A lil' shipping never hurts — Caca would you tell me the pages of each chapter?...

Anonymous asked:

Caca would you tell me the pages of each chapter? I mean like, for example, chapter 1: page 3-18, ch 2: page 19-27 and so on.. i'm no good in english so i'm a bit confused about how to ask you this question.. gomen..

Yoshh, anon love, I’m taking advantage of your question to create a sort of Index for Shikamaru Hiden lol. 

So, as I’ve already explained here and here, I number the chapters differently from the novel to make it less confusing. The bolded titles are the section names, the kanji numbers are the chapters numbered per section as they are in the novel, 0-222 are the page numbers, and [chapter blah] are the chapters numbered through out the whole novel, with links to my translations.

一、8-20,  [chapter one]
二、20-33,  [chapter two]
三、33-43, [chapter three]
四、43-54, [chapter four]
五、54-654, [chapter five]
六 、65-74, [chapter six]
七、75-85, [chapter seven]
Country of Silence
一、88-98, [chapter eight]
二、98-108, [chapter nine]
三、109-118, [chapter ten]
四、118-127, [chapter eleven]
五、127-137, [chapter twelve]
六 、137-147, [chapter thirteen]
七、147-156, [chapter fourteen]
一、158-169, [chapter fifteen]
二、169-181, [chapter sixteen]  
三、181-199,  [chapter seventeen]
四、200-210, [chapter eighteen]  

The End
212-222 [chapter nineteen
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