Which Halloween Character Are You?

On October 31, should you patiently wait for the Great Pumpkin, spook the house's new residents, or claim that you ain't scared of no ghosts? Take our quiz…if you dare.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

This all-time favorite dessert is offers instant nostalgia (remember Grandma making them?). Bring them into your own kitchen with our incredible easy steps.

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10 Surprising Things to Do with Canned Pumpkin

Grocery stores may put the canned pumpkin next to the piecrusts, but we say this handy ingredient goes way beyond pumpkin pie. Sink your fork (or spoon, or even your fingers) into these fresh ideas for bringing canned pumpkin into the kitchen.

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Cheap Fall Craft Idea: How to Make Leaf Lanterns with Wax Paper

You likely already own every supply you need to make these inexpensive fall crafts. Bet you'll never look at wax paper the same way again!

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Wickedly Fun Halloween Cupcakes

Whip up a cupcake creation that is sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts are all magic to make and decorate!

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Warm and Cozy Fall Desserts

If you ask us, fall desserts are always in season. But these served-warm treats -- boasting pumpkin, chocolate, apple, and more -- are just right for a crisp autumn night. Whether the leaves are starting to turn or not, one (or two!) of these cozy desserts is sure to hit the spot.

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How to Make Leaf Vases with Two Supplies!

Your fall decorating just got easier! Nifty transfer paper just requires water to turn printouts of fall leaves into decals that stick beautifully to vases and glass cups. Here's how to get the look in minutes.

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Father's Day Gifts

Show Dad your appreciation with our fun Father's Day gift ideas, including Dad-focused artwork, gifts for his office, and photo-theme crafts. These Father's Day gifts are an easy way to say "I love you, Dad."


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    • Children Silhouettes

      For sweet, thoughtful Father's Day artwork, create a set of framed silhouettes of your children. Take a side profile photo of each child and print out. Trace onto heavy white cardstock and cut out. Back each cutout with a dark piece of cardstock; set in crisp black frames for a sophisticated gift.

    • Desktop Garden

      Give Dad a bit of green on Father's Day with a one-of-a-kind moss garden, perfect for a low-maintenance container planting. To assemble a moss dish garden, add filler to a container, using soil for the top inch. Use different types of moss; a bonsai tree; and accents, such as twigs, stones, or bark to add interest to the scene. When your dish garden is complete, water thoroughly and press the mosses down to make good contact with one another. Water deeply every week for two months, misting between waterings, until the moss
 is established. No fertilizer is needed; place the garden in indirect sunlight inside, or a cool, shady area outside.

    • Dad’s Favorite Dinner

      Who doesn't love pizza night—at home—especially for Father's Day? Adorn a white pizza box (ask a local restaurant for an extra) and fill with the prebaked crust and toppings. Print the free label and glue to the box.

      Get the free label!
    • String-and-Nails Artwork

      Dad will welcome this cheery artwork greeting. Print out a phrase, such as "Hello!" in a block font from your computer. Play with font size until you like the look (our letters are approximately 3 inches tall). Trim the block letters and arrange them on a board; cut the board to fit the phrase. Tap nails into place around the letters and remove the paper patterns. Wrap string around the outlines of the letters first, then fill in the letters with crisscross designs.

    • Plant-Lover’s Centerpiece

      Low-maintenance succulents offer a restrained accent to this ever-so-easy Father’s Day gift. Learn how to make the centerpiece.

    • S’mores To-Go Kit

      Sure, brunch is a go-to for time with Dad on Father's Day, but a night of s'mores equals an extra special family summertime treat. Gather a blanket and a few supplies, including simple crafts boxes lined with parchment and filled with with graham crackers, marshmallows (check your local candy store for homemade options), long bamboo skewers, and chocolate bars, as well as individual chafing gel containers set in a bed of decorative rocks. No Father's Day outing planned? Take your s'mores to the back deck for an at-home holiday celebration.

    • Kids Words Wall Art

      Framed handwriting is a fun way to remember a year in a child's life. Have your child write a favorite poem or a note to Dad on a fabric scrap that's cut to fit a basic frame (skip the expensive frame molding; a simple glass-fronted frame with side clips makes the writing the star). It's OK if some of the words go outside of the area; it just adds to the just-for-Dad appeal.

    • Beverage Labels

      Give Dad this quick, easy Father’s Day gift: a bucket of favorite beverages (and an afternoon relaxing outside to enjoy them). To dress up standard bottles, tape old or new photographs or postcards over the bottle labels. Better yet, have children draw images or write notes to Dad sharing special sentiments.

    • Father’s Day Picnic Supplies

      A prepacked picnic makes a Father's Day outing that much easier. Dress up picnic tins with spray paint; let dry. Wrap sandwiches in parchment paper, include bamboo utensils and a drink, and include a tin filled with a sweet treat.

      Download the “Enjoy” label!
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      'I Love Daddy' Photo Cube

      For a cute and crafty Father's Day gift idea, show off the kids with a photo-packed cube collage. Choose photographs of your favorite memories, cards written by the kids, or images of Dad's favorite activities to decorate the display.

    • Fold a Fathers Day Napkin
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      Special Father's Day Napkin

      Transform your table (and impress Dad!) with this fun and festive technique that turns two napkins into a shirt and tie.

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      'Well Done' Grilling Apron

      If your Dad can't get enough of his grill, a decorated barbecue apron is the perfect Father's Day gift. Begin by tracing the letters in reverse onto the paper side of iron-on fusible webbing. Iron letters onto fabric and cut out. Remove the paper backing on the letters and iron them onto a plain apron.

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      Bar Tool Essentials

      Make Dad the party master with his own set of home-bar tools and accessories. For Father's Day, equip him with a cocktail shaker, jigger, cocktail strainer, corkscrew, juicer, bar spoon, and cocktail muddler.

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      Just-for-Dad Hot Sauce

      No time for Father’s Day DIY? Skip the how-to and repackage some of Dad’s favorite items, such as hot sauce, with unique labels. Create a label of your choosing (one idea: include special words or days) and adhere to a bottle using double-stick tape. Hang dried chile peppers from twine or string as accent.

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      Patterned Pencil Holder Gift

      Help Dad keep his pencils within reach at work with this easy Father's Day DIY: a pencil holder gift. Start with a block of 4x4-inch wood, and sand it to smooth the rough edges. Once sanded, paint the top any color you like. Cut the bottom of the block at an angle to tilt the base, then measure the sides of the block to determine the length of decorative paper needed to cover them. Soak the paper in water to make it pliable, then use a thin layer of watered-down decoupage medium to evenly attach the paper to the sides of the block. Line up the paper with the block's painted top; if the paper is too long at the bottom, neatly wrap it around the base. Seal the paper with a top coat of decoupage medium. On the top of the block, measure and mark pencil holes in an evenly spaced pattern; drill holes into the top at a 90-degree angle using a 1/2-inch bit.

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      Simple Father's Day Coaster Set

      Decoupage maps or special items, such as photos, ticket stubs, or artwork, onto square tiles to make a one-of-a-kind set of drink coasters for Father's Day. Back the tiles with felt to keep them from scratching surfaces.

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      Office Supplies Holder

      Help Dad keep his desk supplies neat with this eco-friendly organizer made from recycled potato chip canisters. Wrap clean, empty canisters with adhesive shelf paper. Apply a strip of contact cement or silicone-type adhesive down one side of a container, and adhere it horizontally to another. Continue stacking and joining the containers until the desired size unit is achieved.

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      Father’s Day Salt Rub

      Father's Day is always a good time to fire up the grill. For dads who love their outdoor barbecue time, give a handmade or purchased herb salt rub. Fill recycled or purchased glass bottles with the rub, hot-glue twine to the lid in a circular pattern, and print a label and instructions on a strip of burlap. Secure the label to the bottle with twine. 

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      Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed

      Pull together this quick kit for a yummy Father's Day breakfast gift. Package pancake mix, blueberries, milk (keep refrigerated until time to give), and real maple syrup separately. Tie on tags with twine or ribbon and add small bags of optional mix-ins, such as chocolate chips, dried fruit, and nuts.

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      Gallery Wall of Dad's Favorites

      Surprise Dad with a just-for-him meal and a wall of framed art. Include maps of favorite destinations, sites with special memories, or other imagery that holds meaning. Pick a same-style frame for all images.

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      Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

      Give Dad a keepsake Father's Day gift handcrafted by his favorite kids. These homemade crafts include works of art as well as more practical items, such as gardening supplies and a travel kit. Dad will love the thought that goes into each one of these Father's Day gift ideas.
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