JACI STEPHEN'S JUNGLE WATCH: Come off it Dani ... we can see right through you

Celebrities in the jungle employ all sorts of methods to avoid eviction. Robert Kilroy-Silk, for example, thought it would be best to be himself – which is precisely why he was out first. Bad move, Robert.

Dani Behr began by displaying her cooking skills every day, until the camp decided that they wanted a share of the action, too.

Dani flounced off to bed without supper, claiming a headache, but it soon became clear that she was plotting her next move, which was to try to get other people to leave.

Dani Behr

Dani Behr: She encouraged her rivals to go home and instead was sent packing

Carly Zucker was missing home earlier in the week and started to cry. Dani appeared to be comforting her, assuring her that if she felt she'd already had her experience, it was time to go, and people would just say they were surprised she hadn't left earlier.

Nice try, Dani, but Carly was having none of it, and this display of false encouragement served only to strengthen her resolve.

Next she moved on to Joe Swash. Now, Joe might not intellectually be the sharpest tool in the box – if we're honest, he's right down there with the monkey wrench – but he's not daft, and his reluctance to play along with Dani's request was clear for all to see.

Whispering conspiratorially, she asked him to ask Timmy Mallett to stop his loud whooping around camp, as it was keeping some of them awake.

Oh, come on, Dani: we could all see through that one. If Joe started playing head teacher and ordering everyone around, that would start turning them against him; viewers would soon follow suit.

Sly: Dani's display of false encouragement only served to strengthen Carly Zucker's resolve

Sly: Dani's display of false encouragement only served to strengthen Carly Zucker's resolve

When she was not encouraging others to surrender this week, Dani was moaning non-stop – another sly technique, reinforcing the negative and claiming that she had had enough, in the hope that others would be brainwashed into thinking the same.

Until 2007, this conniving little wench voiced the safety message on Virgin Atlantic flights; on the strength of her performance in the jungle, she'll be lucky to get work singing to herself.

It is clear she got to Carly, who last night was still wondering whether to walk. It was left to the ever-reliable Joe to persuade her to stay.

'Babe, you should hang in there,' he said, encouragingly. Why, oh why, didn't the camp select Dani for the Bushtucker trial among the ostriches? There is no way the creatures would have wanted to come within three feet of her.