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Wikimedia Foundation announces new members, leadership for Board of Trustees at Wikimania in Mexico City
16 July 2015 Wikimedia Foundation appoints new trustees for three Board seats; Board selects new Chair and Vice Chair.
La Fundación Wikimedia anuncia la asunción de nuevos miembros y nueva conducción de su Junta Directiva
16 July 2015 Asumen tres nuevos miembros de la Junta Directiva, electos por la comunidad; la Junta Directiva elige nuevo Presidente y Vicepresidenta.
Press conference introduces annual Wikipedia conference Wikimania in Mexico City
16 July 2015 Announcements include a partnership between Wikimedia México and the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (Conaculta) and the launch of the Wikimedia Foundation’s latest Transparency Report.
Annual Wikipedia conference Wikimania comes to Mexico City
22 June 2015 Event gathers volunteers and digital rights leaders to discuss access to knowledge.
Wikipedia receives Spain's Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation
17 June 2015 Prestigious award recognizes contributions to universal human heritage.
Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Kourosh Karimkhany as VP of Strategic Partnerships
27 March 2015 New position to advance knowledge and mission through strategic collaboration.
Guy Kawasaki joins Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
24 March 2015 Author, entrepreneur to bring unique experience to the Wikimedia movement.
Wikimedia Foundation adopts Open Access Policy to support free knowledge
19 March 2015 Future research supported by the Wikimedia Foundation to be made freely available.
Wikimedia v. NSA: Wikimedia Foundation files suit against NSA to challenge upstream mass surveillance
10 March 2015 Amnesty, Rutherford Institute, Human Rights Watch among 9 co-plaintiffs.
Wikipedia receives the Erasmus Prize for collective achievement of its community
15 January 2015 Becomes the first collaborative community to receive the honor.
Wikimedia Foundation launches year-end contribution campaign
2 December 2014 Wikipedia appeals to readers to support the world’s largest free knowledge resource
First-ever Wikipedia Monument unveiled in Poland
22 October 2014 Monument in Slubice, Poland honours free knowledge and human potential
The Wikimedia Foundation and Kyivstar partner to offer free access to Wikipedia
14 October 2014 Wikipedia Zero brings free mobile access to Wikipedia to more than 25 million Ukrainians
The Wikimedia Foundation hires Damon Sicore as Vice President of Engineering
29 September 2014 New role strengthens Foundation’s commitment to excellence in engineering
Wikimedia Commons celebrates its 10th anniversary
5 September 2014 22 million+ images make Wikimedia Commons world’s largest freely licensed educational media repository.
Wikipedia Summit “Wikimania” comes to London - Largest ever gathering
1 July 2014 Featured speakers include Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and new Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Lila Tretikov; Thousands of Wikimedia volunteers; Leaders in Technology, Culture and Society. From August 8th to 10th at the Barbican Centre; Tickets go on sale today.
Airtel Offers Nigerians Free Access to Wikipedia
29 May 2014 Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced a strategic partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation to offer their consumers across the country access to Wikipedia through their mobile phones free of data charges.
Wikimedia Foundation names Lila Tretikov as its new Executive Director
1 May 2014 The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation today announced the appointment of the Foundation's new Executive Director, Lila Tretikov.
A statement on Wikimedia Foundation’s fundraising delivered to the National Police Board of Finland
3 March 2014 The Wikimedia Foundation recently submitted a statement to Finnish authorities regarding a fundraising message published on Wikipedia.
Frank Schulenburg named first executive director of new Wiki Education Foundation
12 February 2014 The Wiki Education Foundation, a new nonprofit organization that supports the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada, has named Frank Schulenburg as its inaugural executive director. Schulenburg, formerly senior director of programs at the Wikimedia Foundation, will begin his new role February 18, 2014.

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Chief Communications Officer

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Official chapters

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Wikimedia Argentina

Osmar Valdebenito
Exec. Director, A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
+54 911 3940 9502

Wikimedia Australia
Steven Zhang, President
+61 9005 8535 ext 2

Wikimedia Austria

Christoph Breitler
(+43) 650 75 49 848

Wikimedia Belgium
Press room

Wikimedia Czech Republic

Miroslav Langer

Wikimedia Denmark

Ole Palnatoke Andersen
(+45) 22 93 45 88

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. (Germany)
Catrin Schoneville
Press Secretary Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
Tel. +49 (0)30-219 158 26-0
Fax. +49 (0)180-5-227117-619

Wikimedia España (Spain)

Jorge Sierra

Wikimedia France

Adrienne Alix
+33 (0) 6 29 35 65 94

Wikimedia Hong Kong
Tango Chan 陳子恩
Press Contact
+852 9063-2515
Skype: tsugiko_n
Twitter: tsugiko
新浪微博/ Sina Weibo: tangochan

Wikimedia Hungary

Wikimedia India

Wikimedia Indonesia

Siska Doviana

Wikimedia Israel

Itzik Edri
(+972) 54 5878078

Wikimedia Italia

Andrea Zanni
President, Wikimedia Italia

Wikimedia Macedonia

Slobodan Jakoski (Слободан Јаќоски)
Deputy President for Public relations
+389 (0) 70 364960

Wikimedia Norway

Jarle Vines
President, Wikimedia Norge
+47 90 54 80 88

Wikimedia Netherlands
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Frans Grijzenhout
Voorzitter / Chair, Wikimedia Nederland
Sandra Rientjes
Directeur / Executive Director, Wikimedia Nederland

Wikimedia New York City

Richard Knipel

Wikimedia Philippines

Josh Lim
Secretary, Wikimedia Philippines
+63 (2) 812-7177

Wikimedia Poland
(+48) 22 219 56 94
Skype: search for Biuro Prasowe Stow. Wikimedia Polska.

Wikimedia Portugal
Béria Lima
(+351) 963 953 042

Wikimedia RU (Russia)
Vladimir Medeyko
Director, Wikimedia RU
skype: vladimir_medeyko
+7 921 9403979

Wikimedia Србије (Serbia)

Filip Maljković
+381 63 832 999 5

Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)
Tommi Kovala
+358 50 4411880
Skype: tommikovala

Wikimedia Sweden

Axel Pettersson
Mobil: 0730-595813

Wikimedia Switzerland (CH)
Frédéric Schütz (French, English)
Board member, Wikimedia CH
+41 (0)79 820 40 44
Patrick Kenel (German)
Project manager, Wikimedia CH
+41 (0)79 757 08 88
Ilario Salvatore Valdelli (Italian)
Board member, Wikimedia CH
+41 (0)76 482 13 71

Wikimedia Taiwan
Ted (Hsiang-Tai) Chien
Chairman, Wikimedia Taiwan
Twitter: htchien

Wikimedia UK
Jon Davies
Chief Exec, Wikimedia UK
+44 (0)207 065 0991
Stevie Benton
Communications Organiser
+44 (0) 20 7065 0993

Wikimedia Ukraine

Other regional contacts by language

The following individuals are long time Wikipedians. Some speak officially for the Wikimedia Foundation, others do not. However, all can provide you with an interesting interview and insight into our projects. To obtain an interview contact for areas or languages not listed here, please talk to Jay at the Wikimedia Foundation office.

Bengali (বাংলা)

Nahid Sultan (Bangladesh)|

Catalan (Català)

J. Gustavo Góngora (Spain)

Chinese (汉语, Zhōngwén)

Tzu Chiang Liou (Taiwan)


David Gerard (United Kingdom)
+44 (0)77 3322 3584
Nicholas Moreau (Toronto, Canada)
Mark Pellegrini (Delaware, United States)
Dan Rosenthal (Washington, DC, United States)
Kat Walsh (Washington, DC, United States)
Member Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation

Finnish (Suomi)

Markku Seppänen (Finland)
+358 40 745 7314

Norwegian (Norsk)

Slovene (Slovenščina)

Jernej Polajnar
Public Representative

Spanish (Español)

J. Gustavo Góngora (Spain)
Juan David Ruiz (Chile)
Iván Martínez (México)

Turkish (Türkçe)

Tahsin Ozun (Turkey)
+90 (543) 841 9605

Ukrainian (Українська)

Yuri Perohanych / Юрій Пероганич
(Kyiv, Ukraine / Київ, Україна)
Wikimedia Ukraine Founder,
+38 067 505 1201