Patent Trolling: A Way to Nowhere

    A patent is a crucial thing when a company plans to launch a new type of a product not yet seen on the market. This question was responsibly addressed by the British company Fun Toys before they launched their innovative dual-tip anatomical massager G-vibe. The company has stated that even before the product appeared on the market which was in September 2012 G-vibe had been already protected by the US patent. All the necessary qualifications and examinations have been done for the product to obtain the patent and Fun Toys has been moving forward in protecting G-vibe in other countries of the world.

    As it happens in the modern market sometimes, there appears someone who is not too happy with the success of someone else. This occurred with G-vibe as well – recently there has appeared a patent troll who has been trying to blackmail Fun Toys stating that he has the Russian patent. It was obvious from the very beginning that he wanted to damage the reputation of Fun Toys and impede the fantastic worldwide success of G-vibe. Moreover, the company was absolutely confident that its product is genuinely protected since granting the patent leaves no room for doubts. Having the US patent, G-vibe has also received EU, Ukrainian and Russian patents. So, Fun Toys' partners and customers may be absolutely sure that the product is unique, original and one-of-a-kind. The most recent Russian patent protects G-vibe on the territory of Russian Federation as well as confirms that the company did not use someone else's ideas and did not infringe existing patents.

    “I remember the day when the idea of G-vibe appeared in my head. And I can responsibly state that it was not influenced by someone else's inventions in any way. The process of granting a patent is really thorough and long, and therefore this is a true acknowledgment of the uniqueness of an idea. I am confident in G-vibe for 100%,” said Jack Romanski, the inventor of G-vibe.