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The ultimate guide to the Queen's style revealed

In the 63 years and 219 days the Queen has reigned, she hasn’t put a foot wrong when it comes to her wardrobe, which is impressive, considering she changes outfits up to five times a day. read

Swansea teachers sex tape has caused wrecked marriages and awful exam results

Headmaster Graham Daniels, 51, and chemistry teacher Bethan Thomas, 37, were recorded having sex behind an office door, with the tape quickly spreading around Bryn Tawe secondary school. read

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Men are the REAL oppressed sex today 

One minute Charlotte Proudman was an unknown 27-year-old barrister finishing a PhD on female genital mutilation and the law. The next she was at the centre of a global media storm, hailed a martyr by the sisterhood and a ‘Feminazi’ by her many detractors. read

Having a final salary scheme will cut your state pension by thousands

Of the five million who will qualify for the supposed universal payout of £151.25 a week in the first ten years, 2.4million will get less than the full amount. read

Queen's representative Paul Sabapathy quits over comments about Pakistani community

Paul Sabapathy, the Queen's representative in the West Midlands for nearly eight years, has resigned after controversial comments he made about the Pakistani community were leaked. read

How red wine slows dementia (if you drink 1,000 bottles a day)

A chemical found in red wine helps slow dementia, say scientists – but you would have to drink 1,000 bottles a day to get enough of it. read

Crane collapses through Mecca's Grand Mosque leaving 107 people dead

The incident in Saudi Arabia occurred as hundreds of thousands of Muslims gather from all over the world for the annual hajj pilgrimage set to begin later this month. read

Jeremy Corbyn and a portrait of a man who could be Labour's leader

The 66-year-old in the striped polo shirt, baggy shorts, black socks and black Nike trainers, seen leaving his home in North London could today be named the new leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. read

Jeremy Corbyn admits voting for Britain to leave the EU

With the hardline socialist expected to be named Labour leader tomorrow, the revelation that he opposed membership of the European Community in 1975 triggered panic among pro-Europeans. read

Sadiq Khan named as Labour's candidate to be London Mayor as party lurches to the left

The result will be seen as an early indication of the mood in the party ahead of the naming tomorrow of the new Labour leader, which is widely expected to be arch-leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn. read

Cameron: IRA must be disbanded NOW. But shouldn't he be in Ulster, not at the cricket? 

Downing Street said he was taking advantage of a delivering a speech in Yorkshire to drop into Headingley and watch the England cricket team take on Australia in their fourth one-day international. read

Ruby Butler told she should in PRISON for putting her feet on train seat

An argument over feet resting on an train seat has received more than 500,000 views, since it was posted on Facebook earlier this week. Footage shows the dispute develop into a religious debate. read

Glencore's Ivan Glasenberg paid Tony Blair £1m for a day's work

Ivan Glasenberg, pictured, was known as one of the world's greatest traders after negotiating a £73billion merger. But now, his company is rapidly losing value and profit is evaporating. read

Watching Great British Bake Off makes you FAT

Almost three-quarters of viewers reckon the judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry encourage viewers to try fattening snacks they might otherwise avoid if they had not tuned in. read

Tesco customer's hilariously angry complaint and the tongue-in-cheek response

Billy Cunningham, pictured, posted on Tesco's Facebook page after a self-service till in a branch in Maidstone, Kent, failed to apply the discount to his crisps, chicken sandwich and drink. read

Bristol paedophile gang who raped babies and toddlers jailed for 78 years

The gang, who lived across the UK, would offer advice on using 'date rape' drugs or over-the-counter medication to drug and sedate children and babies. read

Countless well-paid professionals are trapped in rental limbo

Rachel Lewis, a senior account manager for a marketing agency, and husband Alex, a financial adviser, from near Cardiff, are hoping not to be among those forced to rent for the rest of their lives. read

ISIS executioner Jihadi John's fear of death from above revealed by men

The astonishing allegations came from two invited visitors to ISIS territory who told MailOnline that they witnessed Mohammed Emwazi and other paranoid jihadis panicking as drones hovered over Iraq. read

ISIS are making and using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT. ISIS terrorists are making and using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, US officials believe, with mustard gas used on Peshmerga fighers (pictured). read

Zack Davies who tried to behead a Sikh dentist in Tesco jailed for life 

Zack Davies, 26, pictured, of Mold, North Wales, shouted 'White Power' and 'remember Lee Rigby' as he attacked Dr Sarandev Bhambra in the town's Tesco store last January. read

12 men face death penalty after being found guilty of 2006 Mumbai bombing

The judge found 12 defendants guilty of murder and criminal conspiracy, and acquitted one person for lack of evidence after a seven-year trial that has been dogged by controversy. read

Sherbourne villagers angered over Effrenata Lifestyle Festival at country estate

While some residents find the annual swingers’ festival, featuring everything from al fresco bondage to ‘Roman orgies, hilarious, other residents are outraged. read

Children kept inside Roger Ascham School after shots are fired nearby

Metropolitan Police confirmed that a shot was heard at around 3pm today and children have been ordered not to leave the Roger Ascham School, Walthamstow, while they search for suspects. read

Cumbria man dies after doctor accidentally gave him the wrong drug

Arnold Harper, 56, of Barrow, in Cumbria, had been airlifted to Royal Preston Hospital in 2013 after a van crash. After surgery, Dr Pieter DuPreez accidentally injected him with adrenaline, an inquest heard. read

Migrant whipped his sons but is spared jail after saying he thought it was legal

The man from Blackpool, Lancashire, who cannot be named for legal reasons, used an electric cord with a plug to beat the teenagers, Burnley Crown Cour (pictured) was told. read

Key ingredient of chemo drug Etoposide 'is reproduced in tobacco plants'

Scientists at Stanford University have managed to recreate one of the key ingredients for the chemotherapy drug etoposide, in the leaves of a tobacco plant. read

Being buried alive like Antony Britton is even scarier than you think

Antony Britton, pictured, from West Yorkshire, talks of the death-defying stunt that nearly killed him last week, only ever attempted by two other men - one of which was Houdini in 1915, and even he failed. read

Blue Cross advert dog Baxter is a top canine actor with loving owners

The lurcher has moved scores of viewers to tears as the shaggy star of an animal charity's poignant new advert. But 'Baxter' doesn't actually need a new home… because he is not really a rescue dog. read

Why women love a man who smiles... but those who have a neutral expression are far more trustworthy 

Researchers discovered that women who wanted a long-term relationship found men who smiled more attractive. read

Transplanting ALGAE into the retina 'could one day restore sight to the blind' 

RetroSense, a Michigan-based biotechnology company, hopes to transplant light-sensitive proteins from an algae called chlamydomonas reinhardtii into human eyes to help blind people see. read

Mont Blanc shrinks two metres as temperature changes cause summit to drop

The summit of Mont Blanc - Europe's highest mountain - is now 4,808.73m, compared to 4,810.88m in 2013, according to French government scientists who scale the peak every year. read

UN warns of influx of refugees fleeing 'hell' as HALF of Syria is on the move

Millions more Syrians could come to Europe to seek asylum, a United Nations agency chief predicted yesterday. read

Aylan Kurdi's father hits out at accusation of him being a 'people smuggler'

Zainab Abbas said Abdullah Kurdi (pictured) was the driver of the boat and begged her not to 'dob him in'. But he's denied her claims and says he doesn't know why she's trying to tarnish his reputation. read

Patrick Devedjian says Germany 'took our Jews and gave us Arabs'

Patrick Devedjian, a right-winger who served in the governments of presidents Chirac and Sarkozy, made the remark at a press conference, but quickly backtracked on social media. read

Refugees forced into a makeshift enclosure like animals by Hungarian police in shocking footage

Video, shot secretly by an Austrian volunteer at the flashpoint Roszke camp on Wednesday, shows 150 refugees scrambling for sandwiches being thrown at them by police wearing riot gear. read

Refugees fleeing to Europe living in Nazi barracks at Buchenwald

Twenty-one male asylum seekers have been moved to the former Buchenwald concentration camp, where SS officers killed around 56,000 prisoners between 1937 and April 1945. read

Sandhurst officer's wife stands by him after he is given seven years for rape

Sandhurst graduate Daniel Howard, 29, from Darlington, left his victim devastated after launching the drunken attack in February last year, but the court heard wife April stands by him. read

Small amount of alcohol means you have to concentrate TWICE as hard

Scientists at the University of Kentucky used a driving simulator to study the effect of just one drink (stock image) on drivers' concentration levels. read

PC Neil Doyle's widow says off-duty officer was targeted for his job

Sarah Doyle had been married to Pc Neil Doyle, 36, for less than six months when he was fatally struck whilst celebrating his Christmas party in Liverpool. read

Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth intercept nuclear-capable Russian bombers

The Typhoons blasted from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland to intercept the pair of Tupolev Tu-160 BlackJack bombers which were flying in international airspace in an area of UK national interest. read

Solihull curry house owner jailed for two years for slapping waitresses’ bottoms

Prashant Sengar, 40, pictured, from Solihull, was jailed for 22 months after pleading guilty to seven counts of sexual assault, two of which were against girls interviewing for jobs with him. read

New Twitter feed gives 50 Shades of Grey a geeky makeover 

FEMAIL spoke to the mysterious anonymous owner of the account, who is based in Milton Keynes, and has amassed more than 35,000 followers since launching the feed a week ago. read

Twitter blames Drake for JINXING Serena Williams in US Open loss

Serena Williams was seen leaving with Drake after losing her bid to win the Grand Slam, being defeated in her semifinal match to Roberta Vinci of Italy on Friday afternoon 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. read

Apple's Siri will soon recognise its owner's voice in iOS 9

It will allow owners of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus to simply say 'Hey Siri' to activate the smart personal assistant at any time. read

Three in four MPs vote to reject Assisted Dying Bill

The right-to-die issue was yesterday ended for a generation at Westminster after MPs voted three to one against assisted suicide. read

Jeremy Vine’s top secret weapon for winning Strictly Come Dancing

There's something rather arresting about watching Jeremy Vine pad about in his long green socks — and what look like a pair of very snug jungle-print underpants. read

Woman born without a WOMB is refused NHS funding for IVF

Nicola Rickards, 30, of Gloucester, was born without a womb due to Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome (MRKH), and is heartbroken this does not make her an exceptional case. read

Sarah Ferguson uses royal links to flog jam says SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife has linked up with the company Color Line to bring out an ‘Afternoon Tea’ range of teas, jams, biscuits, cakes, plates, forks, sweets and candles. read

Indiana family move to Coventry to be near their favourite pub

An American couple are so dedicated to their favourite British pub that they have decided to up-sticks and move more than 4,000 miles to make it their local in Warwickshire. read

Jessy McCabe wins battle to put female composers on 'sexist' A-level syllabus

Jessy McCabe, 17, from London asked exam board Edexcel to overhaul their syllabus to include women. She also received a personal apology from the Edexcel's boss after submitting her petition. read

Plot to cover up evidence that could vindicate Alexander Blackman revealed

Military chiefs are plotting to cover up a damning report that could help free Sgt Alexander Blackman jailed for murder with top brass planning to 'sweep under the carpet' evidence that could clear the Marine. read

Read what Alexander Blackman endured and ask would you have SNAPPED? 

Commissioned by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Sir Philip Jones, and conducted by a respected Royal Marine brigadier, the investigation into the court martial of Sergeant Alexander Blackman took almost a year longer than expected. read

Evidence that backs Alexander Blackman to be cynically suppressed 

Covered in the censor’s black ink, this is the official report the Navy plans to publish into the shooting incident – with only Blackman’s name visible. The report draws ‘challenging’ conclusions about failures through the chain of command. read

From the migrant crisis to Alexander Blackman, will Western leaders ever learn?

Interventions in small Muslim states over the last twenty years, far from saving the West from the threats from dictators, have left Britain and America more at risk than ever. read

Court martial panel for Alexander Blackman 'was split 5-2 over guilty verdict' 

Alexander Blackman was found guilty by only five of the seven jurors trying him, it was claimed yesterday. The other two officers on the court martial panel are said to have come under ‘very considerable pressure’ to change their not guilty verdicts. read

How Mail launched fight to overturn Marine's conviction  

The campaign for justice for Alexander Blackman was launched yesterday with a Daily Mail investigation revealing how evidence was ‘deliberately withheld’ from his court martial. read

Only a retrial can fix Marine Alexander Blackman's injustice, DAILY MAIL COMMENT

Day Two of our campaign to secure a retrial for Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman, pictured, and the disturbing questions mount over his conviction. read

9/11 and how readers followed drama with no Facebook or Twitter

In 2001 broadband was still in its infancy, while social networking and smartphones did not exist, meaning news of the 9/11 attacks broke online in a very different way to how it does today. read

The memoirs of one Coalition minister reveal how Westminster is

Everything, but everything, at the Home Office was a battle. My request for a bike, for instance, was initially met with silence by the civil servants, says Norman Baker. read

Refugees, bleeding hearts and the danger of moral bullying by DR MAX

It’s what happens when people are so anxious to conform and get along together that they ignore alternative viewpoints and end up making bad decisions. read

Tulisa Contostavlos arrested for drink driving after crashing her Ferrari in Southgate

The X-Factor star, pictured, pictured, allegedly collided with a Saab outside a Tube station in Southgate, North London last night. read

Video shows security expert breaking into hotel locked box in SECONDS

US security expert Jim Stickley demonstrates just how easy it is for thieves to gain access to your locked passport and jewellery in a shocking video uploaded online. read

Indian girl in Delhi 'raped by up to 27 men after being lured to a hotel on the promise of a job' 

The 17-year-old is believed to have been taken to Jaipur, in northern India, by her neighbours before being assaulted by the gang, which included several members of hotel staff, for 24 hours. read

Siberian creatures sought minerals from mud baths as the climate abruptly changed

By massing at a 'salt lick' near the modern-day village of Novodubrovsky village in Novosibirsk region, the giant mammals were seeking to restore their ailing health. read

Witch' of Tiree's 6k-year-old deformed skeleton in unusual grave is earliest case of rickets

The bones, found in the village of Balevullin on the island of Tiree, were analysed by Professor Ian Armit and his teams at the University of Bradford and University of Durham. read

United Airlines flight ordered to land after bomb threat on 9/11 anniversary

The federal police said that the jet returned safely to Frankfurt Airport on Friday and all luggage and people on board were searched but nothing was found. Nobody was hurt in the incident. read

Jacqueline Patrick's misspelled DNR note that proved to be her downfall

Jacqueline Patrick, 54 (pictured) from Gipsy Hill, south London, tried to murder her husband Douglas, 72, by slipping anti-freeze into his cherry Lambrini over Christmas dinner. read

Moment a cyclist plunges down near-vertical drop into a lake caught on video

The footage, caught on a GoPro camera, captures rider Primož Ravnik gingerly standing up on his pedals and then rapidly descending down the slope towards the water in Slovenia. read

Kruzof Island campsite reveals how 19th century sailors survived for a MONTH

The campsite and artefacts (pictured) were uncovered by an international team of researchers including the US Forest Service and the Sitka Tribe of Alaska on Kruzof Island. read

Watch a SOLAR 'TORNADO' swirl across the surface of the sun

The 'tornado's' rampage lasted 40 hours between September 1 and 3, according to Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a probe that was built at Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland. read

Giant secondary school with 2,500 pupils and 16 forms in each year is planned

Councils are drawing up controversial proposals to cope with the ‘unprecedented’ bulge in student numbers that is now transferring from the primary to secondary sector. read

Smartwatch hack lets criminals know what keys you are TYPING

The 'attack system' was created at the University of Illinois. It has been called Motion Leaks through Smartwatch Sensors, or MoLe, and was demonstrated using a Samsung Gear Live. read

British Airways plane in 'full emergency' landing drama at Heathrow

The transatlantic service from Washington to Heathrow was surrounded by fire engines for more than 30 minutes as the plane came to a halt at 10.30am. read

Fred Goodwin ordered to chop down his 20ft high hedge after dispute

The former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive, pictured, angered residents near his Edinburgh home with the giant leylandii hedge that shields his property from the other houses. read

Woman gives pet's DNA to scientists to create Britain's first doggie clone

At first sight, the two dogs waddling down the streets of West London look like any other miniature Dachshunds. While one is sleeker and shinier, a bit keener on the lead, the other shows the tell-tale signs of age: an endearingly droopy belly and greying nose. read

Tsar Nicholas II's son and daughter will be buried with the rest of the family

The remains have been held in a repository since their discovery in 2007 but a high-level government task force has today announced plans to bury them properly on October 18. read

Why Nazis wanted Baden-Powell, Noel Coward and Virginia Woolf killed

A chilling hit-list of the Brits Hitler wanted killed should Germany have overrun Britain has been explained - with Winston Churchill, HG Wells and Noel Coward all earmarked as 'enemies of the state'. read

Opting for low-calorie drinks means you're more likely to 'gorge on junk food'

People who drink diet drinks are likely to feel justified in eating more because their drink had fewer calories, or the low-calorie drink may leave them unsatisfied, University of Illinois researchers found. read

The 'calculator' that tells you how to shift your body clock and beat groggy feelings

A new 'jet lag calculator' allows travellers to input flight dates, times and locations and then tells them how to shift their body clock using this data and beat groggy feelings. read

Pregnant Kent woman caught drunk-driving with a beer in her hand

Becky Smith (pictured) sped down a residential road in Hythe, Kent, at 60mph, hitting a pavement and bursting a tyre before colliding with an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road. read

Poor diet is the biggest cause of early death across the world

The top risks linked with early deaths across the world are high blood pressure, smoking, high BMI and high blood sugar levels, a report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found. read

Fiona Bruce hits out at plan for block of flats at the bottom of her garden

The broadcaster, who lives in a leafy area of north London with her husband and two children, has written letters urging the council to refuse the planning application for the luxury flats. read

London fire started when washing spontaneously combusted after being put away

Firefighters have warned that washed household items could explode if they are put away while they are still hot, due to the heat reacting with traces of oil on items such as tea towels. read

Jewel thief Joel Law led Met police on high-speed chase through London

Joel Law, 28, pictured, from Enfield, carried out two robberies in Barnet and Haringey, targeting jewellery shops while staff were alone, stealing around £22,000 of goods and cash. read

Hunter under investigation for shooting man he mistook for a boar in a German field

The 30-year-old man was kissing and drinking champagne with his sweetheart in a field in Nauen, near Brandenburg, Germany, when he was fatally shot. read

Ginger dogs are adopted faster than blondes according to The Dog's Trust

The Dog's Trust has revealed that just three per cent of the charity's UK rescue dogs are either red, ginger or auburn - and they tend to find their new homes three days quicker than average. read

Vivienne Westwood drives a TANK to David Cameron's home

The controversial British designer, pictured, was accompanied by fellow anti-fracking campaigners as she stormed through Prime Minister David Cameron's home village in the white tank. read

Dale Cregan's mother Anita escapes jail term over a £250k mortgage fraud

Anita Cregan smiled as she was told she would not be going to jail after what she described as a 'witch hunt'. Her son is serving four life sentences for murdering Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone. read

Book on Winston Chuchill's finances reveals he spent £40,000 a year on casinos

The qualities that were to make Churchill a great war leader came very close to destroying him time and again during his career, as manic optimism and risk-taking plunged him into colossal debt. read

Cedar Point in Ohio reveals Valravn plans for tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster

The ride called Valravn (val-rey-vuhn), at Cedar Point, in Ohio, will send daredevil passengers on a heart-pounding 214ft free fall at 75mph, and a stomach-churning half loop and half roll. read

Chinese town in Dayang New District issues startling warning to dog owners

Officials in Dayang New District, in the east of the country, said stray dogs and even pets that have been registered and vaccinated will be killed in a bid to keep the region hygienic. read

One in four people use watches as a fashion accessory

Research from retail analysts Mintel has found that one in four people who wear a watch rarely use them to tell the time. A similar proportion – 27per cent - say they wear one as a fashion accessory. read

Apple's Live photos will DOUBLE the size of images and gobble up phone memory

Apple says they could be the future of photography, mixing still photos and video into 'Live Photos' - although experts warn they could fill your phone. read

Royal Air Force Photographic competition entries revealed

Dramatic new photos have been released that offer a rare glimpse into the often dangerous world of the RAF and the brave work carried out by servicemen and women. read

David Cameron claims people in Yorkshire 'hate everyone else and each other'

The Prime Minister was in Leeds to hail a deal to devolve powers to the regions but while rehearsing how to deal with questions, he was recorded complaining about Yorkshire attitudes. read

Paris commuter is mugged by Roma gypsies on street and no-one came to help

A woman is summarily mugged by two Roma gypsies in central Paris on Wednesday. No-one bothers to help stop a crime that's become common in the world's most popular tourist city. read

Males who want a long-lasting relationship should look happy

Experts at the University of Oslo and Senshu University in Japan say men who seem more trustworthy are a more attractive option for a long-term partnership because it may involve parenting. read

Lancashire Police say they are too short-staffed to probe theft of widow's purse

The incident happened at BBM Bargains in Preston, Lancashire. Eighty-two-year-old widow Julie Olivera's, pictured, money was snatched by a woman as she packed her shopping. read

New Zealand forecaster Renee Wright tries to out do Channel 4's Liam Dutton

Renee Wright from New Zealand TV network TVNZ trumped Channel 4 forecaster Liam Dutton by perfecting reading out the 85-letter word of the longest place name in the world. read

Ormiston Venture Academy in Gorleston bans girl until she paints shoes black

Shakira Silom has been put into isolation at Ormiston Venture Academy in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth, because the heels and soles of her flat shoes are a light brown. read

'Lightning claw' dinosaur found in Australi is largest carnivore found in the region

A new carnivorous dinosaur dubbed ‘lightning claw’ because of its over-sized hand claw,has been discovered in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. read

Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James shapes up £1.13M bungalow on Cornish coast

Multi-millionaire writer E.L James has been granted planning permission to demolish the 106 sq m Cornwall home she bought for £1.1m and erect a five bedroom mansion (pictured) in its place. read

Watch a TASER in slow motion in video as volunteer spasms and howls in pain

YouTubers the Slo Mo Guys visited Taser International in Scotsdale, Arizona, to film a Taser being fired at a volunteer at a rate of 28,500 frames per second. read

Boots customers share their outrage at measly sandwich fillings

A picture posted on sharing forum Reddit was uploaded with the title 'Simply Ham Sandwich Epic Fail', showing a decidedly measly attempt at a sarnie bought by a London shopper. read

Plot to allow killers from the Northern Ireland Troubles to be let off

Hundreds of suspects, including members of the IRA, British soldiers and RUC officers will avoid prosecution in exchange for owning up. Lord Tebbit, pictured, hit out as his wife was an IRA bomb victim. read

PA to top policeman 'threatened to have an officer sacked after he confronted her'

Kerrie Wadmore, 41, had been thrown out of Dirty Martini cocktail bar in Covent Garden, central London, when she allegedly began hurling abuse at PC Paul Szewczyk. read

Kent woman returns from South America to find her house wrecked by tenants

Claire Deane, 34, was looking forward to relaxing in her house in Gravesend, Kent, which she was assured by her letting agent would be professionally cleaned and empty upon her return. read

Natwest bank robber is caught after giving his OWN bank details

Paul Neaverson, 61, walked into a branch of NatWest in Rainham, Kent, where he pulled a knife from his pocket and held it to the cashier's neck read

Royal Mail to release Star Wars stamps ahead of The Force Awakens film

Timed to coincide with the release later this year of the eagerly-awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the set of 18 first class stamps depicts famous scenes and characters from the first six films read

Cat in Stockholm rescued from under five tonnes of rotting waste

Two binmen in Stockholm, Sweden, had been getting ready to haul the rubbish into an incinerator when they heard cries coming from the hold and discovered a distressed cat in the trash. read

Scoraig community north of Glasgow searches for someone to teach their 5 children

The remote Highland community of Scoraig can only be reached by boat or winding coastal path and its handful of inhabitants live off the earth. read

500lb tuna caught in British waters after an epic four-hour battle 

Chris Bett, 50, ended up in an epic four-hour struggle after a monster 500lb tuna went for his bait during an expedition off the west coast of Wales. read

Mother with Down's Syndrome daughter and son with autism has written a cookbook for children with special needs 

Londoner Deborah French, 36, who lives in Israel, realised the therapeutic benefits of cooking after her son Henry developed excellent concentration during kitchen sessions. read

Olga Liaschuk crushes three watermelons between her THIGHS in 14 seconds

Olga Liaschuk, 30, is the Guinness world record holder for crushing water melons with her thighs in the fastest time and was invited to share her unique talent with the world on This Morning. read

The creepiest 'ghost' airports in the world including Cyprus' Nicosia International Airport

They were once a hub of activity with holiday flights and tearful reunions, but these abandoned airports are in a state of decay after years of neglect or conflict. read

Mansion where North Berwick witches spent their last night goes on sale for £1.5m

The beautiful Keith Marischal House is on sale for £1.5million. However, despite its idyllic setting the house has a horrific past, as many condemned witches spent their final moments there. read

Spareroom advert tries to rent a TENT in a dining room for £550 a month

A Spareroom advert posted by two anonymous men claims to be offering a tent for rent in a dining room in Gipsy Hill, South London, for £550 a month (plus bills). read