Gunpowder, fuses and jars of bullets: Inside the booby-trapped apartment of The Dark Knight mass shooter James Holmes

Aurora shooter James Holmes had gunpowder and fuses inside his apartment

Newly-released photos offer a chilling look into the booby-trapped apartment of Aurora shooter James Holmes. The photos were taken after Holmes opened fire and killed 12 people during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises at a suburban Denver, Colorado movie theater in 2012. After arresting Holmes, law enforcement officers went to his nearby apartment and found it rigged with home-made explosives intended to kill anyone who entered.

'You sad, attention grabbing, power-hungry little man': Michael Stipe gets into four-letter war of words with Trump after tycoon uses R.E.M song at Iran rally 

R.E.M lead singer Michael Stipe slams Donald Trump for using their song at Iran rally

R.E.M lead singer Michael Stipe (main) tore into the controversial Republican candidate (inset) on Twitter, for using one of the U.S. rock band's most loved hits at a rally campaigning against the Iran nuclear deal. The singer's tweet (inset) accused the presidential hopeful of being an 'attention grabbing, power-hungry little man', but the band's official response, released on Facebook, was somewhat toned down. Trump played It's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine) at his rally on Wednesday.

'This is what one tiny pill can do to you': Teen who was left in a wheelchair with slurred speech after taking ecstasy releases video of how her life has changed

Ecstasy left a Glasgow teen wheelchair with slurred speech after a coma

Amy Thomson's life was altered beyond recognition after she collapsed at an 'ecstasy party' in June at a house in Glasgow, Scotland. The 16-year-old (pictured right before the incident) was in a critical condition and spent weeks fighting for her life at Glasgow South hospital. Her family has now released a video which shows how far the schoolgirl has come since waking up for a coma - but also the devastating effect that the 'tiny pill' had on her brain and body.

Broadway actors were called a 'n****r and f****t' by New York taxi driver - then ARRESTED when they demanded he let them out

Actors Christina Sajous and Ethan Paulini are suing cabbie Gregory Adolph and four New York cops, after a nightmare journey allegedly saw them verbally abused before being arrested.

Could BOMBING Mars make it habitable? Nuclear warheads would heat the red planet to make it more Earth-like, claims Elon Musk

NEW Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, California, hypothesised Mars could be heated up quickly by dropping nuclear weapons over its poles and said he would like to visit the red planet one day.

Husband accused of murdering his wife for $4.5m life insurance 'prised $30k diamond from her wedding ring before pushing her off 140ft high cliff'

The opening statements in the murder trial of a man accused of shoving his wife off a cliff at Rocky Mountain National Park are set for Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Denver.

Harold Henthorn, 58, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his second wife, Toni, but prosecutors will present evidence at trial that he also killed his first wife, Sandra, in 1995.

Jury selection was completed Thursday before U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson.

In pre-trial motions, Henthorn's attorney sought to prevent prosecutors from mentioning Sandra Henthorn's death, or a 2011 accident involving Toni Henthorn.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating the suspicious death in 1995 of Sandra Henthorn, 37, who was crushed under her car while her husband was changing a tire in a remote area near Sedalia on Colorado 67.

In early September or late August 2011, Toni and Harold Henthorn were at their Grand Lake cabin when a beam hit Toni Henthorn on the head, fracturing her verte

Harold Henthorn is on trail for murdering his second wife Toni (left) for her life insurance, and making it look like an accident. He is accused of pushing her off a 140ft high cliff in the Rocky Mountains in 2012.

Ex-tennis star James Blake says he still hasn't received an apology from undercover NYPD cop who body-slammed him to the ground

james blake ***composite***

Former tennis star James Blake appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday to speak about being shoved to the ground by an NYPD officer on Wednesday who mistook him for a suspect.

Time for some new material, girl? Madonna, 57, puts on excruciatingly racy show as she shamelessly cavorts with much younger male dancer during opening night of tour

Madonna shamelessly cavorts with much younger dancer during Rebel Heart tour

The last time she wore a cape on stage, it was her literal downfall - as she infamously fell off stage at the Brit Awards in London in February. However, Madonna was undeterred as she donned a remarkably similar Spanish-style get up for the fist night of her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal, Canada on Wednesday. The 57-year-old singer started her 64-show global arena trek with typical showmanship.

$20,000 reward is offered in hunt for 'domestic terrorist' who has been taking pot-shots at vehicles on Arizona freeway for TEN DAYS 

The shootings started on August 29, when a 13-year-old girl travelling in an SUV on Interstate 10 near Phoenix was injured. The latest incident was on Wednesday, when a truck was hit.

Fire chiefs indicted after 'telling male recruit not to tell anyone about how he was sexually assaulted with a chorizo sausage during initiation ritual'

Fire department officials in Texas have been arrested after their volunteer firefighter were charged with sexually assaulting a new male recruit with a chorizo sausage.
Five firefighters and one's girlfriend, who is suspected of videoing the attack at Emergency Service District 6 Volunteer Fire Department in Waxahachie, were taken in to custody earlier this week on sexual assault charges.
Fire Chief Gavin Satterfield, 31, and Assistant Fire Chief William 'Billy' Getzendaner, 34, were suspended by the department's oversight board following the arrests on Thursday for allegedly telling the victim to stay quiet.

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A Texas grand jury has indicted five firefighters, the two chiefs and a woman on charges that they sexually assaulted a man at their fire station as part of a 'rite of initiation' with a chorizo sausage.

Second person dies after eating cucumber contaminated with salmonella in outbreak which has left 70 people hospitalized 

Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce 'Limited Edition' cucumbers (inset) have been recalled from all stores after a nationwide salmonella scare that has killed two and infected 341.

'Terrorist, go back to your country, Bin Laden': Sikh American father of two brutally beaten and left bleeding in Chicago suburb on the eve of 9/11 anniversary

September 9, 2015 (Chicago, IL) ? On Tuesday evening, Inderjit Singh Mukker, a Sikh American resident in the Darien suburb of Chicago, was viciously assaulted after the assailant pulled up to his car yelling racial slurs, including, ?Terrorist, go back to your country, Bin Laden!? Mr. Mukker, a U.S. citizen and father of two, was on his way to the grocery store on S. Cass Avenue when the verbal taunting was initiated. Mr. Mukker turned onto Cass Avenue, but was repeatedly cut off by the driver. Mr. Mukker pulled over to the side of the road to let him pass, but the driver instead pulled in front of his car and aggressively approached Mr. Mukker?s vehicle. The assailant then reached into the car and repeatedly punched Mr. Mukker in the face, causing him to lose consciousness, bleed profusely and suffer a fractured cheekbone and a laceration to his cheek. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received six stitches, treatment for lacerations, bruising and swelling. The suspect is in cu

Inderjit Singh Mukker, 53, a longtime American citizen, suffered a fractured cheek, a severe laceration and bruising to his face in what he has described as a hate crime attack in suburban Chicago.

'She was the most beautiful thing': Woman who had her baby sliced out of her womb by a stranger in horror attack breaks down as she describes holding her dead child  

'She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen': Woman who had her baby sliced out of

NEW The Colorado woman who had her unborn baby cut from her womb by a stranger is sharing the terrifying details of her attack, and the heartbreaking moment she held her dead daughter in her arms. Michelle Wilkins (bottom right earlier this year) was eight-months pregnant when she went to the Boulder home of Dynel Lane (top right) after answering a Craigslist post advertising maternity clothing, and that is where she was knocked out and cut open. Her daughter Aurora died but Wilkins, 26, miraculously managed to survive - and with her partner Dan spend a few unforgettable moments as a family. 'Dan and I thought she was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen,' said Wilkins in a clip from her upcoming appearance on Dr. Phil (left).

Child rapist who was spared death in 2008 after Supreme Court ruled punishment was 'cruel and unusual' has new request for a retrial denied

patrick-kennedy-JPSO July 2001 mug --

A Louisiana man whose death sentence for child rape was overturned in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision has lost his bid for a new trial in the case.

Patrick Kennedy was spared from execution in 2008 but remained convicted in the 1998 rape of an 8-year-old. He is serving a life sentence.

In 2013, a federal judge in New Orleans agreed with defense lawyers who said there had been gender discrimination in the selection of grand jury leaders at the time Kennedy was indicted.

But the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed in a decision released Wednesday evening.

Kennedy has said he did not commit the crime. His appeals led to a 2008 Supreme Court ruling that death sentences for child rape were unconstitutional.

That 5-4 decision invalidated laws in five states and drew criticism at the time from Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and then-Sen. Barack Obama, running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Kennedy was resentenced to life in pr

Patrick Kennedy, from Louisiana, is currently serving life in jail for brutally raping his eight-year-old stepdaughter in 1998, but may have been released if his appeal for a retrial had been accepted.

'They think I am so boring!': President Obama reveals that his daughters think he's dull to Bear Grylls

President Obama spent three days on tour in Alaska, which saw him snacking on wild, half-chewed salmon with British adventurer Bear Grylls, but it's not enough to impress his daughters.

Meet the ancestors: New species of ancient humans are discovered after fossilised remains of at least 15 bodies are unearthed in a South African cave

Named Homo naledi, the species has been assigned to the genus Homo, to which modern humans also belong. The remains were discovered in South Africa's Gauteng province.

Newlywed firefighter and Iraq War veteran, 35, is killed in 'deliberate' hit-and-run crash while collecting money for charity

Michigan firefighter and Iraq War vet killed in hit-and-run crash collecting money for

Police in Lansing, Michigan, say seven-year veteran firefighter and retired US Marine Dennis Rodeman (pictured left and right) was collecting money for a muscular dystrophy charity Wednesday when he had some words with a 22-year-old pickup truck driver, who then circled back and deliberately plowed into him. Rodeman and his wife of only two months (right) were expecting their first child together.

Sam Champion's morning show cancelled as Weather Channel pulls back on original programming

Sam Champion, who worked for 25 years at ABC before leaving the network for his own show on The Weather Channel in late 2013, has lost his morning newscast.

An apple a day keeps ageing at bay because chemical in the peel prevents muscle wasting, new research finds 

Chemicals found in the peel of apples and green tomatoes can turn elderly people's muscles into those of a young adult after just two months of treatment, said scientists from the University of Iowa.

Cincinnati Police Chief sacked after taking selfie at funeral of fellow officer, using his position to get sporting tickets and bullying his staff

Jeffrey Blackwell was alleged to have berated staff in public, broken departmental rules and treated some staff members so poorly they required treatment for anxiety and stress.

Trump refuses to back down or apologize for 'personal attacks' on Carly Fiorina, saying 'Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?' was 'jocular' - and about her 'persona'

Trump refuses to back down or apologize for 'personal attacks' on Carly Fiorina, saying

UPDATED Jeb Bush jumped in and defended Carly as well, tweeting that Trump's remarks were 'small and inappropriate ... Carly & country deserve better.' The controversial comments by the billionaire real estate developer were aimed at the only woman in the large field of GOP candidates vying for their party's 2016 presidential nomination. Rolling Stone magazine reported that Trump, leading in the polls among the Republican contenders, made the remarks while watching Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard Co chief executive, on television. It comes weeks after he stirred further controversy when he said super model Heidi Klum was 'no longer a ten'. 'Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? Trump is quoted as saying. 'I mean, she's a woman, and I'm not s'posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?' Firorina responded to the comments, saying they were 'very serious'.

Now Hillary feels the Bern in the heartland: Support for Clinton in Iowa drops 12 points in two months and swings toward Sanders

Clinton is officially in the danger zone in Iowa, the state that delivered the first blow to her 2008 bid for the Democratic nomination for president and may yet spoil her plans this time around.

Donald Trump TROLLS Jeb again - 'Man did JEB throw his brother under the bus last night' Trump tweeted when Bush said W. allowed Republicans to spend too much

'Man did JEB throw his brother under the bus last night on Colbert,' tweeted Donald Trump, as the current GOP front-runner continues to troll the former GOP front-runner.

Donald Trump accused of flip-flopping on Planned Parenthood as he says he's 'totally opposed' to federal funding - just weeks after touting its non-abortion services

Trump is being accused of a Planned Parenthood flip-flip, saying now that he's 'totally opposed to funding' the group with taxpayer dollars, just weeks after he touted its non-abortion services.

Sarah Palin says Obama sees nuke deal from 'world full of sprinkly fairy dust blown from atop a unicorn' as she hammers him for viewing Iran through 'pink kaleidoscope'

The former Akaska guv blasted the president for living in a fantasy world on the controversial Iran deal, while saying a President Donald Trump could bring Republicans and Democrats together.

The desert rave where anything (and everything) goes: From half-naked angels to sideshow freaks, here are the craziest costumes from Burning Man 2015

Burning Man 2015's craziest costumes from naked angels to sideshow freaks

It's the annual festival of art, music and everything else, but there's no denying that Burning Man has become best known for the months of effort that 'burners' put into their outlandish outfits. Part-Mad Max, part-Gay Pride psychedelia, with some sideshow craziness and techno ravers mixed in - there was no limit to the realization of his year's theme, Carnival of Mirrors, among the estimated 70,000 that made the pilgrimage to Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Some took the theme literally (bottom right), while others looked to the sun and sand of the desert for inspiration (left and center). The event dates back to 1986 and is based on principles of community, inclusion, creatively and ant-consumerism, and the fashions of those in attendance both embody and reflect this.

Star Wars stuntwoman fights for her life after horror crash while filming high-speed Resident Evil motorbike chase in South Africa

Olivia Jackson, from Amersham, Bucks, has been in an induced coma since Saturday after suffering serious head injuries and a punctured lung in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed after a tropical storm causes a river to burst its banks in Japan, flushing radiation water from Fukushima into the sea

An aerial view shows residential areas flooded by the Kinugawa river (top), caused by typhoon Etau in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo September 10, 2015. Japan's weather agency extended its emergency warnings from the Tochigi Prefecture to Ibaraki, after severe rainfall caused floods and landslides on Thursday in eastern Japan, according to local media.  Mandatory credit REUTERS/KyodoATTENTION EDITORS - FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. MANDATORY CREDIT. JAPAN OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN JAPAN.

Dramatic footage shows a tsunami-like wall of muddy water gushing from the swollen Kinugawa river in Joso, about 30 miles northeast of Japan's capital, which is home to around 65,000 people.

Why some smokers get cancer and others don't: Scientists discover genes that 'lower the risk of early death'

NEW Scientists from UCLA discovered that long-living smokers had 'longevity' genes which were associated with an 11 per cent lower incidence of cancer.

Father is charged with murder after he 'beat his 10-week-old baby son to death'

A Gwinnett County father accused of beating his 10-week-old baby son and fracturing his skull has been charged with murder, Channel 2 Action News reported Wednesday night.

Kelvin Lewis Odom, 50, was arrested last Thursday and charged with first-degree child cruelty. His injured newborn was alive at the time at Children?s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The baby died Sunday.

Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Deon Washington said Wednesday that the findings of an autopsy would determine if additional charges would be filed against Odom. The autopsy showed the child?s death was related to his injuries, according to Channel 2.

Police believe Odom, who is being held at the Gwinnett County jail without bond, was the only adult at home when the child was injured. Four other children, ranging up to age 14, live in the apartment.

The Division of Family and Children Services is also involved in the investigation.

Gwinnett police and fire officials initially responded to Odom?s apartment on Wat

Kelvin Lewis Odom, 50, was arrested in Atlanta and charged with first-degree child cruelty for allegedly attacking his newborn so severely that he fractured the baby's skull.

The final insult: ISIS uses photo of tragic Syrian toddler Aylan in a sick propaganda poster warning brutally oppressed citizens not to flee

ISIS use photo of tragic Syrian toddler Aylan  in a sick propaganda article warning

UPDATED Harrowing images of the drowned three-year-old lying face down on Turkey's Bodrum beach shook the world last week, highlighting the horrific human cost of the global migrant crisis. But ISIS' media machine have sought to twist Aylan's tragic death for their own advantage, featuring photos of his tiny body in the latest edition of their slick propaganda magazine Dabiq as part of an article warning people of the consequences of leaving areas under terror group's brutal rule.

Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire after storms batter eastern Europe

A Macedonian border policeman scuffles withmigrants as they wait to pass in heavy rainfall from the northern Greek village of Idomeni

At least 7,000 people, including many parents lugging young children, braved downpours and scuffles with police to cross Greece's northern border into Macedonia.

Deadly sandstorms allow ISIS and Al-Qaeda to launch surprise attacks to capture key Syrian air bases using children as suicide bombers and executing dozens of government troops

In this image posted on the Twitter account of Syria's al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front early Thursday Sept. 10, 2015, which is consistent with other AP reporting, fighters from the group gather around a Syrian government forces aircraft, inside the Abu Zuhour air base, in Idlib province, north Syria. After a two-year siege, al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria and other insurgents on Wednesday captured the one remaining Syrian army air base in Idlib province, a development that activists said effectively expelled the last of President Bashar Assad's military from the northwestern province. The Arabic words in the bottom picture reads: "from inside Abu Zuhour air base." (Al-Nusra Front social media account via AP)

ISIS fighters used the adverse weather to their advantage overnight, as they moved in on a strategic base in eastern Syria using suicide bombers, one them a child, killing 18 soldiers.

What IS Russia sending to Syria? Moscow admits delivering 'military supplies but no extra troops' to Assad - as U.S. warns build-up compares to Putin's incursion in Crimea

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again confirmed that Russia has military personnel in Syria, but shed no light on what the U.S. and NATO fear is a Russian military build-up at a Syrian airfield.

Pictured: ISIS show off their destruction of 2,000-year-old temple at Palmyra that has left just one arch standing 

ISIS show off their destruction of 2,000-year-old temple at Palmyra

Just a single arch of the ancient Temple of Bel in the Syrian city of Palmyra still stands (pictured main) after Islamic State terrorists filled it with explosives (bottom right) and razed it to the ground (top right). The shocking photographs, published in the terror group's English language magazine, Dabiq, are the first showing the aftermath of the demolition (main). The Temple of Bel (inset), dating back to 32AD, is considered one of the most important religious buildings of the first century.

Is the 'curse of motherhood' behind showbiz's biggest splits? How Kourtney and Scott and Sienna and Tom's relationships crumbled after starting a family 

Sienna Miller, 33, split from Tom Sturridge, 29, just three years after giving birth to their daughter Marlowe. Miranda Kerr and Kourtney Kardashian also broke up with the father's of their babies.

Thieves break in to 'King of Instagram's' Hollywood mansion: Robbers learn lay-out of millionaire's home after he boasts about party lifestyle and gun collection

Multimillionaire 'King of Instagram' known for posting pictures of his 'fabulous' life of

NEW Multimillionaire trust fund baby Dan Bilzerian, 34, had his Hollywood Hills mansion broken into by thieves on Friday. Bilzerian is famous for posting his rich lifestyle antics on Instagram. The burglars went for his gun room but couldn't get in. They apparently left with only the keys to his Bentley but didn't take the car.

Shocking moment a school bus burst into flames leaving 41 students stranded on a California freeway

The bus had been carrying water polo players from Foothill High School home when the engine ran into trouble in Irvine, Orange County, at around 6.30pm on Wednesday.

Grieving mom left heartbroken after thief breaks into her home and steals camera with photos of her dead infant son - then deletes the pictures

A thief broke into the home of Felicia and David Nelly in Lancaster, Massachusetts on August 30 and stole a camera that contained photos of their dead infant son - which they then deleted.

Grandfather of mentally disabled girl, 15, found weighing 40lbs and locked in a feces-covered room pleads guilty to neglect

An Anderson man has admitted abusing and neglecting his teenage granddaughter so severely that she was rushed to the hospital weighing less than 40 pounds.

Steve Sells, 58, pleaded guilty Tuesday to all 17 charges against him: three counts of neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury, three counts of neglect of a dependent, three counts of criminal confinement, two counts of battery against a disabled person, one count of battery resulting in bodily injury, two counts of welfare fraud, two counts of theft and one count of perjury, Madison Circuit Court records show.

Documents indicate Sells' granddaughter was starved, savagely beaten, forced to eat feces and urine, and trapped in a locked room with little more than a mattress, space heater and bucket. Investigators found her room covered in feces with blood on the floor.

Witnesses admitted they saw the girl being repeatedly abused and neglected but didn't tell police until December, after the 15-year-old was rushed to th

NEW Steve Sells, 58, of Indiana, has pleaded guilty to 12 child neglect charges, nine months after his granddaughter was found starving to death and covered in her own waste.

Murder suspect 'who shot dead young father' taunts the victim's family in court by sticking his tongue out at them

North Carolina murder suspect Antonio Beatty taunts victim's family in court

During his first court appearance, accused murder Antonio Beatty (left) showed no remorse as he taunted the victim's family Tuesday morning in North Carolina. Beatty, 21, is facing first-degree murder charges for the July shooting death of Carlton Whitley (top right). In the Hanover County courtroom, he stared, smiled and even stuck his tongue out at the victim's family, including Whitley's fiancee, Octavia Bryant and her five-month-old daughter (bottom right).

The not so Great Escape: Inmate gets trapped in tunnel after trying to breakout from Brazilian prison

Man found stuck in tunnel after trying to escape from prison

Maycon Souza da Silva and his partner-in-crime, Rafael da Silva Costa, had dug a tunnel in an attempt to flee a prison in Rio Grande do Norte, north-east Brazil.

More than 100 officers at Paris police headquarters to have DNA tests after a Canadian tourist was raped in the building following booze-fueled party

More than 100 French police officers are being subjected to DNA tests after a Canadian tourist was raped at the offices of Quai des Orfevres - France's equivalent of Scotland Yard.

Spritz 'dream spray', teach bedtime manners and NEVER leave them to cry: Nanny reveals her secrets to getting children to nod off... and sleep all night 

Mother of two Lucy Shrimpton tells FEMAIL how to send your children off to dreamland on a happy note - and help keep those bedtime tears at bay. Ideas include using a 'dream spray'.

Father's fury as his high school student daughter, 17, is given an 'inappropriate dress' warning by her teacher for wearing this sleeveless shirt under a zip-up jacket

Tessa Wisloh, 17, was held back after class after a teacher at Frank W. Springstead High School, in Florida, said she was breaching uniform policy by wearing the jacket over the sleeveless top.

'If it happened 30 seconds later we could not have survived': Passenger on BA jet took dramatic photo out of window of 'pool of burning gasoline' beneath plane

'If it happened 30 seconds later we could not have survived' : Passenger on BA jet took

NEW EXCLUSIVE: The passenger had initially believed the plane's wheel had got a puncture, but the moment he looked out of the window at the fuel burning on the ground he realised they were all in serious danger. The man took this picture (left) just before the doors opened to allow them to escape the Boeing 777 onto the runway at McCarran International Airport on Tuesday.

Las Vegas fire jet is the SECOND British Airways Boeing 777-200 to lose an engine on takeoff forcing an emergency evacuation

The Las Vegas jet and the British Airways aircraft involved in the earlier incident in George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, were both powered by General Electric GE90-85B engines.

Poisonous cashews, acid-laden rhubarb leaves and the clams that give you hepatitis: Infographic reveals the world's most dangerous food

Infographic reveals the world's most dangerous food including cashews and rhubarb leaves

The infographic, published on MrGamaz, also features exotic delicacies such as (clockwise from top left): Japanese fugu, a pufferfish which contains deadly poison tetrodotoxin; African bullfrog containing a toxin which can cause kidney failure; Jamaican ackee fruit with poison hypoglycin in its seeds and Korean octopus Sannakji which can choke you as you eat it.

Newly slim Jamie Oliver says we should increase our superfood intake by putting seaweed in salad and drinking THREE coffees a day... to lose weight like him

The TV chef, 40, says it's simple to swap superfoods into your diet and you'll notice the difference in how you look and feel. He shared his secrets on ITV's This Morning after losing nearly two stone.

How many holiday sins have you committed? Infographic reveals the naughtiest things travellers do from skinny dipping to lying for a room upgrade

Travellers confessed their holiday misdemeanours in a UK survey with sins including sneaking on aircraft before being called, skinny dipping in hotel pools and lying to get a room upgrade.

NYPD sergeant who 'threw semen on female co-worker at police headquarters' faces sexual abuse charges for the sick act

Sgt. Michael Iscenko, 54, is accused of throwing the bodily fluid on an administrative aide on January 23 near the freight elevators of 1 Police Plaza - but has only just been charged.


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Apple fans show their bewilderment at the huge new iPad and $100 pencil with series of hilarious memes

Apple iPad Pro and Pencil sees fans create hilarious memes

Apple has unveiled a string of new products - including new iPhones, a 'monster' iPad, a $100 pencil and an upgraded version of their TV box. And after CEO Tim Cook presented the devices at a special event in San Francisco, fans immediately expressed their opinions online. Many did it through memes, and most reacted to the new, gigantic iPad Pro - which has a 12.9inch screen. It has four speakers, and is 6.9mm thin, and has a case with keyboard built in, similar to Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Steve Jobs would NOT approve: Apple unveils 'monster' iPad Pro with a $100 'pencil' the late co-founder famously said nobody wants

The larger iPad (pictured) was announced by Apple boss Tim Cook at an event in California. Steve Jobs famously once said if a company makes a stylus for a tablet, then 'they blew it'.

Siri admits it's about to 'get a whole lot busier' when questioned about last night's Apple iPad and iPhone launch

When asking Siri if 'anything interesting happened today', it pokes fun at the language used during last night's conference in San Francisco.

Apple under fire for iPad Pro demonstration that 'fixed' a model's photograph with Photoshop app to make her SMILE

Apple has come under fire for its decision to demonstrate its new iPad Pro  tablet by manipulating a model's face into a smile. The firm invited Adobe's Eric Snowden to show off image editing software.

Apple TV now doubles up as a GAMES CONSOLE: Touch remote can be used to play multiplayer apps on the big screen

Apple's next-generation TV box, running TV OS, was unveiled at an event in California. Its remote has a 'glass-touch' surface that lets viewers control menus with swipes and play games.

'Fire extinguisher failed' on engine of British Airways jet that burst into flames in Vegas and EXPLODED spraying the cabin with pieces of burning shrapnel

Close up pictures of the British Airways plane that caught fire in Las Vegas yesterday appear to show that one side of the engine exploded before belching burning fuel over the wing and fuselage.

Victoria's Secret tycoon sues auction house over bungled sale of $17million vintage Ferrari - and the court case alone is set to cost $12 MILLION

Businessman Leslie Wexner (pictured) is suing London auctioneer Bonhams over the Ferrari 375-Plus bought in 2014, which he argues was sold to him while in the midst of an ownership row.

Revealed: Radar 'proof' of Nazi gold train that led Polish minister to declare he was '99 per cent sure' it was buried in tunnel 

Radar image 'proof' of Nazi gold train that led Polish minister to declare he was '99pc

NEW A photo claiming to be a radar image of the Nazi gold train buried inside a tunnel in Poland has been leaked. The image taken with ground-penetrating radar (GPR) appears to show a train with cannons (arrows pointing to them) possibly belonging to tanks sitting at a platform, according local newspaper Gazeta Wroclawska. The newspaper claimed that it was this image that was shown to authorities as proof it existed - and led the country's deputy culture minister to claim that he was '99pc sure' it existed. But one expert doubted the image's authenticity and warned it was a 'scam'.

Lenin returns: Head from statue of Russian dictator which towered over Berlin is dug up 24 years after it was buried in a sand pit for new exhibition

The statue's head, which used to gaze out from a plinth in the former East Berlin, has been unearthed from its burial spot ready to go on display in the German capital's Citadel of Spandau.

Ashley Madison 'tried to keep 70,000 fake profiles - or fembots - secret from their users' in a bid to entice new members into paying for credits

According to company emails and documents , around 80 per cent of new members' purchases were with bots - but the company has been accused of trying to hide their existence.

Toddler left with a cracked skull after home run ball hit him in the face at a White Sox game

The incident happened during a Monday game between the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians after player Mike Aviles struck the ball.

Tinder rolls out the 'SUPER LIKE': Users can 'swipe up' to single out one person a day who they are especially keen on

Users of Tinder, based in California, will be able to 'swipe up' once a day to indicate they are particularly attracted to someone, when the service is rolled out globally later this year.

Chinese hoarder collected so much rubbish it spilled out of his home and blocked the entrance to his apartment block

Chinese hoarder collected enough rubbish to block the entrance to a residential area 

A hoarder in China collected so much rubbish it spilled outside and prevented entry to a block of flats. The pensioner Xu, 83, reportedly had a habit of picking up discarded items he found on the street and bringing them home. The 20-ton pile of trash soon grew out of his home into the entrance of the flats he occupies in Qingdao, in East China's Shandong Province, residents have had to use the emergency exit.

Would YOU have your eggs counted? Number of women having test soars by 200% in a year as careers and relationship worries delay motherhood 

EXC: Egg counting was relatively unknown five years ago, but is now 'exploding' in popularity, it is claimed. And the average age of women having the test has fallen from 37 five years ago to 33 today.

California lawmakers approve right-to-die legislation in move that would allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives

The California State Assembly backed the controversial legislation following the death of Brittany Maynard, 29, who moved from her home state to Oregon to legally end her life last year.

Baby raced to hospital almost four times over the driving limit after her mom mixed formula with vodka instead of water

The one-month-old baby girl was rushed to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin after drinking the formula, which the mother had accidentally mixed with the strong liquor.

Football hooligans trash couple's wedding reception at a French chateau to get back at rival team's gang - then realise they targeted the wrong venue

NEW Hooligan supporters of French side Saint Etienne destroyed the wedding reception of a couple tying the knot at Chateau de Talance, pictured, after thinking it was the wedding of a rival.

Would YOU take orders from a robot? Hitachi hires machine manager for its warehouse workers

The program (not shown) is designed to boost efficiency in warehouses in Japan, but for some, the invention may be a step towards a future where humans are controlled by robotic overlords.

Father convicted of his wife's murder EIGHT YEARS after she disappeared because TV show Cold Justice reviewed the case

Father convicted of his wife's murder EIGHT YEARS after she disappeared from their home

Kultar Goraya, now 41 (left), is facing life in jail after being convicted of murdering his wife Rupinder back in 2007 after TV show Cold Justice (inset) found neighbors in Florida who said that he had confessed to the killing. Rupinder, who had a special needs son with Goraya (pictured together right), disappeared in 2007 shortly after having cancer surgery, and was reported missing by her doctors after skipping appointments. While detectives suspected her husband was involved, they could not find her body, and so he was never charged. However, after the Cold Justice team investigated, witnesses came forward to say that Goraya had confessed to her murder, and had even used it as a threat during arguments.

The fake wedding photos set up by a father and daughter duo who 'charged $50,000 to Chinese clients' as part of high-end U.S. Green Card scheme that netted them $3.5m

Jason Shiao, 65, and his daughter Lynn Leung, 43, have been charged with conspiring to commit visa fraud by charging Chinese immigrants up to $50,000 each for sham marriages to Americans.

Are you measuring spaghetti wrong? Video shows how standing pasta in an empty water bottle guarantees the perfect portion

One simple hack, demonstrated by in this video by Hacking Life, reveals the fool-proof method that will ensure you will always get pasta measurements right.

Mom celebrates her daughter's first day at kindergarten with spoof take on traditional 'back to school' photoshoot that sees her preparing to party after her child's departure

Professional photographer Jessi Kittrell, from Virginia, wanted to do something a bit different to mark her daughter starting kindergarten so the two posed for a hilarious portrait together.

Amazon extinguishes its Fire Phone: 'Holophone' handset is scrapped after being dogged by rumours of poor sales from its launch

The Seattle-based company launched its first smartphone in June last year but now Amazon's website shows the Fire Phone is 'currently unavailable'.

Widowed father pays emotional tribute to his dead wife... by recreating their photos with three-year-old daughter in her place

Rafael del Col, 35, from Maringa, Brazil, lost his wife Tatiane Valques, 27, in 2013 after she was killed in a road accident, and recreated photos of them taken in 2009 with his daughter Raisa, three.

Woman who chained mentally disabled adults to boiler in basement so she could steal $212,000 in social security checks over 10 years pleads guilty

From 2001 until 2011, six disabled adults and four children were kept in the dark basement, often given drugs in their food and drink and made to use a bucket for a toilet

Linda Weston, from Philadelphia, admitted to 196 counts including murder, kidnapping, hate crimes and sex trafficking in a deal with prosecutors, who will recommend she is jailed for life.

'He tried to kill me': Woman suffers horrific injuries after ex-boyfriend 'attacks her with an ax' while she slept 

'He tried to kill me': Woman suffers horrific injuries after ex-boyfriend 'attacks her

A woman is in intensive with 'horrific' injuries after she was allegedly repeatedly attacked with an ax by her ex-boyfriend who broke into her home while she slept. Autumn Lopez, 31, says she was sleeping when Severiano Diaz-Ortiz, who is the father of two of her four children, launched the vicious attack at her Indianapolis home. Police are still searching for Diaz-Ortiz, 33, who is wanted on suspicion of attempted murder and burglary, after the incident just before 5am on September 4.

Wannabe Indian bridegrooms forced to travel 2000 miles to find a wife - who don't even speak the same language - after gender-selection culture leaves them short of brides 

Men in villages in northern India are having to look for women living in places such as Kerala the in the country's south to find a wife as gender-selection tests have created a lack of eligible brides.

Dramatic moment a poacher's 10ft spear that was rammed inside an elephant is pulled from the wounded animal by a vet

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Spear inside the elephant)  - This is the incredible story of an elephant thats made an amazing recovery and living healthily in a herd just months after a brutal attack from poachers. The heart-wrenching footage, filmed in the Maasai Mara reserve in October 2014, shows the incredible efforts of the veterinary team to retrieve the spear from the wounded animal. At the time vets judged that the elephant would struggle to live but, incredibly, it was standing again within three months and now lives a happy life as part of a larger herd in Kenyas Maasai reserve. Anton Gammelgaard, the 57-year-old Dane who filmed the video, said: It was a very shocking experience to see them drag the spear 1.5 metres out of the elephants body of the elephant. SEE CATERS COPY.

A team filming a wildlife documentary on the Maasai Mara in Kenya had found evidence of a poacher attack and spent three days trying to track down the wounded elephant.

Bad day in the office? Spare a thought for these restaurant workers! Staff in China are forced to kneel down to bosses in ceremony to show gratitude for their jobs

Staff of hot pot restaurant in Shenyang, China, bowed to their bosses. Shameful scene was photographed and shared on Chinese social media. Local citizens are divided by the unusual scenario.

So THIS is what they get up to when you've gone: The cabin crew craze to clamber into overhead bins for Instagram pictures

A craze has emerged that involves crew clambering into the overhead bins and photographs of them crammed inside being uploaded to Instagram with a hashtag of #overheadbin.

Terrifying moment homeless man was nearly mauled to death by a pit bull until off-duty corrections officer saved him by shooting the dog in the head

The female pit bull sank his teeth into his victim's chin on Herkimer Place in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and would not let go, according to witnesses.

Seasonal food, plenty of butter and grilled chicken lunches to stay slim: The secrets of the Queen's diet revealed by former chef 

Darren McGrady, inset, was the Queen's personal chef for 11 years. The 52-year-old said the royal menu at Buckingham Palace 'hasn't changed much' in the 63 years she's been on the throne.

Lawyer in red: Amal Clooney returns to the Maldives High Court in fight for former president Mohamed Nasheed's freedom

Amal Clooney returns to Maldivian High Court to fight for Mohamed Nasheed's freedom

Amal was seen after a visit to Maafushi Prison where 48-year-old Nasheed is serving a 13-year sentence for counts of terrorism. She is currently heading an international fight for his freedom, spurred on by concerns of The United States, the European Union and India.

The cheese emoji is on its way! Developers get a sneak peek at the new symbols coming to iOS 9.1 including a taco, robot and a unicorn

The Californian Unicode Consortium released the emoji in June and Apple has now incorporated some of these symbols into iOS 9.1. Other additions include a weightlighter and mosque.

You may now kiss the bride (who's young enough to be your granddaughter): Russian actor, 84, ties the knot with his 24-year-old fiancée - and now they plan on starting a family

Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his 24-year-old fiancee Natalia Shevel, a former student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family yesterday in St Petersburg.

Why female Viagra WON'T revolutionize your sex life: Relationship guru says honest conversation will revive passion faster than any libido-boosting pill 

The much-hyped drug Addyi can't be taken with alcohol or the Pill and is only effective on nine to 15 per cent of women. So is it worth the sacrifice? our sexpert Tracey Cox is not convinced.

Border Patrol agents find undocumented woman, 23, stuffed in hidden compartment under child seat in back of car at Mexico crossing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Otay Mesa border crossing stopped a 1995 Honda Civic sedan Friday morning, finding a Mexican woman under the back seat.

Farmer urinating in a field is left in agony after a snake bites him on the penis 

The snake's fangs left the man's penis 'grossly swollen and covered in fluid-filled blisters,' say doctors writing in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Appalachian Trail record breaker to pay $500 fine in Maine for popping a champagne bottle when he finished

Scott Jurek got into trouble with park rangers when he popped a bottle of bubbly after setting a speed record for the 2,189-mile footpath from Georgia to Maine.

Huge United Airlines hanger at Newark Airport collapses leaving four injured

United Airlines hanger at Newark Liberty International Airport collapses

An abandoned hangar scheduled for demolition collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport on Wednesday. Four workers were rushed to hospital after the dramatic accident, with injuries including facial lacerations and leg injury. President Nixon visited the hangar in May 1971 after a tour of Gateway National Recreation Area.

Gruesome video shows doctors removing cigarette lighter from man's stomach after he swallowed it WHOLE while on drugs

The video shows a doctor dragging the 8cm yellow lighter up the unidentified man's oesophagus with a clamp. He was admitted to Yangzhou hospital, in the Jiangsu province in the east of China.

The woman who had a 'breast' on her BACK: 46-year-old has huge tumor removed that had been growing for more than 10 years

The unidentified woman, from Dublin, Ireland, was found to have a 19cm lipoma, a benign tumour made up of fat cells, according to doctors writing in the journal BMJ case reports.

Give healthy gay men 'game-changing' HIV drugs to PREVENT infection, experts demand

The British PROUD study, led by University College London, advises pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs should be made available on the NHS, as they reduce infection by as much as 86 per cent.

'We're doing the right thing for our children': Boston mayor signs ban on chewing tobacco at Fenway Park

Boston becomes the second city after San Francisco to approve such a ban. Los Angeles also is weighing a prohibition on smokeless tobacco, commonly called dip, chew or snuff.

Devout Christians flock to Ukrainian village after image of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus 'appears on a window pane'

Pic shows: The image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus appeared on a window.\\n\\nPilgrims are flocking to a small village in western Ukraine after the story went out that an image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus had appeared on a window.\\n\\nMany believe the miraculous appearance of the Virgin Mary is a positive sign of things to come and started praying on the ground.\\n\\nThe controversial image has been the subject of TV reports and newspaper articles and the online community has engaged in heated debate between those who can see nothing at all, and others who are convinced that the image is indeed the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.\\n\\nThe images came to light in the village of Beregovoy when a window was added to a new house that was under construction.\\n\\nThe house is also said to be warmer than the other buildings and ¿exudes a calm presence by spreading positive feelings¿, according to members of the community.\\n\\nChurch elders, who have refused to comment on the phenome

A double-glazed window had been put up during construction of a house in Beregovoy, western Ukraine, at which point the Virgin Mary 'appeared' on the pane.

Obese man, 28, who once weighed 410lbs loses HALF his body weight in just two years and says calorie counting and 'prayer' are responsible for his slim physique

Jeremy Davis, 28, was overweight since he was a child, topping out at 410lbs in 2010. At 6'1", he is now down to just 205lbs after focusing on eating healthier foods and working out regularly.

A stellar lineup! Astronaut captures incredible images of Earth, moon AND Venus from onboard the ISS

ISS astronaut captures incredible images of Earth, moon AND Venus

The shots were taken by astronaut Scott Kelly on board the International Space Station. The first image (pictured) was taken at 4.42pm yesterday and the second was taken 12 hours later - both were posted to Twitter. In each image the curvature of Earth, part of the ISS, the moon and Venus are clearly visible. Mr Kelly's second image was taken as the ISS orbited over Texas.

'I'm going to be in Vegas for two more years!' Ecstatic Britney Spears announces she's extending her Pieces Of Me residency

The 33-year-old singer announced her 'big news' on Wednesday night during her performance at the Planet Hollywood Axis Theatre, telling her delighted fans she is 'not ready' to leave Sin City.

So THAT'S where it started! New video shows Jarryd Hayne use the same shoulder charge he used as a San Francisco 49er as a schoolboy star (with the same devastating effect) 

New photos and footage of a young Jarryd Hayne confirm that his explosive power and natural talents were developed at an early age, as the ex-NRL star landed a place in American Football history.

No more delays! Computer predicts when transport will be disrupted TWO hours before it happens...and sends in extra trains

Using years of historical data, a data scientist working with Sweden's Stockholmstag transport firm devised the algorithm to help traffic control centres manage congestion.

Sex and masturbation are hampering efforts to wipe out Ebola as survivors can still pass on the virus six months after being cured 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) had hoped for an end to the deadly outbreak by the end of the year but isolated flare-ups continue in areas beleaguered by the disease.

The bizarre moment Australian IT worker's lunch EXPLODES at his desk and sends shattered glass flying everywhere

Video of IT worker Rhys Evans, from Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, shows the moment his glass lunch container explodes randomly while he's sitting quietly at his desk.

Freak accident causes motorized wheelchair to explode inside a home sparking a fire

The fire broke out at around 2 a.m. on McKean Circle off Palmer Avenue in Winter Park, Florida, but firefighters were able to rescue everyone inside including a couple and their two dogs.

Bentley unveils world's most expensive SUV at $230,000 that comes with a diamond encrusted dashboard

Behold the Bentley Bentayga: The luxury British car brand reveals its first ever SUV with

NEW Luxury British car brand Bentley will formerly unveil its new motor at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show. The mighty vehicle goes from zero to 60mph in just four seconds, but carries a mighty price-tag. Bentley has invested £800million in the new Bentayga off-roader and is on track to employ 4,000 people by the end of the year. The interior is crafted in wood, metals and leather with a glass roof and optional extras that send the price-tag soaring even higher, such as the champagne picnic set in the back (inset). With 600bhp, the mighty vehicle is the equivalent of six Ford Fiestas, and comes with leather seats that 'echo the design of a finely tailored British hunting jacket'.

EXCLUSIVE: Carolina Herrera bids farewell to Lincoln Center as she prepares to host the first New York Fashion Week show at the iconic Frick Collection 

EXCLUSIVE: After the New York Fashion Week tents left the Lincoln Center in February, Carolina Herrera, 76, has decided to use The Frick Collection as the venue to show her new Spring 2016 collection.

Meet Franchesca, the world's fluffiest bunny! Hairy California pet is among a host of eccentrics to become 2016 Guinness world record breakers

Bertie, a South African leopard tortoise, has raced into the records book by travelling 0.28 metres per second (0.6mph) in Durham, smashing the previous record that stood since 1977.

Five-bedroom home of ex-teen heartthrob David Cassidy attracts $1.8million bid at auction after Partridge's star files for bankruptcy

David Cassidy's Fort Lauderdale homes attracts $1.8M bid at auction

Cassidy, whose hits 'Cherish' and 'I Think I Love You' had teenage girls swooning in the 70s, bought the five-bedroom waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale for about $1.1million in 2001. The star had then put his heart and soul into renovating the property, but was forced to put it up for sale when the 'Cherish' singer (pictured in his heyday, centre) filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Why I will NEVER tell my husband how rich I am: A wife's confession that will spark suspicious glances over the breakfast table

Julia Lawrence says that her financial independence is crucial to her well-being. Her husband is clueless about what she earns, whereas she regularly checks his bank account.

The alien spots of Ceres revealed in unprecedented detail: Dawn probe captures stunning new images of mysterious features

This image, made using images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, shows Occator crater on Ceres, home to a collection of intriguing bright spots. 

The bright spots are much brighter than the rest of Ceres' surface, and tend to appear overexposed in most images. This view is a composite of two images of Occator: one using a short exposure that captures the detail in the bright spots, and one where the background surface is captured at normal exposure.

The images were obtained by Dawn during the mission's High Altitude Mapping Orbit (HAMO) phase, from which the spacecraft imaged the surface at a resolution of about 450 feet (140 meters) per pixel.

Nasa has revealed stunning new close up images of showing the brightest spots on the dwarf planet Ceres, and revealing the crater they are in is a mile deep in some places.

Boy, 8, whose hero cop father was murdered in an ambush is escorted by police motorcade to school on the second anniversary of his death

Benson Johnson was greeted by four cop cars from the Draper, Utah, police department on the day his father Sergeant Derek Johnson was murdered in an ambush during his shift.

Lebanese commandos grit their teeth and eat LIVE SNAKES as they display their strength and daring during a security convention in Beirut - but don't look like they're enjoying it 

The Lebanese commandos have been busy displaying their strength and toughness by performing a variety of daring stunts including snake eating at a security convention in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Behind the scenes with the Beatles: Rarely seen candid photos taken by drummer Ringo Starr of band's 1964 American tour

Behind the scenes with the Beatles: Candid photos taken by drummer Ringo Starr to go on

George Harrison looking pensively out of a taxi window, Paul McCartney dancing on a hotel bed and John Lennon relaxing in a bar: these are the Beatles as you've never seen them before. The images are part of a collection taken by drummer Ringo Starr, now 75, which will go on display for the first time at the National Portrait Gallery in London this month. Many of the photographs in the collection were taken between 1960 and 1970, although some were also snapped during Mr Starr's childhood and during his post-Beatles perambulations abroad.

She-goat, bull's head and man with a lamb among the 140 Picasso sculptures to go on show at New York's Museum of Modern Art

A she-goat, a bull's head and wire guitar are among the weird and wonderful Picasso sculptures going on show at New York's Museum of Modern Art this week.

Rock band frontwoman accused of faking cervical cancer to accept thousands of dollars in donations from fans 

Hali Etie, lead singer of Pennsylvania hard rock outfit Counterfeit, allegedly fraudulently accepted thousands of dollars from people by pretending to be suffering stage three cervical cancer.

Woman and boyfriend 'lured her ex to a field on the promise of sex-for-money before shooting him dead and taking the cash'

Rodney Canterberry, 42, of Hayden, Alabama was shot to death by Patrick Wayne Logan, 39, - the current boyfriend of Jana Nichole Friese, 32, - who was awaiting to shoot and then rob him.

Can a stick-on band aid banish embarrassing sweating? From patches to face gel, new anti-perspirants promise to keep you dry

A raft of new, innovative anti-perspirants promise to keep you dry, including stick on patches, a face gel and a natural powder. Alice Smellie puts the products to the test and gets a doctors opinion.



Dangerous video shows daredevils attempting to drive their truck THROUGH a river as it fills with water... but they somehow make it to the other side

2 New Zealanders attempt to drive their Toyota Hilux THROUGH a river

An unbelievable video has gone viral proving absolutely nothing can stop a Toyota Hilux. It looks like an inevitable disaster as two young New Zealand men 'take a Hilux swimming' - driving a ute through a deep river, with the flooded cabin barely visible above the water. However, despite black smoke pouring out of the engine and from the wheels, the truck remarkably chugs through the water and springs back to life. The truck continues to run, despite being completely submerged in water and emitting sounds as loud as a helicopter.

Woman with 'natural tramp stamp' on her hip finds internet fame after sharing snaps of the unusual birthmark because it looks like a DINOSAUR

The American woman, known only as Maxime, revealed the mark on photo sharing site Igmur, where it has been viewed nearly 250,000 times. Maxime says she has grown to realise its charm.

Mother-of-three strips down to a bikini in the middle of a busy market while blindfolded and invites strangers to draw hearts on her body in an effort to promote self-love

Amy Pence-Brown, from, Idaho, spread a message of body-acceptance by standing in a busy public market in just a bikini and blindfold. Her hand-written sign asked strangers to draw hearts on her body.

Empty cots for babies that were born into a nuclear disaster and the toys they never got to play with: Chilling tour in the haunting remains of the Chernobyl disaster site 

Chernobyl disaster site toured in Michael Huniewicz's stunning photographs

EXCLUSIVE: In 1986, Reactor 4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, resulting in the horrific deaths of a still unknown number of people. Photographer Michael Huniewicz was just two years old and living in nearby Belarus when the disaster struck and was given a shot of Lugol's solution in a bid to stop him developing cancer. He has visited Chernobyl 29 years later, where an enormous new safe confinement is being built next to the reactor as the existing sarcophagus continues to crumble. His breathtaking photographs reveal the haunting remains of catastrophic nuclear disaster.



Who said cats can't swim! 'Lifeguard' tiger cub rescues his brother by dragging him to safety from deep lake

Tiger cub  in South Africa rescues his brother by giving him a piggy back

The big cat had tried to cool off in a lake at the John Varty Tiger Conservation Project in South Africa when he began to flounder in the water and had to be rescued by his brother. The sibling jumped into the cold lake and allowed his brother to jump on his back as he brought him back to safety.

Blink and you'll miss it! Chinese city uses one tonne of dynamite to blow up 800 foot long bridge in just TWO seconds

Lishui Bridge in Zhangjiajie, China, was demolished on September 8 in just seconds. 2,888 dynamites were used. A bigger bridge is scheduled to be built by 2017 in the same place.

Under pressure! Skydiver takes solves Rubik's cub BEFORE opening his parachute

Footage has emerged showing skydiver Chris Walker leaping out of the side of a plane and free falling to the ground while solving a Rubik's cube in time before having to open his parachute.

Moment skating champion careens down steeply inclined highway on his longboard at heart-stopping 70MPH

Downhill longboarding champion Zak Maytum, from Colorado, has uploaded a video online showing his death-defying thrill ride, which was staged in his hometown of Boulder this summer.

Give me some honey! Greedy panda gives Pooh bear a run for his money as it's caught raiding and devouring 10 beehives

Panda was spotted at bee farm in Sichuan, China, on September 8. Wild animal spent the entire afternoon eating its way through more than 10 hives. The mammals usually eat bamboo.

Live and let diet! James Bond fan scours Ian Fleming's novels for details of 007's favorite foods and recreates them

Brooklyn-based New York photographer Henry Hargreaves has snapped a unique series of images documenting the mouth-watering meals eaten by James Bond as featured in the Ian Fleming's books.

King of the swingers! Bear cub captured having the time of its life after it wanders into back garden to play on a HAMMOCK

A resident of New Hampshire, America shot the footage from his house after the wild bear cub strolled into his garden and made itself at home.

Woman astounds onlookers by crushing three huge watermelons between her THIGHS in just 14 seconds on live TV

Strong woman astounds onlookers by crushing three huge watermelons between her THIGHS in

Olga Liaschuk is the Guinness world record holder for crushing water melons with her thighs in the fastest time and was invited to share her unique talent with the world on This Morning. The extreme show of strength was staged to celebrate the release of the new Guinness World Records 2016 book and various record breakers were featured on the ITV show.