'I sold my house to fund my campaign': six female politicians on the fallout from one of the most dramatic elections to date


'Every town needs a Doc Martin - just don't try living with him': Caroline Catz on being half of TV's most-loved on-off couple

As the hugely popular series returns to our screens, the actress - who plays the Doc's long-suffering wife - tells what it's like to be half of TV's most-loved on-off couple.

'My life has been good, bad, painful and tragic': Dallas actress Linda Gray on how it took her two decades to leave her emotionally abusive husband

Linda Gray has had almost as many ups and downs as her Dallas character Sue Ellen. Now in her riveting new book, she explores sex, mental abuse and the secrets to staying young.

No always means no: With thousands of rapists escaping conviction each year in the UK, it's time to ditch the grey area of dubious sexual consent, says one writer

Around 85,000 women are raped or suffer serious sexual assault each year in England and Wales. Louise O'Neill, herself a victim, argues that it's time to do away with the grey area.

Spotlight on Olivia Cooke, star of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The talented 21-year-old actress from Oldham is a tragi-comic tour de force in the highly acclaimed new comedy drama Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

Emotional ties with bestselling novelist Kate Mosse

The writer on a girlie weekend in New York, experiments in taxidermy, her connection to Beatrix Potter, leaking feather boas and why she can't go anywhere without her platform shoes.

Meet the petal-packing superheroes: The women turning unwanted blooms into bouquets for those in need of a boost

Floral Angels: The women turning unwanted blooms into bouquets for those in need of a

They're the mighty flower power arrangers with a mission that's as green as it is good: to turn blooms destined for the bin into beautiful bouquets for those most in need of a boost. Jo Fairley catches up with the Floral Angels

Quickfire with comedian and author Julian Clary

Julian Clary on living in a 15th-century manor once owned by Noël Coward, winning Celebrity Big Brother, being starstruck by Sigourney Weaver and living in the moment.

FRONT ROW: Dree Hemingway admits she is 'a bit of a tomboy'


Dree Hemingway is an actress and model (and great-granddaughter of Ernest) who manages to nail the nonchalant look with a smile.

Fashion Forward: It's high street, but not as we know it 


YOU's Alisha Hockenjos checks out the latest limited collections from your favorite high-street stores.

Charlie Gladstone: 'Forget the high life, we prefer the good life'

Charlie may be descended from the late great prime minister and live in a castle, but he and his wife have prospered by following a more down-to-earth path.

'I can't be 100 per cent photo-ready all the time': Lily Collins tells us how her famous father Phil prepared her for the glare of the celebrity spotlight

The actress doesn't let the paparazzi stop her from loving her life. She tells Kerry Potter how growing up with her superstar dad Phil has prepared her for the glare of the celebrity spotlight.



'The Prince, my lovers and the world's sexiest dress': How Diane von Furstenberg went from partying princess to fashion powerhouse

She was the jet-setting 70s party girl who divorced a prince, married a billionaire, and had a string of Hollywood-hunk lovers. She is now one of the world's most influential fashion designers.

Join Simone Pérèle for an evening of lingerie and luxury

Exclusively for YOU: be the first to see the new Simone Pérèle lingerie collection, indulge in beauty treatments and enjoy prosecco and canapés at Fenwick of Bond Street.

Quickfire Q&A; with Hairy Biker Dave Myers

The star on France, fishcakes, watching a meteorite shower with Dennis Hopper, his inspirational art teacher and fancying Fiona Bruce.