The eight-year-old bumbling ballerina who has (unsteadily) pirouetted her way into the nation's hearts in the latest heart-warming advert for John Lewis

The eight-year-old bumbling ballerina who has pirouetted her way into the nation’s hearts

Schoolgirl Bunny May, from west London, is the star of the latest advert from John Lewis, which has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. The 90-second feature, which was directed by the same man behind last year's successful Monty the Penguin advert, shows the young girl twirling around her home to the sound of Elton John's 1970s hit Tiny Dancer. The charismatic youngster prances and pirouettes joyfully around her house, accidentally bumping into furniture and knocking over ornaments, vases, glasses and pictures as she puts on her impassioned performance. Created by London-based agency Adam and Eve DBB and directed by well-known commercial and music director Dougal Wilson, the advert is part of John Lewis's 'If it matters to you, it matters to us' campaign.

The 'Birmingham Koran' fragment that could shake Islam after carbon-dating suggests it is OLDER than the Prophet Muhammad

Koran thought to be the oldest in the world could predate Muhammad

The pages, which were discovered at the library of the University of Birmingham last month and are from around 568AD, could predate Muhammad, historians have claimed. Written in ink in an early form of Arabic script on parchment made from animal skin, the pages contain parts of the Suras, or chapters, 18 to 20, which may have been written by someone who actually knew the Prophet Muhammad - founder of the Islamic faith. The pages were carbon-dated by experts at the University of Oxford, a process which showed the Islamic holy book manuscript could be the oldest Koran in the world.

Brussels pledges £3.6m for MORE accommodation for 1,500 migrants in Calais...and yes, you're footing the bill

European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans (pictured) announced that the cash will be given to France to build a new camp for migrants who have clustered in Calais.

Revealed: Son of X Factor's twerking grandmother is serving life in jail for murdering her husband

The 60-year-old from Blackpool spoke of her love for her family on the show, but did not mention the death of estranged husband Rudolph - who was killed by their son Jason in March 1998.

BREAKING NEWS: Partner of renowned concert pianist is arrested on suspicion of her murder after she was found dead at their Manchester home

Police confirm that a 48-year-old man (believed to be John Martin, pictured) is being questioned on suspicion of Natalia Strelchenko's murder after she was found dead at her home in Manchester.

Now the meddling UN sends lawyer to Britain to probe whether benefits reforms 'violate the human rights of the disabled'

Catalina Devandas Aguilar is expected to visit the UK in the coming months to spearhead an inquiry into claims that Britain is guilty of 'grave or systematic violations' of the rights of the disabled.

Never mind my bins, who's that Bond baddie? Councils reveal the bizarre questions posed to call centre staff

The Local Government Association (LGA) has now revealed some of the bizarre and often hilarious queries taken by the customer service hubs, which handle more than 50million calls each year.


Tragedy of the two children who face growing up alone: Father dies of motor neurone disease while their mother is battling terminal cancer

Paul Coulston dies of Motor Neurone Disease while mother battles terminal cancer

Paul Coulston, pictured, has lost his battle against Motor Neurone Disease after he died on Sunday night at his home in Ulverton. Mr Coulston's wife Clare, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009. The couple, pictured with their two children, Finlay and Evelyn had made guardianship arrangements for the youngsters after receiving their grim diagnoses.

Revealed: UK population set to surge by twice as much as the rest of Europe PUT TOGETHER to hit 85 million by 2080

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

By 2080 there will be an extra 21 million people living in the UK. Over the same period the EU's population is expected to have increased by just 11 million to reach 520 million.

Calais chaos caused by blockade of just TWO small boats: Striking French ferry workers cause misery for thousands of holidaymakers 

Services ground to a halt yesterday with passengers left stranded for hours because of protests by former staff of the now dissolved MyFerryLink, who used lifeboats to block ships from docking.

Man shot dead by police outside north London property after making threats to kill and 'being in possession of a firearm'

© Licensed to London News Pictures. 31/08/2015. London, UK. The scene of a fatal shooting at Picardy House on Cedar Road in Enfield, north London, where a man was shot dead by police late last night. Photo credit: Ben Cawthra/LNP

A man, described by police as white and aged in his 40s, was shot dead by armed officers outside an address in Cedar Road, Enfield, north London, just before midnight.

Triathlete, 34, is missing feared drowned because he failed to pick up his bike after entering lake for swimming stage of race 

The man, named locally as Paul Gallihawk, was taking part in his first triathlon when he entered a lake in Kent for a 750m swim but did not emerge at the shore.

Ex-boxing champ Chris Eubank discovers the joys of Twitter but says it takes him 90 minutes to write a tweet

The London born boxing icon (pictured) admits that he puts so much thought into inspiring his fans with posts online that he dedicates as much as six days a month coming up with uplifting quotes.

Tax probe into green energy scheme whose celebrity backers included TV presenter Bear Grylls and snooker's Stephen Hendry 

Questions are being asked of a controversial green energy scheme backed by celebrities, as concerns about 'tax avoidance' were raised after the company effectively switched its operation to the U.S.

EXCLUSIVE A family brutally murdered, secret police threats and deadly booby traps: Treasure hunter who spent 40 years searching for Nazi gold train reveals its dark secrets 

Treasure hunter who spent 40 years searching for Nazi gold train reveals secrets

Tadeusz Slowikowski (pictured, top left), 85, revealed to MailOnline how he first heard about the train, and its dark and dangerous history, back in the 1950s, sparking a decades-long hunt for the truth. He has told how those who worked on the tunnels were too scared to reveal what they knew, and how the family whose home overlooked the entrance (main picutre) were shot dead in mysterious circumstances days before the Soviets marched on the town. His hunt eventually led him to the same spot where even the Polish government now acknowledges a Nazi train (like the one top right) is hidden. But it has been a dangerous search, with Slowikowski being threatened, his phone tapped and his dog poisoned.

Holocaust-denying historian David Irving organises 'disgusting' £2,000-a-head holiday tours of former concentration camps and Hitler's HQ so people can 'make up their own mind about the truth'

EXCLUSIVE: The disgraced academic, who is a self-confessed fascist, is leading a tour group to sites in Poland such as Treblinka, Sobibor and Hitler's 'Wolf's Lair' headquarters.

New BBC report attacking police probe into alleged celebrity paedophiles is put on hold 'amid tension between rival news teams' 

The documentary, which was supposed to be aired in April, is thought to bring into question the credibility of an investigation into abuse claims against Harvey Proctor at Dolphin Square in central London.

Ban jobless migrants, Theresa May tells PM: Cameron on spot as Home Secretary demands UK regains control of our borders 

The Home Secretary said the principle of free movement within the EU has allowed jobless citizens to move countries in search of work and benefits, putting pressure on public services.

Gran died after being given wrong blood after routine surgery but hospital 'covers it up for FIVE YEARS'

Doris Knight, 85, died after being admitted to the Horder Centre in East Sussex for a knee replacement operation in August 2007.

'Ello 'ello 'ello, is anybody there? New guidelines say police should not rule out tip offs from 'psychics, witches or clairvoyants' 

A consultation document from the College of Policing says that information passed to police by psychics, witches or clairvoyants should not be dismissed in missing person cases.

Lie detectors may be used to catch sex offenders across the UK after successful police trial with the truth-telling machine

South Yorkshire police have been trialing the use of the polygraph machine for the last 12 months. The force faced criticism for failing victims of the child grooming scandal in Rotherham.

You're not raining on our parade! Revellers refuse to let the rain put a dampener on festivities as thousands turn out for Notting Hill Carnival 

Notting Hill Carnival revellers refuse to let the rain put a dampener on festivities

Fans braved the wet weather which has blighted the capital this morning to descend on the west London borough for day two of the annual Notting Hill Carnival. One million carnival-goers are predicted to attend the two-day event, which kicked off yesterday with the annual 'Family Day'. Today, fans will be treated to the 'Grand Finale' parade which will see 60 bands perform in magnificent costumes as they make their way through the streets. Forecasters warned the event would be subject to heavy, persistent showers with the possibility of thunder and lightning later, but it didn't appear to bother revellers who turned out for the event today.

Bank Holiday washed out by two weeks' worth of rain as we head for the wettest EVER August... And autumn gales are on their way (01202 558833)
Pic: PhilYeomans/BNPS
Dank holiday monday on Bournemouth beach today as the wet weather continues.
Only the brave endured the persistant drizzle to round off the last 'summer' holiday of the year.

Britain will be lashed by two weeks' worth of rain today making the Bank Holiday a washout for many, as forecasters warn gales which are set to sweep in midweek could mark the end of summer.

Wes Craven dies aged 76 after battle with brain cancer 

Wes Craven - the iconic horror director known for his work on films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and  The Last House on the Left - has died at the age of 76.

The King of Cars dies: Lord Montagu - the founder of the National Motor Museum and former English Heritage chief - has died aged 88 

Renowned car collector Edward, the third Baron of Montagu has passed away following a short illness aged 88. The peer founded the National Motor Museum at his family's seat Beaulieu in 1972.

Noted neurologist and author Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 after battle with cancer 

London-born Dr Sacks died at his home in New York earlier today after announcing in February that a rare eye cancer had spread to his liver and his 'luck had run out'.

Chrissie Hynde under fire for saying victims of sex assault 'have to take responsibility', as she reveals she was gang-raped by a group of bikers

The Pretenders singer made the comments from personal experience after revealing she was forced to perform sexual acts aged 21. She said she took 'full responsibility' for what happened.

Redfaced Tory councillor apologises after posting a Facebook photo of 14 naked women in a boat captioned 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants'

Tory councillor apologises after Facebook photo of 14 naked women on boat

Mike Kusneraitis (inset, right), who sits on Runneymede Borough Council in Surrey, said he should be judged on his actions in the community, not by 'misjudged postings on social media' after images he shared online were deemed highly offensive. They included one image of a boat-full of nude women (pictured) with the caption 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants' (inset, top), and a sexually explicit cartoon. The council are now investigating the posts.

Children thrive in wet and windy Orkney... where the class sizes are small and there's little danger of being hit by a car 

Youngsters on Orkney have the highest quality of life in the country, according to a new survey, thanks to small primary school classes, high school spending per pupil and little traffic.

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Good news if you like a snooze: Doctors say a mid-day nap lowers blood pressure and can ward off heart attacks 

Experts in Athens, Greece, say people should follow in the footsteps of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher by taking a siesta a day.

Women being 'stung' for as much as £200 in Stemologica anti-ageing cream scandal after agreeing to pay postage for a 'free trial'

Enticed by the promise of youthful looking skin, women are signing up to receive a trial offer kit of Stemologica beauty products, handing over their credit card details to pay the £3.95 postage fee.

New figures show A&E; departments have half as many consultants on duty at weekends compared to rest of week 

A study of 50 NHS Trusts - around one third of the total - revealed that while 210 consultants were working in midweek, that figure fell to just 95 at the weekend.

E-cigarette warning: One in three parents 'risk poisoning their children with nicotine' because they fail to lock vaping liquid away

Experts at Washington University in St Louis warned many parents who use e-cigarettes do not realise if ingested, just a teaspoon of e-liquid, which contains nicotine, can be lethal to a child.

Air pollution 'triggers heart attacks even in areas where levels are deemed safe... and the damaging effect is felt within ONE day'

Dr Jean-Francois Argacha, a cardiologist at University Hospital Brussels, said he believed air pollution was one of the largest avoidable causes of premature death, linked to heart and lung problems.

An alternative to statins? New drug which 'halves cholesterol' with fewer side effects goes on sale in the UK tomorrow 

The drug - the first alternative treatment for people who suffer unpleasant side effects from statins - reduced levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol by 55 per cent in clinical trials.

British holidaymaker in intensive care in Ibiza after diving head first into shallow end of pool and breaking his back in two places 

Sean Paul McCabe in Ibiza hospital after diving into pool and breaking back

Sean Paul McCabe, 20, from Belfast, was on his first holiday abroad when he dived into the pool, and now faces an agonising wait for crucial surgery because he did not buy travel insurance. A doctor told his parents he was 'minutes away' from being paralysed due to the swelling around his spine, had he not received medical care in time.

Eczema sufferer who kept applying more and more steroid cream is hospitalised after suffering horrific reaction from overuse

Sheryl Morris, 35, from Dundee, is now warning fellow eczema sufferers about the dangers of Red Skin Syndrome after she broke out in sores and developed weeping skin.

'I love you forever': Heartbreaking final message of Shoreham air crash victim to his fiancee is revealed - as two more of the 11 dead are named

Mark Trussler, 54, told Giovanna Chirico 'I love you too, forever' in a text message he sent before a Hawker Hunter jet plummeted on to the A27 in West Sussex, killing 11 people.

The rise of the snoring room: Homes for the wealthy now come with separate his and hers bedrooms as one in six couples now sleep apart 

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner may be going out of fashion with new research suggesting that now one in six British couples choose to sleep in separate bedrooms.

Ministers tell gipsies to prove they lead a 'genuine traveller lifestyle' if they want to set up a campsite in new clampdown

Councils have an obligation to provide suitable sites for 'settled encampments', such as the infamous Dale Farm (pictured), under the Housing Act 2004.

Father-of-two drowns fetching football from river ahead of annual town boat race 

The 40-year-old father-of-two, named locally as James Griffin, drowned after jumping into the River Great Ouse, in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, to fetch a football. The boat race was cancelled.

Carnage in Clapham as festival-goers spill on to the streets openly inhaling hippy crack after the South West Four weekender

South West Four festival-goers spill on to Clapham streets inhaling hippy crack

Scores of revellers descended on the streets of Clapham, London, last night as the annual South West Four festival came to an end, with several music fans spotted openly inhaling hippy crack as they left the event. Festival-goers poured out into the high street of the south west London district after the two-day dance and electro music festival drew to a close for another year. While some party-goers were quick to leave the event behind, several others could be seen lingering on Clapham Common, larking around, arguing with loved ones, being sick or stopping for a lie down. Others were spotted walking around the busy streets late last night, appearing to inhale nitrous oxide - which is also known as laughing gas - from balloons.

'Ow is that, monsieur? Historians claim cricket was invented by the FRENCH 80 years before it was ever played in England 

A letter to King Louis XI in 1478 may contain the first known reference to the sport of 'criquet' being played in the village of Liettres in northern France, though the first evidence of it in England was in 1550.

Barclays set to become first UK high street bank to accept bitcoin as it starts taking charity donations in the virtual currency

The company is set to partner with a 'bitcoin exchange', or spending platform on which the currency is traded, has two bitcoin 'labs' in London and works with start-ups looking at bitcoin's potential.

The most promiscuous man who ever lived: New biography of Guy Burgess reveals Cambridge spy would sleep with anyone from 17 to 75 - but his real passion was for treachery 

It was well known Burgess exploited the blackout in wartime London to pounce on and pick up young servicemen for his own pleasure. Equally revolting was his loud and boorish manner around the office.

Hangovers deprive drinkers of 22 hours of summer... as interactive calculator reveals the true cost of booze bingeing to your wallet AND waistline

A survey by Cancer Research UK reveals one in four adults admitted nursing a hangover stopped them going outside this summer, with researchers calculating the average person lost 22 hours in the sunshine.

Why we should have 3-day weekends ALL YEAR: Better work-life balance boosts our health and productivity, expert argues

David Spencer,
Professor of Economics at the University of Leeds, also believes we should only work a 30-hour week to get the most of other areas of life.

Britons using homes 'like bank accounts': Boom in remortgaging as homeowners free up cash to help with day-to-day living costs

With homeowners rushing to take advantage of good fixed-rate deals, the typical remortgage loan topped £170,000 for the first time in July - and applications were up by more than a third year on year.

The most inspiring love story you'll ever read: How a rugby player who was paralysed in a match fought back to ski, complete marathon... and win the woman of his dreams

Paralysed rugby player who thought he'd never find a partner is now engaged

When Matthew King was paralysed from the neck down playing rugby (top right) in his teens, the list of things he could not do seemed endless and insurmountable. He could not move, breathe without a ventilator or go anywhere unattended by his support workers. He had to be washed, dressed, fed and trussed up in a corset each morning to stop his back from crumpling. For three months he could not even speak. It seemed like things would never change but then Matt (bottom right), 28, confounded everyone's expectations - even his own - and forged a new life rich in incident, achievement and purpose. Now, he speaks to the Daily Mail alongside his fiancée Ilona-Roza Kubica (pictured together left).

Organisers of first airshow since 11 people died in Shoreham disaster are branded sick for staging fake engine fire during display 

These are the scenes were a Second World War-era B-17 heavy bomber staged an engine failure while flying low over the sea at the Clacton Air Show.

Woman pops to Morrisons and comes home with two KITTENS after adopting the animals that had been abandoned at the supermarket hours earlier 

Michelle Allen (pictured, with the cats) in her local Morrisons in Manchester when she heard about the four kittens found abandoned and soaking in a cardboard box outside the store that morning.

Wanted Iraqi people smuggler in British car is jailed for trying to run down three French policeman near Dunkirk migrant camps

An illegal migrant is pictured in his makeshift shelter in a camp where 200 migrants, many of whom were Iraqis, Afghans or Vietnamese are living on November 18, 2010 in Teteghem near Dunkirk, northern France. Teteghem's mayor called for help from the government on November 17, 2010 to deal with an influx of hundreds of migrants despite a campaign to break up makeshift transit camps near the English Channel. AFP PHOTO FRANCOIS LO PRESTI (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS LO PRESTI/AFP/Getty Images)

Hoshang Saber Khalil (not pictured), 26, tried to run down three policemen at a checkpoint close to two migrant camps in Dunkirk but was overpowered at gunpoint after attempting to escape on foot.

Rolls-Royce is 'co-operating with investigators' after being dragged into multi-million dollar bribery scandal in Brazil 

The British engineering company is being quizzed about its relationship with an influential Brazilian businessman who allegedly paid bribes to oil executives and government officials.

Spate of bee-rustling cases is cause a buzz on British honey farms (and thieves can't be caught because their faces are hidden by beekeepers' hoods) 

Beekeeper Katie Hayward lost three 'irreplaceable' queens when her colony in Anglesey, Wales, was raided as she slept. Police are investigating after similar robberies in Devon, Norfolk and Cornwall.

MPs 'get free VIP treatment in single rooms or private areas at an NHS hospital so they do not have to mix with ordinary patients' 

It means politicians avoid crowded wards at St Thomas' Hospital in London because of what the hospital said was 'special protocol' to handle MPs' 'enhanced security needs.'

George Osborne to give Scottish submarine base a £500million upgrade in show of faith after 'no' vote in referendum

The money is designed to help the Faslane site, home to nuclear-armed Vanguard submarines, become a modern base should the deterrent be renewed or replaced.

Why has Dave banned anti-EU campaigners? asks ANDREW PIERCE 

Tory eurosceptic MPs have long suspected David Cameron's campaign for a better deal from the European Union is a sham public relations exercise, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

Families' fury as Chilcot report into Iraq war is 'delayed until June 2016' amid claims first draft is badly written and riddled with errors

Military figures complained the draft blamed them for politicians' decisions so
Sir John Chilcot (pictured) is now said to re-examining evidence, meaning it could take nine months to prepare a 'credible version'.

Shell oil workers 'are fired after video of them having sex is found by man's angry wife who then sent it to all his contacts'

Shell oil workers 'fired after video of them having sex found by wife'

Two Shell oil workers who filmed themselves having sex in a hotel have been fired after the video was found by the man's angry wife and posted online. Despite being married to other people, Lee Hanlon (pictured top left with his wife Charon), 32, and Amy Maxwell (right), 33, recorded the video during a night spent together at the Premier Inn. However, when it was discovered by Mrs Hanlon, she posted it on messaging service Whatsapp. Mrs Maxwell has said she is still with her husband, but they are moving away from their £465,000 home (bottom left) in Banchory, Abderdeenshire.

Did ISIS-loving sister lure mother and her four children to Syria? Runaway's relative thought to have joined terror group last year

BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE\nHandout still dated 25/08/15 taken from CCTV issued by the Metropolitan Police of Zahera Tariq, 33, with her children Muhammad, 12, Amaar, 11, Safiyyah, nine and Aadid, four, at London City Airport. The missing mother and her four children are feared to be travelling to war-torn Syria. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday August 29, 2015. They are believed to have flown from London City Airport to Amsterdam later the same day and may now be on their way to Syria, police said. See PA story POLICE Syria. Photo credit should read: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire\nNOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

Zahera Tariq, 33, from East London, who is believed to be on her way to Syria with her four children, may have been lured there by her sister Aisha Tariq, 30, who fled Britain last September.

Terror suspects linked to Jihadi John run up legal aid bills of hundreds of thousands of pounds to sue the Government... even though NONE of them are now in the UK 

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed (pictured), Ibrahim Magag and a suspect who can only be referred to as CF all claimed legal aid after fleeing Britain while under counter-terror orders.

'I'm the one with a life sentence. Not him': Acid attack victim Katie Piper's horror that the thug who disfigured her could soon be free on parole after just six years in jail

Stefan Sylvestre, 27, pictured, is now up for parole after being sentenced to indefinite detention in 2009 for carrying out the attack ordered by her jealous ex-boyfriend David Lynch.

Pensioner's fury at 'despicable' parking warden after he was given £70 ticket as he helped his mother-in-law,100, to the toilet 

Pensioner Jonathan Taylor, 65, from Stoke-on-Trent, was driving with his incontinent 100-year-old mother-in-law when he had to help her to the toilet. Just six minutes later he had been given a ticket.

First they came by road and rail... and now it's by YACHT: 25 Albanian and Vietnamese migrants intercepted by police en route to Britain  

The migrants, who are now all in a detention centre, are thought to have paid about £4,000 each to be smuggled to the Eastern coast of England on the 27ft vessel designed for six people.

Spy found dead in a bag 'had infuriated his MI6 bosses by illegally hacking into secret US data on Bill Clinton' 

Gareth Williams (pictured), 31, was discovered in a holdall in the bath at his London home five years ago this month, but the mystery surrounding his death has never been solved.

Veterans return for a nostalgic day out more than 50 years after the Mods fought the Rockers on Brighton seafront

Veterans return for a nostalgic day out more than 50 years after the Mods fought the

Dressed in typical Swinging Sixties and mod-fashions, fans could be seen cruising on Lambretta and Vespa scooters down the seafront on August Bank Holiday Sunday. Brighton is seen as the 'spiritual home' of the mods culture, and the Mod Weekender event, which has been running for eleven years, will see mods enjoy food, live music, and the annual scooter competition near Brighton Pier followed by a cruise to Beachy Head.

The golden age of Blackpool: Nostalgic 1950s photos show tourists relaxing on the beach (and there's not a stag do in sight)

The photos, which were taken over the August bank holiday weekend of 1954, show holidaymakers relaxing in Blackpool - then one of the most popular and successful British seaside resorts.

Day of the Jackal author Frederick Forsyth admits conducting MI6 missions for 20 years including a trip to East Germany to get secret papers from a Russian colonel 

British author Frederick Forsyth.

Bestselling author Frederick Forsyth (pictured), whose novels include The Day of the Jackal, said he was an agent who assisted Britain's overseas spying agency.

Evocative picture shows how remote sandy spot was transformed from first line of defence against Hitler to £70million beach hut property hotspot 

Seventy years after the Second World War, the picture-postcard Mudeford Spit, in Dorset, is home to 350 exclusive beach huts that change hands for more than £200,000 at a time.

Kennel Club spat sees jealous rival keying a four-letter word on the car of prize-winning dog owner

Michael Craig found the expletive carved into the front of his car after returning from winning the best of breed competition at the Welsh Kennel Club in Builth Wells, Mid Wales.

HMS Hi-tech, the warship of the future: Royal Navy's Dreadnought 2050 has space-age control room, 'see-through' hull and a crew of just 50 

Futuristic images have emerged of the intimidatingly named Dreadnought 2050, designed by a group of leading British naval experts to push current technologies to the limit.

20 mile tailbacks after Austrian police border crackdown as hundreds of migrants pack into trains bound for Germany

Drivers stuck in 12 mile tailbacks after Austrian police border crackdown

A crackdown on migrants has caused tailbacks of 20 miles on the Austrian border with Hungary today. Border police discovered 200 asylum seekers and five people traffickers due to the enhanced searches, Austria's Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said. Elsewhere, hundreds of other migrants in Hungary attempted to reach Germany by cramming themselves into trains heading across the border. Hungary has since completed its barbed-wire barrier and 13ft high fence along its border with Serbia.

Revealed: Terrifying footage of migrants being smuggled across the Med from Africa to beaches near Marbella on JETSKIS 

The footage shows the traffickers crossing the nine-mile stretch from Morocco to the beaches near Tarifa, on Spain's southern coast, with as many as three migrants gripping on for dear life.

Police raid Oscar Pistorius' prison cell and seize a hard drive following concerns over his new friendship with a notorious Czech gangster 

Oscar Pistorius had his cell searched in a dawn raid by prison officers suspicious of his friendship with an underworld figure. A hard drive was seized and is being analysed by police.

Wiping yet more history off the face of the earth: ISIS blow up 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel in Palmyra in latest outrage at the ancient Syrian city

The cultural atrocity was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It was feared the temple would be the next to be blown up at the Unesco World Heritage Site.

ISIS release pictures of their new gold coins they say will 'break capitalist enslavement' - so why are they still paying their deranged gunmen in US dollars? 

ISIS have released a new hour long video, showing off their latest propaganda tool - their very own coin currency. The video shows the smelting of gold, silver and copper coins.

Remote-controlled car 'detonator' found as Thai police hunt two new Bangkok bomb suspects... and hand themselves the £55,000 reward they offered for information

The remote-controlled car was discovered as officers raided an apartment and launched a hunt for two new suspects as part of the investigation into the deadly blast in Bangkok, Thailand.

Now that's political passion! French Prime Minister Manuel Valls soaks his shirt through with sweat as he faces down activists in fiery speech

Despite managing to complete his speech without major disruption, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls looked worse for wear after the trying the presentation left him wet from head to toe.

'Hitler's airport' to become Germany's biggest refugee centre as government prepares to accept 800,000 refugees

Plans are underway to turn 'Hitler's airport' - the iconic Tempelhof in Berlin that is now an abandoned listed building - into Germany's biggest refugee centre.

French investigators are 'still unsure' that piece of plane wing found a month ago came from missing flight MH370 

French investigators have been unable to confirm if the piece of plane wing found on Reunion Island was indeed from the missing flight MH370. The plane disapeared on route to Beijing in March 2014.



DOMINIC LAWSON: I've never been able to picture my wife in my mind - and now I know why 

Although I had never given the matter any thought until now, I am one of those who has no ability to generate an image in my head: that is, I have no mind's eye, writes DOMINIC LAWSON.

PETER OBORNE: Chilcot must resign - or be sacked!

The moment has come for Sir John Chilcot (pictured), the civil servant who was appointed six years ago to lead the official inquiry into the Iraq war, to do the decent thing and resign, writes PETER OBORNE.