100+ Incredibly Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

Cheap Darth Vader Costume48. Cheap Darth Vader Costume

The force is with you, dear DIY Maniac, but you are not ready for Halloween yet. We can’t let you go to that cool party without an awesome costume. Take a look at these tutorials and start working! Although the tutorials below are made for kids, my hubby easily made something similar using the same patterns and kept calling me Leia for a few days. Eh, boys will be boys, and hubby will always be a nerd <3. That’s why I love him!

Tip: you can buy a cheap mask ($3 at Walmart) or you can DIY out of cardboard. For the sword you can glue some glow sticks on a broomstick.

via Coolest-Homemade-Costumes and via MakingLemonadeBlog


  1. Criss says

    OMG, Sharon, I adore the cat costume!!!
    I think I have all the pieces, excepting the ears… Will a couple of hair clips and a pair of cardboard ears do the work?

  2. Maria says

    I absolutely love the Biker Babe costume! If only I’ll have the luck to find a jeans vest, I’ll totally do it!

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