Expand Your Potential

Experience your true capacity as you grow professionally in your field and spiritually in your heart.

Photo of intern in Temple Square

Our organization is committed to your growth & development.

The First Presidency of the Church has invited members of the Church workforce to rise up and become a true leader within the scope of their specific responsibilities. To that end the Human Resource Committee of the Church, which consists of the First Presidency, Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the Presiding Bishop, has approved a Pattern for Leadership to help members of the Church workforce to grow both personally and professionally.

As a member of the workforce you become a member of an organization that is committed to help each individual grow and learn the principles and practices of true leadership. Our goal is to provide you with the real on the job experiences, the opportunities to learn from the examples of others, and the formal education and training experiences you will need to make you successful in your work and personal life.

As a member of the Church workforce you will have access to world-class training experiences in the form of teachings from the apostles and prophets that apply to leadership in the workplace, formal classroom courses, online learning experiences, mentorships, enrichment experiences, educational reimbursement opportunities and employer- funded certifications, and more. As a member of the Church workforce you have everything you need to become better than you knew you could be.