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Valentine Doings

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to around our house.   A little Bird House for Emma’s Valentines.  We made it out of an old box.  Emma painted and punched and glued to her heart’s content.

And a tree for Lily to “squirrel” her Valentines away.  Do you recognize the container for oatmeal?  How many of my childhood Valentine’s boxes were made out of oatmeal boxes?  Many.  We did our best to make it look like a tree…. Lily loved cutting and counting leaves.  We cut up bamboo skewers and painted them brown for the stems.  And when it was done, she decided the tree should have heart fruit.

And I loved that the ideas for the girl’s boxes were their own.  I was just there to help them figure out how to create them.

Ben wanted to say something sweet to his Valentines….  not.

The dynamite was made from Rollo’s candy rolled with red paper.  The wick is a bit of black licorice and we tied up the bundle with some black pipe cleaner (because that’s what I had on hand.)  This Valentine could have read, “You’re Dynamite!” or “You’re a Blast”…. but Ben wanted it to read “You’re the Bomb.”

Can you tell Lily is in to squirrels right now?  I tried to talk Lily into giving nuts… just a little healthier than chocolate.  But in the end she picked M & M Peanuts… which still have nuts, Mom…. and chocolate.

And here’s Emma’s.  We are still working on the card a bit…  She’s just happy to use glitter.  And love the saying, “You’re so Tweet.”

Lots and lots of Valentine’s creations.  And none of it’s perfect…   just lot’s of fun for the kids.  And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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