Lifeboat rescues girls from mud

The dramatic moment two teenage girls stuck in thick mud were rescued from an incoming tide has been captured on camera.

The girls aged 15 and 13 got trapped on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent after trying to take a short-cut below cliffs at Warden Bay.

Firefighters called to the scene yesterday afternoon were unable to reach them and with the tide coming in and light failing they called the lifeboat from Whitstable to take them in from the sea to pull the girls out.

Two teenage girls being rescued from think mud on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent (RNLI)

Two teenage girls being rescued from think mud on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent (RNLI)

The video released by the RNLI shows the boat approaching the girls, who appear trapped up to their waists in the cloying mud.

They are then freed by firefighters in drysuits, with one girl crying "don't drop me!" as she was carried to the lifeboat.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service watch manager Andrew Bridger-Smart said: "We used a mud rescue path to reach the girls and released them using a special mud lance. We were then able to bring them to safety across the mud rescue path and the RNLI boat took them to shore where they were treated for mild hypothermia by the ambulance team.

"The public need to understand just how dangerous mud can be, and how unpredictable it is. What may seem a firm and safe area can be just feet away from dangerous mud.

"Though it may look firm enough to walk on, it is incredibly sticky and can cause a vacuum under foot. That means the more you try to pull your way out, the more the vacuum holds you - which is what happened to the girls today."

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