Corrections & clarifications 

At The Mail on Sunday we take great pride in the quality of our journalism. All our journalists are required to observe the Editors’ Code of Practice and The Mail on Sunday is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), the new regulatory body for the Press set up in response to the Leveson Inquiry. We aim to correct any errors as promptly as possible. 

An article on November 30 incorrectly said David de Freitas had named Alexander Economou as the man his daughter, Eleanor, accused of rape. Miss de Freitas killed herself after Mr Economou, who was never charged, commenced a prosecution claiming her allegation was false. In fact Mr de Freitas has never named Mr Economou and we apologise for that mistake.

Event magazine on November 30 said Elvis Presley never set foot in Britain. In fact, he stopped at Prestwick airport in Scotland in 1960 for refuelling on his way home to the USA after Military Service in Germany.

A feature last week ‘We put a “zero” on the end of our homes!’ miscalculated the percentage rises in those property values and the increases are slightly smaller than indicated.


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