Horrific moment escapologist nearly died after he tried to outdo Houdini by being buried alive in handcuffs under six feet of soil

Antony Britton tried to outdo Houdini by being buried alive in handcuffs but nearly died

Antony Britton, from Linthwaite, West Yorkshire, had hoped to go one better than Harry Houdini by escaping unaided after being handcuffed and buried in a standard-sized grave under six feet of soil. But the stunt master had to be hauled out unconscious by crew members after he failed to break through to the surface almost nine minutes into the escape bid.

'I hope he spends every day haunted by what he did': Student Karen Buckley's devastated parents see the loner who killed their daughter within 20 minutes of meeting her jailed for at least 23 years

Karen Buckley’s murderer Alexander Pacteau jailed for at least 23 years

Alexander Pacteau (bottom left), 21, killed the 24-year-old nurse within 20 minutes of meeting her while she was on a night out with friends. The jobless recluse strangled and bludgeoned Miss Buckley (left) with a spanner near the Sanctuary night club in Glasgow, before spending the next two days trying to cover his tracks. In a statement released after his 23-year sentence, Miss Buckley's bereft parents John and Marian (pictured arriving at court bottom right), said they hoped Pacteau would be 'haunted' every day by what he has done.

Woman 'befriended naive 25-year-old female student on Facebook by posing as a man - then used bandages to bind her chest and a sex toy to keep up the pretence when they met'

Gayle Newland, 25, is said to have befriended the woman, also 25, by posing on Facebook as a man named 'Kye' and the couple later had sex in hotels. Chester Crown Court (pictured) heard.

Thousands of NatWest customers hit by yet another technical glitch leaving them unable to withdraw cash at ATMs or pay at tills 

NatWest Bank, King St, Hammersmith, open on sunday.

Branch staff told irate customers that the bank's systems had failed nationwide, meaning millions of people may have been locked out of their accounts.

Residents are plagued by MILLIONS of bluebottles after frozen fish worth £1m was left to rot following a factory fire 

A blaze ripped through the Shapla Frozen Foods factory in Rainham, Essex, and also ruined a warehouse and two cottages nearby, leaving fish and seafood to rot, creating swarms of flies.

Send him packing! Campaigners demand the BBC sack wildlife presenter Chris Packham over 'slanted and extreme' animal rights views 

The Countryside Alliance, which campaigns on behalf of hunting, shooting and fishing groups, has now accused Mr Packham of abusing his position to promote 'blatant political propaganda.'

14 men thrown off a holiday flight to Tenerife over drug fears complain Jet2 staff overreacted to a prank involving a bag of SALT 

The Scots were kicked off a Glasgow to Tenerife flight over alleged 'disruptive behaviour', as the plane was diverted to Faro in Portugal. It all sparked when cabin crew found white powder in a bag.


'It was a mix-up... but we're absolutely thrilled': Joy for couple who claimed their baby was swapped in human trafficking racket at El Salvador hospital as they are REUNITED with their lost son

Uk couple reunited with lost son in El Salvador after baby swap

Richard Cushworth, a missionary in El Salvador, and wife Mercedes Casanellas (pictured left and centre holding their non-biological child) made a public plea for their baby's return after DNA tests showed the child they cared for since birth was not theirs. Investigators tracked down the child by ordering other new mothers to have their babies DNA tested.

Serving policeman is among three men arrested on suspicion of faking details of a terror plot to kidnap an officer 


A tip-off last Christmas led to West Midlands Police asking staff not to travel to work in their uniform and urged them to be extra vigilant on patrol in case they were attacked.

Partially blind recluse who ran a film piracy empire from his bedroom that could have cost movie studios £120m is jailed for four years 

Paul Mahoney, pictured, from Londonderry, made hundreds of thousands of pounds in advertising revenue generated from illegal sites offering access to the latest films and TV shows.

Wealthy Iraqi student caught undertaking at 150mph on the M25 in his ultra-rare £150,000 Ferrari California is banned from driving

Police struggled to keep up with Ali Kzar, 25, after he took his £150,000 Ferrari California for a spin on the motorway, near Surrey.

Costa Coffee owner Whitbread plans price rises to pay for government's new national living wage, as trading cools in August

Costa Coffee Restaurant

The leisure company said it was developing plans to deal with the new legislation which comes into force in April next year, including 'productivity improvements' and 'efficiency savings'.

Summer-born children MUST be allowed to delay starting school, says minister in attack on councils' treatment of parents

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Schools minister Nick Gibb vowed to rewrite the rules to make clear that youngsters must be allowed to join reception classes even after they turn five and not be forced to skip a year later.

Generation mobile zombie: 1 in 10 look at their phone as soon as they wake up - and almost 50% check it at least 50 times a day

The figures come from the Deloitte Mobile Consumer report which surveyed 4,000 people in the UK. They show almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds check their smartphones within five minutes of waking.

NHS patients in Kent will be able to travel to FRANCE for surgery - because 'it's closer and more convenient than London'

The deal would see South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group pay for patients to have minor operations and a range of medical procedures at the Centre Hospitalier de Calais, pictured.

Anger as 40 children are put in detention because their rulers are too short or their pencil cases are too small

More than 40 pupils have apparently been taken out of classes at the Magna Academy in Poole, Dorset, because they have not complied with the school's strict equipment requirements.

Terrifying moment smoke billows from train after fire broke out forcing 150 commuters to be evacuated 

Some 150 passengers on the London Midland service between Leamington Spa and Worcester Shrub Hill were evacuated when the fire broke out at Warwick Parkway station.

Drone strike was legal and I'd do it again, says Defence Secretary as he reveals there is a list of more terrorists who could be targeted in Syria

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon reveals there are more terrorists in Syria who could be

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon (left) ordered the extraordinary use of military force in Syria without parliamentary authority to kill Cardiff schoolboy Reyaad Khan, 21, (top right) who was accused of plotting bloody attacks on the streets of Britain. Mr Fallon warned there were more jihadis in Syria orchestrating atrocity in the UK, Australia and the United States and he 'would not hesitate to do it again'. The target of the attack on August 21 was Khan, who stands accused of 'directing murder on our streets'. Two other fanatics were also killed, including British national Ruhul Amin (bottom right).

'He doesn't have the charisma to be a terror mastermind': Muslim community in Wales is 'not convinced' ISIS fighter could control an attack on the UK 

The Prime Minister argued Reyaad Khan's death was needed but friends believe he should have been intercepted by the security services before he fled Cardiff for Syria last year.

350 British jihadis trained in Syria are now back in the UK and threatening security, Home Office warns

This undated file image posted on a militant website on Jan. 14, 2014, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria. U.S. Arab allies Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are discussing creation of a military pact to take on Islamic militants, with the possibility of a joint force to intervene around the Middle East, The Associated Press has learned in Nov. 2014. Even if no joint force is agreed on, the alliance would coordinate military action, aiming at quick, pinpoint operations against militants rather than longer missions,  officials said.  (AP Photo/Militant Website, File)

Spy agencies and the police are concerned about as many as 700 people from the UK who have travelled to the region since the start of the conflict, and around half have returned to Britain.

Families of ISIS fanatics could now sue Britain for millions over RAF drone strike seen by some as an extra-judicial execution 

Prime Minister David Cameron is under pressure to publish legal advice justifying the RAF strike on Raqqa, but he said intelligence reports show 'barbaric' attacks were planned for UK.

Mother bought 12 packets of cocaine as a present for her daughter's 18th birthday 'to make sure they had a good time' 

Nicola Austen, of Tunbridge Wells, booked a limo ride to London to celebrate her daughter's turning of age. She also acquired no less than 12 packets of the Class A drug to take on board.

Terrifying moment woman is thrown from rubber ring and cracks her head on water slide at Center Parcs 

The dramatic incident took place at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire and was caught on camera by the woman's brother, Matt Smith, who was filming while on the slide.

Disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes sells the house he bought with donations for less than he paid for it - just five months after moving in 

The 67-year-old, who is just 4ft 6in tall and is visually impaired, moved into his new £150,000 home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, just five months ago after well wishers raised £330,000.

'We escaped from ruin to find more ruin here': How 20,000 migrants have found themselves trapped on Lesbos mired in chaos, filth and clashes with police

How 20k Syrian refugees have found themselves trapped on Lesbos

After perilous sea voyages from Turkey, many migrants have been stranded on Lesbos for days, some for nearly two weeks, running out of money and desperate to get to mainland Greece. The island of some 100,000 residents has been transformed by the sudden new population of some 20,000 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan - and the strain is pushing everyone to the limit. Fights break out among the migrants as they wait in long lines for hours in the summer heat and humidity after days without showers. And the small police force, overwhelmed by the numbers, charges in at any sign of trouble, beating crowds with batons to break them up.

Syrian refugee children brought to Britain under Cameron's rescue plan could be DEPORTED as soon as they reach 18

A Kurdish refugee camp in the Turkish border town of Suruc where young children described how they fled the advancing forces of IS after witnessing their brutality.  See Sam Greenhill Story.

The government has been forced to admit that any refugee child given asylum in the United Kingdom under the Prime Minister's rescue plan will have to reapply to stay when they turn 18.

British troops 'could be deployed to the Middle East to set up and protect safe havens for refugees fleeing Syria' 


The Prime Minister - who has previously ruled out the idea - said yesterday that the creation of safe zones was 'certainly the right sort of thinking.'

Migrant 'five star route' to the EU: Syrian man pays six times the average price for a safe journey to Europe via Dubai

A Syrian man carries a child wrapped in a thermal blanket as they arrive with others at the coast on a dinghy after crossing from Turkey, at the island of Lesbos, Greece, Monday, Sept. 7, 2015. The island of some 100,000 residents has been transformed by the sudden new population of some 20,000 refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

Tareq, 26, from Damascus, paid 3,000 Euro (£2,175), significantly more than the £500 many refugees pay traffickers to cross the Mediterranean sea, to arrive safely in the EU.

Denmark places anti-migrant adverts in Lebanon newspapers warning that benefits will be cut by 50% and asylum seekers must speak Danish to stay there

epa04919634 An image made available 08 September 2015 showing an advertisment (bottom L) in the Lebanese Alssafir newspaper 07 September 2015 after the Danish government published advertisements in five major Lebanese newspapers telling potential migrants about the conditions when possibly seeking to migrate to Denmark. The advert begins with the words 'Denmark has decided to tighten the regulations concerning refugees in a number of areas', and further says the Danish government has cut benefits by up to 50 per cent for new arriving migrants and refugees.  EPA/NABIL MOUNZER

The adverts appeared in at least three Arabic-language newspapers and one English-language daily in Lebanon, warning that Denmark has tightened its regulations for asylum seekers.

David Cameron suffers his first Commons defeat since the election as 37 Tory rebels reject EU plans

Europe minister David Lidington agreed to an amendment designed to appease Eurosceptics but it didn't stop the defeat

Tory rebels joined with Labour to reject ministers' plans to relax restrictions on government campaigning in the run-up to the EU referendum, resulting in humiliation for David Cameron, pictured.

Lib Dem MP in court over leak of memo claiming Sturgeon secretly wanted Cameron to stay in Downing Street

The former Scottish secretary has faced pressure to quit after admitting leaking the memo written by a civil servant which suggested First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to win the general election.

Tory minister sent a vote in Labour's leadership race after forgetting to quit the party after being given a peerage by the PM

Ros Altman, Director General of Saga, for City page

Ros Altmann joined the Lords shortly after the general election to oversee pension reforms. But Labour has discovered that for the first four months in her new role Ms Altman was still a Labour member.

Unexpected item in bagging area! Ministers release 1,600-word rule book on when you will be charged 5p for a plastic bag

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

New rules set to come into force on October 5 will mean shoppers have to pay 5p for plastic bags in a bid to slash the number used, in a similar way to Scotland and Wales (pictured).

Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn 'attended Cairo conference which backed Iraqi attacks on British troops' 

Frontrunner for new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a conference during Iraq war which encourage Iraqis to attack British troops, according to BBC Panorama documentary.

My life with the world's most infamous drug lord: Pablo Escobar's son reveals the heartbreak, fear of violence and how his father once burnt $2MILLION in cash to keep warm one night on the run

Pablo Escobar's son Sebastian Marroquin reveals the fear of his childood

Pablo Escobar's son Sebastian Marroquin (right) has described his extraordinary childhood - including details of his father's sprawling estate in the Colombian countryside (left). The 38-year-old, whose crime baron father was once the seventh richest man on the planet, has told how the home featured a go-kart race track, massive swimming pools and even a private zoo complete with elephants and hippopotamus. But he also revealed his terror as a child when a bomb attack carried out by a rival cartel destroyed a family apartment. He also described the unpredictability of his billionaire father, who once threatened to kill his employees if they took drugs in front of him. Marroquin is pictured, center, as a child with his father.

Former Dragons' Den millionaire and ex advisor to Cameron Douglas Richard is charged with child abuse 

Doug Richards.
BBC Two, Tuesday 11th January 2005 Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service.  In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising Dragon's Den and provided the BBC is credited. Any use of this image on the internet or for any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising or other commercial uses, requires the prior written approval of the BBC.

Technology millionaire Doug Richard, 57, who appeared in the BBC show in 2005 and famously failed to invest a penny in its second series, was arrested in January.

X Factor contestant described as a 'country bumpkin' farmer is outed as a trained soprano by show fans who recognised her as a Britain's Got Talent backing singer

Hannah Kilminster, 30, from Cirencester, described by judges as a 'country bumpkin' was outed as a trained soprano by fans of the show who recognised her as a BGT backing singer.

'Monster' iPad with a 12.9 inch screen set to launch on Wednesday alongside new iPhones, Apple TV and even a new cheaper gold watch

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering speaks during an event introducing new iPads at Apple's headquarters on October 16, 2014 in Cupertino, California.  

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The San Francisco event is set to be one of the biggest in the tech giant's history, with updates to almost all of its products.

Victim's family's anguish as gangland figure Kenneth Noye who murdered man in a road-rage could be freed today at parole hearing 

Gangland figure Kenneth Noye, 68, is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of 21-year-old Stephen Cameron in May 1996 but he could be released from prison today.

Sex attacker who tried to molest a woman kickboxer is jailed after she fought back and pinned him in a headlock with her knees 

The 25-year-old woman was walking home at 2am when Mark Willis, 40, repeatedly punched her in the face and pushed her over a wall and into a garden in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Muslim governor named as architect of Birmingham 'Trojan horse' plot is banned from any involvement with schools for 'undermining British values' 

Tahir Alam, pictured, has become the first person to be issued with the blanket ban by the Department for Education (DfE), which accused him of 'undermining the fundamental British values'.

Spitfire pilot escapes with no injuries after crash landing in a field - the second time he has survived a vintage plane crash 

Well-known airman Rob Davies MBE walked away uninjured when the vintage plane he was flying crashed (pictured) in Woodchurch, Kent, this morning, skidding along a grass field.

The mother who is OUTRAGED that her girl, 13, was sent home from school for bizarre leopard-print hair - and claims it's a 'breach of her human rights'

Lauren Mcdowell, pictured, has her head shaved on one side which is dyed in the pattern of a leopard's skin. On her first day of the term, Forge Valley School in Sheffield, told her to leave classes.

Why good looks make you funnier: Research finds women will laugh at a man's jokes if she thinks he's attractive

Scientists at University College London say that whether we laugh or not depends more on how much we like a person than if they really are funny.

Straight Outta Cambridge! Student who stunned University Challenge viewers by wearing a leather vest 'was inspired by hip hop star A$AP Rocky'

Cambridge University student on University Challenge was inspired by ASAP Rocky 

Cambridge student Kaamil Shah (pictured, top and bottom right, and inset), of King's College, opted for an outfit (left) described by some observers as Los Angeles gangster chic - a leather-look vest and chunky neck chain. The King's College contestant flaunted his chest and biceps in the low-cut black vest on the BBC2 quiz, hosted by Jeremy Paxman. The 21-year-old history student is joint head of entertainment at the student union, where he's known as quite the character. He is also believed to run King's Film Society, a movie club which runs screenings in the college's Keynes Hall and organises cinema trips and film events for students to enjoy. University peers last night described his sartorial elegance as 'Putting the "G" in King's', street-slang for 'gangster'.

Judy Murray says schoolgirls should be given private changing rooms to encourage them to take part in PE lessons 

Tennis coach Judy Murray, 56, said schools need to be more sympathetic towards image-conscious teenager girls if they want to encourage them to do more sports and become more active.

Police vow to learn 'every lesson' from investigation to find out how a father-of-two died in custody after he was restrained by officers 

Police Scotland head Sir Stephen House vowed to learn from the probe into the death of father-of-two Sheku Bayoh, 31, who died after being restrained by nine officers in Kirkcaldy, Fife, in May.

Up to 1,750 Britons 'will use assisted suicide every year': Prediction aired ahead of historic Commons vote on right to die

Labour MP Rob Marris, who has proposed a new right-to-die Bill, said a shift in attitudes since the rise of the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland meant it has a chance of success when voted on in the Commons.

'It seems unbelievable that my father is no longer here': Heartbreaking letter reveals Queen's sorrow after King George VI died aged just 56

The note, written on mourning paper and sent to King George VI's former assistant private secretary Sir Eric Mieville, was written just one month after the young Queen Elizabeth took the throne.

'It's a miracle we all came back': Band of brothers who all fought in WWII are all 'still going strong' today in their 90s after serving with distinction in Italy, Burma and Germany

The five brothers, who each returned with their own startling tales from the conflict, still live in their home county of Worcestershire and often meet to reminisce about their exploits in the war.

Sorry, it was us all along! Royal Navy admits one of its submarines damaged an Irish trawler... and not a Russian 'Red October' 

The Karen was towed at 10 knots during the April 15 incident 18 miles from Ardglass on the south-east shore of Northern Ireland and the vessel was left badly damaged, but the crew escaped unharmed.

Married female tutor abused a schoolboy, 13, during a lesson at his home then had sex with him 100 times over two years, court hears

Carolyn Keeling, 64, from Taynton, Oxfordshire, allegedly smoked cannabis and drank wine during bi-weekly lessons at the teenager's family home.

Cannabis farming former Shameless star Jody Latham forced to flee theatre after being attacked by other members of the audience

The 32-year-old actor suffered facial injuries while his fiancée Sarah Byrne, 26, was also targeted during the opening night of the play Bagheads at the Lowry Theatre in Salford.

Privately educated son of two police officers is jailed for dealing cannabis and ecstasy at university - and carried on selling drugs even while he was on bail 

Alex Wardle, originally from Nottingham, started selling drugs to clubbers while studying for an economics degree at the University of Hull. He was jailed for four years and four months.

Shopkeepers helped fight off knife-wielding raiders who made off with three bags of gold jewellery on mopeds

The Jeweller shopkeepers in Kingsbury helped fight off knife-wielding raiders

A gang of six on mopeds smashed through the front of The Jeweller, in Kingsbury, north London, armed with knives and hammers. Staff inside the jewellery shop tried to defend themselves with baseball bats, as customers fled the shop. The footage, filmed by an onlooker, shows around 40 fellow shopkeepers gathering to defend the shop.

Do YOU have a doppelgänger? Expert claims chances are high as 'there is only so much genetic diversity to go around'

The claims were made by Michael Sheehan, assistant professor of neurobiology at Cornell University. Actors Marshall Logan-Green (left) are Tom Hardy are celebrity lookalikes.

Forget the alarm clock, soon your BED will wake you up: Bedjet puts air conditioning inside a mattress to help you rise

The Bedjet is an ultra rapid cooling, heating and climate control system made for your bed. Its describes its alarm function as 'a natural bio-hack wake up time'.

Make sure you don't miss it! Children are most fun at five - and the WORST time to be a parent is when they've just turned 10 

Nearly 40 per cent of parents surveyed said their children were at their best at five because they had 'started to communicate properly' and develop 'a good sense of humour'.

Battle of the brides! Women stand in shop window for TWO DAYS in a bizarre attempt to win £5,000 towards their dream weddings

Devonshire women stand in shop window for 2 DAYS to win £5k for their weddings

Kate Holder (left), 27, from Holsworthy, Devon, remained in the shop window of Budeiful Brides in Bude, Cornwall, for 58.5 hours, beating Tara Attis (right), 32, from nearby St Austell. Kate won a £5,000 voucher for her wedding ceremony, which is set for February. The brides-to-be were permitted a loo break every four hours, but had to sleep in their positions.

A classical singer, a fitness guru and a former Miss Universe: Meet the glamorous rugby WAGS set to descend on the UK

England's rugby WAGS, among them Camilla Kerslake and Chloe Madeley, have been asked to keep a low profile ahead of the tournament which kicks off next Friday at Twickenham.

Battle of the brides! Women stand in shop window for TWO DAYS in a bizarre attempt to win £5,000 towards their dream weddings

Kate Holder, 27, from Holsworthy, Devon, stayed upright for a whopping 58 hours to win the cash prize. She and fellow bride Tara Attis, 32, from Cornwall, stood in the window of a bridal shop.

Teenager becomes internet star after parading in skimpy satin shorts and crop top in Pot Noodle ad

Michael Moran, 17, from Bootle, Merseyside, says he been surprised by all the attention he's received since starring in the ad but his mother Sharon says he has handled it brilliantly.

Rolls-Royce reveals new £250,000 Dawn convertible that it claims is its 'sexiest' car ever - and celebrates 'La Dolce Vita'

Rolls-Royce says its new four-seater 155mph soft-top was inspired by its famous 1950s Silver Dawn car and Anita Eckberg in classic film La Dolce Vita.

Now even veg shows are testing for cheats: Tomatoes in contest will have DNA examined to ensure they are correct variety

Organisers of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show are using DNA technology to ensure a £1,000 giant tomato prize is not won by a cheating grower.

The camera that can read writing from 11 MILES away: Canon's 250-megapixel sensor could be used for spying

The Japanese camera giant claims the 19,580 x 12,600-pixel sensor (shown in a camera) sets a world record for resolution in its size.

Remains of Polish Jew whose wife and children were gassed at Auschwitz before he was dismembered and pickled in a test tube by sadistic Nazi doctor is finally laid to rest 72 years later

Polish Jew who was dismembered and pickled by Auschwitz Nazis laid to rest 72 years later

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Menachem Taffel, a Polish Jew who lived in Berlin, died a hideous death so Dr August Hirt (pictured right) could preserve the skulls and bones (inset) of 'these sub-humans'. Taffel was among a group of 86 Jews plucked from the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland and transported to France for the sole purpose of being murdered. At the weekend, 72 years after he was killed in the pursuit of perverted medical science, the last two victims of the demon doctor, including Taffel, were buried in an emotional ceremony in France (main).

Could the West ACCIDENTALLY start a war with Russia? Warning over aggressive military exercises - as U.S. fears build-up of Putin's forces in Syria could spark conflict

The European Leadership Network, a group made up of members from both Russia and Europe, has warned that relations are heading towards Cold War levels of hostility following events in Ukraine.

North and South Korea begin talks over rare family reunions for relatives separated more than half a century ago by the Korean War

The discussions at the border truce village of Panmunjom grew out of an agreement the two Koreas reached a fortnight ago to end a dangerous military standoff and reduce tensions.

Pope Francis reforms marriage annulments, allowing thousands of divorced and remarried Catholics 'living in sin to rejoin the Church'

Pope Francis has reformed the church's procedures for marriage annulments in a bid to prevent Catholics from divorcing their first partner outside of the church and remarrying in sin.

Emerging from hiding: Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion finally returns to work after six weeks of protests and death threats

Lion Killer Walter Palmer returns to work at his dentist surgery today Tuesday Picture Chris Bott

Walter Palmer showed up to work at his Bloomington dental practice Tuesday morning after he announced his return in his first interview over the weekend.

Bangladeshi children as young as 10 forced to work from dawn til dusk in balloon factory for just £6.50 a month - just so their families can eat 

The children were pictured in a factory in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, where they work from 6am until 5pm helping to produce the brightly-coloured balloons.

China cracks down on middle aged women dancing noisily in public squares after annoyed residents begin throwing coins, rocks and faeces to make them stop

The women, known as 'damas', who have become famous for their routines performed to loud music in public, annoyed one Beijing man so much he fired a gun into the air to make them stop.



RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Whoever wins the Labour leadership election - I predict a bloodbath

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Those in the Labour leadership election are the real face of the New Left in Britain, a rancid collection of single-issue nutcases, 'anti-austerity' mentalists and Toytown Trots.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: This was no tragedy - another Iraq would be

This paper sheds no tears for British citizen Reyaad Khan and his two fellow Islamic State fighters killed by an RAF drone in Syria on August 21.