Shocking moment hijab-wearing woman is attacked from behind and knocked to the floor unconscious as police reveal huge rise in hate crimes against Muslims in Britain

Hijab-wearing woman knocked to the floor unconscious in Newham

Tasneem Kabir suffered broken teeth and a smashed lip after she was hit by Michael Ayoade, 34, as she walked to college in Plaistow, Newham, on the afternoon of November 13, 2012. He was arrested after police released CCTV footage of the horrific attack (left), which showed Ayoade jogging away from the scene as Miss Kabir lay unconscious on the ground (right). Miss Kabir's assault is an example of the Islamaphobic attacks that are becoming increasingly common in the capital.

BREAKING NEWS: Cameron reveals 'Cardiff jihadi' was killed by RAF drone strike on ISIS capital to stop 'direct threat' to British people

British jihadi killed in drone strike in an 'act of self defence'

Reyaad Khan, 21, from Cardiff, was killed in response to a 'direct threat' to the British people. Two other ISIS militants were also killed in the drone strike in Raqqa on August 21. Mr Cameron defended the decision to launch military action in Syria without asking for MPs to approval airstrikes in advance.

Britain to open the doors to 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020, Cameron reveals as he raids foreign aid budget to house them

Migrants walk along a dirt road after crossing the Macedonian-Greek border near Gevgelija, Macedonia

In a statement to MPs, the Prime Minister said the whole country had been deeply moved by 'heartbreaking' images of refugees fleeing for their lives as he

Think you're a good driver? Take this psychological test to find out if you're a 'punisher', an 'escapee' or a know-it-all

The seven personalities are: the teacher, know-it-all, competitor, punisher, philosopher, avoider and the escapee. A flow diagram of the quiz created is pictured above

Psychologists at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and tyre manufacturer Goodyear created an interactive quiz to detail seven types of driving personality.

Former teacher slams 'lazy parents' who let their five-year-old children start school in nappies... because they STILL haven't been potty trained

Susan Elkin, a retired secondary school English teacher, said it is 'unfair' for teachers to be given the job of potty training older children. Mrs Elkin also said it is 'demeaning' for the children themselves.

British holidaymaker 'is ambushed by a group of men and raped' after leaving a nightclub in Mallorca 

The 22-year-old British holidaymaker had reportedly left a popular nightclub in the resort of Port d'Alcúdia, Mallorca, when she was ambushed by a group of men in the early hours of Saturday.

Woman watched in horror as her friend was killed by falling rock as they celebrated end of exams with a cheese and wine picnic on the beach 

Woman watched in horror as her friend was killed by falling rock as they celebrated end of

Martha Ormerod (right), 25, was drinking Prosecco on the beach at Llantwit Major, south Wales, when her friend Georgina Le Fjord (left) was hit by a rock in June. The 23-year-old was killed almost immediately despite witnesses battling to revive her. In an inquest, which returned a verdict of accidental death, Miss Ormerod said she was 'shocked' at the sight of her friend covered in blood and spoke of her horror at trying to revive Miss Le Fjord as she lay beneath the cliffs (inset).

Could vitamin C be a replacement for EXERCISE? A daily Berocca 'is as effective as walking in improving the heart health of obese people'

Scientists at the University of Colorado found a slow-release daily dose of 500mg of vitamin C had the same benefits on an obese person's heart health as taking regular exercise.

Will hackers make self-driving cars CRASH? Vehicles are tricked into seeing 'ghost' obstacles using just a laser pointer

Security expert Jonathan Petit developed the proof-of-concept attack at the University of Cork. His findings are due to be presented at November's Black Hat conference in Amsterdam.

Britain's top family judge rules that a single father has NO rights over his own son and names the surrogate mother he paid £20,000 to as the child's only legal guardian 

The British man, who can't be named, paid £30,000 to become a father. But Sir James Munby (pictured) dismissed his claim at the High Court in London, saying only the boy's mother can be sole parent.

'Our baby was swapped at birth': DNA test reveals British father's son was switched for darker-skinned baby hours after his wife gave birth in El Salvador hospital - then sold by people traffickers

Richard Cushworth’s son was switched at birth in El Salvador hospital and then sold

Richard Cushworth and his wife Mercedes Casanellas welcomed a son at a hospital in San Salvador in May this year, but say they immediately noticed that something was wrong. The couple, (top right with their 'swapped' child) who live in Dallas, Texas, waited three months before they took a DNA test - which proved the child handed to them by hospital staff has a 0.00 per cent probability of being related to either of them. They now fear their light-skinned baby (pictured left and bottom right) was snatched deliberately by staff at the Ginecologico private hospital in the country's capital San Salvador to sell to child traffickers. Ms Casanella's obstetrician-gyneacologist, Dr Alejandra Guidos, who the couple accuse of masterminding the plot, was arrested on Thursday. The country's Attorney General has now ordered a criminal investigation .

Morrisons faces furious backlash from women after moving New Scientist magazine to MEN'S section

Biology graduate Sophia Anam, from Leeds, has accused the store of giving young girls 'an awful message' after she took a photo of her local branch's shelves and posted it on Facebook.

Is YOUR job leading you to an early grave? Stress at work is 'as damaging to health as second-hand smoke'

Working long hours or conflict between work and family life raises the odds of an early death by 20 per cent - higher than second-hand smoke exposure - experts from Harvard Business School found.

Eight-months-pregnant woman forced to stand on train for more than half an hour because businessman refused to get out of the seat she'd booked 

Eight-months-pregnant woman stands on train as man refused to leave booked seat

Mhari-Claire Doolan (left), who is 34 weeks pregnant with her first child, boarded the train from Birmingham New Street (right) to Manchester Piccadilly around 5.30pm on August 26. The 29-year-old showed the man her ticket, which had proof of her reservation on, but claimed he then 'laughed in her face' and refused to move until he got to his stop. Miss Doolan, from Manchester, said she was left embarrassed and concerned she would have to stand for the entire hour-and-a-half journey.

Councils plotting to block summer-born children delaying their school start because it is 'neater'

Schoolchildren sitting on classroom floor with teacher teaching them to read from a book

Councils have plotted to dissuade parents from holding back their four-year-olds over fears that they could 'open up the floodgates' to other families, according to campaigners.

Missing ballot papers in Labour leadership contest trigger call from one contender to delay the result by THREE days

Labour leadership contenders (left - right) Jeremy Corbyn, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham
after a live debate on Sky News held at Sage in St Mary's Square, Gateshead. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday September 3, 2015. Photo credit should read: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline has learned that one leadership campaign wants a delay over claims a large number of members, including senior former Cabinet ministers, have not received papers.

X Factor 'country bumpkin farmer' contestant is revealed to be a trained soprano who has performed in musicals around Britain and even sung with Il Divo

X Factor contestant described as a ‘country bumpkin’ farmer is really a trained soprano

Hannah Kilminster (left) wowed judges after performing a note perfect rendition of Queen's Somebody to Love during the auditions stages of the reality TV show. The 30-year-old told the panel she had stuck to a life of mucking out cows, pigs and chickens on her family farm in Cirencester after disparaging teachers rubbished her hopes of a singing career. But, just minutes after her performance had aired on Saturday night, viewers had unearthed Ms Kilminster's online CV - which appeared to show she was a little more comfortable in the limelight than originally claimed. As well as claiming to have appeared on Britain's Got Talent as a backing singer in 2011, her online CV (right) claimed she has performed as a lead soprano with Il Divo at the Royal Albert Hall. Although initially impressed with her performance, viewers took to Twitter (bottom left and right) to criticise the singer and the show, with one calling branding her a 'fraud'.

Blocked! As cold callers begin waking victims in the dead of night - here's how to get your revenge

pix paul lewis;   Jonathan Stamp one of the residents of Market Harborough Leicestershire who recently reported being woken in the middle of the night by a spate of cold calls between 3-5am on their stamp pictured in the town centre.. ..

Jonathan stamp, a funeral director from Market Harborough, Leicestershire was one of hundreds of people recently rudely woken up in the early hours by an automated phone call.

Don't behave like a dictator, Tory MPs warn Cameron as they plot to prevent Prime Minister calling snap EU vote

The government is braced for defeat in a series of Commons votes tonight after angering Eurosceptics with its plans for the way the in-out vote will be run.

How hundreds of Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity to boost their chances of winning asylum in Germany

How Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity in Germany

Hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers have converted to Christianity at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood. LIke Mohammed Ali Zonoobi, most say true belief prompted their embrace of Christianity. But there's no overlooking the fact that the decision will also greatly boost their chances of winning asylum by allowing them to claim they would face persecution if sent home.

RAF bombers could strike against ISIS in Syria within weeks to stem the flow of refugees into Europe

MoD handout photo dated 27/09/14 of two RAF Tornado GR4's during OP SHADER the RAF's first combat mission against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Sunday September 28, 2014. See PA story POLITICS Terror. Photo credit should read: Cpl Neil Bryden RAF/RAF/MoD Crown Copyright/PA Wire 
NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond have agreed there is a 'strong case' for action in Syria.

France prepares for airstrikes against ISIS as it begins reconnaissance missions on terror targets in Syria

With several ISIS-connected terror attacks in France this year alone, Hollande (right) said the surveillance flights are intended to gather information on potential security threats.

Selfies on the shore: Refugees in lifejackets celebrate on the beach after reaching Greek island where thousands are waiting to enter Europe

The group of young men posed for a selfie on Eftalou beach in Lesbos after reaching the Greek island in a packed rubber boat with fellow migrants on Sunday evening.

Tens of thousands sign petition call for Britain to swap motormouth Katie Hopkins for 50,000 refugees after heartless 'I don't care' column

The petition was started after Hopkins wrote a controversial opinion piece, reacting to the death of hundreds of refugees who died on the way to the UK when their boat capsized.

Penned in with 13ft fences topped with razor wire: Migrants treated like prisoners in new 'Alien Holding Centre' as Hungary rounds up unrelenting wave of refugees across its border

Penned in with 13ft fences topped with razor wire: Migrants treated like prisoners in new

The new facility was described by authorities as a 'registration centre' where migrants can be held for some 24 hours in the town of Roszke on its border with Serbia. Under European Union rules, migrants are obliged to register in the first EU country they enter and remain there until their asylum requests are processed. Hungary said last week it was only sticking to the rules as it barred migrants from trains bound for western Europe, creating a huge backlog that on Friday became too much for overstretched police. But late on Friday, as Hungary began to deploy a huge convoy of buses, Austria said it had agreed with Germany 'in this case' to allow the migrants to continue their journeys. It was unclear on Sunday how long that leniency would last.

Schoolboy, 11, has been left unable to smile or laugh without suffering narcolepsy fits after he was given a nasal spray flu vaccine as part of a government scheme 

Bobby Hunter (pictured with parents Bob and Amanda) was 'happy-go-lucky' until inhaling a spray given to him at school in the Scottish Borders. Laughing now causes him to have terrifying seizures.

Eggheads quiz show star says he thinks he killed a homeless man who he threw into a canal while defending himself from mugging 

Eggheads star CJ de Mooi, 45, said he was threatened by his attacker, a homeless drug addict who was wielding a knife, during an attempted mugging while he was living in Amsterdam.

'I'm not dealing with this b****': Estate agent sent shockingly rude message about tenant who dared to ask for her burglar alarm to be fixed... but accidentally emailed her a copy

S&S Estates agent sent email about tenant but accidentally included her

Sarah Darlington, 29, pictured left, contacted S&S; Estates in Prestwich, Greater Manchester to ask for the broken burglar alarm in her flat to be fixed. But when she received a response from an agent she was shocked to see he had also accidentally sent earlier messages between him and his co-worker, including one that read 'I'm not dealing with this b****' (right).

Bizarre trick for the perfect boiled egg: You should STEAM it for six minutes to achieve a soft yolk (and never cook in fiercely bubbling water)

Many of us get it wrong when preparing eggs, resulting in yolks which are either too soft, or too hard. This graphic reveals that the best way to get a perfect egg is to steam it instead.

How to stop worries sabotaging your sleep: Britain's top sleep doctor reveals the blissfully easy ways to stop stress giving you insomnia

Henry Deedes has been struggling with sleeplessness for eight months, so he's relieved when Dr Guy Meadows, a sleep physiologist, gives him advice on how to deal with insomnia.

A rare glimpse of the Queen's private world: Candid photos show the monarch choosing curtains and working through her red boxes

Photos of the Queen show the monarch working through her red boxes

The previously unpublished images are the work of photographer David Secombe, 53, who took them while working on a BBC documentary called Elizabeth R over eight months in 1991. Among the candid snaps are pictures of the Queen choosing curtain material and watching TV at Holyroodhouse (left and right), reading through official correspondence at Buckingham Palace (top centre) and flying back to London after a politically sensitive visit to Northern Ireland (bottom centre).

Holidaymakers claim they were left terrified after Thomas Cook cabin crew 'discussed Shoreham Air Show disaster just before take-off'

Patrick Cartledge and Donna Elliott were looking forward to a week away in Lanzarote but the couple claim the start of their holiday was ruined when they overheard the cabin crew's conversation.

Revealed: Coroner for inquest into Shoreham airshow disaster was once JAILED for lying to get her detective boyfriend off a drink-drive charge

Penelope Schofield, 53, was jailed for three months after pretending she had driven Detective Constable Nigel Phillips's car when he crashed on the way home from a Christmas party.

Dutch supermodel, 33, fighting for her life after horror jet surf accident leaves her in a coma with severe head and spinal injuries - just one month after giving birth to a son

Yfke Sturm fighting for her life after jet surf accident leaves her in a coma

London-based Yfke Sturm suffered a fractured skull, severe spinal injuries and remains in a coma as doctors at a specialist hospital in the southern city of Naples continue to treat her.
Tragically the accident comes just one month after the 33-year-old gave birth to her first child, a son named Alexander (centre). Ms Sturm has walked the catwalk for huge international brands such as Victoria Secret (left and top and bottom right), Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel and Valentino.

Revealed: The British workers who now need TWO HUNDRED YEARS to save a deposit to buy a house

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

The average house price for a first-time buyer has topped more than £200,000 but banks are only willing to lend the equivalent of four and a half times average wages.

Stonehenge II is found! Radar search reveals giant monument from 4,500 years ago just one mile from famous Wiltshire site

The buried monoliths are each up to 15ft tall. Instead of being arranged in a circle as they are at Stonehenge, it is thought they once formed a long standing line.

'Being beautiful isn't easy': 20-year-old pens essay lamenting her 'pretty' looks, claiming people only focus on her 'blonde hair and 34DD breasts' and ignore her 'intelligence'

Woman pens Cosmopolitan essay lamenting her 'pretty' looks

Felicia Czochanski, 20, a junior at Fordham University, explained in an essay for that because of her 'blonde hair, big hazel eyes, 34DD breasts, and toned calves' she is constantly scrutinized, while her achievements go unnoticed. She claims that she spent years dulling down her appearance so that people would pay more attention to her academic and athletic accomplishments.

Pub manager who beat up a regular in a 'drink up' closing time row is now on trial for MURDER after his victim died two and a half years later

David Keane, 43, was seen on CCTV punching George Harris and jumping on his head during a dispute in July 2011 over whether he was taking too long to finish his drink.

Privately educated son of two police officers is jailed for dealing cannabis and ecstasy at university

Alex Wardle, originally from Nottingham, started selling drugs to clubbers while studying for an economics degree at the University of Hull. He was jailed for four years and four months.

Another royal baby on the way! Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria announces second pregnancy following weeks of speculation

The news of the impending royal birth was announced in a statement released by the Sveriges Kunghaus over the weekend and follows weeks of speculation in the European media.

The mother who is OUTRAGED that her girl, 13, was sent home from school for bizarre leopard-print hair - and claims it's a 'breach of her human rights'

Sheffield girl with leopard print hair is sent home from school

Lauren Mcdowell, left, has her head shaved on one side which is dyed brown and blonde in the pattern of a leopard's skin. On her first day of the new term, Forge Valley School, inset, in Sheffield, told her to leave classes. The school says it has a 'very clear uniform policy' which includes hairstyles, but Lauren's mother Yvonne, right, believes it breaches her human rights and is refusing to change her daughter's hairstyle.

Six members of an Asian child abuse gang are jailed for a total of 82 years after grooming white girls for sex in exchange for a 'milkshake or McDonald's'

The men, pictured, targeted vulnerable children in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire for sex secured with 'the price of a McDonald's, a milkshake and a cinema ticket', the Old Bailey heard.

Former Dragons' Den millionaire and ex advisor to Cameron Douglas Richard is charged with child abuse 

Doug Richards.
BBC Two, Tuesday 11th January 2005 Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service.  In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising Dragon's Den and provided the BBC is credited. Any use of this image on the internet or for any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising or other commercial uses, requires the prior written approval of the BBC.

Technology millionaire Doug Richard, 57, who appeared in the BBC show in 2005 and famously failed to invest a penny in its second series, was arrested in January.

Could a test reveal whether your newborn will grow up to be a PSYCHOPATH? Scientists claim that unemotional traits in babies can hint at future personality

Psychiatrists at Kings College London say babies that prefer looking at a ball to a human face are more likely to develop callous-unemotional characteristics.

How reading could be BAD for your child's eye sight: Scientists discover gene mutation that 'triggers short-sightedness in those who read more than an hour a day'

Scientists at Columbia University found those with a certain variant of the gene - called APLP2 - were five times more likely to develop myopia in their teens if they'd read an hour or more a day as a child.

British YouTube sensations tie the knot... with a BAN on social media: Vloggers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman stop guests sharing pictures of their secret ceremony

YouTubers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman marry, with guests including Zoella

The photographs of the vloggers' nuptials have only just surfaced after the wedding was hushed up. Guests included fellow internet stars Zoe Suggs, Alfie Deyes and Joe Suggs. Tanya, who runs a popular beauty and lifestyle channel, gracefully said 'I do' in a stunning lace Phillipa Lepley gown. Meanwhile groom Jim, best know for vlogging about pop culture and men's fashion, looked dapper in a tailored three-piece suit.

'I would never have shot Cecil if I knew he had a name': Lion killer dentist breaks his silence as he denies animal took 40 hours to die - and says he will be back to work on Tuesday


Walter Palmer, who went into hiding for weeks after killing the beloved African creature, said he will return to work within days - as he spoke out to insist Cecil did not lie dying for 40 hours but for 'just' one day.

SNP's Nicola Sturgeon attacks 'hideous and cruel' focus on her appearance - as she goes all blonde for glamorous Vogue photoshoot

The SNP leader told the fashion magazine that she was criticised over her appearance far more than male politicians and claimed the attacks were often 'hideous and quite cruel'.

'He's the most attractive man ever': Viewers take to social media to declare their lust for Strictly's newest pro Gleb Savchenko (but sorry ladies, the Russian is married)

Viewers take to social media to declare their lust for Strictly's newest pro Gleb

Russian hunk Gleb Savchenko has been hailed by viewers as the new Strictly heartthrob since joining the 13th series of the dance competition. Gleb, 31, who is married to fellow dancer Elena (right) has been paired with The One Show presenter Anita Rani (left) and arrives in the UK following stints at the US, Australian and Russian editions of the show. His British debut on BBC1 was greeted with a deluge of tweets from female fans who took to social media to praise his looks as well as his moves.

Strictly's Kirsty Gallacher reveals her body confidence plunged after two children and divorce from her rugby player ex-husband 

The 39-year-old Sky Sports presenter has told how she lost confidence in her shape after having two children, and the end of her 14-year relationship with former rugby ace Paul Sampson last year.

'Don't judge me on my looks': Star of TV dating show says no one will believe she's saving herself for The One... because she looks too glamorous to be a virgin

18-year-old Alex Marlow, from Birmingham, says that she is saving her virginity for The One, as she looks for love on brand new dating show E4's Young, Free and Single: LIVE.

How to end delays on the Tube... get rid of the trains: Architects develop radical plans to replace the entire 17-mile long Circle Line with a high-speed three-lane travelator - because it will be quicker 

Architects develop radical solution to replace Circle Line with a travelator

The team at City based NBBJ Architects believe that the problems on the often late-running London Underground line could be solved by replacing its trains with high-speed travelators (pictured, left). The concept would see tube trains replaced with three side-by-side electronic walkways (top right), moving at varying speeds (bottom right) to take commuters around the famous circular tube route. The result, NBBJ claim, would be considerably quicker, more enjoyable and healthier journeys.

Could a RING improve your sleep? £150 Oura monitors heart rate, temperature and movement to suggest lifestyle changes

The ceramic polymer ring, created by inventors in San Francisco, California, links to an app to give wearers personalised suggestions and goals to help them sleep better.

'Jaw dropping' skin cancer drug will now be available on the NHS - giving hope to thousands with advanced melanoma

Pembrolizumab, which harnesses the body's own immune system and teaches it to attack tumours, was today approved for use by drugs rationing watchdog Nice.

Whatever it was, it was close: Ryanair passenger films moment mystery object almost crashed into aircraft

Ryanair passenger films moment mystery object almost crashed into aircraft

The female traveller was flying out of Eindhoven Airport in The Netherlands, to Malaga in Spain. Around 10 minutes into the journey, the woman was on hand to film a small black object which can be seen flying close to the aircraft, passing in and around the wing of the jet.

This year we're going for a fortnight on the M5: Service station has become a destination in itself with families spurning the seaside to enjoy its waterfall, rolling country and delicious organic treats 

An English service station has become an unusual holiday destination in itself. Families are giving up their traditional seaside getaways to spend time at Gloucester Services on the M5.

Ford to add ANTI-SPIDER technology to its cars: New screen will stop fuel-sniffing creepy crawlies nesting in vehicles

The firm's 'spider screen' is being rolled out in Ford vehicles in North America and will be included in the global launch of the 2016 Ford Focus RS (pictured).

'I'll be back (again, and again, and again)': Our action heroes are getting OLDER as analysis reveals the average age of the stars of this year's blockbusters is 48

Stephen Follows has revealed the average age of action film stars is at its highest for two decades, as the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise still fronting blockbusters.

Amy Winehouse through her family's eyes: Tragic singer's relatives reveal intimate photos and never-before-seen memorabilia

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait was curated by the Jewish Museum of London with the help of Amy's brother. It features unseen photographs, her favourite outfits, and her beloved vinyl and CD collection.



World's former fattest man splits up with his fiancee after surgery to remove folds of skin left by his 46-stone weight loss - because he 'struggled to get motivated' in relationship

World's former fattest man Paul Mason splits up with fiancee

Paul Mason, 54, from Ipswich, Suffolk, lost 46 stone in five years after undergoing a gastric bypass in 2010. After years spent bedbound, he moved to America to be with his fiancée, Rebecca Mountain, who tracked him down online after she saw a television documentary about his extreme obesity.

Lions who were brutally abused and forced to perform in South American circuses are rescued and will be airlifted back to their African homeland 

A total of 33 lions who have been rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia, where they were subjected to abuse and cruel conditions are to be flown back to their African homeland.

Revealed: Peers who NEVER spoke in the House of Lords claimed £1.3 million in expenses last year

Queen Elizabeth II sits alongside the Duke of Edinburgh as she delivers her speech in the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday May 27, 2015. See PA story POLITICS Speech. Photo credit should read: Alastair Grant/PA Wire

Peers are entitled to claim £300 a day for attending Parliament - even if they do not speak or vote in any debate. Between 2010 to 2015, 30 peers claimed more than £750,000 without ever speaking.

Married Holocaust survivors brutally beaten in savage Amsterdam robbery as attackers shouted 'dirty Jews' and left them blinded and confined to wheelchairs

Dutch police have launched an investigation after two armed men claiming to be police officers forced their way into the home of Auschwitz survivors Shmuel Blog, 87 and his wife Diana, 86.

The million-year-old monkey: Scientists date mysterious cat-sized fossil found in an underwater cave

The University of Melbourne worked with institutions around the world to date remains of a shin bone belonging to the Hispaniola monkey found in the Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic.

WhatsApp hits 900 million users: Messaging app DOUBLES its downloads since being bought by Facebook last year

The milestone was announced by WhatsApp's co-founder Jan Koum on Facebook. The app has added an extra 100 million users since April this year.

Cheers! Mother completes UK's longest pub crawl after raising a glass in every one of Britain's 656 Red Lions

Cathy Price from Preston, Lancashire, has spent almost five years and more than £16,000 criss-crossing the country in her quest to visit the 656 pubs that share the nation's most common pub name.

'Thinly veiled guides to getting away with rape': Online petition calling for Amazon to ban 'repugnant' books by pick up artist Roosh V is signed by 200,000 people

Author and 'pick-up artist' Daryush Valizadeh, from Washington, known as Roosh V, flippantly described having sex with a woman who was too drunk to consent in his new book Bang Iceland.

Cure for alcoholism now one step closer: Scientists pinpoint specific cells in the brain that make drinkers crave more booze

Scientists at Texas A&M; College of Medicine have identified the specific dopamine receptors in the brain that influence a person's desire to drink more alcohol, paving the way for new drug therapies.

Canadian candidate secretly caught on camera URINATING into a coffee cup whilst working as a repairman

A Conservative candidate running in the Canadian elections has been left embarrassed after footage emerged of him urinating into a coffee cup. Jerry Bance was working as an appliance repairman.

More sex please, we're British! Viewers complain the BBC's adaption of Lady Chatterley's Lover was 'like Teletubbies' because there wasn't enough nudity

More sex please, we're British! Viewers complain the BBC's adaption of Lady Chatterley's

It is the notorious novel which has been forever associated with sex, scandal and a much-publicised obscenity trial. But the new BBC adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover appears to have shocked viewers for all the wrong reasons - with many complaining that there wasn't enough nudity. The programme, which aired last night, left viewers dismayed, with one comparing it to a 'CBBC version' - and another suggesting the remake was like a 'Teletubbies version' of the erotic novel (inset top). One viewer was so disappointed with the nudity content - or lack thereof (main picture and inset bottom) - that they described the 90-minute programme as 'as salacious as the abrasions of two blocks of wood'. Another merely stated that the hotly-anticipated show - which was billed as a 'raunchy' adaptation - did not contain 'nearly enough filth'. Defending his new restrained adaptation, writer Jed Mercurio had said he was moving towards 'emotional content' rather than scenes of a sexual nature. The book was eventually published in Britain in 1960 following a six-day trial at the Old Bailey in which publishers Penguin was prosecuted for obscenity.

Houston model has America's longest legs at a staggering 49 INCHES

Sports-loving Lauren, from Houston, Texas, revealed she has always had longer legs than others her age and believes she has a strong claim for America's longest.

Saved! A 1,000-pound polar bear entangled in fishing net is rescued on remote Arctic island 

The 1,000 pound polar bear became entangled in fishing net and it took a coordinated effort from two government agencies plus local villages to save him.

Is the 'Filth Taco' the world's most unhealthy fast food? Legendary meal in Mexico City contains so much fat six customers have suffered heart attacks in two years

A delicacy containing beef, coriander and limes may sound fresh and healthy, but don't let this fool you - the restaurant cooks using week-old animal fat and regular customers have suffered heart attacks.

How fast are YOU ageing? Simple blood test calculates 'if you're growing old too quickly - and could predict if you'll suffer dementia'

The test works out a patient's 'biological age' compared to their actual age - and could be used to reveal if they are at future risk of dementia, according to experts at Kings College London.

Who's driving this thing? 51 people cram into back and front seats of classic VW camper to set world record 

People of all ages were packed into the 1974 vehicle like sardines for their Guinness World Record-breaking attempt during the Busfest van festival in Malvern, Worcestershire, yesterday.

You've been slicing your watermelon all WRONG: Vlogger reveals how to skin the fruit in four simple steps... but it's not quite as it seems

YouTube star Mark Rober has revealed a clever way to skin a watermelon. The four-minute clip on his channel Creativity, Science, Design has received more than 18,000 views.

Girl, 11, who suffered severe head injuries in Spain's worst rally disaster dies in hospital - taking the death toll to seven

At least 3 dead in Carral Spain, after a rally car crashes into crowd. 
Taken from open web pages, links below taken without permission at the request of the Newsdesk, please legal before publishing

The youngster, named locally as Uxia, had been in a critical condition with severe head injuries since the Saturday's crash in the small town of Carral, in Galicia, in the north west of the country.

The mother-of-two you will NEVER believe is 51! Chef who looks decades younger says she is proof of the age-defying effects of eating food packed with spices

Chef Anjula Devi says she is proof of the age-defying effects of food with spices

Chef Anjula Devi (centre), 51, from west London, believes that the secret to her amazingly youthful looks lies in her traditional Indian diet filled with herbs and spices such as (left top and bottom): turmeric and cumin, and (right, top and bottom): chillies and cassia bark. She says British 'curries' bear little resemblance to authentic Indian cooking, which is based on fresh vegetables and greens without any artificial colours. The cookery school founder said: 'The biggest sign that these spices keep you young is that I'm living proof of it - although I hate saying it!'

Even at 14, the referee's a ******: Schoolgirl official horrified by volleys of abuse directed at her from parents on the sidelines 

Emily Dyke, pictured, from Guisborough, North Yorkshire, was close to quitting refereeing after the verbal volleys, despite her love of refereeing. Her dad watched on in horror as his daughter was abused.

Charles Kennedy's partner says drinking culture in the House of Commons led to former Lib Dem leader's death 

Carole Macdonald, who discovered Mr Kennedy's body at his home in Caol, has claimed that the atmosphere in Westminster 'normalised' drinking to excess and contributed to his death.

Turn your phone into a BODYGUARD: Companion app virtually accompanies you on journeys and warns friends and family if you're in trouble

Companion, developed in Michigan, is free on iOS and Android. Users must enter their number to sign up to the service. Although the app was designed in the US, it works with international numbers.

Taxpayer-funded Network Rail made £13MILLION in three years by charging passengers 30p to use the toilet at stations

The part taxpayer-funded company, which was formally renationalised last year, charges travellers between 30p and 50p to use facilities at some stations across the country.

Married father of three caught on CCTV walking into stables just moments before he sexually assaulted a horse

Alan Blackman, 31, was arrested after the animal was found injured and in need of veterinary treatment at a farm stables in Redenhall, Norfolk, on August 6.

Key suspect in deadly Bangkok bombing publicly 'confesses' to charges of possessing illegal explosives after a week of military interrogation

Shortly after being transferred to police custody today after a week of military interrogation, Yusufu Mierili, 25, was told to publicly acknowledge the charge against him.

New e-cigarette warning: Teenagers are now using the devices to vape cannabis oil - which is 'more potent than smoking pot'

Scientists at Oberlin College in Ohio found students who use e-cigarettes are twice as likely to use the devices to vape hash oil - which is stronger than regular marujuana that is smoked.

Want glowing skin? Grab the tomato ketchup! The humble condiment has many surprising uses - including cleaning saucepans and conditioning hair

After Sarah Vine revealed that ketchup can fix sun-bleached hair she ignited a storm of interest. Tessa Cunningham explores ketchup's many surprising uses - from cleaning rust to face masks.

At least they won't have to worry about cold callers! Welsh village has no broadband or mobile reception... and now a lightning strike has left them without their landlines 

Around 28 homes in the village of Staylittle in Powys have not been able to use their landlines for two weeks because of a fault, prompting residents to accuse BT of not responding quickly.

Shocking moment 'drunk' holidaymaker was wheeled out of hotel on luggage trolley after 'trashing room' in front of stunned guests

'Drunk' Scottish holidaymaker wheeled out of Philippines hotel

Footage captured by a Scottish expat shows the man being dumped onto the pavement outside the hotel, in the Philippines, and put in an ambulance because he could not fit inside a police van. Ian Maclean, who recorded the video, said the shocked guests went into the man's room and discovered two empty bottles of whisky.

Lesbian mother who wanted blonde baby sues clinic after giving birth to mixed-race girl: She was impregnated with sperm from black donor after clerical error 

Jennifer Cramblett selected a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed donor labelled No 380. But she was given the vials of a black donor after clerical mix-up at clinic in Ohio.

Anorexic schoolgirl told by bullies to 'kill herself' because she was ginger ends up being tube fed after dropping to just 6st

Jasmine Green, 15, from Bedford, developed crippling anorexia after bullies told her to 'cut or hang' herself because of her ginger hair and goth-style clothes.

Poodle savaged in horrifying attack by American bulldog as she tried to save her 10-month-old puppy 

Pippie, three, was outside with puppy Pierre in Bolton, Greater Manchester, on Sunday night when an American bulldog attacked them, leaving both dogs with brutal injuries.

Images of ghostly children and animals appear in the window of convict site Port Arthur in Tasmania - where 35 people were killed in the world's largest mass shooting

Ghostly sightings of three young children have been captured standing in a window in one of Australia's most haunted places. The image shows creepy silhouettes at Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Beachgoers band together to try and save great white shark stranded on Massachusetts beach 

The shark was found at White Crest Beach in Wellfleet on Sunday. People continuously poured water over it and even dug out a stream in the sand to try and get it back in the water.

Meet the youngest ever Dragons' Den contestants: Sisters aged 12 and 14 appear in front of the millionaires with a gadget to make sure children ride their bikes safely 

Inventor Sky Ballantyne, 12, and her sister Kia, 14, of Ross-on-Wye, presented their innovative gadget Crikey Bikey to the formidable Dragons on the popular television show on Sunday.

'Thinking about getting this bad boy!' F1 champion Hamilton poses with £370,000 Mercedes SIX-WHEELER dubbed the 'lunatic monster utility vehicle' as he celebrates Italian Grand Prix victory

Lewis Hamilton poses in 'lunatic' £370,000 Mercedes 6x6 pick-up truck as F1 star

Formula One stars don't often do things by half and Lewis Hamilton is contemplating celebrating his latest win by splashing out on a new set of wheels - six of them to be precise. Hamilton romped to his seventh win of the season at Monza in the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday and the very next day the reigning champion was pictured alongside a Mercedes G63 AMG.

New Nazi treasure hunt: Now Russian 'expert' claims to have found lost lorries loaded with gold from bank emptied by Soviet forces during World War II to stop German looting

Smolensk Otnosovo moscow russia map.jpg

The unnamed 'expert' says he has found the location of lorries from the Bank of Smolensk, which had been emptied by Soviet forces in order to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on its riches.

Up close and personal with the gang members of El Salvador: Inside the prison that is so dangerous even the guards won't go in

With permission from photographer

In the Penas Ciudad Barrios prison, in the capital San Salvador, members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, control their own miniature society, complete with a bakery and a hospital.

Now that's how you cut it fine! The seven knives any self-respecting cook MUST have in their kitchen revealed

An infographic by mealspirations reveals the seven knives every cook should have in their kitchen, with clear explanations of the uses of each type of knife.

Family's agony after student who claimed she was raped by undergraduate 'kills herself' at parents' country home

The body of Hannah Stubbs, 22, was found at her parents' country home six months after she was allegedly attacked at Keele University in Staffordshire.

The end of the road for the A-Z: The majority of British drivers now use sat navs rather than maps, new poll finds 

For the first time, the majority of English drivers now rely on electronic satnavs to find their destination, according to a poll. Some 52 per cent of those behind the wheel used the gadgets last year.

Man bombarded woman with 150 texts a day and threatened to kill her after she went on ONE DATE

Peter Wolfe met his victim on a dating site but after they met up for the first time in May 2014 she told him she did not want a relationship. He was jailed for 14 months at Canterbury Crown Court.

High-flyers come down to earth on a rope as they abseil down the Gherkin, the Cheesegrater and the Walkie Talkie building in 'City Three Peaks' challenge

A group of philanthropists, adventurers and entrepreneurs, are abseiling from London's tallest buildings - the Gherkin, the Cheesegrater, and the Walkie Talkie - in the name of charity.

Archaeologists discover 2,800-year-old 'burial jars' in Turkey... but what gruesome find lies inside?

Turkish archaeologists find Kingdom of Uratu  pithos tombs during excavation

Historians believe they have uncovered a series of burial chambers in Turkey dating back to the Kingdom of Uratu, which ruled the country from the mid-ninth century until its defeat by the Medes. Archaeologist are now carrying out the painstaking task of unearthing the pithos chambers, which are like large ceramic jars (above main). They have been discovered in the town of Vans (inset), which was the capital of the ancient kingdom.

Ancient Mayan impact on the environment is still seen today: 2,000-year-old activity still shaping tropical forests

University of Texas researchers have revealed the full extent of the 'Mayacene' as a microcosm of the Anthropocene - a period when humans began affecting the environment.

A final, painful act of love: How a heartbroken mother pleaded for her brilliant son to be allowed to die after devastating hit-and-run crash left him in a 'hopeless' coma

In 1990 Matty Mintern was hit by a car and left in a persistent vegetative state. In 1998, after years of caring for him, his mother Margaret asked the courts if he could be allowed to die as a last act of love.

'My sons are trying to kill me': Mother's desperate 911 call as 'murderous' sons attacked her and their father before trying to torch Atlanta mansion

Police arrived and took 22-year-old Christopher Ervin and 17-year-old Cameron Ervin into custody after the alleged attack on their mother Yvonne Ervin and father Zachary Ervin on Saturday in Georgia.

How Peter O'Toole smuggled a naked Liz Taylor into his bed: New biography lays bare the actor's antics with some of Hollywood's most formidable figures

In our second uproarious extract from a new biography of Peter O'Toole we reveal how he the notorious drinker and womansier turned prankster when he starred alongside Richard Burton.

French secret service diver who sank Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand says sorry...after 30 years

Jean-Luc Kister said he believed now was the right time to say sorry to the family of photographer Fernando Pereira, who was killed in the explosion, to Greenpeace and New Zealand.

New battlefield radio uses soldier's BONES to transmit messages and lets them listen to each other while wearing ear defenders 

The prototype harnesses the body's natural ability to transmit sound through bones, transferring messages directly from the soldier's armoured helmet to the inner ear.

Heartwarming moment dognapped spaniel cross puppy who disappeared from garden at just 14 weeks old is reunited with owner after being found 250 MILES away 

Brady, a spaniel, poodle, cairn terrier cross, was only 14 weeks old when he was taken from Aime Sands' back garden in Dunbar, East Lothian a month ago. The touching moment they were reunited was filmed.

Incredible moment gorilla watches and gestures for a new picture as a man scrolls through monkey images on iPhone

Louisville Zoo's gorilla Jelani 'asks' to see a new picture on man's iPhone

The clip features a man using his mobile phone to maintain the interest of a gorilla named Jelani from behind the safety glass at Louisville Zoo in Kentucky. In the video the man scrolls through pictures of monkeys and humans and the gorilla almost reads over the man's shoulder attentively.

Mums CAN go to teen shops too! Think you're too old for the stores teenagers love? Nonsense, says this 51-year-old

Eve Ahmed thought the clothes shops her girls loved would leave her looking like mutton dressed as lamb. But she was wrong - here she shows you what you should buy.

A psychedelic send-off for 'the godfather of LSD': Susan Sarandon lays Timothy Leary's ashes to rest in a 'church' at Burning Man

Clutching his ashes on the march into a makeshift church, the actress said she decided to lay him to rest at the festival surrounded by revelers who had taken the psychotic drug.

Healthy patients using statins are 'more likely to suffer side-effects than gain health benefits'

Doctors say most healthy people should be advised to exercise more and improve their diet rather than being offered the cholesterol-busting drugs to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.

Smartphone firms are developing 'safe screens' which emit less of the blue light it is feared prevents people sleeping 

Scientists say the blue light emitted by electronic devices could lead to interrupted sleep or even harm our eyes.The screens were exhibited at a consumer electronics show in Berlin this week.

Incredible dashcam footage captures the moment a huge fireball plummets to earth and explodes in Bangkok

The incredibly rare event was captured on a dashcam and showed the fireball, which is believed to be a meteorite, descending at speed at about 8:45am local time in Bangkok.

After one of the coldest nights of the season forecasters predict Britain's Indian summer will finally arrive tomorrow - with temperatures soaring to 24C by Thursday

The predicted warm temperatures, which could reach up to 24 degrees come after the coldest night of the autumn, where temperatures dipped as low as freezing in Shap, Cumbria.

Meet Donald Grump: Sesame Street creates a Trump puppet parody who makes fun of the poor and is the 'grouchiest' garbage mogul who has 'more trash than any of you'

In the clip from the 2005 PBS cartoon, which has been posted on YouTube , he is portrayed as a greedy businessmen who boasts about his collection of sneakers with holes in them.

Outrage in South Africa as hunters on 'platforms massacre hundreds of animals that are herded in front of their guns'

Outrage in South Africa as hunters on ‘600 platforms massacre hundreds of animals that are

Animal activists descended on the farm in Limpopo province, north of Johannesburg, earlier today, hoping to convince organisers to call of the week-long slaughter. By lunchtime, they were reporting 18 animals - including wildebeest - had been shot and killed. Ainsly Hay, of the NSPCA, South Africa's national animal charity, said they animals were facing appalling terror.

How Prince George will look aged 60! App allows parents to predict their children's faces in later life... but would YOU want to know?

The software - which could become an app available to the public - can reveal what children will look like when they're older. It was developed by professor Hassan Ugail from Bradford University.

Stunning aerial shots show the majesty of herds of elephants, zebras, giraffes and hippos in the Kenyan wilds... but also reveal the harsh reality of poaching

The images taken from above the Tsavo Conservation Area by helicopter pilot Nick Trent in Kenya document the effects of illegal poaching on animals and the African landscape.

Pensioners to have £15 a week more than they need for decent standard of living in coming five years, says survey

Families with two parents in full-time work, workers without children as well as pensioners will also typically be better off, according to the report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Surrender on weekly bin collections! Ministers axe pledge to bring back seven-day rubbish rounds because they are 'very expensive' 

A Tory pledge to bring back weekly rubbish collections is to be abandoned. Despite years of promises ministers have concluded their bin promise cannot be met.

Mother's outrage as daughter, 14, was banned from lessons on first day of term because teachers said her trousers were too TIGHT

Ellisha Oliver, 14, had to be collected from South Shields Community School by her mother Stacy after teachers banned her from lessons as her black trousers were too tight.

Hopes for mercy for British grandmother on death row in Bali fade after Indonesia's new anti-drugs boss sets out tough stance 

Lindsay Sandiford, 59, from Cheltenham, was sentenced to death by firing squad in 2013 after attempting to smuggle £1.6million of cocaine through Bali's international airport in May 2012.

Special effects or the return of a Pterosaur? Amateur footage appears to capture extinct flying reptile surveying the sky over Ohio

Video appears to capture a Pterosaur surveying the sky over Ohio

The clip was captured by an amateur filmmaker and shows an unidentified flying creature commanding the sky over Boise, the capital city of the state of Ohio. In the video the huge wingspan of the bird-like creature is immediately noticeable as is the distinctively large backwards-pointing crest, which protrudes from its skull.

Want glowing skin? Grab the tomato ketchup! The humble condiment has many surprising uses - including cleaning saucepans and conditioning hair

After Sarah Vine revealed that ketchup can fix sun-bleached hair she ignited a storm of interest. Tessa Cunningham explores ketchup's many surprising uses - from cleaning rust to face masks.

Roo are my best friend! Toddler forms inseparable bond with a kangaroo with the pair playing and eating together and even dressing like each other 

Alia Heckathorn, 14 months, from Northern Virginia, formed the unlikely friendship with the kangaroo called Boomeroo, after the pair were introduced by the toddler's mother Julia.

U.S. diplomat who fled to Australia after being accused of the cruel slavery and sexual abuse of her African housekeeper settles out of court for seven-figure sum

Linda Howard (pictured) and her husband Russell were ordered to pay $3.3 million in damages in 2012 after the maid said she was repeatedly raped by Mr Howard at the embassy in Tokyo.

Meet Leopold the Lego priest: U.S. firm launches new figurine - complete with everything a child needs to perform their own tiny plastic Catholic mass 

The new, limited-edition 174-piece pack, which is sold by a Minnesota company for just $49.99, includes all the bricks needed to build Father Leopold, his altar, lectern and tabernacle.

Stop following me! Terrified youngster screams in fright and runs around in circles while trying to escape his own SHADOW

Boy screams and runs around in circles while trying to escape his SHADOW

Captured on camera in Bangkok, Thailand is the moment a little boy discovers he has a strange, faceless person following his every move and becomes extremely frightened. In the clip, the boy looks down at the shadow before swiftly taking a few steps backwards, lifting his feet and finally letting out a loud scream.

Marquess of Bath's Longleat heir has not spoken to his mother since she claimed his marriage to his half-Nigerian wife would ruin '400 years of bloodline'

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 24:  Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth (L), and Emma McQuiston, Viscountess Weymouth, attend Lisa Tchenguiz's 50th birthday party at the Troxy on January 24, 2015 in London, England.  
Pic Credit: Dave Benett

Ceawlin Thynn, 41, said he fell out with his mother, the Marchioness of Bath, after she questioned his marriage to half-Nigerian wife Emma McQuiston, 29, over claims of him ruining '400 years of bloodline'.

'My crib is almost finished in AFRICA!' 50 Cent reveals palatial new overseas home... as he struggles to unload Connecticut mansion after bankruptcy filing

The 40-year-old rapper filed for bankruptcy in July after he was sued by a woman for posting a sex tape without permission and for allegedly copying a headphone design from another company.

In sickness and in SELFIE! Vicar interrupts wedding ceremony to grab a snap with the happy couple and their guests

Emma and Jamie Scarborough, from Corby Northamptonshire, were stunned when their vicar pulled out a selfie stick before they swapped vows. The bride, 26, called the shot 'extra special.'

Tragic moment Chinese pensioner drowns in ankle-deep flood water after falling off his scooter because passers-by refused to save him for THREE MINUTES

Unnamed pensioner fell off scooter in Henan, central China on August 30. The 60-year-old falling off his ride and struggling in water for three minutes. He drowned after no one helped him.

Fit for a king or queen! Inside the incredible £100-a-night sandcastle hotels with electricity, running water and toilets

Inside Zand Hotel's sandcastle rooms with electricity, running water and toilets

At €150 a night (approximately £110 or $170) based on double occupancy, the giant sandcastles in the Dutch cities of Oss and Sneek have been fully booked for weeks. With reinforced walls and ceilings covered with sand, each hotel is decorated with more than 30 sculptures and furnishings. Built for two sand sculpture festivals, one of the hotels is themed after the animated TV programme The Flintstones.

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Holy Barracuda! The original Batmobile goes up for sale and is expected to fetch £3million (but doesn't include rockets and oil slicks)

The original Batmobile up for sale and is expected to cost £3m

Batman fans around the world will finally get a chance to get their hands on the original Batmobile as it goes up for auction in Arizona. It is expected to cost an estimated £3million when it is privately sold at Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom in Scottsdale. Driven by actor Adam West, the iconic Batmobile was used in the 1966 TV series and remains one of the most popular cars in the world.

Student who hoped to raise £13,000 for his 'Swiss Army Knife' travel jacket raises £6MILLION - making it Kickstarter's most funded clothing project ever

Chicago-based Hiral Sanghavi, 29, used Kickstarter website to fund his BauBax travel jacket after it got a lot of publicity.It has quickly become the site's most funded clothing project.

UK economy facing 'rollercoaster of risks' as global uncertainty takes toll on British manufacturing

Range Rovers and Land Rovers are built on the production line at the Jaguar Land Rover factory on January 10, 2014 in Solihull, England. 

The luxury vehicle manufacturer has invested around 1.5 billion GBP in its Solihull plant, which has been the home of Land Rover for 60 years, and has created 1,700 new jobs. Figures from the motor industry have recorded 2.26 million vehicle registrations in 2013, a rise of 10.8% from 2012 and the highest annual car sales since 2007.  

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

The prospect of a hike in the cost of borrowing will continue to distract investors as the focus shifts to the BoE after China's stock market collapse and Friday's poor US jobs data.



Trout vs duck: Incredible pictures show the moment bird takes on a fish for a morsel of food

Pictures show the moment a bird in Hampshire takes on a fish for food

Pictures from the River Test in Hampshire show the unsuspecting fish posing in front of the camera, while the mallard dived into the shot just behind it, pictured. Other snaps show the duck cosying up with a brown trout, top-left, in a bid to get some food floating around in the water. And the brown trout was caught jumping up from the water, top-right. Photographer Paul Colley, 56, captured the rare inter-species interactions by using an underwater camera system he designed and built himself.

The donkey who thinks he's a dog! Three-year-old Dougie has the run of the house and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles... and watching tennis

Dougie is a three-year-old miniature donkey who lives with his owners Cal and Tom Stockbridge in Pickering, Yorkshire, where he has run of the house and goes for walks.

Talented bodypainter undergoes mammoth tour across the United States painting people to blend in with a range of backdrops in every state 

Natalie Fletcher's '100 Bodies Across America' project lasted 200 days, covered 30,000 miles and required 140 different models. The artist hails from from Bend, Oregon.

Do you know your LOL from you PAL? Government is launching a social media dictionary to help parents understand their children's online code 

The language guide will decode terms that are often used by youngsters online when using anonymous chat rooms to disclose personal details or sending intimate pictures.

A quiet word in your ear, my deer: Moment a doe lets a crow clean out ticks and parasites with its beak 

Bushy Park doe lets a crow clean out ticks and parasites with its beak 

The young deer - estimated to be younger than a year old - was grazing with her mum and dad at Bushy Park in London when the crow swooped down for a very different kind of ear-full. Sat perched on the doe's back, the black bird feasted away for a full five minutes on all the tasty snacks it found buried in the deer's ear - with the gorgeous young animal more than happy to help.