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Wine Away Consumer Testimonials e-mails & Letters
“On a recent jet flight, I spilled some red wine on my shirt. A flight attendant found a small bottle o of Wine Away. When I sprayed it on the spots, they almost vanished, and were completely gone after the first washing. I thank the flight attendant and Wine Away for saving the shirt and my embarrassment. Good product. I think all airlines should have some onboard.”

J. Cool
Newport, WA
“Thank you! This product is amazing—we recently spilled an entire glass of red wine on our beige area rug. It was so bad that we contemplated not even attempting to clean it…I gave Wine Away a try, and we were amazed at how well it removed the entire stain…I can’t stop raving about the product!”

T. Rutnik
Washington, DC
“…a full bottle of red wine broke on the floor of my brand new car, staining the beige carpet, and the back of the driver’s seat…I bought Wine Away, and it worked…you would never be able to tell what happened…I will recommend this to everyone I know.”

M. Pacifico
Westfield, NJ
“…I spilled grape juice over a large portion of my living room carpet, and the clothes that I was wearing. I tried two other cleaning products, but the stain remained on the carpet…Wine Away removed all of the stain on the carpeting…This product is wonderful…”

P. Acre
“…I had 40 mothers over for a get-together, and my dog accidentally got lose. As he raced through the house, red wine was spilled on several of the ladies, and my new white carpet…I applied Wine Away to the carpet and to the clothes of the ladies. Every drop came out…”

S. Stitch
Irvine, CA
“…I spilled a full glass of red wine (Merlot) all over the front of my turquoise pants, white print tank top, and white blouse. I went home, sprayed the clothes with Wine Away, and washed them…they were like new!…”

B. Morgan
Waterloo, IA
“Just had to tell you that I love your Wine Away…It is a miracle…a dinner guest spilled a glass of red wine on my lace tablecloth. It sat for days until I used Wine Away, and Voila! Now, I wouldn’t be without it, and I never hesitate to serve red wine…”

V. Butz
Pittsburgh, PA
“I own and manage rental properties, and use Wine Away to help prolong the carpet life in all our units…Finally, a stain remover that really works.”

P. Schumaker
Long Beach, CA
“…I think everyone who drinks red wine should have a bottle of Wine Away in their home…I love your product, and have told numerous friends and relatives about it…The person who invented Wine Away should be made a SAINT!”

J. Anderson
Santa Rosa, CA

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