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  1. You would think 4 years later they would really see in use.

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    Why Disney sends its animators to life drawing classes:

  3. Thanks for getting into the conversation.

  4. Not sure anyone noticed , but the screen/audio/mic recording now in will invent a whole new youtube channel segment.

  5. Branded search engines are being abstracted by better human interfaces. Siri, Contana, Skyvi, Jeannie, Assistant, etc...

  6. The more I use Siri and Spotlight, the less I perceive the use of google search directly. You can't debate that.

  7. Siri is more of a game changer than spotlight. Both interfaces are agnostic to search engines/content provider.

  8. Now I just need some solar panels on the roof. I know guys who can do that.

  9. Seriously going to ask my electrician about the cost of setting up the garage for a Tesla.

  10. "People Like Us, Do Things Like This" - Seth Godin

  11. Cumulonimbus Cloud, Toronto (Fall 2014) Want a Trip, looks like a painting.

  12. "But for a while there, I was oblivious to my own irrelevance." -- the Illusion of Conscious Will.

  13. These award shows are ridiculous. Tomorrow will work better when I can read about the winners in a tweet.

  14. First time in years that the model didn't show up at MIAD. I wish we had a signal to shine in the sky to get Jerry.

  15. Sifonn, a display typeface designed by Rafa Goicoechea with the support of Ultratypes foundry.

  16. It's drawing time again. @ 7pm

  17. Is anyone going to Figure Drawing tonight? 7pm on the 3rd floor. Let me know.

  18. Makes you wonder what idea could be presented so clearly that its too controversial in just 5 minutes?

  19. The most honest TED video of all time, it's only 5 mins, BANNED by TED because it is too controversial. WATCH:

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