Plane bursts into flames on the runway at Las Vegas airport loaded with 172 passengers and crew after an engine caught fire as it prepared for take-off

British Airways plane bursts into flames on Las Vegas' McCarran Airport before take-off

The British Airways flight bound for London Gatwick was taxiing on the tarmac at McCarran Airport on Tuesday night when it suddenly caught fire. Terrified travelers on other flights captured the plumes of smoke coming from the Boeing 777 as those on board were forced to jump down the evacuation slides and run away from the blaze. The plane was quickly evacuated, with only two people taken to a local hospital for treatment after suffering minor injuries. There were 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board at the time. It is not yet known what caused the fire but images appear to show it coming from the engine. One runway was shut but flights continued to depart on remaining runways.

Tony Abbott agrees to take on 12,000 more refugees from the Syrian conflict - with priority given to 'non-Muslim' religious minorities

Australia will take on 12,000 extra refugees from Syria with focus on 'non-Muslim'

NEW Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to announce Australia will take on an extra 12,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict, with priority reportedly given to people from non-Muslim religious minorities - such as Christians and Yazidis. It is also understood the green light has been given to RAAF bombers entering Syrian airspace to hit Islamic State targets.

Taylor Swift surpasses Kim Kardashian as the most followed person on Instagram with 45.5m social media fans

As of Tuesday, the 25-year-old Bad Blood singer has nabbed the top spot as the most followed person on Instagram, with a staggering 45.5m viewers keeping an eye on her every move.

Police investigate 'ice' link to horrific murder of boy, 7, stabbed to death along with his grandmother as terrified sister watched the frenzied attack 

A man has been arrested (pictured) after a grandmother and her grandson were found dead on Kennedy Parade in Lalor Park - in Sydney's north-west - on two front lawns.

There are now more than 3 MILLION guns in Australia - as many as before the Port Arthur massacre that saw John Howard introduce strict controls

NEW Almost 20 years on from the Port Arthur massacre, there are as many guns in Australia now as before John Howard's buy-back scheme destroyed more than 631,000 firearms.

Headmaster and female teacher who were filmed having sex in his office by a pupil in a video that became an online sensation face being struck off by education chiefs 

The sex tape shows the pupil in a corridor outside the head teacher's office at the Swansea school. Headmaster Graham Daniel and chemistry tutor Bethan Thomas, pictured, were heard having sex.

Pictured: Astonishing moment a Hungarian camerawoman deliberately TRIPPED migrants who were fleeing police - including a father carrying a terrified young child

Hungarian camerawoman sacked after she is filmed tripping up migrants

The woman, who was working for Hungarian television channel N1TV, was filming the crowds of Syrian refugees as they fled police across a field from Roszke camp on the Serbian-Hungarian border. Footage taken by another cameraman showed her deliberately sticking her leg out (left) as a man carrying a crying child ran past her. In the clip, the refugee can be seen falling to the floor (top right; bottom right) before appearing to shout at her. The camerawoman has now been sacked with immediate effect. Outraged social media users took to Twitter to condemn the woman's actions, labelling her 'pathetic' and 'disgraceful'.

Madame who ran a brothel where sex was 'so vigorous that shelves shook in the neighbouring flats' is jailed

Terri Bowker-Hughes, pictured, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court after running the brothel - next to a solicitor's office - that the judge said was 'highly disruptive and distressing' for neighbours.

'My roommate came back drunk and doesn't remember designing an entire f*****g airplane!' Engineering student wakes up to discover his intricate plans for a new plane 

A student from Michigan Tech University known only as Mark, returned home after a night out and set about sketching an elaborate design for a high speed aircraft despite being drunk.

'They were childhood sweethearts': Mother, 24, on life support after being run off the road and bashed in the face with a brick had been with her attacker since high school

Gold Coast's Tara Brown 'run off road and bashed by ex Lionel Patea'

Tara Brown, 24, was forced down an embankment by another driver before crashing into the side of a home on the Gold Coast on Tuesday. The alleged attacker is said to be her ex-partner and 'high-school sweetheart' Lionel Pateas, 24. Mr Patea, who is said to have links to bikie gang Bandidos, is expected to be charged on Wednesday.

Woman warns police about the loaded gun hidden inside her genitalia after being busted in major meth haul

Ashley Castaneda, 31, was in the car with a man found to be in possession of methamphetamine in Waco, Texas, and after police found drugs on her she admitted to concealing a pistol in her vagina.

A nation of online shopaholics: Study reveals Australians spend an average $535 PER ORDER - up almost $200 on last year

It's the changing face of how we consume fashion - and online shopping shows no sign of slowing down. The average Sydney-sider will fork out an average $667 per online order, leading the fashion pack

Lance 'Buddy' Franklin's father rushes to support his struggling son through his mental health issues

Lance Buddy Franklin’s father visits him after Sydney Swan’s star mental health issues are

NEW Buddy Franklin's father has rushed to be by the side of the Sydney Swans star forward after his mental health issues and epilepsy was revealed. Proud father Lance Franklin Senior (pictured left) arrived at the home in Bondi, in Sydney's east, where his son and partner Jesinta Campbell (couple pictured on right) live together ahead of their scheduled wedding this year. The club announced on Tuesday that Franklin, 28, would miss Sydney's qualifying final on Saturday because of mental health issues he has been suffering from some time. Late on Tuesday, the club also confirmed the star player - widely considered to be one of the best players of his generation - suffers mild epilepsy.

From football's biggest ever signing to one of Australia's biggest celebrities: The storied history of Lance 'Buddy' Franklin

AFL Star Buddy Franklin, engaged to Australian supermodel Jesinta Campbell, is sitting out of the Sydney Swans qualifying finals due to an 'ongoing mental health condition'.

Father accused of murdering his six-year-old daughter in her bed may have been planning to 'kill his whole family'

Brisbane man accused of murdering daughter may have been planning to 'kill family'

A father accused of murdering his six-year-old daughter at their Brisbane home on Monday was allegedly trying to kill his second daughter when his wife woke up and disturbed him. The executive, who was charged with murder and attempted murder on Tuesday, told his wife he was just comforting their daughter after a nightmare. His wife then allowed their daughter to sleep with them for the remainder of the night. The mother only found the body of her six-year-old daughter the following morning and discovered her husband was missing from their upmarket five-bedroom home.

Archbishop of Sydney says Australia should take more Syrian asylum seekers in wake of refugee crisis... but only if they are CHRISTIANS 

Christian refugees attempting to flee Syria as part of the country's humanitarian crisis should be prioritised over people of other beliefs, some of Australia's leading Catholics believe.

Australian man discovers he's related to Princess Diana and his blond-haired sons are eighth cousins to Harry and William 

Kevin Littlejohn from Melbourne uncovered links with Princess Diana that dates back several generations, which means his two sons are eighth cousins to Prince Harry and Prince William.

Japanese women ditch the 'Lolita' outfits for the bizarre 'Ganguro' fashion trend of deep fake tans, multicoloured hairstyles and extreme make-up

Ganguro fashion is back with Japanese women rocking extreme make up for a Tokyo bar

Ganguro fashion has made a comeback in a tiny cafe and bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. The bold yet rare style involves women wearing brightly coloured clothes, make up and having deep bronze tans. The staff at the cafe promise a 'crazy experience', donning long fingernails (left), multicoloured hair and the opportunity for a photo, a make up package and a dance show. The signature dish is 'Ganguro Balls' (left) which are fried takoyaki style sausage balls in a black squid ink batter.

Meet the Blue Bastard: Australian scientists find a new species of fish - and name it after its colour and how hard it is to catch

Australian scientists have reeled in a new fish - the 'Blue Bastard' - in northern Queensland, which was given its colourful name because of its blueish scales and how difficult it is to catch one.

Flower power: Drug found in crocuses could help beat breast, bowel and lung cancers, new research reveals 

A drug made from crocuses wiped out tumours in tests - and is thought to work against almost all types of cancer, including breast, bowel, lung and prostate.

Shocking video shows two girls in a vicious fight in a Perth schoolyard - and even a male teacher fails to break it up

Shocking video shows two girls in a vicious fight in a Perth schoolyard - and even a male

The shocking footage reveals two students brutally attacking each other (left) at Safety Bay Senior High School, in southern Perth, while students stand around egging them on and filming the appalling incident with their mobile phones. A male teacher (right) made several fruitless attempts to separate the two aggressive girls who both refused to back down once the staff member stepped in. The video was posted on the Perth Fights Facebook page, created by students at Kinross College, another Perth school. The college's principal and parents demanded that the page, which encourages people to film brawls, be shut down in November last year but Facebook refused.

Mother bought 12 packets of cocaine for her daughter's 18th birthday so they could 'have a good time' but is spared jail as it 'would be bad for the family' 

Nicola Austen (pictured), of Tunbridge Wells, UK, booked a limo to London to celebrate her daughter's turning of age. She also acquired no less than 12 packets of the Class A drug to take on board.

Just another day at the firm for the record-breaking Queen: Official picture released on the day Her Majesty surpasses reign of Victoria shows monarch still hard at work 

The Queen's official picture released on day her reign surpasses that of Victoria

The Queen was described as a 'beacon of womankind' by celebrity photographer Mary McCartney who captured the image of the monarch sitting at her desk in Buckingham Palace. Later today, she will pass the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years and 216 days between 1837 and 1901. The exact moment the Queen passes Victoria's milestone is not known because there is no precise time for the death of her father George VI - who died in the early hours of February 6, 1952. But it is thought he died at 1am, so at around 5.30pm the Queen will make history with Buckingham Palace calculating she will have reigned for 23,226 days, 16 hours and about 30 minutes.

Emerging from hiding: Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion finally returns to work after six weeks of protests and death threats

Lion Killer Walter Palmer returns to work at his dentist surgery today Tuesday Picture Chris Bott

Walter Palmer showed up to work at his Bloomington dental practice Tuesday morning after he announced his return in his first interview over the weekend.

I'd rather have been raped by a man, says woman who 'was sexually assaulted by fellow female student using bandages and a sex toy to pretend she was male'

Gayle Newland, 25, is said to have befriended the woman, also 25, by posing on Facebook as a man named 'Kye' and the couple later had sex in hotels. Chester Crown Court (pictured) heard.

Sexism row after top lawyer compliments woman barrister's 'stunning' LinkedIn picture... then claims he was talking about the 'professional quality' of the photo  

Alexander Carter-Silk compliments woman barrister's 'stunning' LinkedIn picture

Married father-of-two Alexander Carter-Silk, 57, was accused of 'disgusting' sexism last night for messaging high-flying UK barrister Charlotte Proudman, praising her LinkedIn photo (pictured left). Mr Carter-Silk (right) said the 27-year-old should 'win a prize' for her photograph, adding it was 'the best I have ever seen' on the professional networking website (inset). Miss Proudman - who is the same age as Mr Carter-Silk's daughter - responded saying she found his message 'offensive' and that she was not on LinkedIn 'to be objectified by sexist men'.

Generation mobile zombie: 1 in 10 look at their phone as soon as they wake up - and almost 50 per cent check it at least 50 times a day

The figures come from the Deloitte Mobile Consumer report which surveyed 4,000 people in the UK. They show almost half of 18 to 24-year-olds check their smartphones within five minutes of waking.

Mother, 39, who pinned a girl from her daughter's school to the ground and screamed at her is given a 12-month conditional release order 

A Perth mother has been convicted after she assaulted a teenager, leaving her with a bruised eye and nose after she pinned her to the ground at a bus stop near her school.

They say a healthy breakfast is key! Woman needs surgery to remove a KEY she claims was in her box of Coles cereal

Woman 'swallowed key while eating Coles 'Mighty Grain' cereal'

A woman claims she swallowed a key after eating cereal. Nikki Kemp, 25, (inset) claims the key was buried inside a box of Coles 'Mighty Grain' she bought from a store in Carrindale, east of Brisbane, Queensland. When she felt the key going down, she tried to cough it back up, but it was too late.

So what age IS a child at their most lovable? After survey claims parental affection peaks at five, leading writers share their views on when youngsters are most adorable 

Leading writers share their views on when children are at their most lovable

Nine leading writers have nominated the age at which their children captured their hearts. It followed a survey this week which revealed the majority of parents say their children are most lovable at the age of five. But for the editor of Elle magazine Lorraine Candy (pictured top right with her daughter Mabel), a newborn baby is the best age, the time at which she says she is at her happiest as a mum. Daily Mail sketch writer and father of three Quentin Letts, 52, (pictured bottom right with his 18-year-old son Claud) believes the age when a boy officially becomes a man is the best time. Like a 1997 vintage port, Quentin said his son is 'maturing handsomely'. Meanwhile, author and mother of two Imogen Edwards-Jones believes six is a magical time. She said in the case of her daughter Allegra (left) it was the questions she found most entertaining, including 'Why is that pretty girl married to that fat, old man?'

E-cigarettes make teenagers four times more likely to move on to real smoking, health experts warn

Teenagers using e-cigarettes are far more likely to begin smoking real cigarettes researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered after a new survey.

Pictured: Boy who died after relatives accidentally left him in the car for two hours when they got home from church

Jaxon Taylor, 11 months, died Saturday after being left inside a SUV in Chickamauga, Georgia, when family members allegedly forgot to take him from the car after returning home from church.

Amal Clooney blasts Maldives human rights as she meets with the former President in his high-security jail cell just days after his local lawyer was ambushed and stabbed 

Amal Clooney blasts Maldives human rights as she meets with Mohamed Nasheed

Amal, the wife of actor George Clooney, spent a number of hours with Nasheed in the high security prison, as part of her team's efforts to secure the release of the politician. Along with her legal team co-counsel Jared Genser, Amal has travelled to the island republic to make the case heard.

Outrage as teenage girl posts Snapchat photo of herself sticking her toes in the mouth of a 7-month-baby at 'illegal day care'

Social services are investigating after a 15-year-old girl took the shocking snap while visiting a house in Gaffney, South Carolina, which was allegedly running an illicit operation.

Now Chrissie Hynde attacks today's lewd pop stars branding them 'sex workers' who have created a 'pornography culture' 

Chrissie Hynde attacks today's lewd pop stars branding them 'sex workers'

In an obvious reference to scantily-clad stars such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, Chrissie Hynde (pictured) branded them 'sex workers' for selling music by 'bumping and grinding' in their underwear. The 64-year-old former Pretenders lead singer also accused them of doing 'a great deal of damage' to women with their risque performances. Miss Hynde launched the scathing attack during a tense interview on BBC's Woman's Hour yesterday. She suggested that today's provocatively-dressed stars are sending the wrong message about how people should view sex.

What it's like to be eaten by a VULTURE: Researchers reveal footage from inside a wilderbeast carcass left on the Serengeti 

National Geographic magazine placed a camera inside a wildebeest carcass on the Serengeti. Within seconds, nature took its course and vultures descended to rip apart the corpse.

The 'missing link' was more ape than man: Shoulders shed new light on human evolution and our common ancestor

Chimpanzee at Dublin Zoo.  According to research from Stirling University, male chimpanzees lay on a jungle feast to help attract female mates.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Issue date: Tuesday September 11, 2007.   The study of wild chimps in West Africa found that males steal desirable fruits from local farms and orchards to try and entice members of the opposite sex.  See PA story: SCIENCE Chimps.  Photo credit should read: Cathal McNaughton/PA Archive

A new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco shows that important clues lie in the shoulder - and reveal our common ancestor looked a lot like a chimp or gorilla,.

Remains of Polish Jew whose wife and children were gassed at Auschwitz before he was dismembered and pickled in a test tube by sadistic Nazi doctor is finally laid to rest 72 years later

Polish Jew who was dismembered and pickled by Auschwitz Nazis laid to rest 72 years later

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Menachem Taffel, a Polish Jew who lived in Berlin, died a hideous death so Dr August Hirt (pictured right) could preserve the skulls and bones (inset) of 'these sub-humans'. Taffel was among a group of 86 Jews plucked from the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland and transported to France for the sole purpose of being murdered. At the weekend, 72 years after he was killed in the pursuit of perverted medical science, the last two victims of the demon doctor, including Taffel, were buried in an emotional ceremony in France (main).

Romeo Beckham leads out England alongside Wayne Rooney as his dad David uses 'connections at FA' to arrange mascot role


A member of the Beckham family led out the England team for their fixture against Switzerland, however this time it was not former captain David Beckham. Instead it was his son, Romeo.

'God's people have rallied': Anti-gay marriage court clerk Kim Davis is released from jail to cheering fans - but is warned she must not stand in the way of same-sex unions

Court clerk Kim Davis was freed from county jail in Kentucky today and smiled as she walked out. A judge ruled that taking her name off marriage was in line with the law, leading to her freedom.

'I felt weird having breasts and despised my ability to get pregnant': Writer who does not identify with male or female gender removes breasts and uterus to no longer feel 'stuck in a stranger's body' 

Writer who does not identify with male or female gender removes breasts and uterus

Lore Graham, who identifies as neither male nor female, was born as a woman but didn't feel any gender was a perfect 'fit'. This summer, the Bostonian and self-described 'androgynous, neuter person' underwent an elective double mastectomy and hysterectomy within the span of about a month in order to 'harmonize' brain and body. Lore, whose partner, Q, is also binary, is relieved and happy to finally have a body that feels right.


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Jessa Duggar shares 100 never-before-seen wedding photos after being 'inspired' by her cousin's weekend vows - but only ONE with disgraced brother Josh 

Jessa Duggar shares 100 never-before-seen wedding photos

Jessa Duggar has shared 100 never-before-seen photos from her wedding. Jessa decided to post the pictures from her 2014 ceremony with husband Ben Seewald (inset) after attending her cousin Amy's nuptials over the weekend. There is one person noticeably missing from the wedding album however - Jessa's disgraced older brother Josh who appears just once (above).

Beau knows how to party! Pictures show how women would flock to embattled funnyman Beau Ryan for selfies during nights out before affair with Lauren Brant

If there's one thing Beau Ryan knows, it's how to party. Pictures and video shared by the embattled Footy Show funnyman and his legion of fans reveal the extent of his outrageous lifestyle over the past year.

Family rescues pit bull from shelter 'death row' for it to ATTACK teen daughter within minutes of entering new home - forcing them to put it down 

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Stephen Neira, 40, adopted a pit bull mix from a New York City shelter 22 minutes before it was scheduled to be put down. It attacked his daughter shortly after.

Designer creates the world's most expensive cake for a wealthy Arab family costing almost $100 million - complete with over 4,000 real diamonds

Debbie Wingham creates world's most expensive cake costing almost £50m

A wealthy Arab family have splashed out on the cake for a birthday party which was created by fashion designer Debbie Wingham, right, and includes replicas of her dresses and real diamonds. The six-foot long cake, in the style of a catwalk, also includes 120kg of fondant icing, 60kg of modelling chocolate and miniature versions of designer handbags, shoes and designer shades.

Russian plastic surgeon shot dead by his disgruntled patient unhappy with nose job

Plastic surgeon Alexander Remizov killed by unhappy patient Yury Lebedev_Russian society of surgeons_east2west_all queries to Will Stewart 0079859989400_not for syndication.jpg

Dr Alexander Remizov was shot dead by former patient Yury Lebedev, 34, after the latter entered his office at the Russian Railways hospital in Saint Petersburg armed with a rifle.

Giving a mummy a face: Forensic techniques are used to reconstruct the bandaged head of ancient Egyptian priest

The mummy, known as Kent is the oldest at the Egyptian Museum of Florence. Called Kent, he lived during the XVIII Dynasty and may have witnessed the reigns of Tutankhamen or Nefertiti.

'A Nazi flag? Seriously?': Italian fashion house Valentino sparks furious backlash on social media after posting a picture of boots accidentally arranged in 'a Swastika'

The boots were laid out with their toes touching on a bed of rose petals, prompting Instagram followers to observe that the arrangement bore an unfortunate resemblance to the Nazi emblem.

'She made it all up': Woman reveals she caught her friend faking a pregnancy, lying about having a baby and posting stolen photos of infant on social media

Woman reveals she caught her friend faking a pregnancy on social media

She said her former high school classmate faked being pregnant for four months, then proceeded to fake giving birth to a baby girl. The woman said her friend took infant photos from a popular blogger and posted them on her social media account as if they were her own.

'It's like walking back in time': One of Bondi's last beachfront properties - bought for just $37,000 in 1969 - is now up for sale for $10MILLION

With its prime position at Australia's most famous beach, this sprawling oceanfront property that was once sold for five figures is now expected to fetch a scorching price tag of up to $10 million.

Why you want to grow older in Switzerland...but not South Africa: Report ranks world governments according to how they're coping with ageing populations

To track how countries manage ageing populations, charity Age International has released its third annual Global AgeWatch Index which ranks countries in terms of quality of life and health.

Bloody salmon rejected by a bear... what Obama had for lunch with Bear Grylls in Alaskan wilderness he was visiting on Air Force One for climate change stunt

President Obama ate the 'bloody carcass of a half-eaten salmon' fed to him by adventurer Bear Grylls during a trip to Alaska. The original diner was an Alaskan bear who had discarded it.

When getting lost is actually fun: The world's most incredible mazes include ice labyrinths and hedgerow shaped like Harry Potter's head

Get lost in MailOnline Travel's round up of the world's most incredible mazes and labyrinths. Not just Intricate designs created from hedgerow, some are fashioned from sunflowers or ice.

Close, but not too close: North Korea and Cuba celebrate their close diplomatic ties - across the world's widest table and in front of stormy seas (but then they got cosy at the theatre)

North Korea and Cuba celebrate their close diplomatic ties

There may have been a gap almost as wide as the 8,000-odd miles which separates the two countries, but Cuba and North Korea were actually meeting to celebrate more than half a century of good relations in Pyongyang over the weekend. After talks had concluded, the Cuban delegation - led by vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel - posed with Kim Jong Un in front of this ominous looking mural (top left). By the evening, however, it seems they were best of friends as they watched the ever-popular Moranbong Band.

Two Canadian Conservative candidates drop out after videos surface

Jerry Bance and Tim Dutaud, both candidates for the ruling Conservatives from the Toronto area, dropped out of the race just hours apart Monday after being unmasked by CBC.

Wake skater surfs from the back of his captain-less boat... before falling into the water and watching it speed away

The slapstick incident occurred on Bullfrog Marina, Lake Powell, Utah and featured Jason Clark, who later took to YouTube to upload the unfortunate clip of himself.

Bohemian rhapsody! Princess Mary dons a boho-inspired skirt with paisley print as she gets a little more daring in fashion since taking the 'Most Stylish Royal' crown

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark adopts some daring choices after crowning as Most Stylish

Australian treasure Princess Mary was crowned the Most Stylish Royal for the second year running last month, with the Tasmanian-born beauty renowned for her breath taking, classic looks. However, ever since she secured the title the stunning mother-of-four has been showcasing a number of strikingly daring sartorial choices. Princess Mary sported a vibrant, boho-inspired paisley print to an award ceremony in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen on Monday.

The young man living with the face of a PENSIONER: Mysterious illness makes a 30-year-old look half a century older

Yuan Taiping, from Chongqing, south west China, looks about 80 year old. He is just 30 and suffers from an un diagnosed condition that has aged him. Doctors don't know why.

Pictured: The $7800 toilet and Italian marble bath a public servant accepted in exchange for handing out lucrative government electricity grid contracts 

A former public servant accused of taking more than $300,000 is kickbacks allegedly spent $7800 on a marble bath and toilet, before his assets were frozen by the NSW Crime Commission.

Hitching a ride through DEEP SPACE: Nasa's Comet Hitchhiker could tour the Kuiper Belt by 'jumping' from one asteroid to another

The concept (artist's impression pictured) was developed by Masahiro Ono at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena. A tether would replace the fuel used in current spacecrafts.

Stunning animation reveals 'shocking' similarity between this year's El Niño and monster weather system of 1997

Similarities between this year's El Niño and monster weather system of 1997

The video uses the latest data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to put the 2015 El Nino next to this year's. The current El Nino weather phenomenon is expected to peak between October and January and could turn into one of the strongest on record, experts from the World Meteorological Organization have warned.

Two men who claim to have found Nazi gold train insist it isn't a hoax but now think 'it contains no treasure but bodies, documents and chemical weapons' 

Piotr Koper, from Walbrzych, Poland, and Andreas Liechter, from Germany, appeared on television this morning to swear to the fact the train does exist

Rather then containing gold, a source close to the investigation says it was becoming widely accepted that the train could contain bodies of inmates from the nearby death camp, Gross Rosen, Poland.

Daily HIV drug 'PREVENTS the virus developing in 100% of healthy gay men'

Scientists at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center gave Truvada, a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to hundreds of gay men, and found that none of developed HIV.

Jolie's war on ISIS: Hollywood star tells Parliament how jihadis are using rape as 'the centrepoint of their terror' as she recalls horror of meeting girls as young as seven who were brutally assaulted

Angelina Jolie tells Parliament ISIS uses rape as 'centrepoint of their terror'

Jolie, who is giving evidence to a Lords committee, said jihadist fanatics in the 'most aggressive terrorist group in the world' were using sex attacks as a 'very effective weapon'. The actress and human rights activist is giving evidence to a Lords committee on sexual violence in conflict, warning it is being used in every country. She said the use of rape by ISIS as a 'policy' was a new horror that the world had not seen before.

Mother bought 12 packets of cocaine for her daughter's 18th birthday so they could 'have a good time' but is spared jail as it 'would be bad for the family' 

Nicola Austen (pictured), of Tunbridge Wells, booked a limo to London to celebrate her daughter's turning of age. She also acquired no less than 12 packets of the Class A drug to take on board.

Anger as 40 children are put in detention because their rulers are too short or their pencil cases are too small

More than 40 pupils have apparently been taken out of classes at the Magna Academy in Poole, Dorset, because they have not complied with the school's strict equipment requirements.

The science of VIAGRA: Doctor reveals exactly how the little blue pill helps boost a man's performance in the bedroom 

Viagra inhibits the action of an enzyme called PDE-5, to boost blood flow to the penis and help men maintain an erection, according to a new infographic by Dr Tom Brett, a GP in London.

Disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes sells the house he bought with donations for less than he paid for it - just five months after moving in 

The 67-year-old, who is just 4ft 6in tall and is visually impaired, moved into his new £150,000 home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, just five months ago after well wishers raised £330,000.

Paralysed beauty blogger's inspiring video shows how she applies make-up even though she is unable to move her fingers

Jordan Bone's YouTube video shows how she applies make-up

Jordan Bone, 25, from South Wootton, Norfolk, broke her neck in a car accident when she was only 15 and lost the use of her hands. But she has overcome the odds to teach herself a new way to do her own make-up. In a new video she has released, Jordan documents her struggles with learning how to do her make-up after her accident (left) and her triumph at succeeding (right).

Home run? Not interested... Grumpy Cat joins baseball legend Tony La Russa at Arizona Diamondbacks game... but fails to crack a smile

The world-famous animal, who has almost 300,000 Twitter followers and was recently immortalized at Madame Tussauds, appeared at the game dressed in an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey.

So THAT'S what happens when a plane 'dumps fuel': Video shows how an aircraft ensures it can make a safe emergency landing

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 16.28.08.png

Passenger David Coldwell filmed the scene as the plane he was on declared an emergency and signalled its intent to return back to Houston Airport in the U.S.

Terrifying moment woman is thrown from rubber ring and cracks her head on a slide at a water park 

The dramatic incident took place at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire and was caught on camera by the woman's brother, Matt Smith, who was filming while on the slide.

Fourteen men thrown off a holiday flight to Tenerife over drug fears complain Jet2 staff overreacted to a prank involving a bag of SALT

The Scots were kicked off a Glasgow to Tenerife flight over alleged 'disruptive behaviour', as the plane was diverted to Faro in Portugal. It all sparked when cabin crew found white powder in a bag.

Is this the sexiest Rolls-Royce EVER? Luxury car maker reveals its new $500,000 Dawn convertible inspired by 'La Dolce Vita'

New Rolls-Royce Dawn £250k convertible revealed as its 'sexiest car' ever

Rolls-Royce says its new four-seater 155mph soft-top was inspired by its famous 1950s Silver Dawn car and Anita Eckberg in classic film La Dolce Vita.

Even wombats need a hug: Adorable marsupial Tonka still cuddles a teddy bear after being orphaned when his mother was killed by a car four years ago 

An orphaned Townsville wombat that was diagnosed with clinical depression after his mum was killed keeps himself company by snuggling with a teddy bear when he can't get staff cuddles.

Terrifying images show massive explosion rip through yet another chemical facility in China - the fourth toxic blast the country had in less than a month

Nanming Chemical Co Ltd's plant in Lishui, eastern China, exploded on the afternoon of September 7. No injuries or casualties were reported following latest explosion.

China cracks down on middle aged women dancing noisily in public squares after annoyed residents begin throwing coins, rocks and faeces to make them stop

The women, known as 'damas', who have become famous for their routines performed to loud music in public, annoyed one Beijing man so much he fired a gun into the air to make them stop.

'Frankly my dears, I don't give a damn': White supremacist gives a Nazi salute as jury recommends the death penalty for killing three people he thought were Jewish

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. made his case to Johnson County District Judge Kelly Ryan about his witnesses being allowed to testify before the jury was seated during the penalty phase of Miller's murder trial, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015, at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kan. Jurors, who convicted the white supremacist on Monday of killing three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City in August 2014, were hearing more evidence Thursday before deciding whether to recommend a death sentence. (Joe Ledford/The Kansas City Star via AP, Pool)

The jury in the trail of Frazier Glenn Miller, who has been convicted of murdering three people in Kansas in April last year, have recommended that he be given the death sentence.

EXCLUSIVE: How Lou Reed was given electroshock therapy aged just 17 because of his sexuality - at New York psychiatric hospital described as 'hell in Queens'

Lou Reed was given electroshock therapy at New York psychiatric hospital

A new book reveals the agony inflicted on the singer when he was 17. His parents referred him to a psychiatrist who prescribed electroshock therapy because Reed had mood swings, depression, and homosexual urges. Reed (pictured above right when he graduated high school in 1959) was given the treatment 24 times at two day intervals in the summer of 1959 at Creedmoor State Psychiatric Hospital (bottom right) - a hellish institution, according to author Aiden Levy. Reed, who was already a musician and who played in a band Syracuse University (left) before setting up the Velvet Underground succeeded as a artist in part because of the impact of the therapy, Levy writes, saying it 'secured his allegiance to the underground'.

World's oldest fossilised turtle discovered: Enormous specimen is at least 25 million years older than previous record holder  

The almost completely preserved skeleton found in Columbia measures more than six and a half feet (two metres) long and is thought to be 120 million years old.

The world's strongest ORIGAMI: Super-stiff paper tubes make could help make collapsible buildings and robots

Researchers from the University of Illinois have developed a 'zippered tube' configuration that makes paper structures that are stiff enough to hold weight yet can fold flat.

Happy birthday, Vogue! Fashion magazine to celebrate 100th anniversary with exhibition of iconic photos of models including Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer

Mario Testino's 2008 snap of Kate Moss and Herb Ritts' picture of Claudia Schiffer from 1989 will feature in Vogue 100: A Century Of Style at the National Portrait Gallery in February.


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Newlyweds down whiskey and wine as they drunkenly tell the story about how they first met in a sweet video shown at their rehearsal dinner

Newlyweds drunkenly tell the story about how they first met in video

Magician Justin Willman and photographer Jillian Sipkins, from Los Angeles, California, were inspired by the Comedy Central series Drunk History, which shows inebriated narrators telling historical tales. They created the video because they didn't want to waste time at their reception telling people how they met.

Toyota's 'aerocar' will have WINGS hidden in the roof: Patent reveals plans for a flying vehicle resembling a multiplane

The patent was filed by Kentucky-based car maker Toyota in March 2014. Called 'Stackable wing for an aerocar', the illustrations (pictured) resemble a multiplane with wings built into the roof.

Father-of-two strangles neighbour's son and dumps his body in a cesspit because the three-year-old fought with his child for a toy

Suspect, named only as Mr Li, allegedly commit the crime after three-year-old Zhou Shijie had pushed over his son while fighting for a toy digger. Mr Li, from Yibin, central China, has been arrested.



My life as an Instagram cliche: As the 'Hipster Barbie' parody account mocking all the annoying Instagram trends becomes a sensation, our writer discovers she is the worst offender of all

Socality Barbie Instagram account takes world by storm

This week parody Instagram account, 'Socality Barbie' - which poured scorn on the most annoying social media clichés - has become a sensation, growing from 66,000 followers to 725,000 in just a few days. Daily Mail Australia's FEMAIL editor ANDREA MAGRATH laughed along with everyone else... until she realised that she could find an almost exact replica of every single post in her own Instagram feed. From paddling along still rivers (top left) to gazing longingly at beautiful views (top right), and putting 'likes' over safety while posing on arty train tracks (top, second from right), she's committed every social media cliché in the book.

'Some capture the last moments of their lives' : Firefighters snap amazing images of raging wildfires but are warned they are risking death 

Officials are warning firefighters against taking pictures while fighting wildfires that have been raging across drought stricken states including Washington, Idaho and California.

'The boys get mad if we make them submit': Cage-fighting Tennessee sisters, aged 10 and 11, who spend spare time learning to punch, grapple and reduce opponents to agony

Sisters Maria and Valery Bystritskii train in mixed martial arts or MMA, the sport popularised by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Their parents are both black belts in karate.

Harrow art teacher who resigned after her topless pictures went viral comes out fighting... by entering a women's boxing bout

Glamorous Joanne Salley, 37, will enter the ring as part of the only female fixture at this month's Boodles Boxing Ball at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Touching moment firefighter comforts four-year-old victim of a car crash by showing him cartoon Happy Feet on a mobile phone

D’Ilberville firefighter comforts four-year-old in car crash with Happy Feet

A mother and her five children - aged between one and seven - were in a car that crashed on the I-10 eastbound exit near the D'Ilberville Boulevard in D'Ilberville, Mississippi, on Saturday. The woman and three of the children were ejected from the Lincoln SUV when it lost control and went off the exit ramp, flipping over numerous times and crushing the roof. The four-year-old boy and a sister were pulled from the car without any serious injuries as they were in car seats. And as the little boy waited for an ambulance, firefighter Casey Lessard (right) played the cartoon to distract him. D'Ibervile Fire Captain Darren Peterson said: 'The video calmed him down instantly.'