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Welcome to Healthy Homes and Lead Safety Web Site


Our Mission:

To proactively promote hazard-free environments for all residents of Buncombe, Henderson, and surrounding Counties through public education, home inspections, and professional trainings.

Who we are:

Healthy Homes and Lead Safety conducts lead investigations of homes on a donation basis. We collaborate with the medical and housing communities, local  leaders, and the general public to educate about lead-safe and hazard-free homes. Our Director, Linda Block, is a Healthy Homes Specialist, Lead Risk Assessor, and Renovation, Repair and Painting Instructor.
We are a local resource for you!

What is a Healthy Home?

A healthy home has…
  • Good indoor air—it is smoke-free, free of carbon monoxide, and has good ventilation.
  • Safe water—a clean supply and water temperature set at 120ºF.
A healthy home is…
  • Free from lead, high levels of radon, and excess chemicals.
  • A solid structure that keeps out pests, moisture, noise, and pollution.
  • Safe from injuries—it has smooth floor surfaces, stair handrails, adequate lighting, and safety devices.