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Opportunities to study abroad

Salford Business School offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study in a foreign country, for one semester or for one year, as an integral part of their course of study. Students on a study exchange scheme gain credits that can be transferred against their degree at Salford Business School.

International exchanges are increasingly sought after because students acquire a new set of skills living and studying in a different cultural setting from their own. In addition, having an international experience potentially increases employability because the skills and experience acquired may be appealing to a range of employers.

Salford Business School can offer several places where to study abroad in both European and Non-European countries. Several students, over the years, have enjoyed this experience and felt enriched in their understanding of the world, exploring new places, making friends from all over the world. Read about their experiences on exchange.

Important information

You can undertake a study exchange during your second year (year two) only. During  year one you will be given details of the scheme, deadlines for an expression of interest and are informed about the selection process.

The International Exchange Tutor for Salford Business School is Simon Ireland.
Email: s.ireland@salford.ac.uk

Intensive Programmes

With the increasing levels of internationalisation in the workplace, the modern graduate has created a need to reflect the importance of learning how to operate within international working groups. It was initially envisaged that by working in line with the EU’s overall ethos of convergence, and by creating closer links with international partner institutions we can share best practice and benefit from improved pedagogic techniques. Because of this we offer our students Intensive Programmes (IPs) of study within the EU.

One such IP is the two week Intensive Programme on Digital Marketing in Finland every year, for a short experience. Normally two students who study Marketing as a specialisation are selected to study in the Virrat campus of TAMK University with students and staff from all over Europe.

About the IP 2013: http://ipvirrat.wordpress.com/ip-finnland/

Read about more about the Intensive Programmes available to Salford Business School students.

For further information contact Simon Ireland.
Email: s.ireland@salford.ac.uk