Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines

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Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines (pronounced /seɪnt ˈvɪnsənt æn ðə ɡrɛnəˈdiːnz/ ( listen)) is a kintra in the Lesser Antilles chain, namely in the soothren portion o the Windward Islands, which lie at the soothren end o the eastren border o the Caribbean Sea whaur the latter meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its 389-square-kilometre (150 sq mi) territory consists o the main island o Saunt Vincent an the northren twa-thirds o the Grenadines, which are a chain o smawer islands stretchin sooth frae Saunt Vincent Island tae Grenada. Tae the north o St. Vincent lies St. Lucia, tae the east Barbados. Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines is densely populatit (ower 300 inhabitants/km2) wi its 120,000 fowk. Its caipital is Keengstoun, an aa its main port. The kintra haes a French an Breetish colonial history an is nou pairt o the Commonweel o Nations an CARICOM.