Dint "Denny" Arnold

Denny passed away on New Year's eve 2001. Denny began his career when he was hired by Audie Murphy to teach his children to ride horses in the 1960s. Denny at the time was a champion rodeo rider. He later became a pioneer in stuntwork, setting some world stunt records, and was responsible for many inventions in this field. I met Denny four years ago while in Texas and we became close friends from the start. Denny was included on my staff as an armorer and he in turn began to teach me about stunt work. I will miss all the stories about the films he was in and the actors he worked with. Denny worked on more than 400 films. He will be sadly missed. Please take at look at his resume. When reading Denny's TV credits, keep in mind that he appeared in up to 40 episodes of each television series.

- Vincent DeNiro

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