Pregnant woman watches her partner die in a high-speed police chase - before giving birth to his son just a day later as she struggled with her own injuries from the horrific crash

Pregnant woman gives birth to baby of Tim Smith Brown who was killed in car crash

A day after a horror crash claimed her partner's life, a heavily pregnant woman has miraculously given birth to a healthy baby boy, despite struggling with her own extensive injuries from the smash. Felicity Jessop was travelling in a car with her boyfriend, Tim Smith Brown in Canberra when the pair became involved in a high speed police chase on Friday after he refused to pull over for officers. Although the chase was called off momentarily after it began, Mr Brown travelled through a red light in Kambah just before 6pm and wrapped the car around a pole, killing him instantly. Ms Jessop suffered serious injuries and remains in hospital where tributes and donations continue to flood in for her and her baby boy.

'It was silence... he had just vanished': William Tyrrell's heartbroken parents reveal how their lives changed the morning he went missing - as police reveal chilling new evidence

William Tyrrell's parents reveal how their lives changed when he went missing

NEW The parents of missing toddler William Tyrrell have described the moments that lead to his 'heartwrenching' disappearance. Police have also revealed that they are searching for the drivers of two cars which were parked in front of the Kendall property, south of Port Macquarie in the NSW mid-north coast, on the day of William's disappearance. As the one-year anniversary of his disappearance draws solemnly closer, William's parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have made a desperate plea to the public on 60 Minutes.  

Shane Watson announces his retirement from Test cricket

Shane Watson has officially retired from Test cricket after a run of poor form that had already seen him dropped from the Australian side.

From a massive 53-yard run to a remarkable fingertip catch: The five incredible plays that secured a spot for Jarryd Hayne on the San Francisco 49ers roster

The five plays that helped Jarryd Hayne to achieve his NFL dream with the San Francisco

Jarryd Hayne's place in the San Francisco 49ers' 53-player squad for the 2015 season is now secure, but certain plays stick out when it comes to showing exactly why he made the grade. Whether it was doing a brilliant ankle tap tackle (top left), making a seemingly impossible catch (top right), stiff-arming his way past opposition players (bottom right), or flattening an opponent with a brutal shoulder charge (bottom left), the Australian (inset) has no shortage of footage for his highlight reel - and that's only from preseason play.

Meet the stunning Indigenous model, 18, set to hit Milan catwalks as she moves closer to her goal of walking for Victoria's Secret

Elina Moscheni to hit the catwalks of Milan as she moves closer to her goal of walking for

Darwin born Indigenous model Elina Moscheni, 18, has been signed by an Italian modelling agency and hopes to walk in their Fashion Week. She wants to inspire other young and Indigenous models to follow in her footsteps. Moscheni has already worked for Chanel and at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and one day hopes to walk for Victoria's Secret.

Another cub of Cecil the lion is feared dead after being killed by rival male adult that is trying to take over the pride 

A second cub from Cecil the lion's pride is feared dead after park rangers found it missing from the pride in Hwange National Park, Zimbawbe. Rival male Bubesi was seen prowling nearby the pride.

Is El Chapo back in Mexico? World's most-wanted drug lord seen 'escaping from a hospital after car crash'... Just days after Costa Rica picture emerged

NEW El Chapo was allegedly in Tabasco, Mexico, on Wednesday, where witnesses say he was taken to a hospital after a car crash, but escaped before federal officers arrived.

Hilarious video of a confused man who doesn't know what E-Y-E-S spells takes the internet by storm - but even he finds it funny when he realises how stupid he's been

Hilarious video of a confused man who doesn't know what E-Y-E-S spells takes the internet

NEW A man who is adamant that the letters E-Y-E-S spells 'e-yes,' has gone viral after his friend filmed his hilarious confusion. Jeanette firstly asks New Zealand man Don to spell the word 'yes,' to which he does with ease, but on being asked what E-Y-E-S spells, his confusion is palpable. In takes a few minutes for him to register his hysterical mistake, but once he does, he breaks into uncontrollable laughter. 

How 'dynamite patches' blow away hot flushes...which could offer an alternative to hormone-replacement therapy 

Patches laced with the dynamite ingredient nitroglycerine are being used to treat menopausal hot flushes, offering a possible alternative to hormone-replacement therapy.

How a group of protective pooches helped save a colony of tiny penguins that were hunted by foxes and almost died out

Meet the dogs that helped save a colony of Fairy penguins on Middle Island

Every dog has its day, goes the saying, and for an Italian sheepdog, its day will be one to remember - on the big screen, with some feathered friends. The story of Oddball, the penguin-protecting dog from Warrnambool, Victoria, has been told in news items around the world and touched animal lovers everywhere, and now a movie adaption of her tale is about to hit cinemas.

From the horrors of starvation in south Sudan to a symbol of protest in Tiananmen Square: Heartbreaking sight of little Aylan's lifeless body among powerful photographs that have changed the course of history

Aylan Kurdi's body is among photos that have changed history

Etched on people's hearts and minds, the heartbreaking image of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi (inset) has jolted the nation's consciousness and captured the world's attention in a way no other story about the plight of refugees has done in recent months. Here, we look at other powerful photos that had a similar impact on the world, from the emaciated little girl stalked by a vulture in southern Sudan (bottom right) to the terrified face of a nine-year-old girl seen running for her life after a napalm attack during the Vietnam War (top left). We have also focused on iconic photos capturing moments which have changed the course of history, such as the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003 (top right) and a citizen making a stand in Tiananmen Square in China (bottom left).

Sleeping on the tracks: Desperate migrants curl up on railway lines in Macedonia as they head to Germany and Austria where convoys of people queue up to help them when they arrive 

Refugees sleep on railway tracks on journey to to Germany and Austria

Hundreds of migrants slept on the railway tracks on the border of Greece and Macedonia last night (main image) as they continued their desperate bid to flee their war-torn homes. Many had bare feet and were wearing the clothes they left in as they huddled together on the sharp stones that jutted out from between the tracks. Their conditions emerged as a convoy of 140 cars departed from Vienna as part of an aid mission started by residents (inset). Austrians today spoke of their plans to bring refugee families stuck in Hungary to their homes, with police forced to warn citizens they could end up violating laws on human trafficking. Meanwhile, thousands of refugees have already arrived in Germany on 'special' trains put on after Angela Merkel said she would not stop them claiming asylum.

EXCLUSIVE: Abandoned toys, tiny dust-covered shoes and bombed out windows: Father of tragic Aylan returns to the family home they were forced to leave after ISIS attack

Father of Aylan Kurdi (also know as Aylan Shenu), a three-year-old boy whose drowning off Turkey, Abdullah Kurdi stands in Aylan's room on September 6, 2015 in Kobane. Aylan Kurdi was buried with his four-year-old brother and mother on September 4 in Kobane. They had been living in Damascus but were forced to flee the war's instability which has left more than 240,000 people dead, more than four million have sought refuge in nearby countries, and millions more have been internally displaced. AFP PHOTO / YASIN AKGULYASIN AKGUL/AFP/Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: The crumbling house (pictured) in Kobane gives an insight into the devastation that led the Kurdi family to board a boat with their two young sons in their search for a better life.

Borrow my spare home: Finland's millionaire Prime Minister offers his second home to migrants as he urges people to 'ask how we can help'

Finland's millionaire Prime
Minister, Juha Sipila, has said he would make his own country home in the north of the country available to refugees. The first refugees will be able to stay there in early 2016.

NRL star Greg Inglis reveals that he has a secret son after a brief fling with his high school sweetheart while he was on a break from his wife

NRL star Greg Inglis revealed he has second son from past relationship

NRL star Greg Inglis (left and right) has revealed that he has a second son from a former relationship in a bid to prompt other fathers to 'step up' for their children. The South Sydney Rabbitoh's captain shared the news of five-year-old Riley (left in cap with half brother Nate) on his Instagram page on Father's Day on Sunday along with a heartfelt caption about how proud he is of bother his sons. 'During a well publicised break in 2009 from my beautiful partner Sally, who is now my lovely wife, I briefly reconnected with my high school sweet heart,' he wrote.

BLOCKED! As cold callers begin waking victims in the dead of night - here's how to get your revenge on the phone pests

pix paul lewis;   Jonathan Stamp one of the residents of Market Harborough Leicestershire who recently reported being woken in the middle of the night by a spate of cold calls between 3-5am on their stamp pictured in the town centre.. ..

Jonathan stamp, a funeral director from Market Harborough, Leicestershire was one of hundreds of people recently rudely woken up in the early hours by an automated phone call.

Faecal matter on the TV remote, bodily fluids on bed linens and drinking glasses wiped with a filthy cloth: The dirtiest areas of a hotel room revealed

With different guests every night and quick turnaround times for cleaning, hotels can be crawling with germs, and several studies have found alarming amounts of potentially sickening bacteria.

'Every rose is for every abortion I had there': Michelle Knight tells the harrowing stories behind each of her tattoos - which she got after being rescued from Ariel Castro's 'house of horrors'

Michelle Knight tells the harrowing stories behind each of her 'house of horror' tattoos

Michelle Knight's tattoos tell the harrowing story of her 11-year imprisonment inside Ariel Castro's house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio, during which she suffered five forced miscarriages and lived in chains. In a new interview with Newsweek , Knight (right), who was 21 when she was kidnapped, reveals why she decided to get each of her inkings after finally being rescued from her prison. She explains that each of the five large roses printed down her left arm (inset) 'is for every abortion I had in the house'. Meanwhile, a teddy bear on her right shoulder (left) was a design she drew while strung up with orange extension cords inside Castro's home. Knight's other tattoos include a baby on her chest, with the words: 'Too beautiful for this Earth'.

Company behind Ashley Madison 'was running an online escort service'

A shell company owned by Avid Life Media reportedly leased the website in 2013. Avid Life Media owns the website Ashley Madison.

Retirement IS good for you: People use their leisure time to get healthy, sleep more and have less work-related stress, according to new research 

After analysing data on retirees from 1994 to 2014, economist Peter Eibich came to the surprising conclusion, with those giving up physically demanding jobs benefitting the most.

Every parent's worst nightmare: Mother reveals heartbreak after her daughter died downing straight vodka and tequila as she tried to 'catch up' with her friends at a party

Bayli Elliot's mum pens tribute to daughter who died from alcohol poisoning

A heartbroken mother has shared her grief at losing her youngest daughter after she passed out after drinking at a party and never woke up. Bayli Elliot (pictured left and right), 18, from Timaru in New Zealand, downed straight vodka and tequila at a gathering with friends on October 29 of last year, before laying down on the floor to go to sleep. Although her friends placed her in the recovery position and monitored her breathing, she lost consciousness just after midnight and was unable to be revived. 

Nick can't catch a break! Eugenie Bouchard withdraws from U.S. Open with a sore head just a day after her flirty display with Aussie bad boy Kyrgios

Canadian Eugenie Bouchard withdraws from doubles after US Open locker room injury

Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard withdrew from the women's and mixed doubles competitions of the 2015 US Open after falling and hitting her head in the locker room on Friday evening. US Open Tournament Director David Brewer said in a statement that it is unknown if Bouchard will compete in the singles competition. The announcement comes just a day after she caught the eyes of the crowd as she and Aussie tennis bad-boy Nick Kyrgios flirted their way through the first round of the mixed doubles draw.

How the world's top tennis players have started to 'slide to get to the ball' on hard surfaces because it's quicker than running

After analysing hours of matches from the Australian and US Open, a team of scientists says the unusual tactic is regularly used by the top five male players in the sport.

Finally some good PR: Aussie tennis bad boy Bernard Tomic gets a standing ovation at US Open after offering his winning rival a fist pump for an amazing shot

Bernard Tomic of Australia has crashed out of the US Open but not before featuring in the sporting moment of the tournament (pictured) with 12th seed Richard Gasquet of France.

Up close and personal with the El Salvador gangmembers inside the prison that is so dangerous even the guards will not go in

Inside Penas Ciudad Barrios prison that is so dangerous even guards will not go in

NEW In Penas Ciudad Barrios, a maximum security prison in the El Salvadorian capital of San Salvador exclusively housing prisoners who are members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, inmates control their own miniature society. British photographer Adam Hinton, was granted access to the squalid gangland prison, originally built to house some 800 inmates, but now home to around 2,500 Mara Salvatrucha members,

Dad joke survivors! Hilarious video sees frustrated children sharing the worst jokes their fathers have ever told them

A group of adorable children have joined forces to create a collection of terrible, yet hilarious, dad jokes they have had to endure in a video titled, 'Dad joke survivors.'

Overweight daughter who weighed 255kg and was put into care as a teenager because her parents could not control her eating has died aged 20

Samantha Packham's parents Malcom and Jan, of Brighton, have spoken out following their daughter's death this summer, saying they paid 'the worst price' for failing to get a grip on her eating.

Who said romance was dead? Petrolhead takes part in a burnout competition before jumping out of his car and asking stunned girlfriend to marry him in front of a screaming crowd!

Victorian man proposes to his girlfriend during Warracknabeal burnout competition

An ordinary marriage proposal wasn't in the book for 22-year old Justin Page (right of left and bottom left) from Melbourne. Thinking outside the box, the young man made sure he burnt rubber (top right) and had a cheering crowd before getting down on one year to ask his girlfriend (left) the question, will you marry me?

Horror at Spanish rally race as car veers off track and ploughs into the crowd at high speed, killing six including two pregnant women and an eight-year-old child 

The victims were struck by the race car when its driver is thought to have lost control during the La Coruña Rally, in the Spanish municipality of Carral in the north west of the country.

'I don't think black folks like to camp as much as white folks!': Burning Man founder tries to defend the annual festival's lack of diversity

Burning Man founder Larry Harvey (pictured) claimed that he doesn't believe 'black people like to camp' and that the lack of diversity might be due to 'historic reasons'.

Meet Taylor's original BFF: High school pal inspired Swift's songs, appeared in her videos and was even her date to the Grammys... but did she make the 'squad'?

Taylor Swift's original BFF Abigail Anderson has been there all along

Abigail Anderson, 25, and Taylor Swift, 25, have been best friends since they met in English class at Hendersonville High School in Nashville, Tennesee, at the age of 15, around the time this photo (left) was taken. The pair have remained close ever since, pictured (right) celebrating New Year's Eve this year, despite Taylor's ever-growing 'squad' of A-list pals, pictured (inset) at last week's VMAs.


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EXCLUSIVE: From the kitchen to a camera: How a cook turned her love of photography into a job as a 'professional Instagrammer' - and her tips for how you could do the same

How Lauren Bath became Australia's first professional Instagrammer

NEW After quitting her 15-year long career as a chef, Lauren Bath now makes a living as an 'Instagram photographer'. The first of her kind in Australia, she has shared her top tips for social media success.

Real life crime fighter: Underbelly star Firass Dirani chases a suspected thief down the street to make a citizen's arrest... then posts a SELFIE as he waits for police

Actor Firass Dirani, 31, took the law into his own hands as he made a citizen's arrest after chasing an alleged meat thief for 15 minutes through the streets of Melbourne's Richmond.

A dream wedding... for HIM! Couple tie the knot on the field at the SCG then watch their beloved Sydney Swans AFL team win

Kathryn Johnston and Mark Headon (shown) tied the knot on the hallowed turf at Sydney Cricket Ground and then climbed the stairs for their reception in a corporate suite.

Paraplegic woman who strapped herself to her friend's son with duct-tape so they could surf together tragically dies

Pascale Honore who surfs duct-taped to a friend has died aged 52

Pascale Honore (left), the wheelchair-bound woman who inspired the world two years ago after surfing while duct-taped to her friend's back has died. The Adelaide woman, born in Paris, died aged 52 over the weekend from health complications after suffering T4 spinal cord injuries in a car crash 20 years ago.

Road rage incident turns into a rolling eight-hour brawl including a knife fight and ending after a half-naked man hurled roof tiles at police from a building in Sydney

The incident unfolded on Saturday when emergency services were called to an apartment block on Ramsay Street at Haberfield in Sydney's inner west following reports of a man being stabbed.

Woman rushed to hospital by helicopter after being gored by a raging bull on a property north of Sydney

The woman, aged in her 40s, suffered a serious leg injury when she was attacked by the black-and-white bovine on her property in north west of Sydney on Sunday morning.

The loneliest bachelor party ever! Man becomes an Instagram star with his glum tourist shots after NONE of the other guests show up for their weekend away

Robbie Chernow celebrates bachelor party solo after friends' Delta flights cancelled

For many, bachelor parties serve as an opportunity for a group of friends to experience one last hurrah together. Robbie Chernow expected to do just that and have a weekend full of fun to celebrate his friend Jake's bachelor party in Chicago. That all changed when the 28-year-old arrived in the windy city on Thursday to find out all of his friends' flights were canceled. Chernow documented on Instagram his lonely, sad experience in the city where he stuck with the planned schedule of bachelor party events.

Woman writes officer a thank you note AFTER he gives her a speeding ticket

The Alpharetta officer was walking back toward his car when the woman handed him the note and drove off without another word. 'Mr. Officer, Shame on me for speeding,' the note begins.

Google's new 'fun fact' feature is a treasure trove of random trivia that will keep you on your computer for hours 

Google has introduced a new fun feature in which you can type 'fun fact' or 'I'm feeling' curious into the search engine and get back all kinds of random trivia.

'He's been here since he was four': Former Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim will fight the decision to deport him back to his place of birth Lebanon

Jailed underworld figure and former bikie boss Hassan 'Sam' Ibrahim (pictured) is to appeal the deportation order issued against him by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

PICTURED: Pregnant Spanish racing crash victim who was due to give birth tomorrow killed alongside her partner and five others

Pregnant Spanish racing crash victim Ana Cayazzo killed alongside Miguel Caridad

Nine-months pregnant Ana Cayazzo and her partner Miguel Caridad, both in their 20s, died instantly when a driver lost control of his racing car at a rally in north-west Spain on Saturday. At least another five people are believed to have been killed, including another pregnant woman and child aged eight. Poignant pictures - posted by Miguel on his Facebook page before Saturday's tragedy near La Coruña in Galicia - show him tenderly patting his girlfriend's belly.

Doctor reveals the unsavory jokes and abuses surgeons carried while operating on vulnerable patients

One student told the writer of the anonymous essay about a resident surgeon, who once, while prepping an anesthetized patient's vagina for a hysterectomy, said, 'I bet she's enjoying this'.

Student fed up with $800-a-month rent on campus BUILT his own tiny house and now uses solar power and compost toilet to live off the grid - saving himself $6,000 in the process

Michigan student fed up with $800-a-month rent on campus BUILT his own tiny house

Christopher Cerk (pictured), a 21-year-old junior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, said that living right next to his institution didn't suit him - and was a waste of money to boot. So instead of dropping an estimated $19,000 renting for his last two years, he poured $13,000 of his own money into raw materials for his own tiny house (exterior top right, interior right). The home, which took him more than a year to build in his spare time, has a compost toilet and solar panels for electricity. He estimates the power supply will be enough to keep his cell phone and laptop running, as well as to power an electric stove. Cerk said he will start having his girlfriend over to stay soon.

Queen of Crime PD James leaves £22m in her will with most going to her two daughters - but they face an £8m tax bill

P.D. James, pictured, also left £90,000 to each of her five grandchildren and her secretary Joyce McLennan, £20,000 to her sister Monica and a total of £83,000 to seven others.

Unmasked: SIXTH man in Cambridge spy ring sent nuclear secrets to the KGB allowing Russia to develop their own atom bomb

Author Andrew Lownie has unmasked a sixth Soviet spy at the heart of the Establishment - Wilfrid Mann, pictured, a brilliant MI6 physicist, who was regarded in Moscow as an agent of great influence.

Man miraculously walks away unscathed after the plane he was flying flips and crashes trapping him inside

Victoria man avoids injury after his plane crashes upon landing at Tyabb Airport

Despite his plane flipping and crashing as he came in to land at an airport, a man in his 50s has walked away unscathed. The near miss occurred about 11.30am on Sunday at Tyabb Airport, south-east of Melbourne, when a wheel of the Yak-9 single engine aircraft he had been flying reportedly got caught in soft soil.

Contract which launched The Beatles' career and signed by all of the Fab Four in 1962 expected to sell for £500,000 at auction 

The document - the only contract signed by 'Fab Four line-up (pictured with Epstein) - was signed on October 1, 1962, just days before the release of The Beatles' first single, Love Me Do.

Teenager paraded down the street in a full burqa and handcuffs after Spanish police arrested her for 'recruiting other women to fight for ISIS in Syria' 

The 18-year-old Moroccan, clad in a full-length Islamic robe and veil, was led down the crowded road in Gandia, near Valencia, after being detained by counter-terror police.

Is this Australia's HOTTEST property? Unrenovated three-bedroom home in suburban Sydney smashes local record to sell for $3.35 million... but it does have a huge backyard

A three-bedroom, two-bathroom family home in Rosebery, which hasn't been on the market for 64 years, smashed the local record when it was sold for more than $1 million over the asking price.

Husky puppy is looking for a home after being cruelly shot in the face and dumped in a bog

NEW WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Macari had to have both of his eyes removed by vets who were desperate to rid him of his agony and feared they would swell up with blood.

A brother's grief laid bare: Heartwrenching scenes as players and crowd unite in support of AFL coach Brett Ratten's family after his son tragically died in a car accident

AFL coach Brett Ratten breaks down on field as teams pay emotional tribute to his son

Cooper Ratten (inset), the son of AFL great Brett Ratten tragically died in a car crash last month. At the weekend rival teams Carlton and Hawthorn paid tribute to the teenager by running through a banner (top right) with the words 'FAMILY. RIP Cooper Ratten' on it. Brett Ratten, assistant coach of the Hawks broke down in tears on the field (bottom right), as did his son Tanner (left) while a video montage of his brother Cooper was screened in the MCG.

A stubble first for university academic who will spend three years studying the history of beards

A man with long beard, hat and lumberjack shirt. 

Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Dr Alun Withey, an expert in medical history from the University of Exeter, will look at facial hair between 1700 and 1918 and its relationship with masculinity and health.

Cursed again! Fated House of Eliot loses bid to get Prince Charles to invest $20million and turn it into an arts centre

The Prince's Foundation for Building Community has rejected a prominent appeal by Lord and Lady St Germans to invest an estimated £10million in their 11 staircase home (pictured) in Cornwall.

Meet Prince Leonard: Self-declared lord of a chunk of the Outback he says is his own country - and he's looking for an heir 

Prince Leonard of Hutt River is looking for an heir

He's been running his own country in Australia for the past 45 years. But self-proclaimed leader Leonard George Casley, from the Principality of Hutt River, about 500 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia, has considered stepping down from his throne. The 90-year-old monarch, who calls himself Prince Leonard, said he may no longer be able to carry out his royal duties due to poor health.

Is the future of video games one year away? New virtual reality system called The Void puts player in the game and plans to open next summer

The Void, a company working to create a virtual reality experience at their facility in Utah, recently allowed a journalist from to go through two levels of what it calls 'the future of entertainment'.

The Chic Queen: A lifetime of effortless style by the longest serving monarch

Nobody's wardrobe works harder than the Queen's. Every outfit worn in public is carefully calibrated to inspire or remind, to signal gratitude or respect, to convey a sense of power or familiarity.

No squabbling over sun lounges here: The world's top ten private islands available to rent revealed - including an Australian retreat worth $1,750 a NIGHT. So how much would YOU pay for privacy?

Australia's Fraser Island Retreat included in a list of the top private islands around the

Islands in Mauritius, Belize, Bahamas and Australia - are among ten most opulent and sought-after private holiday spots anywhere in the world. The secluded resorts are often rented by the rich and famous including Prince Harry and Kylie Minogue but they are also available to the public. One of the more affordable island retreats is found in Scotland, and it's going for just $201 a night.

Watch out, it's Cloudzilla! Photographer captures formation resembling giant killer reptile over Massachusetts (but is it real?)

The cloud, which was captured by photographer Jay Albert in Gloucester, Massachusetts, last week, features the same scaly back, round head and towering stance as the giant mutant monster.

The house of FUN...with a playground and pool, the Georgian gem that's every child's dream

Josh and Laura De Haan bought the property in the village of Stowting, Kent, in 2007, and they took two years to accomplish all the renovations and innovations.

Thinstagrams! The slimming tricks celebrities use to look so trim in their social media selfies

The slimming tricks celebrities use to look so trim in their Instagram selfies

There is now a raft of cheap, easy-to-use software that automatically manipulates photos to make their subjects look thinner. And even celebrities, it seems, aren't immune. Some apps nip in your waist or boost your curves while leaving friends untouched. But the so-called 'skinny filter' apps can leave telltale signs - and when you're sharing the images with millions of fans on Instagram or Twitter, chances are that someone will spot them. And as these celebrity photo 'fails' prove, not every result is foolproof...

A thousand miles of coastline, vibrant souks and one of the largest canyons in the world: Why Oman is the Middle East's best-kept secret

The beachside Al Waha hotel in Oman, a 45-minute drive from the capital Muscat, boasts 22 dining options for guests. Visitors can also take advantage of the hotel's half-mile lazy river.

Italy's most alluring lake: Stunning Maggiore is brilliant for breathtaking scenery and culture (but don't mind the bells that sound as a daily wake-up)

Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Lake Maggiore in Italy: a vast bowl of blue water ringed with rolling mountains, which can be reached by a drive through France and Switzerland.

Argentinian man 'locked wife and 32-year-old autistic son in an iron CAGE and made him eat animal feed and drink gasoline'

Eduardo Oviedo, 66, has been accused of incarcerating his son, 32, and 61-year-old wife, who is also said to have mental health issues. Oviedo was arrested Friday in the city of Mar del Plata.


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Would you eat FISH ice cream? The world's oddest puddings revealed (but don't worry, they're not all as bad as Japan's frozen seafood dessert)

World's oddest puddings revealed including Japan's fish ice-cream

From Australia's glow-in-the-dark dessert to the Philippines's cheesy sorbet, some of the oddest frozen puddings in the world are revealed. And not all of them sound like a treat for the taste buds. Pictured clockwise from top left: Chewy and stretchy ice cream, from Turkey; saltwater fish flavour, Japan; blended açaí pulp, Brazil; glow-in-the-dark puddings, Australia, ice cream that looks like Spaghetti, Germany and semi-frozen noodles flavoured with rose water and lime juice, Iran.

Battle for Chip the traffic chicken: FIVE-way custody dispute over hen 'arrested' for causing gridlock on San Francisco's Bay Bridge

The brown hen was 'arrested' by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) on Wednesday on the bridge's toll plaza - and now has multiple parties asking to take her in.

'I defeated him...God has a purpose for me': Brave rape victim reveals the harrowing moment that she fought for her life after a home invader sexually assaulted her and stabbed her 17 times

Melissa Schuster, 26, from Willowbrook, revealed how she 'defeated' her attacker with the support of her loved ones and help from doctors at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove.



The man burns! Burners watch as festival's 60ft effigy gets torched as 70,000 prepare for mass exodus from Nevada desert back to civilization

Burning Man attendees watch as festival's 60ft effigy gets torched

NEW Just a week after Burners made their pilgrimage to the desert in Black Rock City, Nevada, the festival's 60ft Burning Man statue was set alight in front of approximately 70,000 revelers. The annual event faced challenges this year, with a bug invasion and dust storms, but burners seemed to enjoy themselves during the burning ceremony on Saturday night. Thousands of festival goers dressed in elaborate costumes for the final night's events. The mass exodus from the festival has begun, and the exit is expected to last through Monday.

Heaven on our doorstep: The most spectacular sceneries in Britain that have inspired generations of poets and authors (including JK Rowling)

After decades of travel, Mail on Sunday Travel Editor Frank Barrett found the perfect place to write a book about... Britain. And he's not alone, with many like JK Rowling being inspired by the scenery.

A land of fire and ice: Mesmerising satellite images of the world's most spectacular landscapes go on display at new exhibition

European Space Agency satellite images displayed at new exhibition in Linz, Austria

Some of the best snaps show incredible detail of places such as the Namib Desert in Namibia (left), the Jungersen Glacier in Greenland (right) and large cities such as London (inset). The stunning shots were captured by European Space Agency satellites as they orbited Earth, and have gone on display at an interactive exhibit in Linz, Austria.