Stonehenge II is found! Radar search reveals giant monument from 4,500 years ago just one mile from famous Wiltshire site

'Stonehenge II' found just one mile from famous Wiltshire site

Experts have discovered an 'extraordinary' line of giant stones that dates back more than 4,500 years, buried 3ft underground. Using sophisticated radar technology, they detected the stones just one mile from the famous landmark in Wiltshire (bottom right). Unlike its famous neighbour, the newly discovered monolith stones are believed to be organised in one straight line (bottom, centre). measuring 15ft in height, experts believe they may have been intended as part of the original formation but deliberately taken out. The extraordinary discovery was unveiled at the British Science Festival at the University of Bradford.

Surrender on weekly bin collections! Ministers axe pledge to bring back seven-day rubbish rounds because they are 'very expensive' 

Ministers axe pledge to bring back seven-day rubbish rounds

Despite years of promises and a £250million investment, ministers have concluded their bin promise cannot be met. The costly scheme was supposed to encourage town halls to reverse the trend toward fortnightly collections. But none has reinstated weekly rounds and a number have scrapped them. A Government source confirmed last night there would be 'no new initiatives' aimed at restoring weekly collections.

Two heads are pricier than one! Comprehensive school's spending branded 'disgusting' after it emerges it pays TWO head teachers £210,000 

Rushey Mead School in Leicester pays head teacher Rita Hindocha £79,000, but it also has an 'executive principal', Carolyn Robson, on £129,000 for four days a week.

How to stop worries sabotaging your sleep: Britain's top sleep doctor on blissfully easy ways to stop stress giving you insomnia

Henry Deedes has been struggling with sleeplessness for eight months, so he's relieved when Dr Guy Meadows, a sleep physiologist, gives him advice on how to deal with insomnia.

French secret service diver who sank Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand says sorry...after 30 years

Jean-Luc Kister said he believed now was the right time to say sorry to the family of photographer Fernando Pereira, who was killed in the explosion, to Greenpeace and New Zealand.

Thousands of Egyptians call for an investigation amid claims of corruption after a star student was given straight ZEROS in all seven of her exams 

A high-flying student in Egypt was shocked to discover that she had spectacularly failed all seven of her exams without even scoring a single mark.

A final, painful act of love: How heartbroken mother pleaded for her brilliant son to be allowed to die after devastating hit-and-run crash left him in a 'hopeless' coma

How a hit-and-run and a son in a hopeless coma led to a landmark courageous decision

In 1990 Matty Mintern, top right, was hit by a car and left in a persistent vegetative state. In 1998, after years of caring for him, his mother Margaret, bottom right, asked the courts if he could be allowed to die as a last act of love. After exhausting herself caring for Matty at home for five years and making the difficult decision to place him in a nursing home, Margaret felt that her son wouldn't want to live in an old people's home being tube fed. Once she'd decided to allow her son's life to end she felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from her.

Blocked! As cold callers begin waking victims in the dead of night - here's how to get your revenge

pix paul lewis;   Jonathan Stamp one of the residents of Market Harborough Leicestershire who recently reported being woken in the middle of the night by a spate of cold calls between 3-5am on their stamp pictured in the town centre.. ..

Jonathan stamp, a funeral director from Market Harborough, Leicestershire was one of hundreds of people recently rudely woken up in the early hours by an automated phone call.

Taxman accused of 'bully-boy tactics' after it emerges HMRC can charge people if officers visit their homes 

People who are behind on their taxes are being hit with stiff penalties for visits to their homes by HM Revenue & Customs in a move critics fear gives the taxman too much power to reclaim unpaid debt.

Now that's cool: Alice Smellie finds out why women are storing their make-up in the fridge

When Nicole McWilliams, 46, from Essex, wakes up, she reaches into the fridge for eye gel rather than milk for coffee, and the average fridge contains as much nail varnish as beer. Alice Smellie finds out why.

Over-55s are denied vital surgery for ovarian cancer as campaigners call for 'discrimination' against older women to end

Only half of patients over the age of 55 have an operation to beat the disease yet four out of five women under this age have surgery. Health charities say the figures are unacceptable.

Stars who had their first break on Casualty: After 30 series of the medical drama, we look back at the actors who went from the hospital ward to Hollywood  

Celebrities who had their first break on Casualty revealed ahead of the 30th series

As Casualty celebrates its 30th series, we wind back the clock to reveal those indebted to the drama, without which some might never have found fame. Among them is (from top, left to right) Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet, Chrstopher Eccleston) and (from bottom, left to right) David Walliams, Martin Freeman and Minnie Driver.

Average bonus for top City boss hits £1.1million as business chiefs see three per cent rise in payouts on top of their salaries 

Together with a 3 per cent rise in salaries to £891,000, the bumper bonuses for FTSE 100 bosses helped their total pay jump by 6.8 per cent to an average of £4.28million.

High degree of crime at universities: London colleges top league table of offences in or around campuses 

King's College London, the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and University College London (UCL) have been placed at the top of a league table of crime hotspots.

Victory over charity cold-calling sharks: Mail investigation leads to clampdown on sale of personal details 

A number of top British charities are set to introduce an 'opt in' system designed prevent them from using aggressive fundraising tactics and passing on people's details.

BBC Four could be shut down to find £50million as corporation tries to compete with online rivals Netflix and Amazon

BBC Four could be axed as the corporation tries to boost its drama budget to compete with online rivals such as Amazon and Netflix.

Up close and personal with the gang members of El Salvador: Inside the prison that is so dangerous even the guards won't go in

Inside Penas Ciudad Barrios prison that is so dangerous even guards will not go in

In Penas Ciudad Barrios, a maximum security prison in the El Salvadorian capital of San Salvador exclusively housing prisoners who are members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, inmates control their own miniature society. British photographer Adam Hinton, was granted access to the squalid gangland prison, originally built to house some 800 inmates, but now home to around 2,500 Mara Salvatrucha members,

Feud between former French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter deepens as he sets up rival party to hers 

The announcement of the party, to be called the Blue-White-Red Rally after the colours of the French flag, overshadowed a gathering of daughter Marine Le Pen's Front National in Marseille.

New battlefield radio uses soldier's BONES to transmit messages and lets them listen to each other while wearing ear defenders 

The prototype harnesses the body's natural ability to transmit sound through bones, transferring messages directly from the soldier's armoured helmet to the inner ear.

Smartphone firms are developing 'safe screens' which emit less of the blue light it is feared prevents people sleeping 

Scientists say the blue light emitted by electronic devices could lead to interrupted sleep or even harm our eyes.The screens were exhibited at a consumer electronics show in Berlin this week.

Selfies on the shore: Refugees in lifejackets celebrate on the beach after reaching Greek island where thousands are waiting to enter Europe

Refugees celebrate on Lesbos beach by taking a selfie after reaching Greek island

The men arrived on Eftalou beach on the island of Lesbos on Sunday as night began to fall. Posing triumphantly for the camera, they are among thousands to have flocked to the pretty island in recent months. After celebrating their arrival, the migrants unrolled foam mats and foil blankets to spend the night on the pebbled beach. It comes a day after violent clashes on the island after overwhelmed police found themselves unable to cope with crowds of migrants waiting to be registered before boarding ferries for Athens.

Smiling in the face of fear: Captivating images of migrant children fleeing their war-torn homes for a new life in Europe

Migrants who are brought together after fleeing Syria and Afghanistan

Smiling in the face of fear, these are just a handful of the hundreds of young refugees who have been caught up in the migrant crisis. Leaving behind their homes, many have travelled across several countries with their families in their bid to seek a safer life in Europe. While some are still young enough to be clutching their favourite teddy bears close to their chest and others are fully-grown adults, they are all united in bravely facing the same journey as they leave behind their warn-torn homes in Syria and Afghanistan. After arriving into Roszke, Hungary, from the Serbian border today, they posed up for these photographs and are now likely to continue their journey onto Germany and Austria after both countries waived the rules of their asylum systems - pushed to breaking point by the worst refugee crisis in decades - and agreed to let thousands of migrants in.

PETER McKAY: Saint Bob Geldof's blame game WON'T help the migrants 

PETER McKAY: Pop singer and unofficial national conscience, Bob Geldof's offered to take in four families immediately and give them shelter in his homes in Kent and London.

Aid cash to fund Syrians in Britain: At last a chunk of vast British foreign budget is diverted to help pay housing costs here 

Pic shows: BBC Andrew Marr Show\nGeorge Osborne\n\nPic supplied by Pixel 8000 Ltd\n

Mr Osborne said aid money would be given to councils to support new refugees. It comes amid claims David Cameron is prepared to accept 15,000 people directly from camps on the Syrian border.

The image of Syrian toddler Aylan, three, washed up dead on a Turkish shoreline shocked the world - but he is not the only child victim of the migrant crisis

Aylan Kurdi is not the only child victim of the migrant crisis

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The image of little Aylan's body (right), discovered at the Turkish resort of Bodrum on Wednesday, was shared millions of times on social media and published in newspapers across the globe. It sparked a worldwide debate and led to an outpouring of sympathy, with bunches of flowers left near the shore and petals scattered into the sea as a tribute. But it also points to a wider humanitarian crisis, with dozens of similar pictures (top left; bottom left) emerging in the last month as thousands of migrants continue to desperately flee their war-torn homes. The images are believed to have been issued by the Libyan Red Crescent who regularly report on bodies discovered on the coast of their country.

Family from Iraq finally arrive in France after fleeing their home town when it was seized by ISIS a year ago - and are greeted by a pizza buffet

The Mikho family were met at Bellegarde-sur-Valserine train station by a welcoming collective around 8pm on Saturday having made the gruelling journey from Qaraqosh, northern Iraq.

UN calls for an emergency evacuation of 17,000 migrants who are trapped and living rough on the streets of the Greek island of Lesbos 

Alessandra Morelli from the UNHCR has said that migrants stranded on Lesbos should be evacuated to the Greek mainland even if they don't have the necessary travel documents.

How you've been slicing your watermelon WRONG: YouTube star reveals how to skin it in four steps... but it's not quite as it seems

Mark Rober reveals a simple trick to skin a watermelon

YouTube star Mark Rober has revealed a clever way to skin a watermelon. The four-minute clip on his channel Creativity, Science, Design has received more than 18,000 views. However, the video demonstrates that you actually need two watermelons, using one for the flesh and the second purely as an outer casing.

Why you should tell charity skydivers to take a running JUMP: Good causes get a fraction of the cash and the NHS has to pay for the injuries

William MacAskill, an Oxford don and an expert in charity-giving, has written a book in which he argues that we need to put more thought into the way we give to charity.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: End charities' grubby tactics once and for all 

IN a grovelling apology, the bosses of 17 leading British charities yesterday admitted failing 'to live up to' the high standards the public deserves.

Just one in three school children have taken up Nick Clegg's flagship free meals... because pupils don't like the food 

The scheme to provide all primary pupils with free lunches during their first three years in education was championed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg under the last government.

Statins warning: Healthy patients using the drugs are more likely to suffer side-effects than gain health benefits, say doctors

Doctors say most healthy people should be advised to exercise more and improve their diet rather than being offered the cholesterol-busting drugs to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.

Mother's outrage as schoolgirl, 14, was banned from lessons on the first day of term because teachers said her trousers were too tight

Schoolgirl Ellisha Oliver banned from lessons because her trousers were too tight 

Ellisha Oliver had to be collected from South Shields Community School by her mother Stacy, right, after teachers banned her from lessons as her black trousers were too tight. The 14-year-old claims she was left in shock after teachers told her the trousers were too tight and she would have to change into a pair bought from Asda that were too big, left.

Driving without insurance soars by 10 per cent amid fears young drivers are 'chancing it' rather than paying higher costs

The number of uninsured drivers on UK roads has soared by a 'worrying' 10 per cent in just a year, as compensation pay-outs due to accidents involving uninsured motorists increases to 24,213.

Was it all a hoax? Nazi gold train claims are called into doubt as experts brand radar image a 'cheap animation' 

Breakthrough: The men have posted this picture to a website, taken with a GPR KS-700. According to them, it shows a section of land in 3D with visible shaft leading down about 50 metres

German Andreas Richter and Pole Piotr Koper claim to have underground radar shots of the train, which was said to have been buried near the town of Walbrzych in Poland, in 1945.

Terrified young man found clinging to a buoy after his father died and their boat drifted away during spearfishing trip in Australia

A young man who became stranded in the open ocean near Cairns, Queensland, when his father died suddenly during a fishing trip has been saved by a passing boat.

Minute's applause held by team-mates of two footballers killed in Shoreham air disaster as they play first match since the tragic crash

Team mates of the two footballers killed in the Shoreham air disaster fought back tears as they played their first match since the tragedy.

New blood test which works out your 'biological age' reveals if you are growing old too fast and could help treat dementia

The test works out a patient's 'biological age' compared to their actual age - and could be used to reveal if they are at future risk of dementia, according to experts at Kings College London.

PICTURED: Muslim flight attendant 'suspended by ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol because it is against her faith'

Muslim flight attendant files discrimination complaint against ExpressJet

Charee Stanley, a Muslim flight attendant with ExpressAir, is suing her employer for discrimination after claiming she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol because of her religion. Stanley got her job at the airline three years ago before converting to Islam a year later. She says she only realized in June that the religion forbids her from serving alcohol, as well as drinking it, and so worked out an arrangement with other employees where they would serve alcoholic drinks instead of her. However, she says she was suspended in August after a colleague complained, and has now launched a lawsuit. Lena Masri, an attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Michigan, said: 'She began coordinating with the other flight attendant on duty so that when a passenger requested alcohol, the other flight attendant would accommodate that request.'

How Prince George will look aged 60! App allows parents to predict their children's faces in later life... but would YOU want to know?

Hassan Ugail's app shows how Prince George will look aged 60

The software - which could soon become an app available to the public - can reveal what children might look like when they're older by blending their faces with their parents. It was developed by Professor Hassan Ugail, head of Bradford University's Centre for Visual Computing, and was designed to identify potential terrorists in busy crowds. He has predicted the appearance for celebrity children including Prince George and Princess Charlotte (pictured from left, as we know them now, and aged two, seven, 20 and 60).

DOMINIC LAWSON: Stop wasting our money on fantasies about VIP abusers murdering our children 

DOMINIC LAWSON questions why a senior policeman said claims about VIP abusers at Dolphin Square were 'credible and true, ' without making a single arrest or finding a body.

ANDREW PIERCE: Why Chuka Umunna is doing a U-turn over Corbyn 

Labour's oh-so slick shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, 36, is getting a bad reputation in Westminster as the King of U-turns, writes ANDREW PIERCE

Osborne signals fresh vote on military action on Syria could be called even if anti-war Jeremy Corbyn is elected

Mr Osborne said the 2013 decision to block airstrikes was 'one of the worst decisions the House of Commons has ever made'

The Chancellor said the government did not need 'every member of every party' to back military action and claimed there were 'plenty' of Labour MPs who supported air strikes on ISIS.

Lesbian mother who wanted blonde baby sues clinic after giving birth to mixed-race girl: She was impregnated with sperm from black donor after clerical error 

Jennifer Cramblett who wanted blonde baby sues clinic over her mixed-race baby

Jennifer Cramblett selected a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed donor labelled No 380. But she was given the vials of a black donor after clerical mix-up at clinic in Ohio.While she and her partner, Amanda Zinkon (left), adore their daughter Payton (right), they are suing the clinic amid claims she will grow up feeling out of place in their mostly-white hometown in Ohio.

Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton as new poll finds that he has a nine-point lead over her in New Hampshire and is swiftly gaining on her in Iowa 

Senator Bernie Sanders has increased his lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire as the two Democrats campaign for the presidential nomination.

Netflix says Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear co-presenters 'weren't worth' the £160million Amazon is said to have paid for new version of the show 

Netflix was known to have been in discussions with the popular trio but chose not to take things further after analysing its own viewership data of past Top Gear episodes, its chief product officer said.

Sea captain's medals go on sale for £30,000 a century after his liner the Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-boat killing 1,200

Commander William Turner was in charge of the passenger liner when it was struck by a torpedo fired from a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland in 1915.

Hopes for mercy for British grandmother on death row in Bali fade after Indonesia's new anti-drugs boss sets out tough stance 

Lindsay Sandiford, 59, from Cheltenham, was sentenced to death by firing squad in 2013 after attempting to smuggle £1.6million of cocaine through Bali's international airport in May 2012.

Clouds of black smoke billow into the air as fire rips through block of flats in Sudbury, Suffolk, forcing mass evacuation of residents 

Fire crews rescued several people trapped inside their homes after a major fire ripped through a block of flats in Sudbury, Suffolk, forcing the evacuation of neighbouring properties.

Dutch yacht with £56million of cocaine under floorboards stopped trying to sail into Kent

The vessel, called Golem, was carrying 1,200 kilogramss of the Class A drug when it was stopped by police in Kent earlier this year.

Family of tragic student who took her own life after alleged rape by another undergraduate say university failed to properly support her

Family of Keele student who took her own life after 'rape' say university failed to

The body of Hannah Stubbs, 22, was found at her parents' country home six months after she was allegedly attacked at Keele University in Staffordshire. Her grandfather Peter, a retired businessman, said the former private schoolgirl had been left deeply depressed by the assault. He condemned the institution for providing 'inadequate support' for Miss Stubbs and said he was speaking out to try to protect other female students. Mr Stubbs, 73, speaking on behalf of Hannah's parents, Paul, 51, and Amanda, a 48-year-old nurse, said that the suspect should have been suspended while police investigated the alleged attack.
'I am at a loss to understand why that did not happen at Keele,' he said. 'If it had, Hannah might have returned to her course and still be alive today.'

Their love's undimmed, but gossip about Philip and women still hurts: As the Queen reaches a historic milestone, Duke remains her closest ally and most fearless critic  

The Queen and Prince Philip's love is undimmed but gossip about women still hurts

This week, the Queen becomes Britain's longest serving monarch - beating the record set by Victoria. To mark this historic moment, the Mail has commissioned a definitive portrait of this extraordinary woman and her family. In today's instalment, a fascinating insight into her marriage including hurtful talk regarding Philip's female friends. (Above right, he is pictured with Lady Brabourne).

With just days to go before the Queen becomes the longest-reigning Monarch she has been voted the greatest ever - beating Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria 

The Queen won 27 per cent of votes in a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times, with Elizabeth I earning 13 per cent of the votes and Queen Victoria 12 per cent.

A royal wave: The Queen greets well-wishers as she arrives for the Sunday service at Crathie Kirk alongside the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are currently on summer break at their private Scottish home of Balmoral. They regularly worship at the parish church Crathie Kirk during their holiday.

Happy and glorious during her record reign: From annointing her son as the Prince of Wales to meeting JFK and Bobby Moore, the historic news stories of the Queen in the 1960s

The historic news stories of the Queen in the 1960s

In the first of a series of features ahead of the Queen becoming Britain's longest serving monarch, we look back at her 63 year soon-to-be record-breaking reign in papers. We start with the swinging sixties, when the Queen anointed a new Prince of Wales (left), became a mother-of-four (bottom, centre), invited the TV cameras into her home (top, centre) and met JFK (right).



Strictly's Kirsty Gallacher reveals her body confidence plunged after two children and divorce from her rugby player ex-husband 

Strictly Come Dancing's Kirsty Gallacher is nude in photo for Women's Health magazine

The 39-year-old Sky Sports presenter (left) has told how she lost confidence in her shape after having two children, and the end of her 14-year relationship with former rugby ace Paul Sampson last year. Even now she feels her figure is not perfect. Appearing in Women's Health magazine's Naked Issue, the Strictly Come Dancing contestant - who has recently dropped to eight stone - said: 'If I was going to rate my body confidence out of ten, I'd say seven.

Woman accused of reversing into her estranged husband's car, grabbing his testicles and saying 'I bet it's sore with all the action it's been getting'

Sarah Jayne Illot, 45, of Frome, pleaded not guilty to three separate charges of assault, damaging a vehicle and walls when she appeared before magistrates in Yeovil (court pictured).

The end of the road for the A-Z: The majority of British drivers now use sat navs rather than maps, new poll finds 

For the first time, the majority of English drivers now rely on electronic satnavs to find their destination, according to a poll. Some 52 per cent of those behind the wheel used the gadgets last year.

It tastes out of this world! Whisky which was fired into space has returned with improved flavour, say researchers 

The vial of unmatured malt was sent to the International Space Station in October 2011 and returned to Earth last year, with a remarkably different taste.

Vulnerable man, 46, with learning difficulties killed himself after bullies tormented him and called him names whenever he left his home

Collect of Michael Bevan from Matson, Gloucester,  who killed himself after cruel bullies made his life a misery. See SWNS story SWBULLY; A vulnerable and innocent man killed himself after cruel bullies made his life a misery by calling him names whenever he left his home, an inquest has heard. Tragic Michael Bevan, 46, had learning difficulties but became reclusive after vile tormentors shouted 'paedo' and other names when he went outside. His mother said he was driven to despair by the daily taunts and woken by people banging on his door at night. But his family say Michael - who had never been in trouble with the police - was unable or too scared to speak out and never received the support or help he needed. He was found hanged inside his home in March after his family raised concerns and police broke in. He had put two ligatures around his neck.

Vulnerable Michael Bevan, 46, was driven to despair by the daily taunts from neighbours, which included people shouting 'paedo' at him whenever he left his home in Matson, Gloucester.

How Peter O'Toole smuggled a naked Liz Taylor into his bed: New biography lays bare the actor's escapes with some of Hollywood's most formidable figures 

How Peter O'Toole smuggled a naked Liz Taylor into his bed

In our second uproarious extract from a new biography of Peter O'Toole we reveal how he the notorious drinker and womansier turned prankster when he starred alongside Richard Burton. O'Toole and Burton met on the set of the 1964 film, Becket. They enjoyed alcohol fuelled lunches and the Lawrence of Arabia star even convinced Elizabeth Taylor (above, right) to strip off. Eight years later the trio starred together Under Milk Wood (above, left). Audrey Hepburn and Richard Harris were among the Hollywood elite, who were also swept up in his wild escapades.

Strictly no competition! BBC dance show waltzes its way through ratings war after pulling in ONE MILLION more viewers than rival X Factor 

Simon Cowell was left eating his words as it emerged the ballroom dancing show came out on top when the long-term rivals went head to head for the first time on Saturday night.

Times Square painted lady arrested for 'offering drugs and oral sex to undercover cop' claims she was set up

September 3, 2015 - New York, NY USA:   A woman named Destiny Romero  was busted for soliciting an undercover cop in Times Square.  A man was also arrested for selling drugs to an undercover cop.  7th Precinct, NY, NY. (Gregory P. Mango/Polaris)

Destiny Romero, 20, was arrested at midnight on Wednesday after allegedly offering the male detective $200 worth of drugs and a sex act, also for $200, on Times Square. She claims she was set up.

Justin Welby attacks 'dehumanising' right to die Bill: Archbishop says it could make the ill feel like a burden 

File photo dated 08/12/14 of the Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Justin Welby, who has spoken out about tax avoidance, saying Jesus Christ taught about the importance of people "paying what is due". 

The Most Rev Justin Welby said companies and people should pay their "fair share" in the country where they had made their money, but part of the problem was an "unbelievably complex" tax system.

PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday February 4, 2015. 
 Photo credit should read: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The Most Rev Justin Welby said the UK will cross a 'legal and ethical Rubicon' if Parliament backs assisted suicide, which is set to be debated in the Commons on Friday.

Moment mother of student who accidentally overdosed on diet pills confronted and shamed the Turkish dealer who sells them online 

Mother of Eloise Parry who overdosed on diet pills confronted dealer who sells them

Fiona Parry (left), of Condover, Shropshire, posed as a gym owner wanting to place a bulk order of DNP in a meeting with a Turkish peddler on Skype. Her 21-year-old daughter Eloise (right) died in agony in April after accidentally overdosing on the diet pills. DNP, or dinitrophenol, which has been linked to the deaths of six Britons, is not a banned substance, but it is illegal to sell it for human consumption. The dealer, Orhan Topcuer, who is based in Istanbul and sells the pills online, initially dismissed Mrs Parry's concerns about the drug's safety. But when she revealed her true identity, he apologised and said he would stop selling the pills.

Former British army sergeant who lost both his legs to a bomb blast in Afghanistan is refused NHS treatment because he had a new surgical procedure in Australia

A British army double amputee from Crawley was told that he wouldn't be able to receive anymore NHS treatment because he had travelled to Australia for a new surgical procedure.

Retirement IS good for you: People use their leisure time to get healthy, sleep more and have less work-related stress, according to new research 

After analysing data on retirees from 1994 to 2014, economist Peter Eibich came to the surprising conclusion, with those giving up physically demanding jobs benefitting the most.

After one of the coldest nights of the season forecasters predict Britain's Indian summer will finally arrive tomorrow - with temperatures soaring to 24C by Thursday

The predicted warm temperatures, which could reach up to 24 degrees come after the coldest night of the autumn, where temperatures dipped as low as freezing in Shap, Cumbria.

'School should be a safe place but a lot of terrible things happen there': Teen reveals she was sexually assaulted by fellow pupil and then bullied for reporting attack 

Shannon Rooney has revealed she was attacked at a Stirlingshire school by a fellow pupil, as a probe finds thousands of children are the victims of sexual offences at school each year.

'Primal scream of death' as boy, 17, is stabbed by a gang of FIFTEEN youths who chased him through London estate

Marcel Addai stabbed to death on Hoxton estate by 15 youths

Marcel Addai, 17, was repeatedly stabbed by a gang of 15 youths in Hoxton. The murder in happened on Friday just after 11pm. An investigation has begun, but no arrests have been made. Large sections of the estate were cordoned off over the weekend as police trawled the site for evidence, including a passageway in Crondall Court in which a bicycle was lying on its side (pictured right).

Revealed: David Cameron privately attacked Tory opponents of gay marriage as 'Neanderthals'

CORBY, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 02:  Prime Minister David Cameron addresses pupils at an assembly during a visit to Corby Technical School on September 2, 2015 in Corby, England. Mr Cameron used the visit to announce plans for another 18 free schools in England. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

The Prime Minister defied opposition from his own advisers and hostility from Conservative MPs to push through same sex marriage in 2013, a new biography of Mr Cameron has revealed.

Pictured: Pregnant woman who was due to give birth on Monday is killed alongside her partner and five others at Spanish car rally 

Miguel Caridad/Facebook

Nine-months pregnant Ana Cayazzo and her partner Miguel Caridad died instantly when they were struck by one of the race cars as it lost control on a bend.

Overweight daughter who weighed 40 stone and was put into care as a teenager because her parents could not control her eating has died aged 20

Samantha Packham's parents Malcolm and Jan, of Brighton, have spoken out following their daughter's death this summer, saying they paid 'the worst price' for failing to get a grip on her eating.

American comedian comes under fire for calling the women who have accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them 'bitches' who were 'un-rape-able'

Damon Wayans was talking to Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club on Friday, when he slammed the Bill Cosby accusers and asked why they had waited 40 years to come forward.

A different side of Amy Winehouse: New exhibit reveals family portraits and record collection of the talented late singer

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait reveals unseen photographs of late singer

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait was curated by the Jewish Museum of London with the help of Amy's brother. It features unseen photographs, backstage passes Amy collected as she began to perform, her favorite outfits, and a beloved vinyl and CD collection that includes both expected soul and jazz greats but also a Mickey Mouse Club album and a mixtape she made when she was 13-years-old. The exhibit is currently at the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum.

'He had the focus of a monk but none of the empathy': New Steve Jobs documentary reveals the Apple founder's 'bold, brilliant and brutal' sides

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (inset) says he didn't set out to vilify Jobs in The Man in The Machine but the film paints an unflattering portrait of a ruthless figure fueled by ego and ambition.

Brother of 'hoodie' who mocked David Cameron with a gun gesture in 2007 has been shot in the legs after a doorstep attack

Ryan Florence's 18-year-old brother, Ashley, was shot in both legs last month in an attack in Wythenshawe, Manchester. A 23-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder.

Indianapolis Zoo put into 'code red' lockdown after a cheetah escaped from its exhibit area

About 9.40 local time on Sunday, a four-year-old male cheetah named Pounce jumped into a fenced grassy area next to its primary exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Jet2 bans 14 passengers for life after their 'aggressive and verbally abusive behaviour' on flight from Glasgow to Tenerife forced plane to divert to Portugal

Jet2 claimed the unruly men were 'aggressive and verbally abusive' towards flight attendants, and the captain decided to divert amid concerns about the safety of staff and other travellers.

Australian victim reveals a great white 'eyeballed' him throughout a terrifying attack where it jumped out of the water and grabbed his ankle

Black Head Beach shark attack survivor David Quinlivan

Retired firefighter David Quinlivan, 65, (pictured) feared he would bleed to death after he was knocked off his surf ski and bitten by the shark at Black Head Beach in Forster, four hours north of Sydney. His best friend Gary Jones said the champion surf lifesaver from Newcastle revealed how he saw a 'silver flash' before the shark bit his left ankle and started violently shaking its head. A woman heroically ran into the water to rescue Mr Quinlivan, pictured (right) is blood spattered on his surf ski. After he made it back to safety on dry land, Mr Quinlivan was airlifted to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle for emergency surgery.

FORTY passengers and crew injured after Qatar Airways plane was rocked by severe turbulence

Three children and two flight attendants were among those who suffered minor injuries such as abrasions on the flight from Doha, Qatar to Manila, Philippines, local media reported.

British charities set to ban aggressive fundraising tactics and create 'opt in system' after public outrage over the targetting of vulnerable people

A number of top British charities are set to introduce an 'opt in' system designed prevent them from using aggressive fundraising tactics and passing on people's details.

The moment a drunk thug films himself kicking a wild rabbit across a field in act of 'sheer, unadulterated brutality'

Zamual Mallinson, of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, boots the animal through the air before it lands with a sickening thud as men laugh in the background in the sickening footage.

Immortalised in verse: Pam Ayres's home goes on sale for £2.5m as the poet and her husband downsize

Pam Ayres, the poet loved for her deceptively simple style and distinctive Berkshire accent, has immortalised the house she is selling for £2.5million in verse.

Marketing executive, 26, loses leg and spent three weeks in a coma after sleepwalking to her Mini Cooper and crashing into a tree

Marketing executive spent three weeks in a coma and lost a leg after sleepwalking to her

Kelly Jackson, 26, spent three weeks in a coma, suffered brain injuries and needed her right leg amputated after sleepwalking to her Mini and crashing it into a tree in Billesley, Birmingham. The terrifying incident occurred after she spent the night with friends and went home to bed, only to wake up and sleepwalk to her car.

Archaeologists discover 2,800-year-old 'burial jars' in Turkey... but what gruesome find lies inside?

Turkish archaeologists find Kingdom of Uratu  pithos tombs during excavation

Historians believe they have uncovered a series of burial chambers in Turkey dating back to the Kingdom of Uratu, which ruled the country from the mid-ninth century until its defeat by the Medes. Archaeologist are now carrying out the painstaking task of unearthing the pithos chambers, which are like large ceramic jars (above main). They have been discovered in the town of Vans (inset), which was the capital of the ancient kingdom.

JFK Jr was blackmailed into standing by Kennedy cousin accused of rape and was forced to support him in court against mother Jackie O's wishes, new book claims

When William Kennedy Smith was accused of raping Patricia Bowman in Florida after a night out of drinking with uncle Ted Kennedy, JFK Jr was blackmailed into supporting him, a new book claims.

Madonna's gay brother defends jailed Kentucky clerk who refused marriage licences for same-sex couples

Christopher Ciccone, 54, posted a Facebook message saying Kim Davis should be given the right to deny the licenses citing her 'religious freedom'.

US warns Putin's foreign minister against dangers of increased aid to Syria's Assad as Russia is 'setting up forward operating base' in war-torn country

Secretary of State John Kerry called Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday and the State Department said that he had issued a warning about increased military presence in Syria.

Eight patients died after waiting on trolleys for 12 hours at a hospital linked to the Stafford deaths


A total of 731 patients were subjected to delays of 12 hours or more after arriving at the A&E; department of Royal Stoke University Hospital in Staffordshire, in January and February.

'My crib is almost finished in AFRICA!' Bankrupt 50 Cent reveals palatial new overseas home

50 Cent shows off his new home in Africa amidst bankruptcy

50 Cent (center) may be embroiled in lawsuits and bankruptcy in the United States, but the same might not apply overseas. The 40-year-old rapper revealed on Saturday that he was building a new house somewhere in Africa, posting a video of the palatial abode (left and right) to Instagram. Meanwhile, the rapper has been trying to offload his multi-million-dollar estate in Connecticut while countering $24million in lawsuits with a bankruptcy filing.

Michigan student fed-up with $800-a-month rent on campus BUILT his own tiny house - and now uses solar power and compost toilet to live off the grid

Christopher Cerk, a 21-year-old junior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, said living right next to his institution didn't suit him and was a waste of money too. So he spent $13,000 on a mini-home.

Attempt by US brothers to kill their parents fails as father distracts them while mother calls police

Police arrived and took 22-year-old Christopher Ervin and 17-year-old Cameron Ervin into custody after the alleged attack on their mother Yvonne Ervin and father Zachary Ervin on Saturday in Georgia.

Beachgoers band together to try and save great white shark stranded on Massachusetts beach 

Massachusetts beachgoers try to save great white shark stranded on Cape Cod beach

The shark was found at White Crest Beach in Wellfleet on Sunday. People continuously poured water over it and even dug out a stream in the sand to try and get it back in the water. Despite their best efforts, the 10 to 12-foot long shark did not survive. Police said the shark already appeared sick or injured when it was first found on the beach.

U.S. diplomat who fled to Australia after being accused of the cruel slavery and sexual abuse of her African housekeeper settles out of court for seven-figure sum

Linda Howard (pictured) and her husband Russell were ordered to pay $3.3 million in damages in 2012 after the maid said she was repeatedly raped by Mr Howard at the embassy in Tokyo.

Hilarious video of a confused man who doesn't know what E-Y-E-S spells takes the internet by storm - but even he finds it funny when he realises how stupid he's been

A New Zealand man who is adamant that the letters E-Y-E-S spells 'e-yes,' has gone viral in a hysterical video that has been shared more than 16,000 times in 24-hours after his friend filmed his confusion.

Would you eat FISH ice cream? The world's oddest puddings revealed (but don't worry, they're not all as bad as Japan's frozen seafood dessert)

From Australia's glow-in-the-dark dessert to the Philippines's cheesy sorbet, some of the oddest frozen puddings in the world are revealed. And not all of them sound like a treat for the taste buds.

New Jersey couple finally return home after insurance nightmare left them stranded in Portugal for THREE MONTHS when twins were born 13 weeks early

Kim and Fred Spratt touched down in Teterboro, New Jersey, in a private jet on Sunday after weeks of heartache which saw one of their premature twins, Hudson, die.

Chinese Shaolin monk runs on water for 125 metres... breaking his own record by five metres 

Chinese Shaolin monk runs on water for 125 metres in video

Shi Liliang, a monk from the Shaolin temple in eastern Quanzhou city, used 200 floating plywood planks to assist his feat, which requires him to move quickly and tread incredibly lightly to succeed (main image). Wearing only a pair of black shorts and with his arms outstretched for balance, Shi Liliang sprinted across a wide river in front of a large, cheering crowd who were willing him to succeed (inset).

Woman urinating between subway cars dies at Grand Central

The woman lost her footing and slipped on the trackbed as the soundbound 4 train was leaving the station, police said. She was declared dead at the scene around 2am on Sunday.

Forget dieting, now there's SUN eating: Worrying new 'health' fad sees Chinese women replacing food with staring into the sun to lose weight

Women in Hong Kong are staring at the sun in the hope that its energy will replace the need for food. They also believe the practice improves their vision and sleep quality.

Paul Gambaccini says sex claims inquiry was a Soviet-style witch hunt: DJ hits back after he was arrested but not prosecuted


Paul Gambaccini yesterday claimed he was the victim of a Soviet-style 'witch hunt' following his arrest over historical child sex abuse allegations.

He makes a pretty woman, but Eddie Redmayne fails to win out hearts: BRIAN VINER reviews The Danish Girl 

The Danish Girl, though in some thematic ways similar to The King's Speech, does not deserve to sweep up awards like Hooper's 2010 triumph, writes BRIAN VINER.

Marquess of Bath's Longleat heir has not spoken to his mother since she claimed his marriage to his half-Nigerian wife would ruin '400 years of bloodline'

Marquess of Bath's Longleat heir has not spoken to his mother since marriage

Ceawlin Thynn, 41, said he fell out with his mother, the Marchioness of Bath, after she questioned his marriage to half-Nigerian wife Emma McQuiston, 29 (together right), over claims of him ruining '400 years of bloodline'. Viscount Weymouth said the row resulted in him banning his 71-year-old mother (right with the Marquess of Bath) from attending his wedding and from seeing the couple's 11-month-old son, John. The row erupted when Viscount Weymouth approached his mother in the drawing room of the Elizabethan country house at the sprawling estate in Wiltshire (inset) and informed her he planned to marry the daughter of a Nigerian oil tycoon.

Who's driving this thing? 51 people cram into back and front seats of classic VW camper to set world record 

People of all ages were packed into the 1974 vehicle like sardines for their Guinness World Record-breaking attempt during the Busfest van festival in Malvern, Worcestershire, yesterday.

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has treated 1,000 wounded Syrians - but refuses to take in refugees because the country is 'too small'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country was 'not indifferent' to the migrant crisis but resolutely claimed his country must defend its borders.

Aussie tennis bad boy Bernard Tomic gets a standing ovation at US Open after fist-pumping opponent for an amazing shot

Bernard Tomic of Australia has crashed out of the US Open but not before featuring in the sporting moment of the tournament (pictured) with 12th seed Richard Gasquet of France.

Colin Powell calls Iran nuclear agreement 'a pretty good deal' while Jewish chairwoman of the DNC also gives pact her endorsement

Already a done deal in Congress, Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz of the DNC offered a written endorsement of the pact while Powell called the agreement 'a pretty good deal' on Meet The Press.

Meet the youngest ever Dragons' Den contestants: Sisters aged just 12 and 14 will appear on tonight's show with a gadget that makes sure children ride their bikes safely

Dragons' Den contestants Sky and Kia Ballantyne present their 'Crikey Bikey' gadget

Inventor Sky Ballantyne, 12, and her sister Kia, 14, of Ross-on-Wye, will present their innovative gadget Crikey Bikey to the formidable Dragons on the popular television show on Sunday. The harness allows the parent to run alongside their child only adding pressure when the little one is about to fall - meaning they learn to balance quicker. Remarkably, the ingenious idea started out as Sky's homework assignment.

Reform in personal banking is finally on the way - but could it spell the end of the free account?

Customers at the counter of the London Joint City and Midland Bank.

Banking in Britain is changing. Next month we will see a glimpse of the future when proposed improvements are announced - affecting anyone with a current account.

Do you know your LOL from you PAL? Government is launching a social media dictionary to help parents understand their children's online code 

The language guide will decode terms that are often used by youngsters online when using anonymous chat rooms to disclose personal details or sending intimate pictures.

Kansas State officials apologise after their marching band formation ended up looking like male genitalia 

Kansas State apologizes after the marching band formed male genitalia

Kansas State's marching band has apologized for performing a surprisingly explicit half-time formation. Director Frank Tracz insists the troupe had been trained to depict a Jayhawk, their main rival's mascot, in battle with a spaceship. However, the ship bore an uncanny resemblance to male genitalia - and as it 'attacked' it looked like it was entering the Jayhawk's mouth.

Mother nature and her wild child: Arizona woman, 25, climbs mountains across America with her little daughter on her back 

Morgan Brechler, 25, from Phoenix, Arizona, has conquered some of America's most famous national parks with her daughter Hadlie since she was just a few months old.

The Man burns! Burners watch 60ft effigy go up in flames and now prepare for desert exodus as hedonistic festival winds down 

Just a week after Burners made their pilgrimage to the desert in Black Rock City, Nevada, the festival's 60ft Burning Man statue was set alight in front of approximately 70,000 revelers.

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Student who hoped to raise £13,000 for his 'Swiss Army Knife' travel jacket raises £6.05 MILLION - making it Kickstarter's most funded clothing project ever

MBA student Hiral Sanghavi raises $9.19m for his 'Swiss Army Knife' travel jacket

Hiral Sanghavi, 29, center, used the popular Kickstarter website to fund his BauBax travel jacket after it got a lot of publicity. It has quickly become the site's most funded clothing project with nearly 45,000 backers and he will soon start selling four different styles of the jacket.

Italy's most alluring lake: Stunning Maggiore is brilliant for breathtaking scenery and culture (but don't mind the bells that sound as a daily wake-up call)

Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Lake Maggiore in Italy: a vast bowl of blue water ringed with rolling mountains, which can be reached by a drive through France and Switzerland.

Mums can go to teen shops too! Think you're too old for the stores teenagers love? Nonsense, says this 51-year-old

Eve Ahmed thought the clothes shops her girls loved would leave her looking like mutton dressed as lamb. But she was wrong - here she shows you what you should buy.



Creepy crawlies as you've never seen them before: Tiny microscope that could revolutionise the way objects are magnified is put to the test in the Amazon rainforest

Foldscope shows Amazon rainforest's insects as you've never seen them before

Foldscope was tested out by US field biologist Aaron Pomerantz, who spent a month in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest where he used the device to capture a series of striking images. The 25-year-old used it to take pictures of ants protecting a mealybug (left) and a close-up image of an Aphid, also known as plant lice (right). The device is 70mm x 20mm in size and weighs just 0.3oz - much lighter than a traditional microscope at around 512oz.

The donkey who thinks he's a dog! Three-year-old Dougie has the run of the house and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles... and watching tennis

Dougie is a three-year-old miniature donkey who lives with his owners Cal and Tom Stockbridge in Pickering, Yorkshire, where he has run of the house and goes for walks.

'Every rose is for every abortion I had there': Michelle Knight tells the harrowing stories behind each of her tattoos - which she got after being rescued from 'house of horrors'

Michelle Knight's tattoos tell the harrowing story of her 11-year imprisonment inside Ariel Castro's house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio, during which she lived in chains and had five forced miscarriages.

That's one way to blend in!: Talented bodypainter undergoes mammoth tour across the United States painting people to blend in with a range of backdrops in every state

Natalie Fletcher tours the U.S. painting people in every state

Natalie Fletcher's '100 Bodies Across America' project lasted 200 days, covered 30,000 miles and required 140 different models. The artist, who hails from from Bend, Oregon seamlessly blends her subjects into a range of backgrounds, making it deceptively difficult for the naked eye to spot the humans in the pictures.