'The X Factor gave me my curves back and even saved our marriage,' reveals Cheryl Cole

Becoming the new X Factor judge has done wonders for Cheryl Cole's public profile - but more importantly it has restored her to full health.

The Girls Aloud singer's weight dropped dangerously low after her husband Ashley Cole was revealed to have cheated on her earlier this year.

But the challenge of appearing on the reality show has proved the inspiration Cheryl needed to regain her curves.

Cheryl Cole last week: The singer has regained her curves and is back to her bubbly best

Healthy again: Cheryl Cole has regained her curves (L) with the help of the X Factor after dropping to six stone (R) over revelations her husband had cheated

A friend told Heat magazine. said: 'She reckons that in many ways it saved her marriage.

'She's becoming genuinely popular with the public and she can't believe it.'

'Cheryl says the X Factor is the best thing that's happened to her.'

Earlier this year footballer Ashley was revealed to have had an affair with hairdresser Aimee Walton and to have paid off Brooke Healy and Coralie Robinson.

Cheryl and Ashley tuck into loaded plates of chips, gammon and eggs at a pub in Surrey at the weekend

Cheryl and Ashley are back on and she has regained her appetite - tucking into a loaded plate of chips, gammon and eggs last month

Enlarge   Cheryl cole

X Factor judge: Cheryl credits the show as having helped save her marriage

Cheryl's weight dropped to six stone as she agonised over whether to divorce him.

She was reported to have stopped eating, replacing food with cigarettes as she chain-smoked up to 40 a day.

Eventually she decided to give him a second chance. And now, with the success of her newest venture, Cheryl's outlook on life has become more positive.

In an extract from Girls Aloud's upcoming autobiography Dreams That Glitter Cheryl even reveals that she has regained her trust in her lover.

'People make mistakes, stuff happens. I believe everyone should be a free spirit,' she said.

'Even in my marriage, Ashley's a free spirit. I'm not his keeper.

'I believe in letting people live their lives and be free, so Ashley can have time with his friends when he wants, he can go out when he wants.

'I've been that person in the past and I don't like it. I won't let anything change me and make me revert to being that type of girl, because it's not me.'

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