Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend
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Make romantic gifts for girlfriend.

"That Sweetness And Softness Is Sure To Go A Long Way." Look below for romantic meaningful gifts that you can easily prepare.

We made homemade gift ideas romantic selection for you. For example, some of the ideas below are incredibly cheap romantic gift ideas that can have a MILLION TIMES bigger impact.

You might also find some of these homemade romantic gift ideas inspiring for your special Girlfriend Gift project.

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend

Photo courtesy goes to Yoga.

Feel encouraged. Even the toughest man has a speck of romance residing somewhere inside him. Often, just a wakeup call is needed...

Romantic Website Just for Her

Create your girlfriend a website. It makes a great icebreaker surprise or as a sweet and romantic token of love when you've been together for a while.

The Internet offers many opportunities to put a website up for free or for a small fee. In case of this romantic gifts for girlfriend it's not important to find the best web host. You'll be building the web page for your Love as one of your romantic gifts for her, not for any commercial purpose.
We can recommend Google Sites. We here at Diy Gifts Studio have tried it for making super duper cute personal pages. It's simple and fast to work with. You can add many different pages, photos, music, attach other important files.

What You'll Need

√ Find a 'place' where to build your site. Google Sites is great.

√ Some photos of you, of you Sweetheart, your favorite places,...

√ Find links to other websites of her interest that you could incorporate into your website. A link to her favorite song. Lyrics of her favorite song. Use all of her favorite themes or choose just one Chocolate, for example, or Cats or what not for your romantic gifts for girlfriend!

How You Go About Making It

√ Go to Google Sites and sign up or use your existing account.

√ Remember to add links. Links going outside your site; also inside your site from one page to another.

√ Add photos. Add small ones straight on the page. Or put a link leading to another existing web album. Use a simple photo editing program (PicMonkey is a free online photo editing program) to resize or edit your your photos if needed.

When your web page is ready then you need to find a perfect way to present it. For example, send her a link to it, or ask someone to send it anonymously. Or surf a web together with her one day and make her stumble upon this one of your romantic gifts for girlfriend accidentally.

Or you might wrap it up as a present in a gift box… just write the link on a piece of paper. Put the note in a chocolate box, attach to a flower. Actually, the possibilities are endless. Good luck! And remember, the presentation is often as important as the surprise itself. Try to make it simply special or surprisingly elaborate.

One In a Million

Girls looove sweets. Especially when it comes to romantic homemade gifts, then every girl appreciates some sweet pampering. She could keep this One In a Million gift as a tabletop decoration, share with friends and indulge herself. Plus, she can always share them with you, you can volunteer to help.

homemade romantic gift

We thank Idle Type and Genista for sharing these photos with us.

What You'll Need

√ A jar. A heart-shaped jar works wonderfully.

√ 999 M&M;’s of one color and 1 M&M;’s of another color. Or any small sized sweets you choose. If they are bigger ones then put 99 and 1.

How You Go About Assembling

Put the sweets in the jar. Leaving the special one (the one of different color or shape) nicely visible from outside of your romantic gifts for girlfriend. Create a label on the jar. Or just write on it with a marker saying 'You Are One in a Million'.

A Pillowcase for Her

Make sure she’ll be dreaming about you with your romantic gifts for girlfriend! We'll bet that when dreaming of you she’ll be sleeping like an angel, getting good night rest or relax heavenly during a daytime nap.

You need:

√ Pillowcase
√ Pillow, if you wish
√ Computer
√ Printer
√ Photos
√ Fabric iron-ons

How You Go About Making It

Choose a sweet, relaxing, cozy picture of yourself or both of you together. Print it on the fabric iron-on. Iron it on the pillowcase. Consider adding a writing. You can write it straight on the photo using your photo editing program. Or you can print out separate sentences and iron them around (under, above, on the sides) of the photo. In that case you'll decorate more of the pillowcase. You could write 'You are the sweetest one for me... Sweet Dreams!'

Plant for Her

Thinking of your relationship as something to nurture and care for? And you want to let her know then give her a symbolizing plant as your special homemade romantic gift. It also makes a great romantic birthday gift for her.

romantic gifts for girlfriend3

We thank Quinn Dombrowski for sharing her love plant photos with us.

A love plant is a nice gift for a girl who likes greenery. She doesn't need to have a green thumb, not yet, because practice makes perfect. Nevertheless, don't trouble yourself and her with this gift idea if she doesn't enjoy taking care of plants. Most importantly, be ready to accept that your love will outgrow the plant! That's the best part about many of the romantic gifts for her that you can prepare!

You need:

√ One or more plants.

√ A nice pot. We'd choose terra-cotta, it let's the plant breathe. Or you use the same pot you got the plant in.

√ Some paint or markers for writing a special note on the pot.

How You Go About Assembly

Write a special note on the pot. Put the plant in the pot. You can wrap the plant or just the pot if you want. If you just wrap the pot, then the special message will not be visible right away and it'll add to the anticipation. Some of the message ideas you could use with plants and pots as your romantic gifts for girlfriend are: 'Love is Like a Plant'; 'You Bloom for me Forever'; 'You are My Ever Blooming Flower'; 'I've Planted You in My Heart'.

Not sure? Want a I Love You Bean like in the photo?

Shop more i love you bean at Bizrate

...Well, that's sweet as well.

A Spa Basket

If you don't dread little shopping then preparing this little gift will be a snap for you. A Spa Basket will be a nice start for a romantic evening together or a incredibly thoughtful 'Take a Relaxing Evening for You' idea for her.

romantic gifts for girlfriend4

Photo courtesy goes to Dennis Wong.

You need:

√ A basket or any other suitable container that you like.
√ Some things to put inside the basket. Like bath sponge, bath fizzers, scented hand cream, scented bubble bath, bath salts, soap squares, scented bath gel. You can also add some dark chocolate, a wooden body massager or a bath mitt and bath slippers, some scented candles and natural pumice stone or sachet pillow or a massage kit. Practically everything 'bath' you can come across suits for this romantic gift for girlfriend, and of course candles and chocolate for romance. It's best to choose the items according to one general theme, or one sent. Like 'Rose'; get everything pink and rose scented. Or 'Green Tea'; get everything green and green tea scented. Plus, you can also add real green tea and one or two teacups. Or 'Organic' theme; get everything natural and organic for this kind of romantic gifts for girlfriend.


Encrust your spa basket with lovely goodies. Wrap it in, if you wish. Add a bow or two and a soft and elegant note!

Her Special Choco Box

Make her a very special chocolate box in real diy romantic gifts for girlfriend manner. Create the box yourself.

homemade romantic gift

Thank you Noricum, Oskay and Ninha Morandini for sharing your specially made sweets boxes with us.

You need:

√ A simple wooden box.
√ Some paint and varnish.
√ Different chocolates.

Creating process:

Paint and decorate the box by drawing something artistic on it or just a simple flower. Write her name on it, for example, to make these kind of romantic gifts for girlfriend very personal. Add delicious chocolates and a special note like 'Your love for me is as sweet as chocolate' or 'My love for You is as sweet as chocolate'.

We love this romantic gifts for girlfriends' sweet and tasty style. We adore that the main goal when assembling a gift like so is for your girlfriend to have a timeless treasure box that she can have and hold forever, even long after the chocolates are gone.

Figure of Love

With this homemade gift idea you'll be diving into real crafty diy.

You need:

√ Some clay (Polymer Clay is very easy to come by).

Shop more polymer clay at Bizrate

√ Some acrylic paint if you choose to paint it afterwards.
√ An oven and a cookie sheet for baking your figurine.
√ Sandpaper.

Creating process:

Think of you and her... what symbol you'd like to create for her? Maybe two lovers blended into one... into a heart. Or a simple animal she reminds you of, her favorite flower, all for this romantic gifts for girlfriend.

By the way, no fuss, if you're not Michelangelo, because the more special your figurine will come the better. This time it really is more of the thought that counts.

Make it simple, but beautiful... it will be beautiful, because of what it symbolizes. When you are done with molding it to your desired form then bake it according to the instructions on the package (typically 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch of thickness).

When it's cooled smooth the rough edges with sandpaper. If you'd like to add a ribbon for hanging it then now is the time to drill your hole. Paint. Last, but not least, add a note. The note adds an important final touch for interpreting the present.

Bear with Her

Might we suggest you this extra cuddly idea? It's especially great for those in hurry romantic gifts for girlfriend.

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend2

Photo courtesy goes to Tilemahos Efthimiadis.

Get her a really cuddlesome Teddy Bear or a Kitty Cat or a Froggy and make it special with the romantic note you add! That'll capture your feelings with elegance and charm. You might even consider this homemade gift idea as an extra soft touch for your romantic birthday gifts for her.

You need:

√ A cuddly toy of your choice. Choose a furry that might have a meaning for her or both of you.
√ Don't forget, it's your special love note that will make this gift!

We hope you've found some charming inspiration when browsing our romantic gifts for girlfriend ideas.

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