Mother who kept her phone in her bra every day for 10 YEARS is convinced it caused her terminal breast cancer

Mother thinks her terminal breast cancer was caused by keeping phone in her bra for 10

Wendy Holt, 51, from Bracknell, Berkshire, used to keep her phone in her bra when she went out so it would be within easy reach. However she now believes radiation from her phone was to blame for her breast cancer diagnosis in 2012, as she had no family history of the disease (she is pictured, right, during treatment). Despite no longer storing her phone in this way - and getting the all clear of cancer - the disease returned in her lungs and lymph nodes earlier this year (pictured inset). Her terminal diagnosis means it's unlikely she will reach her 53rd birthday (she is pictured, left, at a hen do, aged 51). She said: 'I will obviously never be able to prove it, and I know there's a lot of debate around the issue, but I firmly believe the phone radiation is to blame for my cancer. I got my first phone in around 1990 and I was quite big-busted, so I would store it down there and nobody would be able to tell. It was pressed against my skin for probably 70 per cent of the day for about ten years - and I didn't give it a thought. I want to speak out to make other people stop the habit. People might disagree with my theory, but it's my belief and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.'

Making people start work before 9am is 'torture' says sleep expert, who wants the business and school day to begin at 10am 

Forcing staff to work nine-to-five leaves their bodies exhausted and stressed as a result of sleep deprivation, says Dr Paul Kelley. Pupils should also have a staggered school start time, he said.

Homeopathy conference descends into chaos after 29 delegates 'took LSD-like drug and suffered violent convulsions'

Twenty-nine male and female delegates were found staggering around, unable to speak and suffering violent convulsions at the convention centre in Handeloh, near Hamburg.

Man has 11lb stool surgically removed from his 'megacolon' after suffering constipation and stomach pain for 10 YEARS

The Chinese 27-year-old had 'congenital megacolon', a condition where the large intestine swells, causing severe constipation. He was treated at Second People's Hospital in Chengdu.

Mother is left unable to talk for five MONTHS after general anaesthetic: Breathing tube damaged her throat, causing constant 'choking' sensation

Zandile Musonza-Munzara, 49, from Thornaby-on-Tees, had a polyp on her vocal cords caused by the tube put down her throat during a general anaesthetic to remove a hernia.

Yellow lumps that mean your cholesterol's high: Everything you should know about blemishes that pop up on your skin 


We ask the experts about six common, non-cancerous skin growths and the treatments that work.

iPhone 6 leaves man with horrific painful rash due to severe allergic reaction to nickel it contains

iPhone 6 leaves man with horrific painful rash due to severe allergic reaction

Mark Watson, 37, from Stockton-on-Tees, was forced to visit his GP when didn't clear and became lumpy. He was astonished when he discovered he was allergic to the nickel in his new mobile phone - which had come into contact with his body while in his pocket. He is now calling for Apple to customers aware of the dangers of the rash-inducing devices.

How your heart rate is linked to being a criminal: Young men with a low resting beat are '39% more likely to commit a crime'  

People with a slow heartbeat may find it hard to become excited or aroused, and so might seek out more stimulating or risky experiences, experts from the Karolinska Institute said.

Cancer that doctors can mistake for a minor bug: Polly got antibiotics - but needed a stem cell transplant 

Cancer that doctors can mistake for a minor bug

Polly Demetriou, 29, from Grays, Essex, knew that, one day, the heavy stab vest she put on before every shift as a policewoman might save her life - and it did, but in a way she could never have imagined. In May 2011, Polly was applying fake tan when she noticed a pea-sized lump just under her left collarbone. She is pictured in hospital, right, and during treatment, inset right.

Why you should be eating beetroot, yoghurt and MARMITE at your desk: Experts reveal foods that will improve performance (and the snacks to always avoid)

FEMAIL has worked nutritionists and dieticians to identify the 22 foods that will power the brain for a busy day at work, and the ones you should avoid as eating them will make you feel tired and sluggish.

Are diabetics being given diet advice that just makes their problems WORSE?

Person using a fork and knife on a plate with eggs bacon and sausages

There are more than three million people in this country living with type 2 diabetes. In the second part of our series, we reveal the latest thinking on managing the complex condition.

The science of VIAGRA: Doctor reveals exactly how the little blue pill helps boost a man's performance in the bedroom 

Viagra inhibits the action of an enzyme called PDE-5, to boost blood flow to the penis and help men maintain an erection, according to a new infographic by Dr Tom Brett, a GP in London.

Daily HIV drug 'PREVENTS the virus developing in 100% of healthy gay men'

Scientists at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center gave Truvada, a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to hundreds of gay men, and found that none of developed HIV.

'My husband bit my nose off and ATE it because I didn't answer his phone call': Chinese woman tells of her terrible ordeal after a row with estranged spouse

A woman, from Shandong, eastern China, has lost her nose after a row with her husband. She failed to pick up a phone call from him at 2am. On the next day, the man bit off her nose and swallowed it.

Loved ones got the flu? Put them in quarantine! And other golden rules the health experts stick to in their own lives 

teddy bear bars.jpg

They are the medical experts to whom we turn for help and advice. Yet when it comes to looking after their own well-being, what do they do?

Paralysed beauty blogger's inspiring video shows how she applies make-up even though she is unable to move her fingers

Jordan Bone's YouTube video shows how she applies make-up

Jordan Bone, 25, from South Wootton, Norfolk, broke her neck in a car accident when she was only 15 and lost the use of her hands. But she has overcome the odds to teach herself a new way to do her own make-up. In a new video she has released, Jordan documents her struggles with learning how to do her make-up after her accident (left) and her triumph at succeeding (right).

LSD, magic mushrooms and ecstasy 'could help treat anxiety, PTSD and addiction', experts say

After experiments using psychedelic drugs were halted when LSD and other drugs were made illegal in the 1960s, scientists at the University of British Columbia say the drugs can help treat specific illnesses.

Flower power: Drug found in crocuses could help beat breast, bowel and lung cancers, new research reveals 

A drug made from crocuses wiped out tumours in tests - and is thought to work against almost all types of cancer, including breast, bowel, lung and prostate.

Woman gains 10 stone in a YEAR after the misery of Tourette's left her housebound - but is now a healthy weight thanks to brain implant that prevents outbursts

Emma Gregory, 27, from Bristol, eventually became frightened to leave the house because her outbursts were so severe - and her weight ballooned from 8st to 18st as she gorged on junk food.

Is this why stairs leave you out of puff? Rare lung disease can make you breathless - and gradually stops the lungs working

Grandmother and former nurse Jenny Gane Nadine aged 72. She was diagnosed in 2010 with IPF a chronic illness involving progressive scarring of the Lungs. She is now on a drug that could stabilise the illness. Photography by Rann Chandric on Monday 15th June 2015

Jenny Gane 72, from London, first suspected she had a serious health problem when she found herself lagging behind friends on a walking holiday in France in 2009.

'The last time I went on a date, I passed out': Woman who suddenly faints claims it's stopping her finding love - and food and laughter make her illness WORSE

Woman who suddenly faints claims it's stopping her finding love

Maggie Saunders, 31, from Falmouth, Cornwall, began fainting as a child, but doctors put it down to puberty. Then, at the age of 19, after she she was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope (VVS), a condition which causes the heart rate to slow, the brain to be starved of oxygen and the person to pass out. She claims the condition can be triggered by laughing too hard or eating foods like potatoes, pasta, eggs and fizzy drinks. She also suffers from an unrelated heart problem, a third degree heart block, a serious condition in which the electrical impulses are not transmitted through the heart, causing it to stop beating, which could be the cause of her fainting (the scar where a device to record her heart rhythms was fitted is pictured, inset). She is due to be fitted with a pacemaker next month to regulate her heartbeat. She says the condition is stopping her from travelling the world and finding love (she is pictured, left and right). She says: 'VVS causes a lot of problems when it comes to relationships. Knowing that someone new might see you faint is horrible. If you are going to date someone, they will almost certainly want to take you out for a meal. But if I laugh too much or eat stodgy food, I just pass out.'

Cancer patients are 'dying early because of the UK's stupid system of funding drugs', says pharma boss - after 2 of the firm's drugs were de-listed by NHS

Two Roche drugs, Avastin and Kadcyla, were de-listed by the Cancer Drugs Fund last week. Today, Severin Schwan, Roche CEO, said the NHS funding system is 'stupid' and threatens research.

Teenagers who use e-cigarettes are 'FOUR TIMES as likely to progress to traditional cigarettes within a year', study warns

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh found 68.9 per cent of young people who used e-cigarettes went on to smoke traditional cigarettes, compared with 18.9 per cent of those who didn't use the devices.

Health bosses fined £100k over death of disabled girl who fell from hospital bed and suffocated on plastic sheeting 

Jade Norton, 10, pictured, died when she had a seizure and fell from her defective hospital bed while having a seizure at her home in Blackpool, Lancashire in June 2011.

One in five hospitals are failing to screen elderly patients for dementia despite government guidelines

In the worst trusts, staff are screening fewer than half of over 75s who are admitted through A&E; for dementia, NHS England figures show. Guidelines say 90 per cent should be screened.

Overweight daughter who weighed 40 stone and was put into care as a teenager because her parents could not control her eating has died aged 20

Obese daughter Samantha Packham dies aged 20 weighing 40 stone

Samantha Packham's parents Malcolm and Jan, of Brighton, (pictured with their daughter in 2014, left) have spoken out following their daughter's death this summer, saying they paid 'the worst price' for failing to get a grip on her eating earlier. It is thought Samantha (pictured right aged 17), who dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, is the first child put into care because of their weight to die.

Why the menopause makes women feel so depressed...and the 10 ways to deal with mood swings WITHOUT medication

EXCLUSIVE: Nearly 40 per cent of menopausal women who go to their GP are offered anti-depressants, although 90 per cent would rather treat their symptoms naturally, a Healthspan survey found.

How to stop worries sabotaging your sleep: Britain's top sleep doctor reveals the blissfully easy ways to stop stress giving you insomnia

Henry Deedes has been struggling with sleeplessness for eight months, so he's relieved when Dr Guy Meadows, a sleep physiologist, gives him advice on how to deal with insomnia.

How sore joints may be a sign your gut is in trouble: Coeliac disease can cause aches

Good Health..Karen Woodford from Leeds, West Yorkshire...Coeliac disease feature...Photograph by Richard Walker /

'My daughter Megan was about seven months old, and I thought it might have been from pushing the pram,' says Karen Woodford, 36, who lives in Leeds.

ASK THE DOCTOR: My daughter's flushed face is ruining her life 


A patient's daughter, who is 46, has rosacea. Apparently, the only treatment is antibiotics. Dr Scurr advises.

Male model reveals he gave up sex for SIX YEARS after refusing to stop taking anti-baldness medication which left him impotent - but ultimately saved his career

Giorgos Tsetis, 30, who is from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but lives in New York, was 21 when he noticed his hair falling out in clumps. The model, started taking Propecia to stave off baldness.

Crisis in snake bite treatment: Global supply of a key anti-venom 'will run dry next year' putting tens of thousands of lives at risk

A key treatment for snakebites, called Fav-Afrique, will run out in June - and there is no alternative treatment, warns the medical charity Doctors Without Borders.

Would you forgo food for a flat stomach? Writer who loses three pounds on three-day juice cleanse reveals what it's REALLY like on an all-liquid diet

Writer loses three pounds on three-day Plenish Purity juice cleanse

After feeling bloated and sluggish after a heavy weekend, FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova, 25, from London, embraced an all-liquid diet and after a rocky start, was pleasantly surprised by the results (left, centre and far right). However, although she saw her midriff flatten and her thighs slim, she experienced a mild breakout (inset) - a minor downside to a three-day regime that left her feeling 'as light as a feather'.

People with coughs and colds told not to go to their doctors due to fears that too many are being proscribed antibiotics

Guidance from the health watchdog instructs the public to rest at home, take fluids and painkillers and, if necessary, see the pharmacist.

Secrets of an A-list body: We reveal how to get Helen Mirren's decolletage 

Helen Mirren looked in perfect shape on the red carpet recently. The actress, 70, defies the years with small doses of regular exercise.

NHS patients in Kent will be able to travel to FRANCE for surgery - because 'it's closer and more convenient than London'

The deal would see South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group pay for patients to have minor operations and a range of medical procedures at the Centre Hospitalier de Calais, pictured.

ME AND MY OPERATION: Grabber to pluck out nasty bowel growths - no op needed! 

Claw Machine with prize

Allan Smith, 77, a retired automobile company worker from the Isle of Wight underwent a new procedure to remove one, he tells CHLOE LAMBERT.

Scientists hail 'antibiotic for viruses' which could see one drug used to fight off flu, Ebola and yellow fever 

Described as 'an antibiotic for viruses', the multi-purpose medicine would be able to treat and even prevent infection, according to experts at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute near Cambridge.

Glow in the dark eye drops to save your sight: New test could detect glaucoma ten years before symptoms appear

Credit: plainpicture/Fancy Images; Maximum size: 78 MB; Model Release: No; Property Release: No

The technology, which detects dying nerve cells in the eye, has the potential to identify other neurological conditions at an early stage, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

The brutal disease that has robbed this mother of her sex life: Rita has battled cancer of the vulva FIVE times - forcing surgeons to remove even her clitoris

Liverpool woman loses her clitoris after suffering vulval cancer 5 times

EXCLUSIVE: Rita Hunter, 60, from Liverpool, left and right with her husband Charlie on their wedding day, was first diagnosed with aggressive vulval cancer at the age of 52. Over the next eight years she battled the disease four more times, before getting the all-clear. Mrs Hunter, who is mother to James, now 24, pictured with his parents top centre, had been terrified of developing cancer after her mother Winifred and sister Pauline, bottom centre, died from cervical cancer at 54 and 34 respectively. Mrs Hunter said: 'I want to raise awareness of vulval cancer. Please don't ignore changes in your vulva, pain or rashes nearby.'

'Jaw dropping' skin cancer drug will now be available on the NHS - giving hope to thousands with advanced melanoma

Pembrolizumab, which harnesses the body's own immune system and teaches it to attack tumours, was today approved for use by drugs rationing watchdog Nice.

Could radiotherapy do more harm than good in some patients? Treatment may 'suppress the body's natural ability to fight skin cancer'

Doctors from Icahn Medical School, New York found certain cells within a skin cancer tumour can resist the effects of radiotherapy, causing cells that suppress the immune system to develop.

The perfect penis may be SMALLER than you think: Women prefer 'slightly above average' appendages - but are less bothered about size in a long-term relationship

For the study, researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico 3D printed 33 models of different sized penises - and asked women to their two favourite sizes.

Faddy food has driven me nuts: Experts call it orthorexia - an obsession with healthy eating. Sarah Vine admits she's succumbed!

Clean eating has gone mainstream. Sarah Vine tried to get into the healthy eating trend - but her family refused to eat her creations. Orthorexia can be dangerous when it goes too far.

The mother-of-two you will NEVER believe is 51! Chef who looks decades younger says she is proof of the age-defying effects of eating food packed with spices

Chef Anjula Devi says she is proof of the age-defying effects of food with spices

Chef Anjula Devi (pictured), 51, from west London, believes that the secret to her amazingly youthful looks lies in her traditional Indian diet filled with herbs and spices such as turmeric, cumin and chillies. She says British 'curries' bear little resemblance to authentic Indian cooking, which is based on fresh vegetables and greens without any artificial colours. The cookery school founder said: 'The biggest sign that these spices keep you young is that I'm living proof of it - although I hate saying it!'

New e-cigarette warning: Teenagers are now using the devices to vape cannabis oil - which is 'more potent than smoking pot'

Scientists at Oberlin College in Ohio found students who use e-cigarettes are twice as likely to use the devices to vape hash oil - which is stronger than regular marujuana that is smoked.

Is YOUR job leading you to an early grave? Stress at work is 'as damaging to health as second-hand smoke'

Working long hours or conflict between work and family life raises the odds of an early death by 20 per cent - higher than second-hand smoke exposure - experts from Harvard Business School found.

How reading could be BAD for your child's eye sight: Scientists discover gene mutation that 'triggers short-sightedness in those who read more than an hour a day'

Scientists at Columbia University found those with a certain variant of the gene - called APLP2 - were five times more likely to develop myopia in their teens if they'd read an hour or more a day as a child.

Could a test reveal whether your newborn will grow up to be a PSYCHOPATH? Scientists claim unemotional traits in babies can hint at future personality

Psychiatrists at Kings College London say babies that prefer looking at a ball to a human face are more likely to develop callous-unemotional characteristics.

The jab that could save YOUR teenager from the terrifying disease that stole mine in just 12 hours: After brutal meningitis strain kills her son, grieving mother backs new vaccination drive

Meningitis jab strain could save YOUR teenager from the terrifying disease

Just weeks after getting his A-level results in 2013 (right), Edward Saunders became one of the first British teenagers to die from a new, deadly 'W' strain of meningitis. The disease is so lethal it has prompted the Government to launch a free programme of vaccinations for all freshers at university this year - and his mother Tracey has bravely agreed to relive the agony of her son's sudden death (pictured left, as a boy) in a bid to urge all parents to make sure their children are protected.

Cure for alcoholism now one step closer: Scientists pinpoint specific cells in the brain that make drinkers crave more booze

Scientists at Texas A&M; College of Medicine have identified the specific dopamine receptors in the brain that influence a person's desire to drink more alcohol, paving the way for new drug treatments.

How 'dynamite patches' blow away hot flushes...which could offer an alternative to hormone-replacement therapy 

Patches laced with the dynamite ingredient nitroglycerine are being used to treat menopausal hot flushes, offering a possible alternative to hormone-replacement therapy.

How fast are YOU ageing? Simple blood test calculates 'if you're growing old too quickly - and could predict if you'll suffer dementia'

The test works out a patient's 'biological age' compared to their actual age - and could be used to reveal if they are at future risk of dementia, according to experts at Kings College London.

Healthy patients using statins are more likely to suffer side-effects than gain health benefits

Doctors say most healthy people should be advised to exercise more and improve their diet rather than being offered the cholesterol-busting drugs to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.

Anorexic schoolgirl told by bullies to 'kill herself' because she was ginger ends up being tube fed after dropping to just 6st

Anorexic Bedford girl told by bullies to 'kill herself' ends up being tube fed

Jasmine Green, 15, from Bedford, began suffering cruel taunts at the age of 11. Bullies told her to 'cut or hang' herself because of her ginger hair and goth-style clothes. She began eating barely any food or water, and her weight dropped to just 6st 6lbs (pictured right). In April this year, the 15-year-old collapsed for the third time and was rushed to hospital, where she had to be tube fed to keep her alive (pictured, inset). After being sent to a specialist mental health unit for treatment, she was able to beat her eating disorder and complete the first year of her GCSEs. Now (pictured left), she wants to share her story to show the devastating effect of bullying. She said: 'Bullying can really ruin people's lives because it makes them feel not good enough - I was lucky to get through this. I know I'm a much stronger person now that I am beating something like this.'

Thousands of cancer patients to be denied life-extending drugs due to NHS funding cuts

Among the drugs de-listed as a result of cuts to the Cancer Drugs Fund are those to treat breast cancer, multiple myeloma, bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer and leukaemia.

Want glowing skin? Grab the tomato ketchup! The humble condiment has many surprising uses - including cleaning saucepans and conditioning hair

After Sarah Vine revealed that ketchup can fix sun-bleached hair she ignited a storm of interest. Tessa Cunningham explores ketchup's many surprising uses - from cleaning rust to face masks.

Popular stop-smoking pill 'does NOT raise the risk of heart attack or suicide'

The controversial drug Champix, known generically as varenicline, should be more widely prescribed in light of the findings, say University of Edinburgh and Dusseldorf researchers.

Just one tick bite can give you a fatal allergy to meat...six Britons have now suffered severe reactions 

The allergy is caused when a tick bites deer, sheep, cattle, horses and pigs, and then bites a human. A substance in the tick's saliva triggers our immune system to overreact to meat.

Newlywed, 25, dies from cervical cancer after visiting her GP TEN times - and being told her stomach cramps were due to a urine infection or bowel problems

25-year-old dies from cervical cancer blamed on a  urine infection

Emma Fisk, from Selby, Yorkshire, suspected something was wrong - but was initially told by medics she was suffering from a water infection, or had a 'little tear'. By the time she eventually persuaded medics to test her, in April 2014, she was suffering from an advanced stage neuroendocrine carcinoma - a rare type of cancer. Her boyfriend of eight years, Dan Fisk, 28, proposed shortly after her diagnosis, last June - but in December 2014, she was told she had just six months left to live. She died in June, just months after the couple from Selby, North Yorkshire, had married. One problem is that neuroendocrine carcinoma of the cervix is not the same as cervical cancer as most people know it. Medical literature emphasises that a smear test, which detects pre-cancerous cells, is unlikely to detect the type of cancer Mrs Fisk suffered from. Her devastated mother said; 'She was fit and healthy and slim - she didn't smoke or take drugs or drink. She was the model daughter. She loved everyone and they loved her. She was such a beautiful person inside and out and we are so lost without her.'

'Airborne peanut allergies on flights are a MYTH': Leading scientist claims it's impossible for a reaction to be triggered this way

Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Kings College, London, says peanut particles are too heavy to be transmitted through the air - and that leading experts agree the airborne theory is a myth.

One large steak a week 'raises the risk of bowel cancer': Studies suggest link between lots of red meat and killer disease

WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is forecast to make the bombshell ruling after scientists meet in France to discuss the matter.

Have scientists found a cure for seasickness? Gadget that applies mild electric current to the scalp 'could eradicate nausea'

Imperial College London scientists are developing a device that will plug into a mobile phone and deliver a short shock to the head via a set of electrodes. They hope it will be on sale within five years.

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Does wifi really fry your brain?

As strange as this sounds, the belief that electrical devices cause health problems is far more common than you might think, writes DR MAX PEMBERTON.

The women who stare at the SUN to lose weight: Worrying new 'health' fad convinces Chinese women that sunlight can replace food

Sun eating in China sees women stare at the sun to lose weight

Women in Hong Kong are staring at the sun for up to 44 minutes a day in the hope that its energy will replace the need for food. They also believe the practice improves their vision and sleep quality. Some of the women say they eat less as a result, and some eat nothing at all. Experts are concerned by the high risk of skin cancer and eye problems including cataracts and macular degeneration.

Over-55s are denied vital surgery for ovarian cancer as campaigners call for 'discrimination' against older women to end

Only half of patients over the age of 55 have an operation to beat the disease yet four out of five women under this age have surgery. Health charities say the figures are unacceptable.

Up to 11,000 more people die each year because they are admitted to hospital at the weekend 

Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the study of 15 million hospital admissions found a clear 'weekend effect' for people admitted between Friday and Monday.

Bizarre story of the woman born unable to feel ANY pain - who's spent every day of the last six years in agony since giving birth

The woman, treated by doctors from the University of Cambridge, has always had channelopathy-associated insensitivity to pain, which causes a complete absence of pain sensation.

Revealed... the dirtiest places on an airplane (and it's NOT the loo): Swabs shows tray tables and overhead air vents are riddled with the most germs

A study by travel online calculator Travel Math took swabs on four flights and at five airports and found tray tables are the most likely places to be riddled with germs. In the airport the water cooler button was the dirtiest spot.

Why Rita, Kirsten and co really ARE living in a bubble: X Factor star is latest to step into bizarre looking dome filled with oxygen to undergo wrinkle-busting beauty treatments 

X Factor star Rita Ora is latest to step into bizarre looking dome filled with oxygen

Rita Ora (pictured right) has joined stars like opera singer Katherine Jenkins and actress Kirsten Dunst who step into the bubble (left) filled with 99.995 per cent oxygen to undergo wrinkle-busting treatments. Pioneered by Hollywood beauty guru 'Nurse Jamie' Sherrill, the oxygen bubble is said to aid in the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin and helps eliminate toxins from the body. The beauty expert performs special treatments - starting at £110 - inside the 10ft by 10ft plastic bubble including 'skin stamping', where a special tool is used to push a nutrient-packed serum deep into the pores to improve skin texture and smooth out imperfections.

Retirement IS good for you: People use their leisure time to get healthy, sleep more and have less work-related stress

After analysing data on retirees from 1994 to 2014, economist Peter Eibich came to the surprising conclusion, with those giving up physically demanding jobs benefitting the most.

Why you SHOULDN'T worry about your weight: People who believe they are fat are more likely to GAIN pounds due to stress

Those who identified themselves as being 'overweight' were more likely to report overeating in response to stress - and this predicted subsequent weight gain, say University of Liverpool researchers.

Controlling parents 'cause long-term mental damage to their children' - and the trauma is as bad as losing a loved one

Scientists at University College London found parents who don't allow their child to make their own decisions and invade their privacy, risk causing mental damage in later life comparable to the death of a close friend or relative.

A final, painful act of love: How a heartbroken mother pleaded for her brilliant son to be allowed to die after devastating hit-and-run crash left him in a 'hopeless' coma

How a hit-and-run and a son in a hopeless coma led to a landmark courageous decision

In 1990 Matty Mintern, top right, was hit by a car and left in a persistent vegetative state. In 1998, after years of caring for him, his mother Margaret, bottom right, asked the courts if he could be allowed to die as a last act of love. After exhausting herself caring for Matty at home for five years and making the difficult decision to place him in a nursing home, Margaret felt that her son wouldn't want to live in an old people's home being tube fed. Once she'd decided to allow her son's life to end she felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from her.

The £1,500 gadget that could end the curse of sweaty armpits for good by zapping glands with electricity 

The treatment, which costs around £1,500 and goes by the name MiraDry, involves an electronic handpiece, which looks like a supermarket scanner, being targeted at the underarm.

Smartphone firms develop 'safe screens' which emit less of the blue light it is feared prevents people sleeping 

Scientists say the blue light emitted by electronic devices could lead to interrupted sleep or even harm our eyes.The screens were exhibited at a consumer electronics show in Berlin this week.

Princess Michael of Kent 'had cornea transplant'...after she was spotted sporting eye-patches during the summer season

Princess Michael of Kent, 70, has had a cornea transplant - it comes after she was spotted during the summer season sporting eye patches that colour co-ordinated with her outfits.

Relief at last from misery of 1.8million Britons affected by psoriasis...thanks to a £10,000-a-year treatment

British psoriasis patients have been relieved of the disfiguring condition, thanks to a £10,000-a-year treatment. One high-profile sufferer is model and actress Cara Delevingne (pictured).

'She is with me forever and always': Grieving mother gets a tattoo in memory of her stillborn daughter using baby's ashes

A mother from Wellington, New Zealand has remembered her daughter with a tattoo tribute - using ink blended with her ashes.

Bizarre story of the woman born unable to feel ANY pain - who's spent every day of the last six years in agony since giving birth

The woman, treated by doctors from the University of Cambridge, has always had channelopathy-associated insensitivity to pain, which causes a complete absence of pain sensation.

Bisexual women and those confused about their sexuality are 'more likely to suffer from eating disorders'

However, lesbians are no more likely to experience eating disorders than their 'straight' peers, the researchers, from Drexel University, Pennsylvania, concluded.

Could your smartphone or tablet give you SKIN CANCER? Screens 'reflect UV rays and may indirectly trigger the disease'

Scientists at the University of New Mexico advise wearing suncream, sunglasses and to cover your face and neck when using phones, tablets and laptops, to reduce the risk of harmful rays.

'My scars make me proud of what my body's beaten': Breast cancer survivor, 39, poses topless after double mastectomy to show 'it's nothing to be ashamed of'

Breast cancer survivor poses topless after double mastectomy

Alison Hawkes, 39, from Dagenham, east London posted this photograph on her Facebook page to show breast cancer patients that scars are nothing to be ashamed of. She was diagnosed with the disease after finding a lump in her right breast in May 2012. After six rounds of chemotherapy (inset) and having her right breast removed, Mrs Hawkes decided to have her left breast removed to prevent the disease returning. She said: 'It was a no brainer. I didn't even consider the aesthetic side of things. All I could think was that there was no way I was going through this again - not if I could help it... I wanted to show everyone that scars aren't the end of the world. I'm proud of what my body has beaten.'


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