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Camden got a new big boy bedroom last weekend. If I ever get around to taking pictures of it, I’ll share it. It turned out so cute. I had made Kirsten an adorable tea party table made out of an old IKEA lack side table for her bedroom and wanted to make Cam a special table of his own for his bedroom. Some of my two year olds favourite things are legos, cars, and Cars the movie. Camden is in love with the 1st Cars movie and I wanted to incorporate radiator springs and the highway into his table. I had another extra IKEA lack side table and made my sweet little guy a Cars lego table. It was a huge success and a huge hit with him. He plays with it every.single.day. It was so easy to make that I didn’t take pictures of the process. But I did take lots of pictures of the finished product. It really was so simple. If you know a little guy (or girl) that adores legos and cars, they’ll surely love this super fun table. I added an IKEA green Mammut chair to the table and it looks great in his room. Here are the steps if you want to make one too:

What you’ll need:

IKEA lack side table
1 15×15 lego duplo base plate
rubber cement or other strong glue
white sticker paper
paper cutter or scissors
lego duplo blocks – I bought 2 sets from the 1st Cars movie and used blocks we had
IKEA mammut chair – optional


1. clean the top of your IKEA lack side table
2. put rubber cement or other strong glue on the bottom of your lego base plate and glue this to the centre of your table. Allow to dry.
3. using your white sticker paper and your paper cutter, cut street lines and corners out – you’ll need 4 corners and 16 lines
4. place these stickers all around the perimeter of your table evenly, 4 corners and 4 stickers on each side
5. add your lego duplo blocks and have fun!

Have fun! Here’s some links on Amazon to some of the stuff I used if you’re interested. I only bought 2 of the lego duplo cars blocks from the 1st movie. He loves them so much I’ll probably get him more now.

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52 thoughts on “lego and car table

  1. Runde's Room

    Holy cow – that DID turn out AWESOME! Great work, Jill. And I definitely want to see pics of Cam’s room – get on that. Sooooo, posting pics make me think you must’ve downloaded pics off your camera, so … ;)

  2. Toddler Approved

    Love this. I had something like this on my list to make but wanted to cover the whole top with legos. I think I changed my mind now. Love your little road! You are the best mom ever!

    The only thing I’m going to add to mine is maybe a storage bin underneath for a lego bucket… kinda like this style for under a table http://pinterest.com/pin/97456251/

    You have totally inspired me to get on my game and get it done. Yours turned out so cute!

  3. Terri

    I love this idea! This is probably the first DIY Lego table that I’ve felt would really fit in our house. Thank you for the great idea!!

  4. Donna

    What are the dimensions of your table? I picked one up today and it looks much larger than yours. Especially if the duplo board is only 15 x 15. My table is 21 5/8 by 21 5/8.

  5. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Donna – That’s the size of my table too. If you put your lego duplo 15″ plate in the middle, it will leave just over 3 inches on each side for your road. I hope that helps!

  6. Jill

    Thanks Megan! The lego plate has not lifted up on mine yet. If you’re concerned about that you could always use a stronger glue. I hope that helps!

  7. The Osborne's

    I am making this for my boys for Christmas this year! I have seen several ideas for lego tables but this is definitely the best and I can’t think of a single way to improve upon it. Thanks so much for sharing! (and I got the tables on sale for $7/each!)

  8. Courtney

    How long does it take for the lego plate to be glued into place? I glued mine down about 6 hrs ago (with rubber cement) and it still slides pretty easily. My little man would rip it off in seconds! :/

  9. Jill

    Awesome ladies!

    Courtney – the rubber cement takes a long time to dry and cure – probably 1-2 days. And for the record, Cam has ripped it off once and I’ve had to re-glue it on. I’m looking for a stronger glue out there. I’ve heard gorilla glue is good but I’ve never tried it.

  10. Courtney

    Good tip, thank you! :) My mom actually mentioned that Mighty Putty (the as seen on TV stuff) if the rubber cement doesnt work I might have to look into that and the gorilla glue! :)

  11. Jenny R

    I just saw this on Pinterest, and I went on Amazon immediately to order a base plate. My 9-month-old is getting Duplos for Christmas and this will be perfect with the Lack table we have in the attic! Thank you for the great and quick project!

  12. Dawn

    I just wanted to let you know I made this yesterday and my two sons have not stopped playing with it since! It is the perfect size for them, and so much better then them trying to balance their legos on the coffee table or ground. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!!

  13. Donna

    I did this back in 1993 for my little girl using a plastic table and some strips of wide adhesive velcro. It worked great! I wanted a lego table for her and we were too broke at the time to buy stuff like that. (both in college!) We used it for years!

  14. mrstex

    Jill, you are the coolest mom! I have one question: What is white sticker paper, exactly? Thinking maybe Contact paper, like what you line shelves with.

    1. Jill

      Thanks Mrstex! I used the kind of sticker paper that you put in your printer to print things on – then peel off the back. It worked really well at first, but has not held up over the months. It wasn’t a problem with him playing with it, but more a problem when I cleaned it. The stickers would always want to peel up. I’m thinking paint is definitely the better way to go here now – unless you want to replace the stickers every so often.

  15. Katie Elizabeth

    I saw this on Pinterest and made it for my son and nephew for this coming Christmas. It is the cutest thing and everyone in the family is so excited for them to see it! I even got my husband’s grandma to comment on how clever it was – and she is not that sort of nice ever, so that was huge. I just wanted to add thought that we bought our Ikea tables in the lime green color and did the animal Duplo Legos (they have too much Cars stuff, haha). Also, instead of the rubber cement or any type of glue, we used magnets for business cards with a sticky side and put one on each corner of the bottom block as well as on the table. We figured this way we can change out the base when he’s older and wants regular legos or something else – or if need be, we can just take the magnets off of the table.

    Either way, this is brilliant and I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas morning! Thanks for such a great idea!

    1. Jill

      That sounds so awesome, Katie! I just know the boys are going to love it. What a great idea to use magnets. I’ll have to remember that one myself!

  16. Joanna

    Plus if you live by Ikea these tables are only $8! Or you can order them online and the total with shipping is still under $20!

  17. Jessica

    This is such a great, frugal idea! I’m putting together a round up of DIY crafts on my blog and wondered if you’d be willing to let me use a picture with your link. Thanks!!


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