Chimps on rocking chairs and a hippo having a sponge bath: Rare photographs reveal what life used to be like for the animals at the controversial Copenhagen Zoo

Rare photographs reveal what life used to be like at the Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo opened its doors for its first visitors in 1859 and has now released some photographs revealing its early days as an attraction, with chimps using cutlery to eat their meals (middle, top right) and camels offering rides to visitors (middle, bottom right). The rare photographs include monkeys on rocking horses (middle, bottom left), men smoking next to seals (left), an elephant seal performing a trick (middle, top left), and a hippo receiving a sponge bath (right). These images are intriguing, but the zoo has had its fair share of controversy over the years, having made the news in 2014 for killing a healthy giraffe allegedly as part of its breeding programme.

Gold walls, onyx floors, truffle ice cream and underground cinemas: Inside the king of Morocco's five-star hotel and a tour through Marrakech's dazzling streets

Inside the king of Morocco's five-star hotel and a tour through Marrakech's streets

The Royal Mansour was commissioned by King Mohammed VI for an undisclosed amount and is where presidents, dignitaries and celebrities stay. It has floor to ceiling zellij mosaics, cordova leather, shells and silk, gold and mother of pearl and the library roof peels back at the touch of a button for stargazing through a telescope

Strike by Stansted Airport luggage screeners could cause Bank Holiday Monday disruption for travellers

The workers will be off the job at Stansted from 3:45am to 11:59pm on Bank Holiday Monday - one of the busiest travel days of the summer - to support their claim for a three per cent pay rise.

British holidaymakers take legal action against Thomson Holidays after being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome following dream trip to Dominican Republic

Friends Stephen Robson and Dirk Ord said they had to be hospitalised after they were struck down with gastric illness symptoms while staying at the four-star Dreams Resort and Spa in Punta Cana.

My exotic whale cruise... on a Portsmouth ferry! Why you don't need to venture far to see the giants of the deep blue sea


Brittany Ferries has teamed up with ORCA, Europe's leading whale and dolphin conservation charity, for a series of mini-cruises to watch whales in the Bay of Biscay.

Distressed mirrors, candle chandeliers and beer served in jars: With the hipster revolution making every bar resemble a Brooklyn drinking den, can you guess where these are?

Gentrification of gritty areas has transformed many of the world's edgiest neighbourhoods into destinations for a community of 'like-minded' folk with alternative - yet similar - tastes.

Lions in the wild and a herd of elephants in the swimming pool: The soul of real Zimbabwe is a safari made in heaven

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a safari made in heaven

Victoria Falls (pictured right) is the gateway to safari Zimbabwe and, when the new airport opens some time this year (nobody seems sure precisely when), it will become the gateway to safaris in the whole region: Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Malawi, as well as Zimbabwe. Wildlife conservation is fragile and complex, and to better understand it you need to be on the ground, out there in Hwange among the conservationists, the safari operators, the wildlife guides, and the camp operators. They know a thing or two about endangered animals.

Flight escorted by FIGHTER JETS after cabin crew put passenger's cat in bathroom and she threatened to 'bring the plane down'

Passengers claimed the woman allegedly punched a Condor Airlines flight attendant in the face and made threats to 'bring the plane down' as the Boeing 767 flew from Las Vegas to Frankfurt.

Don't mix sleeping pills with booze, claim an empty row and never reserve the first few rows to avoid a crying child: The ultimate guide to surviving a long-haul flight 

Today's long-haul flights can be an exhausting and agonising experience, but travellers can take a number of precautions to ease the pain - from bringing a book to skipping the booze.

Our boat trip? It was murder! A meander down the Thames through Midsomer Country (but thankfully there was not a dead body in sight)

There's nothing quite like cruising the Midsomer Country section of the Thames - while impersonating a theremin, as Kevin Pilley finds out on a boat trip with a difference.

From toasting the Queen of Crime to a family weekend under the lights, the autumn brings much promise for family days out

E6YHG8 Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. 1st September, 2014. Illuminated Western Train at Blackpool Lights 2014.  Blackpool Illuminations Department have refurbished ¥Rocket Tram¥. This tram was last in service in 1999 and build in 1961. It was originally built on a standard tram chassis and the passenger compartment angled up as if the ¥Rocket¥ was climbing in altitude.  © Mar Photographics/Alamy Live News

From the million twinkling light bulbs of the Blackpool Illuminations to a top-notch food festival in a medieval fortress, September is full of unmissable sights and events.

Swiss rail firm launches separate trains for Chinese tourists after locals accuse them of crowding corridors and spitting on the floor inside carriages

The director of the railway has rejected claims that the special services are discriminatory, saying Asian tourists can ride on other scheduled trains to scenic Mount Rigi, near Lucerne.

Enjoy the good life as a guest of Prince Charles as you holiday in rural Romania for the ultimate digital detox break

Enjoy the good life as a guest of Prince Charles in rural Romania

There was just one signature written across the front page of the visitors' book at Zalanpatak: Charles. The Prince of Wales bought a dilapidated farmhouse in Transylvania six years ago and returned to stay two years later after converting it into a delightful guesthouse. It must have seemed the complete antithesis to life back in England. Situated deep in rural Romania, the rustic hideaway has just seven rooms in three simple buildings, all furnished with traditional antiques.

From sailing the ocean to checking out the Grand Canyon: Cruise-and-stay holidays make sure you don't miss anything out from your trip of a lifetime  

D1JE80 Skywalk in the Grand Canyon West Hualapai Nation Reservation, AZ.

Making a cruise just part of your big trip is a great idea. But cruise lines can't add in land tours for you. And you will soon discover that booking the cruise, flights, tours and hotels is time-consuming.

Is the UK becoming a surfing hot spot? English champion and model Joss Ash reveals why 'California is similar to Cornwall'

Thought surfing was just a pasttime for Californian beach bums, hip Australians and laid back Hawaiians? Think again, English surf champ Joss Ash reveals top UK and global surfing hot spots.

Want to holiday like a supermodel? Inside the Turkish health resort that keeps Kate Moss and the fashion fraternity coming back for more

Kate Moss is having a tough few weeks but for those in the know, it's only a matter of time until she heads to exclusive health refuge- The Life Co for a pick me up. MailOnline Travel tries the regime.

Discover an alien land... only two hours from Weatherfield! Coronation Street actress SUE CLEAVER tries out smoked puffin in Iceland

Coronation Street actress SUE CLEAVER tries out smoked puffin in Iceland

Only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Manchester but a million miles from Coronation Street - where I play Eileen Grimshaw - lies Europe's second largest island, Iceland. Strictly speaking it's not in Europe, but sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the dividing line of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. When you visit, though, you realise this could be another world altogether.

The strange case of the 'ghost plane': Family tells of shock after arriving at the airport for a getaway to Portugal... to be told that their flight didn't exist

The Hall family (pictured) arrived at Birmingham Airport on July 25, for a 10-day getaway to Faro, Portugal - with booking confirmation in hand - only to be told that their flight didn't exist.

EasyJet flight from London to Turkey is forced to divert after misfired Champagne cork caused oxygen masks to drop from ceiling

The Airbus A320 was flying from Gatwick Airport to Dalaman when a flight attendant accidentally fired the cork into ceiling panels while opening a bottle of bubbly for passengers at the back of the plane.

Passengers' fury at being delayed for nearly 24 hours after Monarch Airlines plane broke down before flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Birmingham

A mechanical problem meant that the Airbus A321 that was supposed to carry nearly 200 holidaymakers back to the UK was unable to make the journey home from the Red Sea holiday resort.

An Inspector Calls: A rural retreat in the Durham Dales... just remember to open the window at breakfast! 

ftr-HeadlamHall main 2014.jpg

There have been five weddings in as many days here at Headlam Hall in Teesdale, not far from Durham. The Inspector finds out what makes the venue so special.

The monk who lived in my phone: The traveller who lost his iPod in Laos then discovered that it had been found (and used!) by a selfie-taking holy man

The monk who lived in my phone: The traveller who lost his iPod in Laos then discovered

Traveller Scott Herder (bottom right, with travelling partner Megan) lost his iPod in Laos, only to find - several weeks later - that a monk had picked it up and was continuing to snap photographs and upload them to Scott's iCloud account. The Californian has since dubbed him 'the monk that lives in my phone' and says that the young man has opened his eyes to a whole new world - as seen through his eyes.

Dash around dizzying Delhi with the Daily Mail's guide on what you should see in the Indian capital 

Humayun's Tomb in Delhi, India

Yes, Delhi is chaotic and overwhelming, but it's also wonderfully rewarding. And now's the time to go. The city is cooling down after a summer that saw temperatures surge to 44 degrees centigrade.

Star in your own Tour of Britain! Cycling through the Lake District isn't just for professionals... and on an electric bike it's a breeze!

Next Sunday, Team Sky (including Chris Froome, inset) and 19 of the world's other top cycling teams will be arriving in the Lake District for Stage Five of the Tour of Britain.

Take me, too! Upset pets look the picture of misery as they watch their owners pack for holidays

Photos of miserable pets watching their owners pack for holiday 

Getting ready for a new holiday is always an exciting time. But while travellers are delighted at the prospect of a couple of weeks drinking sangria on the beach, their pets are often less than impressed about being left behind. Often, cats and dogs aren't afraid to make their feelings known about the fact their mum or dad is leaving them for some fun in the sun.

Is this the best travel shirt of all time? The garment that regulates body temperature and fights odour-causing bacteria

The apparel button-down, from LA-based Libertad, is crafted out of a 'lightweight yet durable' fabric: ultra-fine Merino wool that regulates body temperature and absorbs any excess moisture.

Is this Britain's most devoted dad? Meet the banker who's spent almost £500,000 flying to Cyprus to visit his son, nine, after ex-wife took him to live abroad

Stuart Whipps, a 37-year-old investment banker from Reading has been flying to Cyprus to see his son Charlie every fortnight for seven years, after his ex-wife moved them there from the UK.

The man who flew 22,778 miles in just 72 hours... to score enough air miles for a $28,000 first class trip to Hong Kong

D3E4PX (3).jpg

Kevin Song, from New York in the U.S, took a 72-hour plane-journey marathon, totalling 22,778 miles and eight separate journeys at a cost of $3,609.

'Drunk' female passenger arrested by Spanish police and after 'punching easyJet flight attendant' in mid-air drama en-route to Ibiza from London


The shocking incident caused the pilot of flight EZY3043 from Stansted to the holiday island of Ibiza to divert to Barcelona this morning, where the woman was removed from the plane.

The worst security guards in the world? Shocking photos show staff ASLEEP in restricted areas at Hong Kong Airport 

Photos appear to show security guards ASLEEP in Hong Kong secure area

Photos were obtained from an anonymous whistleblower who documented the allegedly lax security at SuperTerminal 1 - the largest air freight handling centre in the world. The source, who said he had been working for the terminal's security company, Aviation Security Company Limited (AVSECO), for 15 years, claimed a number of other rules were also flouted.

Feeding seagulls, stopping on a busy pavement and leaving cigarette stubs on the beach: Locals at favourite travel spots reveals their pet hates about tourists 

Living in a place of interest has many positive attributes but more often than not, the habits of tourists can enrage locals. Here, they share their bugbears about visitors in their home town.

The hotel had five stars and my wife and I felt like two of them! For celebrity treatment, the Four Seasons in Toronto takes luxury to new heights - and costs less than you think


If you want to see Toronto and do it in luxury - a feat that would be nearly impossible for all but bankers in New York or London - you could do little better than the Four Seasons.

Holiday hotspots could be devastated by a Mediterranean tsunami. Maps reveal 130 million lives at risk from once-a-century phenomenon

Researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy modelled the impact of earthquakes off the coasts of Sicily and Crete. They found waves would spread across the Med within minutes.

Drone comes as close as 50 metres to passenger aircraft in 'possibly catastrophic' near miss above London City Airport 

Both the pilot, co-pilot and a passenger on board the twin-engined Dash 8 aircraft (file picture), which can carry up to 78 passengers, spotted the drone near London City Airport in April.

Has Harry Styles sunk SeaWorld? After One Direction heart-throb urges fans to boycott aquatic park it sees 400% spike in negative online comments

One Direction's Harry Styles urged fans to boycott  SeaWorld

After urging fans to avoid visiting SeaWorld during a a One Direction performance in July, the company has seen a 400% increase in negative comments online - and an 84% decrease in profits. Credit Suisse analysts have warned SeaWorld of 'brand impairment issues' and encouraged the company to consider new ways to restore the brand's image.

Somebody just wants his tummy tickled! Diver catches close encounter with friendly seal on underwater camera 

These are the amazing scenes as scuba diver Gary Grayson, 55, from Salford, Greater Manchester, enjoyed some quality time with a friendly seal off the coast of the Isle of Scilly.

Horrifying moment hungry monkey has its finger blown off after cruel tourists feed it with FIRECRACKERS disguised as food

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. A disturbing video showing a monkey being attacked with firecrackers has gone viral. It lost a finger in the blast. The clip is thought to have been shot in Malaysia.

What do you do when you have £6 billion to spend? Russian billionaire splashes out on £292 million superyacht he designed himself to enjoy with his supermodel wife 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX Shutterstock (939530n).. Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko.. Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner at Hampton Court Palace, London, Britain - 06 Jun 2009.. A host of famous faces have attended the star-studded Raisa Gorbachev Foundation charity gala dinner. Guests from the worlds of the arts, showbusiness, politics and music all gathered at Hampton Court Palace for the exclusive white tie event. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was guest of honour for the evening, which benefited the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation - a cancer charity named after Gorbachev's late wife. The evening marked the tenth anniversary of Mrs Gorbachev's death from leukaemia. Of the 1.5 million pounds raised on night, part will also benefit Marie Curie Cancer Care. The evening featured an auction, which saw Dragons' Den star James Caan pay 300,000 pounds for a multi-coloured skeleton by Damien Hirst. A group of synchronised swimmers also performed a routine in

Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko has built the world's largest sailing yacht, Sailing Yacht A. It is so large, it had to be built at one of the world's largest shipyards in Nobiskrug, Germany.

Is this Britain's most luxurious beach hut? Tardis-like three-bedroom seaside shack on the Isle Of Wight goes on sale for £525,000

UK's most luxurious beach hut? Isle Of Wight shack costs £525,000

A beach hut in Gurnard on the Isle of Wight has gone on sale for £525,000. The home is designed to look like a basic seaside shack (left) but actually features a huge living room (top right) and three large bedrooms. The hut's balcony (bottom right) has views over the sailing Mecca of Cowes.

Qatar Airways finally 'shamed' into relaxing controversial rules that saw cabin crew members SACKED for getting pregnant

Under new policies, flight attendants who become pregnant are now offered temporary ground jobs instead of being sacked, a labour federation said yesterday.

Pictured: Chaotic scene on plane after plates and cutlery are scattered in the aisle following 'a dispute among cabin crew'

Passengers on the Morocco to Portugal flight were reportedly too scared to leave their seats fearing the noise was associated with a technical failure with the aircraft.

Suds in the city! From London's Tower Bridge to Hong Kong's dazzling skyscrapers... the world's most amazing skylines from hotel bath tubs

While stunning sights during private moments are usually reserved for resorts in the wild, these deluxe bath time retreats are a pane of double-glazed glass from a memorable view.

Sick of the British summer? Then sail away with these amazing pictures of ships at sea

Photographer Kurt Arrigo captures amazing pictures of ships at sea

They've been taken by sailing photographer Kurt Arrigo, from Malta, who has battled raging seas, dangled out of helicopters and stayed up for 30 to 40 hours to get the perfect shot. But while it's his name on the picture credit, what you see is the result of team work and a variety of methods, including using helicopters and drones for spectacular aerial shots.

Digital plan to save ancient sites from ISIS ruin: 'Monuments men' believe 3D printers could rebuild archaeological treasures destroyed by jihadists in the Middle East

Archaeological experts are planning to 'flood the Middle East with 3D cameras' so they can digitally catalogue every artefact, building or monument which is under threat from the jihadists.

Pictured: Pygmy whale washes up on a beach in Victoria in rare sighting of the 'cryptic' mammal

A rare pygmy whale was found washed up on Apollo Beach, on the west coast of Victoria. It is believed the carcass could shed more light on the elusive species.

My family and other animals: The couple who live on a Kenyan safari camp where elephants and lions roam free

The family living on Kenyan safari camp  where elephants roam free

Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Frank Pope really do live a wild life. At the home they share with their three children in the middle of Kenya's Samburu National Reserve there are no barriers or fences -  elephants, lions, snakes and monkeys wonder free.

The cities that never were: From Hitler's Nazi capital to a floating utopia in the Amazon, the grandiose plans that didn't get off the drawing board

From Hitler's Reich capital and Henry Ford's Amazon utopia to a floating city made up of series of tetrahedronal structures, these are some of the most ludicrous city plans.

'We wore armoured underwear in Mogadishu': TV travel presenter Simon Reeve on touring Somalia's bullet-ridden capital and meeting Honduran crime lords... and why it's good to take risks

Simon Reeve on touring Somalia's bullet-ridden capital and meeting Honduran crime lords

Having experienced dangerous and thrilling destinations from Mogadishu to the Maldives, TV travel presenter, Simon Reeve is now fronting a nationwide campaign encouraging families to 'get mucky' and pitch a their back garden. Reeve also reveals to MailOnline Travel, his insider tips on the most underrated destinations in the world right now and how to have the best holidays and cope with dangerous situations.

Where to REALLY get away from it all: The world's most secluded hotels... from luxury yurts in Mongolia's Gobi Desert to aluminum igloos in Greenland 

Whether you're in the market for an adventurous exploration in Patagonia or prefer a romantic retreat to a southern atoll in the Maldives, there's an off-the-beaten path destination for everyone.

Scientists discover a bigger and BETTER version of the Great Barrier Reef: Underwater robot reveals stunning, hidden seascape

Researchers recently explored the 'Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park' reef off the southern Australian coast to discover stunning corals, colourful sponges and a thriving fish life.

Northern Lights top British holidaymakers' travel bucket lists... with one in 11 opting for a subzero adventure over a beach getaway 

New research has revealed that icier climates are now topping the travel wish lists of many Brits. In fact, 48% of those polled admitted that they'd most like to visit the Northern Lights.

From a five-star beachfront resort in Thailand to an anything-but-basic business hotel in the heart of Denver: Expedia reveals the best-reviewed hotels of the year

Expedia reveals their best-reviewed hotels of the year 

These beautiful - and surprisingly affordable - properties have earned the prestigious honour of being the best-reviewed hotels on Expedia's annual user-sourced list. Despite being extremely different - some are beachfront resorts in Asia, while others are city escapes in Croatia - all have a few things in common: exceptional customer service, high-end amenities and a minimum guest review score of 4.6 out of 5.

'Hermit' wanted: Remote temple on top of a mountain in rural Spain advertises for a care taker who can leave behind 'all uncivilized and immoral activity'

Temple on top of a mountain in rural Spain advertises for a care taker

The board of the Virgin of the Rock in Catalonia is offering a year's contract to the successful applicant, who must agree to leave behind 'all uncivilized and immoral activity' to qualify for the job.

Get them to the geeks! British Airways to launch direct route to Silicon Valley with brand new Dreamliners featuring the latest first class cabins 

Located right in the middle of Silicon Valley, the city of San Jose is considered the capital of the high-tech region, with Mineta San Jose International Airport airport serving many successful entrepreneurs.

Most frequent flyers revealed: Almost a THIRD of the world's 36million annual flights take off from America

There are now 36.5million flights annually, but some nations fly more frequently than others. In 2014 there were 9,553,214 recorded flights from America, the greatest number from a country in the world.

Seconds from disaster: Pilots reveal the most harrowing near-misses they've ever had (where passengers had NO IDEA about the danger)

In a fascinating, yet frightening new discussion thread on Reddit, pilots and passengers reveal all about just how close they've come to disaster over the years.

The Eiffel Tower is just a 'lump of metal', the Pyramids can be 'seen from Pizza Hut' and Venice is 'Disneyland for Yuppies': What tourists REALLY think of famous attractions

As these less than glowing reviews illustrate, users of social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter and review sites such as TripAdvisor, are not shy about voicing their disappointment.

Grumpy Cat is not waxing lyrical AT ALL about being the first feline to be immortalised at Madame Tussauds

Grumpy Cat is immortalised at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds has announced that the internet sensation Grumpy Cat is to be the first ever feline to be immortalised at its attraction in San Francisco - and the moggy is not impressed. Forget a simple waxwork, the displeased cat will be brought to life with an animatronic with five different movements. Last year it was announced Grumpy Cat had amassed a £64million fortune and has earned more than Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Matthew McConaughey.
She's pictured being measured up for the waxwork.

Cabin crew, take your seats for Burning Man: The airport that is built every year and used for a single WEEK before disappearing back into the desert

While many arrive by car, the festival's Black Rock Municipal Airport is constructed annually to include two mile-long runways roughly outlined in the desert during the event.

British father-of-two is swept out to sea to his death in front of his fiancee during family holiday on Canary Islands 

Carl Lee Thompson, 36, was caught in a strong current when he went for a swim with his fiance Sally Barrett and other family members on the second evening of a week-long holiday to Fuerteventura.

Brits behaving badly: Infographic reveals countries where holidaymakers are most likely to be arrested (and the answers may surprise you)

Ill-behaved infographic.jpg

After British police officers headed out to Magaluf to assist their Spanish counterparts crack down on crime, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is the country where Brits are most at risk of arrest.

Petal power: Portuguese city is transformed by breathtaking paper flower canopies - handmade by 7,500 volunteers

Portugal's Alentejo is transformed for The Flower's Festival with floral canopies

In all 30 tonnes of material is transformed by 7,500 volunteers in the city of Alentejo. The display, also known as the People's Festival, streams through the streets of the city until August 30. Tourists can stroll under flower canopies illuminated by enchanting hanging lanterns.

Extraordinary moment a barefoot driver and bikini-clad woman stopped FOUR lanes of traffic on the M4 - because of a puncture 

The man is understood to have been towing a small boat when one of the trailer's tyres burst, forcing him to come to a standstill on the outside lane of a busy interchange on the M4, near Bristol.

A rarebit of a find: Set in a breeze block potting shed with a tin roof... the Welsh caravan park cafe named in the prestigious Good Food Guide

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: (L-R) Liam and Ellis Barrie in the caravan park ) - You might not expect to see a dingy little caf gracing the prestigious Good Food Guide  but this isnt your average greasy spoon. The Waitrose guide doesnt just recognise fine dining - this caravan park caf in Wales has been included in the 2016 guide for its high quality menu. The gourmet caravan park caf, the Marram Grass, is a new entry in this years guide thanks to an eagle-eyed inspector who spotted the caf in its unexpected location. The caf is run by brothers Liam and Ellis Barrie at their parents White Lodge Caravan Park in Newborough, on the Isle of Anglesey. SEE CATERS COPY.

The gourmet caravan park café, the Marram Grass, is a new entry in this year's guide thanks to an eagle-eyed inspector who spotted the café in its unexpected location.

Restaurant tipping row spreads: Now staff accuse bosses of up-and-coming chain Bill's of keeping the 12.5% service charge and even CASH left by diners for the waiters 

According to one former employee of Bill's, which has 67 restaurants across the UK, he was even instructed to order staff to tell customers that tips were equally shared among restaurant workers.

Surf's up for Sam and David Cameron as they take to the waves with bodyboards and wetsuits during annual Cornish holiday

Prime Minister David Cameron, 48, was spotted in a shortie wetsuit and carrying a blue bodyboard as he took to the waves at Polzeath yesterday with his wife Samantha, 44.

Dusk till dawn: From Sydney to Arizona, photographer captures the most spectacular sunset and sunrise pictures you've ever seen (his £30,000 camera probably helped)

Photographer Paul Reiffer captures he most spectacular sunsets and sunrises

Paul Reiffer, 35 and from Dorset, England, travelled the globe catching the beauty of the sun setting and rising over some of the world's most spectacular and famous scenery. He lingered in the dusk and dawn in all climes as he waited for the perfect moment to get the perfect shot with his £30,000 80 megapixel Phase One camera. Featured are sunrises over the Sydney Opera House (bottom right) and Guilin China (main) and sunset over the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, U.S. (top right).

That's NOT the way to pray! Giant turtles are plastered with money in Chinese zoo by visitors who hope to live longer

Turtles at Zhengzhou Zoo, China, have been covered in money. They can live for thousands of years and age is revered in the country. Staff at the zoo have apparently decided not to stop visitors.

The end of the airport? Six seater passenger jet  can take off like a helicopter

An artist rendering shows a TriFan 600 aircraft with the ability to both takeoff and land vertically, in this image released by XTI Aircraft Company on August 25, 2015. XTI Aircraft, a Denver, Colorado-based aerospace startup firm, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday to raise $50 million to fund the production of the TriFan 600, a six-seat fixed wing jet that can take off and land like a helicopter.     REUTERS/XTI Aircraft Company/Handout via Reuters ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES.

The aircraft is designed to fly as fast and as high as current business jets, but able to land and take off from any paved, helipad-sized space, cutting out the need to travel to airports.

Pictured: The moment drunk British tourist went to sleep on top of an arch in Malaga city centre

A British tourist picked the most uncomfortable bed in Malaga after a few too many drinks at the city's summer festival. The 40-year-old was reported for disorderly conduct.

Hawaii's Waikiki beach hit by 500,000-gallon sewage spill

Heavy rains triggered a half-million gallon sewage spill near Hawaii's world-famous tourist district, prompting city officials on Monday to close most of the beach fronting Waikiki.

35 miles, 2 million truck loads of earth and £6.5 billion later: Switzerland completes work on the world's longest tunnel 8,000 feet beneath the alps

Switzerland completes work on NEAT Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world's longest

Construction of the world's longest tunnel, in Switzerland, is complete. Work began on the project, which was funded entirely by Switzerland at cost of around £6.5 billion, in 1996. While 2,000 workers were drafted in to excavate 31 million tons of earth from far beneath the mountains. That's more than 2 million truck loads.

Police to patrol beaches in Dubai after complaints about men taking photos of women sunbathing


Dubai Police have confirmed the growing rise in unsolicited photo-taking, believing that often men will pretend they are taking shots of buildings or the beach itself.

British holidaymakers have £663MILLION in leftover foreign currency after holidays abroad... with few converting it back

The average traveller pockets £55.25 in foreign notes. One in six UK travellers admit to having at least £75 of leftover currency, which would amount to £370 million across the country.

Elephant kills its keeper and runs off into the jungle with tourist family-of-three still sat on its back in Thailand

Four people Sitting on an Elephant, Chiang mai, Thailand

The elephant reportedly 'went berserk', during a group ride in Chiang Mai, on Wednesday, attacking and killing its rider and taking off into the jungle with three terrified Chinese tourists, police said

Athletic pensioner becomes new tourist attraction in China as hundreds watch him dive into the sea... over 200 times a day

Zhang Quantong, 73, has been diving in Qingdao for more than 10 years. He goes to the pier almost daily and can make over 200 dives each day. Pensioner also keeps fit with power walking and hand stands.

Pucker up, it's time for your close up: Hilarious photos show llamas in Argentina posing for selfies with tourists

Photos show llamas in Argentina posing for selfies with tourists

These hilarious pictures show the moment a tourist managed to get a selfie with some very photogenic llamas in Mirador El Infiernillo in Argentina. The cheeky animals look as if they were well up for a bit of a photo shoot, getting lots of photos of themselves as well as with the photographer. Llamas, a relative of camels, have previously received attention for their spitting habits.

Forget a holiday home... how about a holiday village? You can buy this abandoned 100-acre Spanish one for just £146,000 (but there's a reason it's cheap)

The average cost of a house in Britain tops £272,000, in Spain, for just £146,000, you could be the proud owner of an abandoned town. Specifically, the town of O Penso in the Northwest.

Woman who was banned from taking £125 brandy on to plane downed FULL BOTTLE - then rolled drunk around the airport floor

A bottle of "XO" (extra old) cognac is displayed at the Remy Martin distillery in Cognac, southwestern France, in this October 8, 2012 file photo. Remy Cointreau is expected to report Q1 results this week.   REUTERS/Regis Duvignau/Files

After queuing for a flight from Beijing Airport to Wenzhou in China, the woman, surnamed Zhou, was stopped by officers from taking the Rémy Martin XO Excellence through security.

A masterpiece: Michelangelo's sprawling eight-bedroom Italian villa could now be your holiday home... for £5MILLION

Michelangelo's Tuscany villa can be your Italian holiday home for £5m

A sprawling eight-bedroom Tuscan villa is now on the market for over €7million. But this isn't your average luxury Italian home - it was once owned by the famed Florentine painter, Michelangelo Buonarroti. He purchased the home in 1549, which is about 30 years after he completed the Sistene Chapel.

Inside the former Soviet ship used to spy on the UK and US during the Cold War that now has a new mission... holiday cruises!

Now available for charter from £160,000 ($250,000) a week, La Sultana has been transformed into a classic luxury superyacht with elegant interiors, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and helipad on board.

Whoops! Wobbly street performers attempt at creating a human tower ends in disaster  

Captured on camera in Catalonia, the performers showcase a strong base of around 30 people successfully propping up nine more at an impressive height before one slip brings it all down.

The traveller who quit studying to visit 97 countries by the time he's 27 (judging by these amazing images it doesn't look like he needed photography lessons, anyway) 

Christian Lindgren quit studying to visit 97 countries by the time he's 27

Norwegian school student Christian Lindgren left school at 18 and headed out into the world in pursuit of adventures and to develop his love of photography. Now aged 27, he has travelled to a staggering 97 countries, and his awe-inspiring photographs reveal his incredible experiences. Preferring to go off the beaten track Christian has travelled to some of the less-visited corners of the world including Pakistan (main) and Kyoto (inset).

Couple cancel their three-week honeymoon in the Caribbean to enjoy a post-wedding holiday in Banksy's Dismaland instead

Newly-weds Simon Christie-Irwin, 34, and Rachelle, 29, snubbed a luxury holiday in Cuba in favour of the 'Bemusement Park' in rainy Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Benidorm to follow Ibiza and Magaluf and deploy British police officers on the streets to curb alcohol-fuelled trouble

D414K5 (1).jpg

British police will patrol Benidorm next year as part of a pioneering exchange agreement, authorities in the famous Costa Blanca resort have announced.

Inside the world's most luxurious suites: From a first class plane cabin to a New York penthouse, take a 360-degree tour of the places most of us can only dream of staying

Take a 360-degree tour of inside the world's most luxurious suites

In a stunning 360-degree sphere,  this is a a virtual reality tour of some of the world's most extravagant accommodations. Suites on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (bottom right), Cunard's duplex stateroom aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner (top right), and the Ty Warner Penthouse suite at the Four Seasons hotel (left) in New York will give you a real taste of the high life.

Crisis? What crisis? Soaking up the sun in the pretty Peloponnese - where, if Greece is in money-meltdown, you really won't notice

Greece has suffered a dreadful run of headlines of late. But if the country is in crisis, you certainly won't realise it in the rural backwater of the Peloponnese, says a very relaxed Jenny Coad.

Flight attendant is grounded after airline decided she was 'too fat to fly'

A crew member from China's Qingdao Airlines has revealed that the airline stopped a flight attendant from flying for being overweight.

The spectacular hotels of the future: Amazing designs feature floating rooms, buildings that defy gravity and a skyscraper in the Alps 

The hotels of the future that'll make holidays more amazing and weird

These futuristic concepts are set to revolutionise hotel stays. From the off-centre Unbalance hotel in Peru (top left) to magnificent Hotel Crescent, Azerbaijan (bottom left), architects are seeking to push the boundaries of building designs. And water themes are popular with them. There's the floating Krystall hotel, Norway (centre), Amphibious 1000 in Qatar (top right) and the Water Discus hotel, Dubai (bottom right).


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