Information on doing business with Vincent DeNiro

Requirements to do business with Exotic Arms for Motion Pictures

1. First, you must send us a script and I will give you a rough estimate for free. If you would like a detailed break-down and/or consultation for the weapons and blanks for your film, the cost is $ 250 (check, money order or Visa/MasterCard accepted). Once I receive payment, I will send you a complete breakdown for each scene that will list weapons categorized by charector and scene and a blank estimate. If you would like a SFX (squibs, explosion, pyros, etc.) estimate, this is an additional $ 100. This consultation fee is applied toward our services fee if we get the work and we have special rates for low budget films
$ 500,000 and less.
The discounted rates only apply for 5 or more consecutive days of work.

2. You must have indemnity insurance that covers Exotic Arms for Motion Pictures & ISS, Inc.. Details will be discussed.

3. You MUST have a FED-EX account (easy to obtain) and a major credit card - VISA & MASTER CARD only.

3. All firearms are rented by the week. No exceptions.

4. PLEASE, try not to call us last minute! This causes us grief and will cost you money. Four weeks is usually good lead time but contacting us months before, in your pre-production or development stage, will allow this end of your movie to go much smoother.

5. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this site.

Armorer Dailies (mileage and hotel costs may apply) (special rates for
low budget films 1/2 million dollars or less

Low budget discounted rates not listed, please contact us.

1. Armorer: $ 500 for up to 10 hours/day; $100/hour overtime or IATSE rates whichever is greater.

2. Assistant Armorer: $300/day for up to 10 hours/day; $75/hour overtime or IATSE rates whichever is greater.

Rates depend on budget, amount of work and union rules.

Click here to see a sample script breakdown and estimate.

Prop Weapon Rental Fees:

Weekly rates. No pro-rating for fewer days Prices vary according to model and quantity. These props are only rented along with real weapons but can be used when the armorer is not on the set (you don't have to pay him to be there).

Revolvers & Pistols: rubber or hard plastic $ 15+, working replica (plastic or metal) $ 30+

Shotguns: rubber or hard plastic $ 30+

Rifles: rubber only $35 - $45

Machine Guns: rubber or hard plastic $ $50, working replica (plastic or metal) $ $75, non-gun made from real parts $80+

Assault Rifle/Semi-auto: rubber or hard plastic $ $30+
$ 25, working replica (plastic or metal) $ 35 - $ 60, non-gun made from real parts $65.

Single shot grenade launchers: rubber only $75

Belt-fed machine-guns, belt-fed grenade launchers (3 week minimum), and rare machine guns: $125 - $500

Real Weapon Rental Fees:

Weekly rates. No pro-rating for fewer days except for low budget films. Prices vary according to model and quantity.

Revolvers: $40+

Shotguns: $55+

Rifles: $60+

Pistols: $75 - $125

Machine Guns (full-auto): $275

Assault Rifle(semi-auto): $175

Single shot grenade launchers: $125

Belt-fed and rare machine guns: $400 - $750

Anti-tank rifles: $500

Automatic grenade launchers, chain guns and mini-guns: $2,500

All prices subject to change without notice. Due to state gun laws in NY, NJ, CA, MA, and CT, rental rates will be higher. We cannot supply live weapons or pyrotechnics to Washington, DC. Sorry, it's not us, it's the law.

Prices on all rentals do not include shipping if applicable.

Armorer Positions - Definitions for Film Credits

1. Weaponographer (TM) - a weapons armorer that directs specific scenes and choreographs the actors, SFX and the firearms for realism. This is a second unit director position.

2. Master Weapons Armorer - if two or more armorers are assigned to a film, the Master Weapons Armorer is the supervisor over other armorers and his/her assistant armorers.

3. Armorer or Weapons Coordinator - the person responsible for firearm safety and firearms on set. He/she also ensures realism that involves firearms.

4. Prep Armorer - this armorer inspects, tests, customizes, and gets all weapons ready for shipment to the armorers on the set. The Prep Armorer will also break down the script and provide the estimate on guns and blanks. Sometimes the Prep Armorer actually does more work than the Armorer on set.

5. Assistant Armorer - the assistant or best boy to the armorer.

6. Firearms Supplier - this person may supply special or rare collector firearms to an armorer. He/she is not necessarily part of the armorer's company.

7. Firearm Consultant - this person may be hired in pre-production to study a script for the purpose of recommending which firearms properly fit the period of the story, genre, etc.

8. Gunsmith - this person most likely will never set foot on the set, but may do some very special customizing to a firearm, that may warrant credit.

Also, please read Frequently Asked Questions page.

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