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1991 Hollywood Reporter ad

Do you want authenticity, realism, selection and safety in your next production?

If the answer is "Yes", you need Vincent DeNiro and ISS, Inc. for your next motion picture project.

I'll make that low budget picture look like a big budget, and make that big budget look like they got more than their money's worth!

Our expertise and selection can service anything from a 17th century historical film, western, gangster flick, horror, sci-fi, or WWI/WWII movie to the modern battlefield or outfit a SWAT team for an action blockbuster!

That's why we say "From Muskets to Mortars, We Got It Or We'll Get It!"

All cost break-downs will list by page, scene and character the type of firearms and blank estimate. All guns are rented on a weekly basis, unless otherwise agreed upon.

All salaries will be negotiated at the time of estimate.

You can either pick what weapons you want, or if you're not sure, send a script, and we'll "EXOTIC ARM" IT!

Vincent DeNiro

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