence.

    Approximately 40% of American police officers commit domestic violence against their partners (far more once you factor the variable of partners who do not report the crime, fearing the abusers colleagues will protect him with the “Blue Wall).

    Incidentally, this figure is nearly twice the national average. Even more disturbing, more than 90% of abusers are never charged, and even fewer prosecuted, unless it’s one of those rare cases that make the front pages headlines . Apparently, Police Officers are exempt from the very laws they enforce upon the average citizen. It says a great deal about the police’s self perception and social status that they feel a sense of entitlement to behave so indifferently and provide their unqualified support for ‘one of their own,’ even while murdering unarmed citizens. Clearly, a demarcation exists; police (‘us’) vs. citizens (‘them’), with idiotic citizens providing these state-sanctioned terrorists with (in)justification to murder unarmed citizens. Do you know the terms for cops beating and killing unarmed citizens for not immediately complying? Torture, punishment, and murder. None of which are legal. Yet, dimwitted citizens regurgitate excuses which are murmured by police:” if they comply with commands, then s/he would still be alive.

    It’s pathetic the police officers are assuming the role of victims, because a minority of the public possess an ounce of integrity, intelligence, and humanity to hold them accountable.

    • Sally Waters

      Please reveal your sources for the statistics you cited.

  • BarbL

    This man should spend the rest of his life in prison. He has murdered this child’s soul. I’m outraged just reading this, that all of these people spoke up for HIM rather than an innocent child. They too should be locked away. What is wrong with us anymore? No morals no conscious.

  • EMoonTX

    Disgusting failure of “justice” system to provide justice for helpless victims. “It speaks volumes” about the privilege accorded law enforcement officers, especially white ones, to break the law and either get away without any punishment, or with punishment much less than would be accorded ordinary persons. Would a judge have said “Crimes like this come from a dark place within a person that are often buried deep within and unknown,” if the accused had been a farmworker, carpenter, plumber, accountant? I don’t think so. A man of color? Absolutely not.

    Officer Demers did not cry for the harm he did to that child. He cried for himself–because he got caught–and because his pretense of being a decent human being was shown for what it was, mere pretense. It is a travesty of justice that he got such a short sentence and so small a fine–one that will not even cover a year of therapy for the child victim. It is proof of the contemptible attitude of other law officers and their wives that they would support a child rapist–a criminal–just because he had worn a uniform. It is a breach of discipline. Law is law for everyone. That’s what it’s supposed to be. Police have no more right to commit crimes than anyone else. In fact, they should be held to a high standard, and this is what happens when they aren’t. Those who came to court to support him or speak in his defense should be ashamed of themselves.

    I have no sympathy for Officer Demers. He should have been given the full sentence. It is not the child’s fault, or the court’s fault that his career and reputation are damaged: it is his fault. It is not the child’s fault or the court’s fault that he has concerns about his safety in prison. He should have thought about the consequences before committing the crime…that’s what law officers say to criminals. Do the crime, do the time. That’s what it should have been–the full time. And he should have been be made to pay every cent he owns to cover the cost of that child’s therapy. Exemplary conduct my left foot. Nothing makes up for repeatedly raping a 4 year old kid.

    • Junior

      No one said anything about rape…It’s his grand daughter, he has paid repeatedly for his crime. He has also gotten his no good son out of trouble in the past. Who leaves a 4 year old alone with an elderly man.

  • people lover

    Until cops form a ” blue line” between good cops (probably at least 90%) and the bad cops (thieves, rapists, un necessary force, drugs, etc.etc.etc.) They will never have the full support and respect of their communities. They have to learn to stand united against all police infractions. They must hold themselves to a higher standard.

  • Katie Dotson

    This is a prime example of the problem with all LEO. There are some good cops out there. But they refuse to recognize the bad apples in the barrel. Until the attitude changes within the ranks and these people realize that it’s the corrupt members of LEO that is causing problems for the whole institution, this absence of justice will continue. The mistrust of the public that LEO is suppose “to protect and serve” will only escalate. Law enforcement needs to clean out their own house before they show up at my house to question or arrest me or anyone else.

  • Jan

    Once again our so called judicial system has failed. Really this sentence should not surprise any of us. Sorry this man will be out before this child even turns 10. Maybe a good ole boy will take care of this sick SOB while he’s away. We can only hope.

  • ozarkat

    I hope he gets what he deserves in prison—a child molester AND a cop…..they’re gonna love him….

  • DREZ

    Wow! Of course he has an exemplary record. Pedaphiles usually appear to be exemplary. How unfair and predictable it is that he gets off so easily simply because he was an cop. I hope the parents sue him in civil court as well. That little girl is harmed for the rest of her life. She will need ongoing therapy. She will have nightmares. She has lost her ability to be “average”. She will be so confused when her body grows and starts having sexual feelings. The odds are against her understanding her own self worth. She has been used as an object and that cannot be erased. I can’t believe this guy had so many supporters. Those supporters are just as guilty as the man himself. The child and her parents are the only one that needs and deserve support.


    We can only hope he serves his time in state prison. I bet this Shitty Badge is gang raped every day of his sentence. And it will be well deserved. Bet a coward like him will take the coward’s way out. POS. Burn in HELL.

  • Bob M

    I hope that he gets put in general Population, and ALL the inmates know who he is, and what he has done.

  • Glen Key

    Maybe, just maybe we will get to read about how the population of the prison were able to get their hands on him and ripped him to shreds as he screams for bloody mercy. One bullet to the head would be to good for this animal, start at his feet with a full clip of 20 and work your way up, slowly.

  • Grace656

    I really think that anyone who can mitigate the sexual assault of a child has some severe deviant sexual behavior they are hiding from others.

  • Sally Waters

    I’ve got news for you….MOST cops are good guys. Some are not and he is an example. Every profession has some “bad apples”. It sounds like this was a typical plea bargain where the victim is a young child and the prosecutor wants to avoid having the victim testify. Should we assume that all other people convicted of this offense are also guilty of other misdeeds? Perhaps you believe the presumption of innocence only applies to cop haters (of which you are obviously one)?

    • jollyroger

      I’ve got news for you…most cops are PIGS. Thugs with badges and guns with no moral conscience and no integrity.
      Without their badges and guns they are nothing more than pussies.
      They prey on the weak and the young. They are filthy animals and a menace to society just as you are.

      • bowden

        There are some people who always seem angry and contentiously
        look for conflict. Walk away. The battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it
        is with themselves.


    This story (author unnamed, hmmmmm?) is clearly written by a biased person who demonstrates in the writing, an anger (misplaced) in the telling of the story! Yes, the crime is unthinkable and terrible. If most people knew, the sentence is not outside the average punishment received by many who have committed this type of violation, right or wrong. It has nothing to do with the perpetrator’s former profession. Many of the comments smack loudly of people who have other issues and preconceived (uninformed) ideas of what the police are really like outside this incident. Yes there are bad people who are police officers. The police recruit from the human race, and no one is perfect, but there are many police officers who are good and have sacrificed much in the interest of public safety. The victim in this case may recover very well, if not reminded constantly throughout her life that she should be in some kind of mental anguish and a perpetual victim. This does not make the horrible actions of the man any the less vile or shameful. But haters love to hate and vomit unintelligent comments as are depicted in this comment blog. There are some very insightful and helpful comments from abused victims, that everyone should read and take note of. In the end, God will hand out our rewards or punishments, that will transcend anything man can meter out.

  • vinrod

    I have never been a supporter of the phrase “One Aw shit wipes out a thousand atta boys”. I have always believed that when someone makes a mistake, they should be afforded the opportunity to correct that mistake. However, sexually assaulting a child, in and of itself, is a “mistake” that cannot be redeemed, only forgiven if one is so inclined to do so. Sexually assaulting a child multiple times and threatening to kill that child’s family is a choice. $5k and only 4 years in prison, as stated before, is not nearly enough to properly deal with the challenges this child and family will have to deal with. It is my personal opinion that any and all benefits, including but not limited to retirement pay and medical benefits, should be paid to this child and family. To those who would say “What about his children and family? They are innocent.”, I say there are no easy answers. His crimes have affected numerous people, well beyond his family and the family of his victim. His choices put his family in this situation. No easy answers. There must be justice.

  • Kennethpytn

    Sally Waters, you should be ashamed of yourself for defending this SCUMBALL! “Before he was arrested, Demers admitted to investigators to assaulting the child multiple times.” He did not just start this behavior. He has been doing it. Moreover, “What else did this “good cop” do that we don’t know about? How many fathers, mothers, and children did he lock in cages for smoking a harmless plant? How many people did he beat? How much money did he steal from hardworking Americans in order to generate revenue for the State in the form of “traffic tickets”? How many times was he silent as his “brothers in blue” abused and harassed citizens? Did he rape any other children that we haven’t found out about?” Indeed, Sally, this is a dangerous criminal who has had a very long run hiding behind the uniform, badge and gun of law enforcement. If you are a cop, I’d like to know where at because I am gonna have your ass investigated for defending this SHITBALL. I want your ass off any police force that you are on because are just as bad as he is Sally Waters!!! I have not seen one word of concern for the kid who this BUM molested. I’ll have your worthless ass fired in a heartbeat if I knew where you were employed. Pervert lover!!!

    • Sally Waters

      This kid was only 4 years old and it was the only kid he admitted to molesting. He retired over 20 years ago. Where’s your evidence of him molesting anyone while he was a cop. You’re just making shit up. You sound like a lunatic.

  • johnny be goode

    I think it would be a good idea to investigate this mans background to be sure but he can use the same dodge Bill Cosby is by putting everything in his wife’s name before it goes to trial…speed is of the essence in this.

  • Sally Waters

    Where are all the cops in the photo? The article made it sound like the courtroom was full of cops there to support him.

    • bowden

      There were only family members in the courtroom. There was one place for anyone who wanted to support either the victim or Mr. Demers to sit. The parents of the ‘victim’ sat where they were supposed to and the defendant sat where he was supposed to. There is no area for ‘victim’ …from what I understand, no one asked any of the family members who they were there to support. This is a sad case, very sad case. We, as a society are going to have to deal with this differently in the future but sadly, the legal system has not caught up with the medical issues surrounding the brain. We keep people alive for much longer than in the past but we are unwilling as a society to look at the cause of a decorated hero turning so drastically as his brain wastes away.

  • AugustEve

    When is this country going to wake up and weed out the cops that are causing so much pain in this country. They were give carte blanche to reek havoc. This is something most African Men knew about our police force. Time for the rest of the country to open their eyes to the truth. Cops are out of control and cannot police themselves. Enough Already.

  • rlibos

    Unfortunately, sociopathic police are a big problem in this country.

  • Daniel Hough

    he should be looking at death row right now waiting for his last walk.

  • Dharma Midget

    I sincerely hope this piece of shit gets raped by every diseased inmate in every possible way.

  • Jon Cacciatore

    this fuckin scumbag should be fuckin shot in front of a firing squad..the death penalty would be too good for him.. If that was my child I would take justice into my own hands.. This clearly shows the system is corrupt beyond all hope of rescue.

  • Poetre

    They should be able to sue the City. I wonder if they care about the child. All those who defended him should be allow him to baby sit their children when he’s released from jail.

  • Steve

    Give him his 4 years, but remove his penis first. He probably won’t last 4 months in there once the inmates find out what he did or what he is.

  • Dr. Crusher

    He wont survive those 4 measly years. Con’s hate child molesters so his ass will be everybody’s so he’ll either get killed in prison or kill himself feeling the pain that child went through. I want to know Where were the parents of this child ?? A 4 year old doesn’t know what a secret is, let alone know how to “keep” one. There were many physical signs up to her reaching 4!!! But her parents didn’t listen! EVERYBODY failed this child!!

    • bowden

      There were no signs because it was admitted within 2 days of the occurrence which involved no nakedness, no vaginal, no penile, none of that. No signs, nothing to protect, wait til your parents get older…watch out because you’ve been warned…dementia is scary.
      You people are so easy to hate…easily amused. keep going.

  • Ray Flower

    Terrorist, arrested by terrorists, judged by terrorists, and will be released by terrorists. The whole gang are terrorists with no respect for Americans. They just despise Real Americans with all their soul.

  • Craig Watts

    So this SOB (trooper of the year) is the best they have in Maine.

  • bowden

    Such lies. Please, people, EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Think before you leave a 4 year old with a 73 year old man who has dementia. Please people. Do some research. Look up “A Lesser-Known Dementia That Steals Personality” Look up the study recently published regarding “When Frontotemporal Dementia Leads to Crime—Prosecution or Protection?”

  • Guest

    Obviously you like it too. Go on, justify this trooper’s action!! Have at it!! Will you cry after you’ve defended him too?

  • PAUL

    Im glad they caught that son of a bitch, there’s more filthy pigs out there that need to be caught >>> http://www.policemisconduct.net/

  • Recovering Emily

    Why the fuck is it always the taxpayers that pay this stuff? Take it straight from his bank account. If he doesn’t have the money make him earn it and give it away

  • http://politicsplus.org/Rixar13 Rixar13 McGinnis

    No Soup for you…!

  • Eddie Zamora

    People are getting arrested for petty crime and doing large prison sentences
    But when ever the law breaks the law

    MAYBE THAT EXPLAINS THE CAMPS BUILT AND HOUSING THE HOMELESS FIRST. ALL AROUND U.S.A AND CANADA maybe those who oppose will be next to be thrown in these Camps with no where to go?????
    By the way there are mass grave sites built there too!

  • Alan Wallace

    To those standing up to sing the praises of this walking hunk of puke, know this: We are no better than those we defend.

  • noah vail

    when you look at how the RWNJs cover for the duggar animal it’s no stretch to see them covering for this knuckledragger…they always have “extenuating circumstances” but civilians or other folks don’t get the same consideration…it’s the republican way…and don’t even tell me he’s not, how many liberal cops do you know?….here’s hoping he doesn’t survive his sentence

    • bowden

      I believe he survived!

  • Minyassa

    I believe if that was my child, I would make sure that every single inmate in the facility in which that officer does his time knows *exactly* what he’s in there for.

  • Jaime Lannister

    How are so many people defending this child molester?

    This country is ABSOLUTELY FULL of Pedophiles.. I cannot imagine that he just happened to start doing this kinda thing at the age of 50. How many kids did he rape and get away with?

    Why isn’t he being put to death?

    • bowden

      50? He’s 74! Why would he be put to death? He made one mistake. No wonder this country is in such a mess with lunatic republicans like you making up your own version of the facts. 50? who said anything about 50?

  • Beau Brennan

    Let’s hope the people can find justice while he’s in prison. It’s tough enough being a child molester in prison, but being a cop too will make it even harder. His assaults and possible death with be a badge of honor to some lucky inmate.

  • Beninrb

    How was he held ACCOUNTABLE? He should be put in the general population and let the other inmates “take care” of him. He won’t last long in there. For example, a recent post here described a pedophile who bragged about his crime. They found him disemboweled in his cell. Justice served.

  • Sargent Pepper

    i am surprise he got caught committing this crime. makes you wonder how many other he committed a got away with it. i hope he spend his 4 years in general population along with some of the people he sent to prison. maybe there can be some justice before he is released.

  • bigdjunta

    I wonder if he’ll be put in general. I doubt it. I hope they do a Dahmer.

  • Patricia Stidham-Burns

    What bullshit that “Statement” was. That court room was packed with well wishers for that evil pedophile! That “Thin Blue Line” grows ever thicker by the day!
    As far as I’m concerned there are NO “Good Cops” Until the rest of them step over that “THICK Blue Line!
    FOUR years and $5,000.00 what is that!!?? Too bad his suicide attempt didn’t work.
    As soon as he gets out he will be back at molesting babies again. Once a pedophile ALWAYS a pedophile. But usually when the get out they KILL so no one can tell on them!

  • Ester Yates

    He should be sentenced,to death.What he did is inexcusable.A 4 year old little girl life has been torn moment.She never ever completely heal from the rape he did to her.Poor excuse for a trooper,or human been.

    • BaronessDiscordea

      I wish you had ummm…worded you statement differently.

  • Ferwynne

    “Officer Demers is, by every single account, the last person that anyone ever expected would be involved in an offense like this and this alone speaks volumes about who he is,” No,it doesn’t speak “volumes” it’s clear only one word is needed to describe this man…Monster.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Bunch of strutting, arrogant, punk ass bitches.

  • S.Surette

    Obviously this guest/cop/sally waters has never had children of her own because no parent would defend this P.O.S.! Even people who aren’t parents are disgusted by what he did, hell any person with who stands by this or defends him is just as bad for making excuses for what he did! Wrong is wrong, the fact that he is or was a cop is even more reason why he should pay maximum penalty for his crime that has damaged a child forever! This is disgusting and I hope karma takes care of him! Shame on those who feel sympathy for this monster when the victim and her family are the ones who have paid the price all thanks to your so called “Officer of the year” what a good job officer, a big thank you for your service as a pedophile in uniform walks with barely a slap on the wrist! Pathetic judicial system at it’s finest.

  • neano

    At least he got in trouble.. Officer Ruben Jones of Gary, In. got nothing.. He molested multiple children in my family.. And yes i told.. Even the MPD did nothing..

    • Songbrook

      I’m so sorry. Can you keep trying? Some cases have no statute of limitations in some states. The scum that hurt your family needs to be exposed before they hurt more children.

  • grandmomwithavoice

    Why was this child even allowed to be alone with this beast? Parents are also to blame…..never leave or allow a female child alone with any man! And 4 yrs is not enough jail time…it will take this child forever to get over this……

    • Songbrook

      Not just female children. Not just men. ANY children. ANY adult. Some pedophiles are females. Some like to hurt boys too.

  • Ian C

    I think the father of the little should be given the right to execute this bad person. We do not need him on this planet. What a monster. Terminate him!
    This 4 year old girl is the victim that is going to live with these memories for the rest of her life.

  • raythemixer

    I hope he is murdered in prison… that would be justice.

  • Songbrook

    And when this bag of feces gets out, that baby will only be 8 years old. Who knows what strings he might pull to find her and abuse her again. I pray that her family gets her out of that place, and maybe, just maybe, that they find the POS when he’s released and he ‘resists’ their efforts to ‘forgive’ him.

  • Guest

    I hope someone fucking kills him in prison.

  • kutiepie

    As a cop myself…. I would not have acknowledged this “pos” as one of us…. He is not a good cop and he should never get out of prison alive…

  • Linda Green


  • Daniel North

    Someone does that to my kid, they’d be dead.

  • Linda Green

    Damn my comment has been deleted already!!!!!!! Lol the hate is real

  • money

    Police are just terrible

  • Olutoye Walrond

    It is clear to me as an outsider that in your country there is one law for the Policeman and another for the civilian. Policemen in the U.S can do no wrong. If one of them broke into someone’s house and murdered everyone found sleeping, he would not get a day in jail – especially if the victims were black.

    That is the sign of a very sick, unjust society. How could they seek to mitigate this monster’s crime by talking about his character. What character? He had none. He was nothing but a cold-blooded child molester and rapist hiding under the cloak of a Police uniform. He should have been given the maximum sentence.

    The stench of this trial and judgement has gone up to high heaven.

  • Alexander Penley

    Hopefully he’ll get killed in prison.

  • LusciousDC

    Another “Good Cop” shows his true colors.

  • Carolyn Goodspeed

    It’s safe to wonder if this was done before since most molesters have a history of offending others.

  • Denise

    I guess it all depends on how you define “good cop.” He sounds more like a lecherous, hypocritical, two faced lying one. He’s crying cuz he’s been caught and has to make a home in the pokie

  • Andrea Shinton

    i hope he ends up in a nice cell with the biggest bloke in that prison and he becomes his bitch and he feels the pain he put that poor child through

  • Amara

    Boy, the #blueprivilege is strong for this one

  • imperfect

    There needs to be more punishment to him; this child now has to go through life feeling like a victim. He should have to pay much much more than just a measly $5,000. An account / trust should be set up for the child so that when she reaches a certain age she has that money to use as best fitting her. He should have to pay for all counseling sessions that she will have to go through because these “incidents” will not be covered by a mere bandage. It’s a shame, a travesty, and downright humiliating to know that this who who police thought of as “man of the year” and a “good cop”.

  • Michael Shorey

    He will get what he deserves when he goes to prison. They don’t like people like him for two reasons now! The question I would have asked each and everyone of those folks who stood in support of this scumbag, is if they would be standing there behind him if that had been their daughter or someone close to them. A four year old child, love to be a fly on the wall when he has to answer to the Lord for his evil ways!

  • Patrick H.

    How can anyone with a soul defend a childmolester and not the child. A 4yr old who cant even say no and back it up or run. People dont do things that aren’t in their character. What they mean is he hid that sick side of him.

  • Lesley Ross

    He got away with murder because that is what he did to this little girl. She will never get over it. Her whole life is ruined because of him. There is no punishment sufficient for him. Castration would be a good start. Pathetic piece of shit.

  • Chris Jacobs

    I really don’t get our judicial system….so sad, so unjust…:((

  • Fast Amir

    what a fkin dog…no what a fkin swine…..not what a fkin pig with a badge…basturd I hope Karma comes and pays him a visiti inside……aaahhhhhrrrr. 4 fkin years…What about the life he has ruined – this basturd should be guillotined in the nuts area….basssssturd……

  • David Christie

    The prosecutor who let this degenerate walk with only 4 years should be lynched. The good news is the inmates where he’s going will, hopefully, make the 4 years seem like 40.

  • mali

    death sentence for this sick bastard

  • Alex Masters

    Just shoot the scumbag and save the taxpayers money!

  • Barbara Graham

    By law when he gets out he has to be registered as a sex offender. Are they going to let him get away with that also?

  • Kat Thompson

    Even the devil was an angel once.

  • Carey Jackson

    The so called good cop should be sentenced like any other child rapes just cause he’s family and name have to go through this that doesn’t mean he’s paying for he’s crimes when it come down to it he should cope the same punishment as all other rapists

  • Monique

    who was this child to him , how did he have assess to the child

  • Brenda Cook

    I don’t like wishing ill, but I tell you what, I hope he gets what he deserves in prison. He won’t come alive.

  • Julia Anderson

    i am so sick of these serial rapist, molesters, abusers, killers with badges, getting away with this, costing lives and millions of dollars so they can get their pleasure. so, so, so sick.

  • Nicole

    I’m not surprised most white men are child molesters anyway it happens all the time in that community and they sweep it under the rug 4 years that’s a freakin joke most guys in that same court room is probably doing the same thing

  • OntoPurpose

    I wud’ve killed him, he would be DEAD – give me the 30 yrs – I’ll do jail gladly!!! I would’ve kidnapped him, put a heated stake in the tip of his penis til he died – my child is dead, and HIS family is in pan – Alright, see what the pain of a dead, grown ass perverted chile you raise feels like!!!!

  • derfelcadarn

    I’d like to think he will not make it out of prison.

  • Bill Erdly

    id just fck him up wouldnt have to worry about his so called officers helping cause they get the same as him if he touched my kid


    what kind of fools sat in court including the mentally ill judge other policeman and wives were just as fool themselves and defend this sicko . I heard a well known preacher say buzzard like this tell his his rights and about JESUS and next stop should be lethal injection.He is not sorry he is crying because he got caught.

  • Sugarwater Leo

    Omg the law sucks he was n officer of the law so he should very well no the law n for that should get more time in jail because he knows better. He got off to ez n the child is damage for life.

  • Pete Peterson

    Please let this (POS) serve his time in open population, I hope they slit his God damn throat.

  • James Williams

    This is disgusting, vile, evil, deplorable,…etc he should get what’s coming to him. Cops like you give the actual good ones a bad name. Nasty Son of a bitch. For the judge to make an excuse for his behavior and the people to defend his actions. Sick I hope the parents sue the hell out them and that officer gets no peace…ever again in life. Nasty piece of garbage.

  • Kennethpytn

    Indeed, he is a lump of shit

  • Tisa Muhammad II

    @Sally Waters: I believe that you may actually be, if not still, a child molester. Only those who LIVE & LOVE that type of lifestyle, can have an iota of compassion for a SICKO like this beast has displayed himself to be. Stop pretending that this case of 4 years is about HIM—- PRAY TELL, Sally Waters, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING????

  • Kitt Woopsies Smith

    Stop calling rape molestation. Stop referring to innocence as a commodity that can be lost, given up, or traded away. That little girl is still innocent. Disillusioned certainly but an innocent child none the less. The use of words like molestation, that soften the actions of the perpetrator, and phrases like loss of innocence shift negative attention away from it’s rightful place and place it firmly where it doesn’t belong. The victims of rape are ALWAYS innocent. No matter age, lifestyle, sexual orientation, gender or so called virginity. In this world we should all strive to maintain our innocence. We can be disillusioned, cynical, skeptical, knowledgeable, and realistic all while being wholly innocent. The trick is not hurting people who are less powerful or privileged as we. That child is the most innocent thing I can ever imagine don’t strip her of that through faulty language.