TTMServer performance and coverage issues


The latest fixes to TTMServer done some months ago are not enough. During translation rally at, translation memory was using too much cpu time. In addition there have been reports and observations that suggestions are not found, for example when translating the tech news with many repeating parts.

During the Lyon hackathon I spoke with David Chan who suggested to replace the current FuzzyLikeThis query with checking some ngrams from beginning and end of the strings. Those need to be stored separately at indexing time unless there is a way to instruct ES to do it for us. In any case short one to three word strings need special attention.

It seems that current performance bottleneck is fetching too many string contents for comparison and scoring, not the scoring itself.

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Change 219388 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit):
Use Filtered query instead of post_filter for TTMServer suggestion.

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Change 219388 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use Filtered query instead of post_filter for TTMServer suggestion.

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We should probably let users know that starting next week, thanks to @Phoenix303, they should get faster translation suggestions and that they should report any weirdness.

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I do not experience a notable speedup with TM suggestions.

At least when translating the weekly tech newsletter in MW: invariant or next-to-invariant strings of more than, say, 5 characters length are never found in TM. Maybe, this is another issue that has to be investigated separately.

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