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Go stret long: ol bikpela pes, painim
Yumi wetim wanpela manmeri husat i save gut long Tok Pisin long stretim stail bilong dispela pes.
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Ripablik bilong Pranis
République française[1]
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
(Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
Singsing"La Marseillaise"

Location of  Metropolitan France  (dark green)– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]
Location of  Metropolitan France  (dark green)

– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]

Territory of the French Republic in the world(excl. Antarctica where sovereignty is suspended)

Territory of the French Republic in the world
(excl. Antarctica where sovereignty is suspended)

(and largest city)
48°51.4′N 2°21.05′E / 48.8567°N 2.35083°E / 48.8567; 2.35083
Tokples bilong gavman Tok Pranis
Regional languages
(both official
and not official)
Nem bilong manmeri French
Gavman Ripablik igat Presiden na palamen
 -  President François Hollande
 -  Prime Minister Manuel Valls
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper House Senate
 -  Lower House National Assembly
 -  Francia 486 (Unification by Clovis
 -  West Francia 843 (Tokorait bilong Verdun
 -  Current constitution 5 October 1958 (Namba 5 Ripablik)
EU accession 25 March 1957
 -  Olgeta[3] 674,843 km2 (41st)
260,558 sq mi 
 -  Metropolitan France
  IGN[4] 551,695 km2 (47th)
213,010 sq mi
  Cadastre[5] 543,965 km2 (47th)
210,026  sq mi
  (1 January 2011 estimate)
 -  Total[3] 65,821,885[7] (20th)
 -  Metropolitan France 63,136,180[6] (22nd)
 -  Densiti[8] 116/km2 (89th)
301/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2010 estimate
 -  Olgeta $2.145 trilien[9] 
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $34,077[9] 
GDP (nominal) 2010 estimate
 -  Olgeta $2.582 trilien[9] 
 -  Long wanwan manmeri $41,018[9] 
Gini (2008) 32.7[10] 
HDI (2010) Green Arrow Up Darker.svg 0.872[11] (antap) (14th)
Karansi Euro,[12] CFP franc[13]
  (EUR,    XPF)
Taim hap CET[8] (UTC+1)
 -  Sama (DST) CEST[8] (UTC+2)
Drives on the right
Intanet kod .fr[14]
Telefon kod 331
1 The overseas regions and collectivities form part of the French telephone numbering plan, but have their own country calling codes: Guadeloupe +590; Martinique +596; French Guiana +594, Réunion and Mayotte +262; Saint Pierre and Miquelon +508. The overseas territories are not part of the French telephone numbering plan; their country calling codes are: New Caledonia +687, French Polynesia +689; Wallis and Futuna +681
2 Spoken mainly in overseas territories

Pranis (Templet:Tok-fr) em i kantri bilong Yurop. Emi memba bilong Yunien bilong Yurop.

Kapitol na lajes siti bilong Pranis emi Paris.

Ofisel tokples bilong Pranis emi Tok Pranis.

Pranis em i gat 64 milien manmeri.

Ol taun bikpela bilong Pranis em i Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Rennes.

Ol Referens[senisim | edit source]

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(Dispela pes Frens em i liklik tumas. Yu inap raitim moa sapos yu laik halivim Wikipedia. Hau?)