Don't mess with the Met! Watching from behind balaclavas and sunglasses, the terrifying machinegun-toting anti-terror police who are guarding Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on his London visit

Don't mess with the Met! The terrifying machine-gun toting anti-terror police who are

Anti-terror police, pictured, guarded Benjamin Netanyahu as he visited Downing Street to discuss working together to defeat terror threats in the Middle East in London today. Netanyahu met David Cameron, middle, to ask for his cooperation in fighting the threat of 'militant Islam' that is shaking Israel and the surrounding region to the core, with rogue Islamic groups ceasing vast swathes of Iraq and Afghanistan. Riding in a fleet of blacked-out Range Rovers, the anti-terror police joined a huge entourage of security for the controversial political figure as he left Downing Street after talks. His visit has already caused controversy, with police being forced to separate rival protestors outside Downing Street when fights broke out between the pro-Palestine and pro-Israel lobbies yesterday. The Israeli Prime Minister has asked for Britain's cooperation to 'turn back the tide of militant Islam', with the ongoing threat from Islamic State affecting both nations. He asked that Britain and Israel pool intelligence to fight that threat, which is destabilising the region.

'If the engine had exploded 30 seconds later we could not have survived': BA passenger's dramatic photo shows 'pool of burning gasoline' beneath Vegas jet

Las Vegas BA jet passenger took photo of 'pool of burning gasoline' beneath plane

EXCLUSIVE: The passenger had initially believed the plane's wheel had got a puncture, but the moment he looked out of the window at the fuel burning on the ground he realised they were all in serious danger. The man took this picture (left) just before the doors opened to allow them to escape the Boeing 777 onto the runway at McCarran International Airport on Tuesday.

Seven-man gang of paedophiles who groomed parents-to-be so they could abuse babies, toddlers and pre-school children face jail 

The countrywide gang - aged between 31 and 51 - preyed on the families of the youngsters they targeted, in one case grooming a mother and father before their baby was born.

So how do YOU pronounce it? JK Rowling reveals Harry Potter fans have been saying Voldemort's name wrong all these years

PART 1. (2010) Photo by: Warner Bros. Pictures © Shooting Star / eyevine
For further information please contact eyevine\ntel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709\ne-mail:\

Replying to a tweet from a fan, JK Rowling revealed that the 't' at the end of the dark wizard's name is actually silent, making it sound like the French phrase 'vol de mort', meaning 'flying death'.

Northern Ireland plunged into crisis as First Minister Peter Robinson RESIGNS following IRA murder

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson who today indicated he was prepared to resign unless there was a judicial inquiry into the collapse of the John Downey case, saying: "I have to say quite frankly that I am not prepared to be the first minister of a government that is kept in the dark on matters that are relevant to what we are doing. 

PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday February 26, 2014. See PA story POLICE HydePark. Photo credit should read: Brian Lawless/PA Wire.

File photo dated 10/01/14.

Mr Robinson has asked his party colleague Arlene Foster to take over as acting first minister. The crisis was sparked by the murder of a former IRA man, Kevin McGuigan Sr, in Belfast last month.

Hunt for ISIS fighter from Syria 'who is sleeping rough in Calais refugee camps and waiting to sneak into Britain to launch terror attack'

French media said the man is being hunted by armed police in the northern port town and has been categorised as a 'category S' criminal - meaning he is considered a potential threat to the state.

Reunited for the first time, the four survivors of the Smiler rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers that cost two of them legs  

Alton Towers Smiler rollercoaster crash survivors reunited for the first time

The four survivors of the Alton Towers rollercoaster accident, right, have met up for the first time since the incident in June at a special ceremony to honour the firefighters who saved their lives. From left, Daniel Thorpe and Leah Washington, met with Chief Fire Officer Peter Dartford, along with the other couple Joe Pugh and Victoria Balch. Ms Washington and Ms Balch both had a leg amputated, while Mr Thorpe and Mr Pugh suffered crush injuries to their legs.

Teachers at an Islamic school who beat a terrified 10-year-old boy with sticks for failing to recite the Koran are jailed 

Mohammed Siddique, right, and his son Mohammed Waqar, left, were both jailed for a year after admitting beating a boy, 10 at a classroom attached to a Birmingham mosque.

Met settles sectarian bullying case for 'tens of thousands' after Catholic detective claims he was discriminated against by his Ulster Protestant boss 

Detective Inspector Paul Armstrong (pictured) claimed he was targeted by senior officials within London's Metropolitan Police Service because of his religion, race and disability.

Lidl to open dozens of new stores in London's most-desirable areas in a battle to win the posh pounds of Waitrose shoppers 

The German-owned budget retailer is looking to open around 300 news stores in the M25 area, including new stores in Chelsea, Notting Hill and Mayfair.

Couple reveal the horror for being caught in the Tunisia terror attack as it is revealed survivors are planning to sue holiday firms for compensation 

Britain Kirsty Murray, 26, thought she was going to die after being blasted five times in the leg by gunman Seifeddine Rezgui, who killed 38 tourists when he opened fire in Sousse, Tunisia.

'Yeee gods she is hot!!' Now the lawyer who called young female barrister 'stunning' on LinkedIn is caught commenting on a photo of his own DAUGHTER 

Alexander Carter-Silk in Charlotte Proudman LinkedIn row also called daughter 'hot'

Married father of two Alexander Carter-Silk, 57, top right, was accused of 'disgusting' sexism after messaging Charlotte Proudman, 27, bottom right, because he told her: 'You definitely win the prize for the best LinkedIn picture I have ever seen'. Today it emerged he has also complimented his fitness trainer daughter Ellie, main picture, who is the same age as Miss Proudman, on an image showing her working out in a gym. He wrote on Facebook last year: 'Whilst I should not encourage lascivious comments about my daughter ... Yeee gods she is hot!!'

SARAH VINE: If a man can't compliment a woman, the human race is in deep trouble 

When Alexander Carter-Silk took the liberty of expressing admiration for Charlotte Proudman's LinkedIn picture most normal woman would have thought 'What a nice man', writes SARAH VINE.

Is a lack of sleep making you gain weight? Infographic reveals what happens to your body when you don't get enough shut-eye - from bloating to heart problems 

Nearly 30 per cent of American adults don't get enough sleep - but a new infographic breaks down all the ways that snoozing for less than six hours can negatively impact your looks and health.

Children put in isolation for breaching school uniform rules - despite wearing the SAME shoes as before the summer holidays 

The crackdown at Felixstowe Academy, Suffolk, coincided with the arrival of a new principal. An example of the type of 'casual-looking' shoes banned by the school are pictured.

Victory! Parking bosses will refund ALL tickets handed out by dodgy wardens who scammed motorists by changing the times on photos to fine legally parked cars

Drivers say timings on photos have been doctored so legally parked cars get fined

A parking company now under investigation for fraud has agreed to refund all penalty tickets issued by implicated staff after MailOnline exposed them for doctoring photo times to issue undeserved fines. Dozens of drivers have contacted MailOnline after being stung with fines in car parks run by UK Parking Control - which is responsible for supermarkets, retail centres and even NHS car parks around the country - despite having left the site well within the allotted time. When they have approached the firm for photographic evidence, the drivers have been sent images that show their vehicle in the car park at a time it was not there. One of the drivers affected was Neil Horton, who claims he was given a ticket after parking his car in a UKPC site for just 15 minutes - despite the car park providing 90 minutes for free. When he received photographic evidence over the fine, the pictures suggested he had left his vehicle at the site in Newcastle-under-Lyme for almost two hours. But Mr Horton is convinced the images were in fact taken at the same time - because they both feature the same car in the background with its boot open. UKPC has now admitted that members of staff - who have since left the firm - exploited a 'loophole' in the firm's photograph system. Meanwhile, the British Parking Association -  which vowed to issue a 'scheme of sanctions' if the 'tampering' allegations are proved - urged motorists to launch appeals against their parking tickets. It means thousands of fines issued by the firm - which has 1,400 sites and 200 employees nationwide - could be in dispute across the country.

There's a reason the seats usually face the road! Council builds 'back to front' bus shelters to protect passengers from Scottish weather - shame they can't see if a bus is coming

Residents living near the new bus stop on Lancefield Quay, Glasgow, noticed the bizarre construction this week and claim it will be more difficult to see oncoming traffic.

Married teacher is CLEARED of seducing 13-year-old boy and having sex with him during lessons at his home 

Carolyn Keeling, 64, was found not guilty of six indecent assault charges by a jury following a three-day trial at Gloucester Crown Court. Speaking outside the court, Mrs Keeling said she 'still can't believe it'.

Woman who claims she was duped into sex with female friend pretending to be a man 'knew from the get-go it was a girl', insists alleged attacker 

The alleged victim claims she only discovered 'Kye's' true identity when she ripped off her blindfold at her flat in Chester, Cheshire, and saw Newland (pictured) wearing a prosthetic penis.

EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock pictured with her new boyfriend - as he is revealed to be druggie and a deadbeat dad who left his daughter with her heroin addict mother before cleaning up his act

Sandra Bullock pictured with her new boyfriend - as he is revealed to be druggie and a

Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend Bryan Randall was a drug user who entered rehab and was accused of failing to pay child support for his daughter, whose mother died of heroin addiction, Daily Mail Online reveals. She has been pictured for the first time with Randall (left) exchanging a hug near her son's school. Daily Mail Online has learned that Randall was taken to court for failing to pay child support for his daughter Skylar (right), from whose life he was absent for many years. She was left in the care of her heroin addict mother, who died from the effects of the drug. Randall, a photographer and part-time model, has already been revealed to have DUI and probation breach arrests (inset). It can also be disclosed that he went through rehab for his own drug use and friends say he celebrated 10 years sober last month.

'Fire extinguisher failed' on engine of British Airways jet that burst into flames in Vegas and EXPLODED spraying the cabin with pieces of burning shrapnel

Close up pictures of the British Airways plane that caught fire in Las Vegas yesterday appear to show that one side of the engine exploded before belching burning fuel over the wing and fuselage.

Hollyoaks star who is paralysed from the waist down WALKS down the aisle with only her father's arm for support in tear-jerking wedding video

Hollyoaks' Kelly-Marie Stewart defies paralysis to WALK down the aisle

Kelly-Marie Stewart, 31, from West Derby, contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome ten years ago and was left paralysed from the waist down. She was determined to walk down the aisle on her big day. Pictured (left) the actress clutching her father's arm for support (right) approaching the altar, and (inset) at the British Soap Awards in 2010.

Actor who played a murderer on Crimewatch in 1994 ends up being falsely treated as a suspect after viewers said he looked like the killer when BBC replayed it

In 1994 Steve Watson, pictured, from Nottinghamshire, put himself forward when he saw a BBC advert looking for someone to play the man wanted for the murder of Julie Pacey.

Poisonous cashews, acid-laden rhubarb leaves and the clams that give you hepatitis: Infographic reveals the world's most dangerous food

A list published on MrGamaz, also features exotic delicacies such as Sardinian cheese Casa Marzu, which may contain fly larvae and blood clams and raw cassava which contains cyanide.

Was it sabotage? British amateur jockey at Italian racecourse is seriously hurt after her horse falls into a pothole that had been deliberately dug

DHBA3B Hippodrome of San Siro, Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Paula Angel Terase, 52, originally from Kent, suffered serious head injuries after the incident when galloping her horse around the San Siro course in Milan (pictured).

Could BOMBING Mars make it habitable? Nuclear warheads would heat the red planet to make it more Earth-like, claims Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, California, hypothesised Mars could be heated up quickly by dropping nuclear weapons over its poles and said he would like to visit the red planet one day.

Mixed race beauty counter worker at Liberty was ordered to look 'more Western' when she appeared in a video for department store

Hourglass Cosmetics demanded mixed race beauty counter worker look more Western

Maud Einhorn appeared in the Femme Nude Lipstick advert for Hourglass Cosmetics UK at the Liberty department store in London. She claims she was told to look lighter, with a narrower nose and smaller lips by Hourglass' LA-based founder and chief executive, Carisa Janes. In a witness statement colleague Darshana Patel, 30, told the Central London tribunal how she discussed the video with Ms Einhorn in 2013.

Time for some new material, girl? Madonna, 57, puts on excruciatingly racy show as she shamelessly cavorts with much younger male dancer during opening night of tour

Madonna shamelessly cavorts with much younger dancer during Rebel Heart tour

The last time she wore a cape on stage, it was her literal downfall - as she infamously fell off stage at the Brit Awards in London in February. However, Madonna was undeterred as she donned a remarkably similar Spanish-style get up for the fist night of her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal, Canada on Wednesday. The 57-year-old singer started her 64-show global arena trek with typical showmanship.

Is IVF a waste of time? Professor Robert Winston says couples struggling to conceive are missing out on cheaper treatments that could cure infertility

Speaking on today's This Morning, the professor said alternatives - such as hormone treatment and laparoscopies - aren't as expensive and are more effective than implanting embryos.

Would YOU have your eggs counted? Number of women having test soars by 200% in a year as careers and relationship worries delay motherhood 

EXC: Egg counting was relatively unknown five years ago, but is now 'exploding' in popularity, it is claimed. And the average age of women having the test has fallen from 37 five years ago to 33 today.

Katie Hopkins attacks mothers for having pain relief during labour saying they should 'push it out, don't wimp out'... like she did with her three children

The outspoken 40-year-old gave birth to her three children, India, Poppy and Maximillan, without any pain relief, saying mums who undergo natural birth are 'more of a woman' as a result.

Spritz 'dream spray', teach bedtime manners and NEVER leave them to cry: Nanny reveals her secrets to getting children to nod off... and sleep all night 

Mother of two Lucy Shrimpton tells FEMAIL how to send your children off to dreamland on a happy note - and help keep those bedtime tears at bay. Ideas include using a 'dream spray'.

Hope for women with Angelina's 'breast cancer gene': Commonly-used drugs may cut the risk of the devastating disease

University College London experts have found a drug used in abortions and an osteoporosis pill may lower the risk of breast cancer in women genetically prone to the disease, like actress Angelina Jolie (pictured).

Humans are 'born lazy': Study finds we are wired to save energy - and make our movements as streamlined as possible

The study, from Vancouver's Simon Fraser University, implies that despite all our efforts in the gym, our nervous systems are subconsciously working against us.

'This is what a tiny pill can do to you': Teenager who was left in a wheelchair with slurred speech after taking ecstasy that sent her into a coma releases shocking video of how her life has changed

Ecstasy left a Glasgow teen wheelchair with slurred speech after a coma

Amy Thomson's life was altered beyond recognition after she collapsed at an 'ecstasy party' in June at a house in Glasgow, Scotland. The 16-year-old (pictured right before the incident) was in a critical condition and spent weeks fighting for her life at Glasgow South hospital. Her family has now released a video which shows how far the schoolgirl has come since waking up for a coma - but also the devastating effect that the 'tiny pill' had on her brain and body.

Corbyn attacks Cameron for launching drone strike killing British ISIS fanatic in Syria - claiming he is 'unclear of the point'

Photo filed Wednesday 9th September 2015. The four candidates for Labour's leadership are chasing last minute votes on the final full day of campaigning.
Voting closes at 12:00 on Thursday, with the winner announced on Saturday.
Left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn has gone from outsider to bookies' favourite, with Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham all hoping to stop him. Source - BBC Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 06/06/2015. London, United Kingdom. Labour Leadership contenders speak at the Fabian Society Summer Conference 2015. Pic Sows Jeremy Corbyn MP . Picture by i-Images

Jeremy Corbyn today questioned whether the RAF airstrike which killed Welsh terrorist Reyaad Khan and a fellow jihadist Ruhul Amin was legal and confirmed he would not have authorised the attack.

ISIS use photo of tragic Syrian toddler Aylan in a sick propaganda article warning brutally oppressed citizens not to flee the jihadis

Harrowing images of the drowned three-year-old lying face down on Turkey's Bodrum beach shook the world last week, highlighting the horrific human cost of the global migrant crisis.

Terror arrests jump to record 299 in a year as police combat growing threat of Islamic State - and the number of women suspects has TREBLED in just five years

It is the highest number since officials began collecting data in September 2001 and higher than the previous peak of 284, which was recorded in 2005, the year of the July 7 bombings.

Pictured: ISIS show off their destruction of 2,000-year-old temple at Palmyra that has left just one arch standing 

Just a single arch of the ancient Temple of Bel in the Syrian city of Palmyra still stands (pictured) after Islamic State terrorists filled it with explosives and razed it to the ground.

Alcoholism, flops and a failed marriage to Angelina Jolie: As the sequel to Trainspotting is announced, what happened to the stars 20 years on

What happened to the Trainspotting stars 20 years after the first film

Danny Boyle confirmed a sequel will be released next year to mark Trainspotting's 20th anniversary, FEMAIL finds out where the stars of the film are now. From left to right: Ewan McGregor, who played Renton, gave up drinking in 2000 and went on to become a Hollywood star: Jonny Lee Miller, aka Sick Boy, is now a regular on US TV after years of underwhelming films; Ewen Bremner who found fame as Spud lives very privately, only popping up occasionally on UK TV; Robert Carlyle, who was terrifying as Begbie, is now a yoga-loving Hollywood actor and Kelly Macdonald, who was teen seductress Diane, is married to a Scottish rock star and voiced Pixar's first female heroine.

Right-wing extremist plotted cyanide attacks on innocent Brits because he felt marginalised by society due to his GINGER hair

Mark Colborne, of Sholing, Southampton, compared himself to terrorist Anders Breivik (pictured) as he planned to spray the fast-acting deadly poison at 'non-Aryan' victims, jurors at the Old Bailey heard.

Sorry, your town's just too rude: Women's Institute orders stallholder to cover up place names including Wetwang and Minge Lane to spare its ladies' blushes

Towns and villages such as Cocking, Twatt, and Slack Bottom, all real places, were deemed too rude for visitors to the WI's Centennial event in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to see.

Tinder rolls out the 'SUPER LIKE': Users can 'swipe up' to single out one person a day who they are especially keen on

Users of Tinder, based in California, will be able to 'swipe up' once a day to indicate they are particularly attracted to someone, when the service is rolled out globally later this year.

How many holiday sins have you committed? Infographic reveals the naughtiest things travellers do from skinny dipping to lying for a room upgrade

Travellers confessed their holiday misdemeanours in a UK survey with sins including sneaking on aircraft before being called, skinny dipping in hotel pools and lying to get a room upgrade.

And then came the rains: Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire after storms batter eastern Europe

Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire

At least 7,000 people, including many parents lugging young children (main), braved downpours and scuffles with police (top right) to cross Greece's northern border into Macedonia. Despite wrapping themselves up in garbage bags of every kind, the migrants were soaked to the skin, their trainers caked with mud and hats dripping with rain. By early afternoon, all had crossed but thousands more were on their way, heading to the Greek mainland in ferries from the country's overcrowded eastern islands.

Far-right Dutch politician labels the refugee crisis an 'Islamic invasion' as Finland raises taxes to cover the cost of the influx 

Geert Wilders (pictured), leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom, called the migrant crisis 'an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity'.

Free pass to Sweden: Denmark says it won't stop migrants travelling through the country after U-turn on closed borders

The announcement comes after police were forced to close road and rail links with Germany to prevent thousands of refugees from trying to reach their preferred destination of Sweden.

'IKEA can't keep up with the demand': German shops runs out of beds for refugees as officials scramble to find shelter after 37,000 arrive in just one week

Refugees sleep amongst donations at the train station in Flensburg, northern Germany on September 10, 2015. Train transport has resumed after Danish train operator DSB cancelled all rail services to and from Germany as hundreds of migrants refused to disembark from trains arriving from Denmark's southern neighbour, demanding to be let continue onto Sweden instead.  AFP PHOTO / DPA / CHRISTIAN CHARISIUS +++ GERMANY OUT +++CHRISTIAN CHARISIUS/AFP/Getty Images

In Munich, where many refugees pass through on their way to their final destination, IKEA has run out of beds as the local government has bought up the entire stock to house the new arrivals.

Football legend Eric Cantona reveals plans to invite desperate refugees to live at his home, as he blames Western governments for creating the global migrant crisis

The 49-year-old former Manchester United star, who is now an actor, said he has been disgusted by a rise in xenophobia stirred up by right wing politicians in his home country and abroad.

Devastated families share heartbreaking images of their stillborn babies that help them cope with their grief 

Charity Remember my Baby share images of stillborn babies that help families cope

The poignant yet haunting pictures were taken by the charity Remember my Baby - set up to offer a gift of baby remembrance to parents experiencing the devastating loss of their child. A team of volunteer photographers visit families across the UK who are going through the tragic loss of their baby either before, during or shortly after birth. The families get a gift of high-resolution so they have a life-long keepsake of their beloved babies.

Tanning addict who 'grilled herself like a sausage' in the sun has 2cm chunk of skin removed after doctors discover deadly mole

Ashley Alexander, 27, from Cumnock, Ayrshire, says having skin cancer has rid her of her 'cocky attitude' to sunbathing and she now wants to warn others of the dangers of overexposure to the sun.

Why some smokers get cancer and others don't: Scientists discover genes that 'lower the risk of early death'

Scientists from UCLA discovered that long-living smokers had 'longevity' genes which were associated with an 11 per cent lower incidence of cancer.

Seasonal food, plenty of butter and grilled chicken lunches to stay slim: The secrets of the Queen's diet revealed by former chef 

Darren McGrady, inset, was the Queen's personal chef for 11 years. The 52-year-old said the royal menu at Buckingham Palace 'hasn't changed much' in the 63 years she's been on the throne.

School bans 10-year-old pupil with Down's Syndrome from staying overnight at adventure camp because there's no one to care for him


Tanya Bryant, 43, has been told her son Charlie Watson cannot stay away on the trip with his classmates at Winscombe Primary School, in North Somerset, because of health and safety issues.

A victim's bloodied shoes, bullet-pierced soda cups and chilling trails of blood: Never-before-seen evidence photos from inside the movie theater where James Holmes murdered 12 innocent victims

Haunting never-before-seen photos from inside the movie theater where James Holmes

For the first time, the public is seeing inside the bullet-ridden movie theater where a demented James Holmes opened fire, reigning terror on hundreds of innocent lives. Holmes, 27, was sentenced to life in prison last month for the mass shooting which killed 12 and injured more than 70 three years ago. Now that the trial is over, prosecutors decided to release hundreds of evidence photos on Thursday that show the aftermath of the theater bloodbath, as well as the booby-trap Holmes set up for police back at his apartment. The heartbreaking photos taken by investigators tell a story of how the violence on-screen quickly turned to reality for the innocent theatergoers gathered for a midnight screening of The Dark Knight rises on July 20, 2012.

'You sad, attention grabbing, power-hungry little man': Michael Stipe gets into four-letter war of words with Trump after tycoon uses R.E.M song at Iran rally 

R.E.M singer Michael Stipe tore into the controversial Republican candidate on Twitter, for using one of the U.S. band's most loved hits at a rally campaigning against the Iran nuclear deal.



'She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen': US woman who had her baby sliced out of her womb by a stranger breaks down as she describes holding her dead child  

Michelle Wilkins recalls holding baby who was sliced out of her womb by stranger

The Colorado woman who had her unborn baby cut from her womb by a stranger is sharing the terrifying details of her attack, and the heartbreaking moment she held her dead daughter in her arms. Michelle Wilkins (bottom right earlier this year) was eight-months pregnant when she went to the Boulder home of Dynel Lane (top right) after answering a Craigslist post advertising maternity clothing, and that is where she was knocked out and cut open. Her daughter Aurora died but Wilkins, 26, miraculously managed to survive - and with her partner Dan spend a few unforgettable moments as a family. 'Dan and I thought she was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen,' said Wilkins in a clip from her upcoming appearance on Dr. Phil (left).

Twenty-six MPs are named and shamed for refusing to pay back £2,100 in expenses debts to the taxpayer

The current and former MPs, including Conservative ministers Tobias Ellwood and Edward Timpson, have failed to repay bills of up to £310 owed to the taxpayer.

Can you CATCH Alzheimer's? Disease could be spread via blood transfusions during surgery in the same way as CJD, say scientists

Professor John Collinge, from University College London, warns people given hormone injections before 1985 could be at risk, with experiments suggesting the injections contained the key Alzheimer's protein.

British woman reports homeless son, 21, to police after he 'admitted' deliberately starting a fatal fire in France... but the suspect now claims that he only 'confessed' because he was high on drugs

The unnamed man, who is now aged 21, is said to have told his mother that he was responsible for the arson attack (pictured) in the village of Rosiers-sur-Loire in the west of the country in January 2012.

'Don't watch porn, make real friends', Russian media watchdog tells activist who complained after sex website was closed down 

When activist Olga Borisova (pictured) took to her Twitter account to ask the watchdog, Roskomnadzor, for an alternative to Pornhub, she was surprised by the stark reply.

Couple accused of dodging laws on monster 20ft Leylandii by removing sections of hedge so it's technically a row of trees

Neighbours Denis and Maureen Parry, from Fife, claim their neighbours have attempted to trim the bushes in order to turn their hedge into a row of trees which is not covered by the legislation.

Children forced to play in polluted Rio shanty towns as medieval sewers leave filthy water running through streets 

Public health officials in the Brazilian capital have compared the polluted streets of Rio's shanty towns to those of 14th century Paris or London as waste rungs through open air ditches in slums.

Netanyahu urges British action to help 'role back the tide of militant Islam' threatening to destroy the Middle East

epa04923323 British Prime Minister David Cameron (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) at 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, 10 September 2015. The two leaders were to discuss 'diplomatic, strategic and bilateral issues, as well as joint challenges in the fields of security, economics and cyber [security],' according to Netanyahu's office. Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists on 09 September held rival protests in London, where Netanyahu had arrived for talks with Cameron.  EPA/ANDY RAIN / POOL

Western powers need to act to prevent the Middle East 'disintegrating' under the threat of fanatical terrorists, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned David Cameron this morning.

Thieves break in to 'King of Instagram's' Hollywood mansion: Robbers learn lay-out of millionaire's home after he boasts about party lifestyle and gun collection

Multimillionaire 'King of Instagram' known for posting pictures of his 'fabulous' life of

Multimillionaire trust fund baby Dan Bilzerian, 34, had his Hollywood Hills mansion broken into by thieves on Friday. Bilzerian is famous for posting his rich lifestyle antics on Instagram. The burglars went for his gun room but couldn't get in. They apparently left with only the keys to his Bentley but didn't take the car.

Policeman injured female cabbie by crashing into her when he ran a red light because he was tired - but he WON'T be prosecuted and can't even be NAMED

Police say the Plymouth officer - who was not responding to an emergency incident - had been 'called out of bed' and mistook a green traffic arrow for his own lane's light.

Moment dozens of kind-hearted strangers rushed to help woman who was knocked down by bus at scene of previous fatal accident 

The woman, said to be 'in her 50s or 60s', was hit by the vehicle on the corner of Argyle Street and Queen Street, Glasgow. It comes months after a man, 76, was fatally injured by a bus at the same junction.

Star Wars stuntwoman fights for life after freak crash while filming high-speed motorbike chase in South Africa

Olivia Jackson, from Amersham, Bucks, has been in an induced coma since Saturday after suffering serious head injuries and a punctured lung in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Labour under Corbyn risks turning into an 'early 80s Trotsky tribute act', warns Ed Miliband's former policy chief 

File photo dated 11/06/07 of Labour backbencher Jon Cruddas. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday June 13, 2009. Labour must undergo a fundamental rethink of its beliefs and policies if it is to survive as a major force in British politics, Mr Cruddas will warn tomorrow. See PA story POLITICS Cruddas. Photo credit should read: Jane Mingay/PA Wire

Jon Cruddas - one of Labour's most influential MPs - said the party could 'collapse' if it did not face up to the reality of what the electorate wanted - including continued austerity.

Why female Viagra WON'T revolutionise your sex life: Tracey Cox says honest conversation will revive passion faster than any libido-boosting pill 

The much-hyped drug Addyi can't be taken with alcohol or the Pill and is only effective on nine to 15 per cent of women. So is it worth the sacrifice? our sexpert Tracey Cox is not convinced.

No more delays! Computer predicts when transport will be disrupted TWO hours before it happens...and sends in extra trains

Using years of historical data, a data scientist working with Sweden's Stockholmstag transport firm devised the algorithm to help traffic control centres manage congestion.

More than 200,000 people a year are dying due to the stress and bad health caused by inequality - with the top-paid living eight years longer than the middle classes 

Sir Michael Marmot, a world-renowned professor from University College London said the middle class are losing out on eight years of healthy life due to failings in education and stress at work.

The woman who had a 'breast' on her BACK: 46-year-old has huge tumour removed that had been growing for more than 10 years

The unidentified woman, from Dublin, Ireland, was found to have a 19cm lipoma, a benign tumour made up of fat cells, according to doctors writing in the journal BMJ case reports.

Arab official accused of raping two Nepalese maids at his luxury apartment in India moves in to the Saudi embassy as abuse allegations cause a diplomatic row

The two women, aged 30 and 50, claim that they have been held hostage in the diplomat's home near the capital 'for several months' and had been 'offered regularly' to the Saudi's friends.

Live and let diet! James Bond fan who scoured Ian Fleming's novels for details of 007's favourite foods recreates the spy's meals for unique exhibition

Brooklyn-based New York photographer Henry Hargreaves has snapped a unique series of images documenting the mouth-watering meals eaten by James Bond as featured in the Ian Fleming's books.

Court battle between billionaire Victoria's Secret tycoon and auction house over £11million vintage Ferrari could rack up £8MILLION in lawyers' bills

Businessman Leslie Wexner (pictured) is suing London auctioneer Bonhams over the Ferrari 375-Plus bought in 2014, which he argues was sold to him while in the midst of an ownership row.

Schoolgirl is left in tears after the Princess Modelling toy she was given for her 11th birthday looked like a DEATH mask 

Kaycee Kelly (pictured, with mother Charise), from Birmingham,was in tears when she unwrapped the Style My Supermodel hair toy on her 11th birthday last week only to find an expressionless head.

Lawyer in red: Amal Clooney returns to the Maldives High Court in fight for former president's freedom

Amal Clooney returns to Maldivian High Court to fight for Mohamed Nasheed's freedom

Amal was seen after a visit to Maafushi Prison where 48-year-old Nasheed is serving a 13-year sentence for counts of terrorism. She is currently heading an international fight for his freedom, spurred on by concerns of The United States, the European Union and India.

Gruesome video shows doctors removing cigarette lighter from man's stomach after he swallowed it WHOLE while on drugs

The video shows a doctor dragging the 8cm yellow lighter up the unidentified man's oesophagus with a clamp. He was admitted to Yangzhou hospital, in the Jiangsu province in the east of China.

Meet the ancestors: New species of ancient humans are discovered after fossilised remains of at least 15 bodies are unearthed in a South African cave

Named Homo naledi, the species has been assigned to the genus Homo, to which modern humans also belong. The remains were discovered in South Africa's Gauteng province.

The not so Great Escape: Inmate gets trapped in tunnel after trying to breakout from Brazilian prison

Man found stuck in tunnel after trying to escape from prison

Maycon Souza da Silva and his partner-in-crime, Rafael da Silva Costa, had dug a tunnel in an attempt to flee a prison in Rio Grande do Norte, north-east Brazil.

Newly slim Jamie Oliver says we should increase our superfood intake by putting seaweed in salad and drinking THREE coffees a day... to lose weight like him

The TV chef, 40, says it's simple to swap superfoods into your diet and you'll notice the difference in how you look and feel. He shared his secrets on ITV's This Morning after losing nearly two stone.

Duchess of Cornwall left 'disappointed' after falling ill overnight and being forced to pull out of official visit to Portsmouth

The Duchess was forced to pull out of the event, a military review to mark the end of Operation Gritlock, after developing gastroenteritis overnight. Camilla, 68, was told not to attend by doctors.

Pilot who crashed jet at Shoreham airshow killing 11 has returned home and is due to be interviewed by police over disaster 

Pilot Andy Hill, 51, was in a critical condition following the crash and was put into an induced coma but has now been discharged from hospital and allowed to return to his Hertfordshire home.

This house is a real work of art! Stunning six-bedroom Chelsea mansion that was turned into a mini Tate Modern goes on the market for £14million

Chelsea mansion complete with its own art gallery goes on the market for £14m

The grand Victorian house in Chelsea, London, boasts its own 40ft long gallery, which its previous owner - an unknown wealthy art lover - used to display all his favourite pieces. Its also features a media room (bottom right), garden terrace (top left), stylish bathroom (top right) and room dividing aquarium (bottom left),. The current owner, who has a spectacular modern art collection, spent two years transforming the interiors of the six bedroom residence. The façade of the grand Victorian house (centre), which has been put on the market for £14million, remains the same.

Siri admits it's about to 'get a whole lot busier' when questioned about last night's Apple iPad and iPhone launch

When asking Siri if 'anything interesting happened today', it pokes fun at the language used during last night's conference in San Francisco.

Morrisons will shut 11 supermarkets putting 900 jobs at risk after slump in sales and profits 

File photo dated 01/04/11 of a Morissons as the troubled grocer said it will pull out of its loss-making convenience shops in order to concentrate on its supermarkets. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday September 9, 2015. It said it will sell 140 M local stores for around £25 million in cash to retail entrepreneur Mike Greene, who is backed by family investment group Greybull Capital. See PA story CITY Morrisons. Photo credit should read: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Morrisons' pre-tax profits for the half-year to August 2 fell 47 per cent to £126 million while like-for-like sales for the period dropped 2.7 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Farmer urinating in a field is left in agony after a snake bites him on the penis 

The snake's fangs left the man's penis 'grossly swollen and covered in fluid-filled blisters,' say doctors writing in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Beauty salon boss ordered to pay £3,300 for putting out her rubbish in the wrong bin bags

Susan Le Poidevin's 71-year-old mother mistakenly put two black bin bags outside the Tan & Beauty salon in Selly Oak, Birmingham, when she was helping out on December 2 last year.

Revealed: Radar image 'proof' of Nazi gold train that led Polish minister to declare he was '99 per cent sure' it is there

The image taken with ground-penetrating radar (GPR) appears to show a train with cannons possibly belonging to tanks sitting at a platform, claimed a Polish newspaper.

Miracle escape for helicopter pilot after he crashes through power cables and lands upside down in a field but walks away with minor injuries 

The blue helicopter (pictured) had taken off just before 5pm yesterday when it flew directly into the path of low hanging electricity cables above Tring in Hertfordshire, crashing into a field below.

Three-quarters of fresh supermarket chickens carry deadly food poisoning bug - with Asda the worst offender

Almost one in five chickens were contaminated at a high and particularly risky level with with campylobacter, according to a report by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The cheese emoji is on its way! Developers get a sneak peek at the new symbols coming to iOS 9.1 including a taco, robot and a unicorn

The Californian Unicode Consortium released the emoji in June and Apple has now incorporated some of these symbols into iOS 9.1. Other additions include a weightlighter and mosque.

Pro-surfer who holds the record for riding the world's largest wave breaks his neck in four places after an accident out at sea

Shawn Dollar, famous surfer, has broken his neck in four places while riding waves in Cali on Monday.

Shawn Dollar, 34, a married father-of-two from Santa Cruz, California, was reportedly surfing 25ft waves off Big Sur on Monday when he fell, fracturing his neck in four places.

Man's best (flying) friend! Incredible photos show border collies up to six feet off the ground as they try to catch frisbees 

Photos of border collies up to six feet off the ground as they catch frisbees

These are the amazing scenes where a group of border collies show their acrobatic skills while leaping in the air to capture some frisbees in Piverone, Italy at a 'Disc Dog Race' competition. According to the pets' owner, Claudio Piccoli: 'I really like the photo of the dog using his paw. I love his initiative to use his paw to get the disc under control and bring it to his mouth for the perfect catch. And at the same time, the dog is looking straight at me.'

More than half of UK entrepreneurs have been denied a bank loan, while almost all report no help from the Government

Many small business owners are having to dip in to their own pockets after being unable to secure any financial help from banks or the government.

Thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed after a tropical storm causes a river to burst its banks in Japan, flushing radiation water from Fukushima into the sea

An aerial view shows residential areas flooded by the Kinugawa river (top), caused by typhoon Etau in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo September 10, 2015. Japan's weather agency extended its emergency warnings from the Tochigi Prefecture to Ibaraki, after severe rainfall caused floods and landslides on Thursday in eastern Japan, according to local media.  Mandatory credit REUTERS/KyodoATTENTION EDITORS - FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. MANDATORY CREDIT. JAPAN OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN JAPAN.

Dramatic footage shows a tsunami-like wall of muddy water gushing from the swollen Kinugawa river in Joso, about 30 miles northeast of Japan's capital, which is home to around 65,000 people.

An apple a day keeps ageing at bay because chemical in the peel prevents muscle wasting, new research finds 

Chemicals found in the peel of apples and green tomatoes can turn elderly people's muscles into those of a young adult after just two months of treatment, said scientists from the University of Iowa.

You may now kiss the bride (who's young enough to be your granddaughter): Russian actor, 84, ties the knot with his 24-year-old fiancée - and now they plan on starting a family

Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his 24-year-old fiancee Natalia Shevel, a former student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family yesterday in St Petersburg.

Wannabe Indian bridegrooms forced to travel 2000 miles to find a wife - who don't even speak the same language - after gender-selection culture leaves them short of brides 

Men in villages in northern India are having to look for women living in places such as Kerala the in the country's south to find a wife as gender-selection tests have created a lack of eligible brides.

Reckless body art fans take part in TATTOO ROULETTE game and end up with a variety of ridiculous designs, from a 'Donald Trump stamp' to the True Detective logo

Body art fans take part in TATTOO ROULETTE game in video

In a video created by Elite Daily, participants choose their tattoo and placement using a bizarre board game based on the PInko game from The Price is Right. Players drop a chip and wait for the board to decide which awful tattoo they will get - and where it will go on their body.

Tough immigration rules are stopping the NHS hiring foreign nurses: Failure to recruit 1,000 in the next 6 months 'will compromise patient safety'

NHS Employers have written to Home Secretary Theresa May urging her to relax immigration rules for nurses. They warn without 1,000 foreign nurses in six months patient safety could be compromised.

Football hooligans trash couple's wedding reception at a French chateau to get back at rival gang - then realise they targeted the wrong venue

Hooligan supporters of French side Saint Etienne destroyed the wedding reception of a couple tying the knot at Chateau de Talance, pictured, after thinking it was the wedding of a rival.

'Stay alive. We need you': Poignant video shows young woman holding up cards to share her heartbreaking story of her boyfriend's suicide

Sydney woman Jody Tuchin has uploaded a touching video to Facebook to reach out to people considering suicide, sharing her heartbreaking story about the death of her partner.

Woman astounds onlookers by crushing three huge watermelons between her THIGHS in just 14 seconds on live TV

Olga Liaschuk crushes three watermelons between her THIGHS in 14 seconds

Olga Liaschuk,30, is the Guinness world record holder for crushing water melons with her thighs in the fastest time and was invited to share her unique talent with the world on This Morning. The extreme show of strength was staged to celebrate the release of the new Guinness World Records 2016 book and various record breakers were featured on the ITV show.

Argos hit again by weak demand for TV and tablets but DIY boost from Homebase helps lifts Home Retail Group's overall sales

Argos saw its same store sales drop 2.8 per cent in its second quarter after a disappointing August, although this was a marked improvement on the 3.9 per cent slide seen in the first quarter.

Google turns your phone into a credit card: Android Pay launches in battle with Apple

It was thought the payment system would launch alongside Google's Marshmallow operating system, expected in October, but Google revealed it actually launches today.

Man jailed for five years after his seven-stone American bulldog savaged his own grandmother to death

Widow Rona Greve, 64, died after being bitten 16 times by American bulldog, named Solo, which was owned by her grandson Craig (pictured), 23.

Behind the scenes with the Beatles: Candid photos taken by Ringo Starr - which he then forgot all about - to go on display in London

Behind the scenes with the Beatles: Candid photos taken by drummer Ringo Starr to go on

The candid photos were taken by drummer Ringo Starr and show the Fab Four during unguarded moments in the Abbey Road Studios in London and during their 1964 tour of the US. One shows John Lennon relaxing in a bar in Miami (left) while another shows George Harrison staring pensively out of a taxi window in New York (top right). A further picture showing Paul McCartney sharing a light-hearted moment with road manager Mal Evans at the George V in Paris the same year (bottom right) is also included in the set. The images have now gone on display at the National Portrait Gallery and also appear in a new book, Photograph, by the former Beatle.

House prices hit a new record high after jumping another £5k in just one month - and are expected to grow 6% this year alone

Prices rose by an average of 2.7 per cent, the latest study by Halifax suggests, to a new record high of £204,674. Surveyors expect prices to continue rising.

Impractical, inconvenient and nearly TWICE the price: How eating only organic is tougher than it looks (but the food really does taste better)

For seven days, Joanne Gould, 30, from Golders Green, London, put organic living to the test - substituting her usual brands for chemical-free products, even down to wine and snacks.

Give healthy gay men 'game-changing' HIV drugs to PREVENT infection, experts demand

The British PROUD study, led by University College London, advises pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs should be made available on the NHS, as they reduce infection by as much as 86 per cent.

Charles does time at Her Majesty's pleasure: Prince visits inmates at Leeds prison (but takes THREE protection officers with him)

The Prince of Wales has spent the day touring Yorkshire and began with a visit to HMP Leeds where he met inmates and prison guards. Later, he went on to visit a wool mill and a creamery.

Are you measuring spaghetti wrong? Video shows how standing pasta in an empty water bottle guarantees the perfect portion

Video shows how standing pasta in an empty water bottle guarantees the perfect portion

One simple hack, demonstrated by in this video by Hacking Life, reveals the fool-proof method that will ensure you will always get pasta measurements right. Pictured: 1) Get a small plastic bottle; 2) pop open a packet of pasta; 3) drop a handful of spaghetti into the neck of the bottle; 4) a perfect portion of noodles ready to be cooked

A stellar lineup! Astronaut captures incredible images of Earth, moon AND Venus from onboard the ISS

The shots were taken by astronaut Scott Kelly on board the International Space Station. The first image (pictured) was taken at 4.42pm yesterday and the second was taken 12 hours later.

Former DJ Jonathan King, 70, is arrested on suspicion of historical child sex offences linked to disco in 1970s and 1980s 

King is known as a singer-songwriter, record producer, music entrepreneur, and TV presenter

The ex-TV and radio presenter was arrested at his home in Bayswater, West London, by Surrey Police officers along with two other men, aged 77 and 86, both from Walton-on-Thames, yesterday.

Tragedy of the young bride who dreamed of spending 'many happy years' with her new husband... but died from a rare type of cancer just six weeks after her big day

Courtney Webb, from Erith, in Kent, married her childhood sweetheart in white wedding paid for by strangers. She said she hoped they would spend years together but died six weeks later.

Eight men charged by Serbia over the slaughter of 1,300 muslims in a warehouse during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre 

Serbia prosecutor's office said that the men were charged with war crimes relating to the brutal slaughter of some 1,300 who were trapped in warehouse in the village of Kravica.

Pregnancy cravings' go gourmet: Artist's photos of expectant mums' bizarre food combinations include Oreos with toothpaste and oranges with KETCHUP

Eating for Two Cookbook features photos of expectant mums' food combinations

Artists Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus from South Africa, and Juarez Rodrigues from Brazil, have created a cookbook, called 'Eating for Two', which features photos of the odd foods that some soon-to-be mothers hanker after. Funny meal combinations include (clockwise from top left): mashed potato with caramel sauce; beans and cream; oranges in tomato sauce; Oreos with toothpaste, popcorn on a bed of sauerkraut, and steak with ice-cream.

He's been called a 'monster' and stared at by strangers - but little boy with severe cleft lip has just one response - he SMILES back

Zak Lynthgoe, nine, from Cyprus, was born with a severe cleft lip and no right eye lid, which caused him to go blind. He has since undergone nine different operations to rebuild his face.

Great-grandmother, 89, was left in agony after care home staff 'waited 20 hours to call doctors' when a fall left her with injuries so bad her relatives didn't recognise her 

Sarah Kinney said her grandmother Gladys Millard (pictured) was so badly injured in bed fall that it was impossible to identify her sitting weeping in St Stephen's Nursing Home, Lancashire.

So THIS is what they get up to when you've gone: The cabin crew craze to clamber into overhead bins for Instagram pictures

A craze has emerged that involves crew clambering into the overhead bins and photographs of them crammed inside being uploaded to Instagram with a hashtag of #overheadbin.

'Maybe she left her Louboutins in the other tent': Viewers poke fun at Mary Berry for wearing flashy £500 Hermès Vintage belt loved by reality stars on Bake Off 

Mary Berry has been praised by fashion fans on Twitter for wearing a belt by luxury French designer Hermès. The 80-year-old food writer usually wears labels such as Zara, Oasis and Jaegar.

Pluto's secrets revealed: New Horizons sends back incredible new high resolution images that reveal 'bewildering array' of features from ice flows and valleys to dunes

New Horizons sends back Pluto images that reveal 'bewildering array' of features

'If an artist had painted this Pluto before our flyby, I probably would have called it over the top,' but that's what is actually there,' said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern on seeing the new images. Main image: synthetic perspective view of Pluto, based on the latest high-resolution images from Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft, shows what you would see if you were approximately 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) above Pluto's equatorial area, looking northeast over the dark, cratered, informally named Cthulhu Regio toward the bright, smooth, expanse of icy plains informally called Sputnik Planum. The entire expanse of terrain seen in this image is 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) across. Insets show the rockey craters seen on the planet.

Artist who draws GBBO's eye-catching illustrations admits his job is getting harder as the bakes become more technical... and he doesn't even like cake! 

The man behind the BBC One show's recipe sketches is Tom Hovey, 32, based in Bristol. He shares his favourite bakes with FEMAIL but admits he doesn't even have a sweet tooth.

Running for its life while leaving a trail of blood in the snow: Shocking video of a grizzly bear being shot by hunters and rolling down a mountain as they laugh

Video of a grizzly bear being shot by hunters as they jeer and laugh

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The sickening video was posted to the internet by a wildlife protection organisation in British Colombia, Canada and has reawakened the debate on the blood sport following the murder of Cecil the lion. The footage captures the terrified bear running for its life (left) as bullets rebound off the ground around it before the lifeless body of the dead animal begins rolling down the mountain (centre and right) to the sound of the hunters celebrating.

Lenin returns: Head from statue of Russian dictator which towered over Berlin is dug up 24 years after it was buried in a sand pit for new exhibition

The statue's head, which used to gaze out from a plinth in the former East Berlin, has been unearthed from its burial spot ready to go on display in the German capital's Citadel of Spandau.

Schoolboy, 15, sent home from school for spiky Jedward-style haircut - despite having been allowed to stay with the exact same 'do' last year

Marc Thomson, 15, was suspended by the Bishop of Winchester Academy in Bournemouth, Dorset, for his spiky hair do which teachers said contravened strict school policy.

Dramatic moment a poacher's 10ft spear that was rammed inside an elephant is pulled from the wounded animal by a vet

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Spear inside the elephant)  - This is the incredible story of an elephant thats made an amazing recovery and living healthily in a herd just months after a brutal attack from poachers. The heart-wrenching footage, filmed in the Maasai Mara reserve in October 2014, shows the incredible efforts of the veterinary team to retrieve the spear from the wounded animal. At the time vets judged that the elephant would struggle to live but, incredibly, it was standing again within three months and now lives a happy life as part of a larger herd in Kenyas Maasai reserve. Anton Gammelgaard, the 57-year-old Dane who filmed the video, said: It was a very shocking experience to see them drag the spear 1.5 metres out of the elephants body of the elephant. SEE CATERS COPY.

A team filming a wildlife documentary on the Maasai Mara in Kenya had found evidence of a poacher attack and spent three days trying to track down the wounded elephant.

'It's like Nazi Germany': Residents in the tiny town surrounding Elon Musk's launch site hate the entrepreneur's strict regime and extreme safety measures

The 26 residents of Bocha Chica in South Texas, who have enjoyed living in obscurity for decades, will be forced into a new regime when the Space-X plant is completed.

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Bear with me: Meet the man who shares his swimming pool and even BED with a 60-stone predator

Mark Dumas shares his swimming pool and his BED with a polar bear

Bear trainer Mark Dumas, from British Columbia, shares his life, his home, and his bed with the 60-stone polar bear known as Agee. The pair share an incredible bond that even includes bear hugs. Mark and Agee are just two of the eccentric characters featured in a new documentary, by Barcroft Original, about people who live with the world's largest land predators. From a family who train the huge animals for the movies to a couple of surfing cubs, documentary 'There's a Polar Bear in my pool' shows exactly what it's like to share your life with a bear.

Skydiver takes just 60 seconds to solve Rubik's cube during free fall jump before he even opens his parachute

Footage has emerged showing skydiver Chris Walker leaping out of the side of a plane and free falling to the ground while solving a Rubik's cube in time before having to open his parachute.

Who said cats can't swim! 'Lifeguard' tiger cub rescues his brother by giving him a piggy back to drag him to safety from deep lake

The big cat had tried to cool off in a lake at the John Varty Tiger Conservation Project in South Africa when he began to flounder in the water and had to be rescued by his brother.



Chinese hoarder collected so much rubbish it spilled out of his home and blocked the entrance to a residential area 

Chinese hoarder collected enough rubbish to block the entrance to a residential area 

A hoarder in China collected so much rubbish it spilled outside and prevented entry to a block of flats. The pensioner Xu, 83, reportedly had a habit of picking up discarded items he found on the street and bringing them home. The 20-ton pile of trash soon grew out of his home into the entrance of the flats he occupies in Qingdao, in East China's Shandong Province, residents have had to use the emergency exit.

Buy your own village: Heiress's daughters put £10million Scottish estate on the market - complete with SIXTEEN houses and plenty of stag to shoot 

The Kinnaird Estate, near Dunkeld, in Perthshire, has been put on the market by the daughters of an American Heiress. It offers acres of unspoiled landscape and 16 properties.

Blink and you'll miss it! Chinese city uses one tonne of dynamite to blow up 800 foot long bridge in just TWO seconds 

Lishui Bridge in Zhangjiajie, China, was demolished on September 8 in just seconds. 2,888 dynamites were used. A bigger bridge is scheduled to be built by 2017 in the same place.

Ex-banker, 50, who conquered Everest says she can afford to climb mountains because she has no 'expensive children' to fund

Michigan-born Vanessa O'Brien, 50, now based in Boston, made a dramatic life change after quitting her job during the recession. Now she and her husband cut back to finance her habit.

Gone in 40 seconds! Incredible video captures terrifying moment Dorset cliff face collapsed in a huge cloud of dust

Gone in 40 seconds! Incredible video captures the terrifying moment a cliff face collapses

Fisherman Sam Haskins, 24, filmed the remarkable video from a coastal footpath just metres away from the crumbling rock face on Portland, Dorset. In the dramatic 40-second clip, small rocks and boulders are seen tumbling from the mainland (left) before a large chunk of the cliff breaks away (centre), crashing to the beach in a cloud of dust (right). It came after reports that parts of the footpath had started to crack.