Planes abandoned on the runway, caved-in ceilings and a terminal destroyed by war: The creepiest 'ghost' airports in the world

The creepiest 'ghost' airports in the world including Cyprus' Nicosia International

They were once a hub of activity with holiday flights and tearful reunions, but these abandoned airports are in a state of decay after years of neglect or conflict. Planes are falling apart and seats are covered in debris at Cyprus' Nicosia airport (main and top right), which has not had a commercial flight since 1977. Once the pride of Palestinians, the airport in Rafah, Gaza Strip (bottom right), is in ruins after being bombed by Israeli forces.

Shire delight! Inside the £140,000 underground holiday home that looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings

Potts Corner the £140,000 underground holiday home based on Lord of the Rings

The cottage, Potts Corner, would be fit for any self-respecting hobbit, complete with a free standing bath and luxurious mattresses, and is just the place to return to after a day spent wandering around the Shire. The cosy retreat is the first of seven Tolkien-inspired hideaways to be built by Carol Hopkinson and her partner Karl Wragg as they create an entire village of fantasy houses on the Yorkshire Moors.

How easy is it to break into your hotel safe? Shocking video shows security expert breaking into locked box in SECONDS

US security expert Jim Stickley demonstrates just how easy it is for thieves to gain access to your locked passport and jewellery in a shocking video uploaded online.

Is this FINALLY the answer to avoiding jet lag? The 'calculator' that tells you how to shift your body clock and beat groggy feelings


A new 'jet lag calculator' allows travellers to input flight dates, times and locations and then tells them how to shift their body clock using this data and beat groggy feelings.

A lost world... found! Spectacular images reveal breathtaking beauty and enormous size of a newly discovered cave in Vietnam 

Photographer Ryan Deboodt's images reveal the beauty and size of a cave in Vietnam 

The cave is located near Vietnam's Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and is believed to be an extension of a previously discovered cave called Hang Tien. The jaw-dropping pictures were snapped by adventure photographer Ryan Deboodt, 32, on August 31, after the cave was discovered for the first time by locals just one month ago.

How many holiday sins have you committed? Infographic reveals the naughtiest things travellers do from skinny dipping to lying for a room upgrade

Travellers confessed their holiday misdemeanours in a UK survey with sins including sneaking on aircraft before being called, skinny dipping in hotel pools and lying to get a room upgrade.

Is Banksy working as a parking attendant at his own theme park? Man bearing striking resemblance to the secretive street artist is spotted at Dismaland 

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline can reveal the star's fans are speculating whether he may have surfaced in daylight - posing as a parking warden at his Dismalandpark in Weston-Super-Mare.

A terrifying 90-degree drop and twists inspired by fighter jets: Theme park reveals plans for tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster in the world (and footage shows just how scary it will be)

Cedar Point in Ohio reveals Valravn plans for tallest, fastest and longest dive roller

The ride called Valravn (val-rey-vuhn), at Cedar Point, in Ohio, will send daredevil passengers on a heart-pounding 214ft free fall at 75mph and a stomach-churning Immelmann turn, a fighter jet-like manoeuvre that takes the train into a half loop and half roll. When the ride opens in the summer of 2016, it will set a number of records for dive coasters, including height (223ft), speed (75mph), distance (3,415ft) and longest drop (214ft).

Could UK airlines weigh passengers in the future? 58% of Britons want heavier people to pay more to fly

BAGJA7 (1).jpg

Uzbekistan Airways announced last month that they would be introducing weighing scales for passengers to stand on before boarding the plane.

Gone in 40 seconds! Incredible video captures the terrifying moment a cliff face collapses and disappears in a huge cloud of dust

Fisherman Sam Haskins, 24, filmed the remarkable footage from a coastal footpath just metres away from the crumbling rock face near Westcliff, on Portland, Dorset.

Tanning addict who 'grilled herself like a sausage' in the sun has 2cm chunk of skin removed after doctors discover deadly mole

Ashley Alexander, 27, from Cumnock, Ayrshire, says having skin cancer has rid her of her 'cocky attitude' to sunbathing and she now wants to warn others of the dangers of overexposure to the sun.

Kings of cool: KISS FM DJs Tough Love give their ultimate insider tips on the best places to stay and play in Berlin - the city they say has Europe's hottest music scene

KISS FM DJs Tough Love give their insider tips on the best places to stay in Berlin

Kiss FM DJs Tough Love told MailOnline Travel that Berlin offers the hottest emerging music scene in Europe right now. The house duo famed for their energetic bass sets, have put together their insider's guide including where to stay Soho House (pictured) and where to party in time for visitors to this weekend's inaugural Lollapalooza festival. As one of Lady Gaga's favourite music events the city is sure to attract and eclectic, A-lister attendance.

Endangered white lion and Siberian tiger cubs let loose in safari park and cuddle up to visitors in a bid to discourage hunting

Taigan Safari Park in Crimea's Belogorsk town set up the campaign to raise awareness for the protection of wild animals by giving visitors the chance to hug and pet the adorable cubs.

Be careful with ice in your holiday cocktails: Infographic reveals where in the world it is safe to drink tap water

Where Can I Drink Tap Water.jpg

If you are holidaying in Africa or South America, bottled water will be the order of the day, and only a handful of countries in Asia have tap water that is safe for human consumption.

From a safari cocoon in Botswana to a futuristic former factory in China, the surprising shortlist of the world's best designed hotels revealed (and one costs just £8 a night)

World Architecture Awards Hotels & Leisure Building of the Year shortlist

This year, the World Architecture Festival, held in Singapore, will honour the most beautiful-designed hotels around the world. From an African safari lodge that looks like a cocoon to a futuristic former factory in China, this year's nominees are as varied as they are luxurious. MailOnline Travel takes a look at the competition.

Sandstorm engulfs the Middle East killing eight people and causing hundreds to be hospitalised with respiratory problems 

Large parts of Lebanon (pictured), Syria, Israel and Cyprus were shrouded in a thick cloud of dust from the storm that began sweeping into the region on Monday.

'Best wishes of happy reproduction!': Randy passengers caught having sex in plane's toilet are mocked by flight attendant with sarcastic announcement over loudspeaker

Passengers cheered and burst into fits of laughter when a cabin crew member 'congratulated' the amorous pair as a Norwegian Air flight from Paris landed at Stockholm's airport.

'It was only a matter of time': Guide says death at Norway tourist rock was inevitable after student, 24, falls while trying to walk past daredevils taking photos

A tour guide was expecting tragedy at Trolltunga, the rock ledge above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway, as Kristi Kafcaloudis fell to her death on Sunday - while tributes for the woman flood social media.

Buy your own village: Heiress's daughters put £10million Scottish estate on the market - complete with SIXTEEN houses and plenty of stag to shoot 

The Kinnaird Estate, near Dunkeld, in Perthshire, has been put on the market by the daughters of an American Heiress. It offers acres of unspoiled landscape and 16 properties.

What REALLY happens in a plane in an emergency? Flight safety expert reveals what the pilot of the BA plane that burst into flames in Las Vegas would have been thinking and doing as the drama unfolded

Flight safety expert reveals what the British Airways pilot was thinking in Las Vegas

Former pilot Stephen Landells, who works as flight safety specialist for the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), tells MailOnline Travel step by step what would actually have been happening in the cockpit.

What it's like to be eaten by a VULTURE: Researchers reveal footage from inside a wilderbeast carcass left on the Serengeti 

National Geographic magazine placed a camera inside a wildebeest carcass on the Serengeti. Within seconds, nature took its course and vultures descended to rip apart the corpse.

The TRUE scale of the Earth: Interactive map shows how the US, India and China could ALL fit inside Africa - and why traditional atlases have got it wrong

Two computer developers based in Detroit, Michigan, created the interactive tool called 'The True Size Of,' which shows how large countries really are compared to one another.

New home needed, must be big: Natural History Museum looks for venues to host 70-foot Dippy the dinosaur on UK tour 

Dippy the dinosaur, pictured, will go on a nationwide tour after he is taken down from the National History Museum in South Kensington and replaced by a diving blue whale.

So THIS is what they get up to when you've gone: The cabin crew craze to clamber into overhead bins for Instagram pictures

The cabin crew craze to clamber into overhead bins for Instagram pictures

A craze has emerged that involves crew clambering into the overhead bins and photographs of them crammed inside being uploaded to Instagram with a hashtag of #overheadbin. Still in their flight uniforms, fun photographs show the plucky fight attendants clambering into the tiny spaces either individually (left and top right) or with their work colleagues (bottom right).

So THAT'S what happens when a plane 'dumps fuel': Video shows how an aircraft ensures it can make a safe emergency landing

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 16.28.08.png

Passenger David Coldwell filmed the scene as the plane he was on declared an emergency and signalled its intent to return back to Houston Airport in the U.S.

Ancient Mayan impact on the environment is still seen today: 2,000-year-old activity continues to shape tropical forests

University of Texas researchers have revealed the full extent of the 'Mayacene' as a microcosm of the Anthropocene - a period when humans began affecting the environment.

Student nurses arrive at five-star hotel in the Bahamas to discover Thomas Cook had 'cancelled' their reservation

Karen Colton and Rebecca Hendry, both 23, had arrived in Nassau for a five-day stay at the luxury Atlantis Paradise resort, only to be told there was no reservation.

Plane bound for Manchester returned to Malta 40 minutes into its journey to pick up two 'forgotten' passengers waiting in the terminal


The incredible incident, said to have cost Air Malta €2,000, happened on August 28 when the aircraft had set out from the country's international airport in Luqa.

The iconic Icehotel in Sweden reveals the magical suites set to be launched in December - built using 5,000 TONNES of ice

The Icehotel in Sweden has revealed its suites set to be launched in December

Guests will be able to spend a night in one of 19 individually themed rooms in the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, sharing a room with a life-sized elephant, a Russian imperial-inspired theatre set or even an icicle cave. The winter wonderland is constructed every year in December, and lasts until it melts away around March.

Mayday, Mayday! Mid-air drama as plane is forced to make emergency landing...with top author on board claiming aircraft was 'faulty' on take-off

Award-winning British-born author William Dalrymple described how he believed the Airbus A320 was faulty before it even left the ground in Khajuraho, India.

It's been a wet summer, but not THAT wet! Incredible historic pictures show London reimagined as Venice with famous landmarks surrounded by water and gondolas 

From the waterways of Piccadilly Circus to moorings outside St Paul's Cathedral, these illustrations imagine what London would look like if its streets were to become the canals of Venice.

Terrifying moment woman is thrown from rubber ring and cracks her head on water slide at Center Parcs 

The dramatic incident took place at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire and was caught on camera by the woman's brother, Matt Smith, who was filming while on the slide.

How thieves can steal your identity while you are travelling (and how to prevent it) 

One of the most valuable things people can steal is your identity. With figures of this crime on the rise, here are ways you can keep your personal data secure while you are away.

When getting lost is actually fun: The world's most incredible mazes include ice labyrinths and hedgerow shaped like Harry Potter's head

The world's most incredible mazes include hedgerows shaped like Harry Potter's head

Since the ancient Cretans and Egyptians devised the first labyrinths, these routes and mazes have fascinated and entertained travellers across the globe. Harry's Potter's face, a pineapple and dinosaurs are just some of the intricate designs created from hedgerow while others are fashioned from sunflowers and ice. Get lost in MailOnline Travel's round up of the world's most incredible mazes and labyrinths.

Shocking moment 'drunk' holidaymaker was wheeled out of hotel on luggage trolley after 'trashing room' in front of stunned guests

Footage captured by a Scottish expat shows the man being dumped onto the pavement outside the hotel, in the Philippines, and put in an ambulance because he could not fit inside a police van.

Holidaymakers claim they were left terrified after Thomas Cook cabin crew 'discussed Shoreham Air Show disaster just before take-off'

Patrick Cartledge and Donna Elliott were looking forward to a week away in Lanzarote but the couple claim the start of their holiday was ruined when they overheard the cabin crew's conversation.

This is what £2,500 buys you on British Airways' new Dreamliner: Carrier unveils swanky designs of its latest first-class cabin

British Airways' unveils swanky designs of Dreamliner's first-class cabin

A split-screen entertainment system, seats that recline at the turn of a button and a chic design - this is BA's new first-class cabin on its latest 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. And it's very exclusive. There are just eight first-class seats per aircraft - compared to 14 on other BA aircraft.

14 men thrown off a holiday flight to Tenerife over drug fears complain Jet2 staff overreacted to a prank involving a bag of SALT 

The Scots were kicked off a Glasgow to Tenerife flight over alleged 'disruptive behaviour', as the plane was diverted to Faro in Portugal. It all sparked when cabin crew found white powder in a bag.

Thrillseeker killed when he smashes into a rock ledge and suffers severe injuries during a 'death swing' at a notorious cliff face west of Sydney known as Hanging Rock

A man has died in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney at a site where adrenaline junkies throw themselves off a cliff while tied to a rope in what is known to thrillseekers as a 'death swing.'

Woman's horror after 'bed bug bites' from stay in Wales leave her with swollen red blotches the size of TENNIS BALLS (and the hotel 'liked' Facebook pictures of the sores)

Ibis Cardiff Gate guest's horror after 'bed bug bites' leave her with huge blotches

A young mother was hospitalised after a family stay in Wales turned into a nightmare when she was bitten by bed bugs and suffered an allergic reaction. Tracey John had booked a two-night stay at the Ibis Cardiff Gate hotel (bottom right) with fiancee Danny Loo and their two-year-old son Brandon (the family is the main picture). However they decided to check out after only one night of their break after they were attacked by bed bugs.

Land of the soaring eagle: The 70 men who keep 4,000-year-old art of hunting foxes and WOLVES with birds of prey alive

PIC BY TARIQ ZAIDI / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: The few remaining falconers have managed to preserve their ancient traditions of eagle hunting and horsemanship.) A photographer has captured a stunning set of images displaying the 4,000-year-old art of eagle hunting. The images were taken by Tariq Zaidi, who travelled to the desolate Altai Mountains, which run from Siberia to Mongolias Gobi Desert. Only around 70 Kyrgyz and Kazakh eagle hunters remain in the world. The ancient tradition can be traced back more than four millennia in Central Asia, but is beginning to die out today. SEE CATERS COPY

The images are of Kyrgyz and Kazakh eagle hunters, of which there are just 70 in the world. The pictures were taken by Tariq Zaidi in the desolate Altai Mountains, which run from Siberia to Mongolia.

Life with the sea tribe: Fascinating pictures show how Filipino islanders blend ancient tradition with the modern world

Photographer Jacob Maentz spent two weeks with the Calamian Tagbanua sea tribe, capturing the beauty of their customs and shedding light on some of the issues facing them.

A busman's holiday! Couple spends £15,000 converting double-decker bus into private retreat complete with a kitchen, three bedrooms and HOT TUB

Ryton couple spends £15k converting double-decker bus into private retreat

Andrew and Lisa-Jane Powis (pictured at left with their children), from Ryton, Shropshire, bought the Lleyland Atlanteen bus off eBay for just £2,500 and spent six weeks transforming it into a unique camper van. They ripped out all of the seats and installed furnishings, including a cooker, oven hob and fridge in the kitchen (top right). There is a bathroom on the lower level, bedrooms on the top deck (bottom right), and a hot tub for guests when it is parked at their home.

A 'beyond 90-degree drop' and 15 'airtime' moments: The thrills riders can expect on Six Flags' new 2016 attractions

Six Flags announced yesterday its plans for even more stomach-churning and high-thrill rides set to be unveiled in 2016 over their 18 parks in the US, Mexico and Canada.

The Statue of Liverpool! City's plan for 330-foot gold Liver Bird on the Mersey that is twice the height of New York's Lady Liberty

Golden and shimmering across the River Mersey, a 23-storey Liver Bird statue and multi-business complex could become Liverpool's next major landmark and rival New York's Statue of Liberty.

Life in the clouds: At 7,190ft this is the highest village in Europe with just 200 residents braving six months of snow a year

Polish-based Rafal Nycz, 30, went on a two-week bike ride with his girlfriend through the stunning countryside of Georgia, eventually reaching the highest inhabited village in Europe - Ushguli.

From staying in a 70cm-wide pod in Berlin to bedding down in Tokyo's capsule tower: The best micro holiday homes on Airbnb revealed

For a truly unique travel experience, why not swap a hotel stay for a night in a 'mico-home'? MailOnline Travel takes a look at the most unique compact houses around the world.

Terrifying drone footage shows hiker swept down Hawaiian waterfall by flash flood in near-death experience  

Video from drone shows hiker swept down Hawaiian waterfall by flash flood

Sean Steininger, 27, had been preparing to jump from a 30-foot waterfall in Maui, Hawaii but instead found himself caught in a flash flood that swept him dangerously over the edge, as his friends watched below. Drone footage shows the terrifying moment the Na'ili'ili Haele Stream suddenly started to rise, with the hiker disappearing into churning waters, watched in horror by his friends.

From the serenity of the sea at dawn to waves crashing ashore amid a violent storm: The prize-winning pictures of Britain's coast

These stunning images of Britain's coastline at its best and worst came out on top in the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society's annual photo contest, with a jaw-dropping shot of a wild storm taking first prize.

He's in peak condition: Daredevil's terrifying footage of his death-defying evening jogs along Alpine mountains

Little puts off daring Sebastien Montaz-Rosset who not only scales the narrowest peaks in the French Alps, but tackles them at a run, despite 8,202 feet drops on either side.

Are these the world's BEST hotels? A Caribbean hideaway, an Indian palace and a lodge on the path of the Wildebeest migration among those singled out in prestigious traveller awards

Working on your bucket list of the best hotels to stay in the world? Then you're in luck, the results of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller Annual Readers' Travel Awards have just been revealed.

It's out of this world! Inside the bizarre UFO treehouse hotel that appears to hover above the ground

As you walk through the serene Swedish forest, a completely alien metal construction rises 6m off the floor and into the treetops. Inside, the space is decorated like the inside of a spaceship.

When sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll still ruled: Photographer unearths rare snapshots of the East Village in its infamous 1980s heyday

Tony Mangia , who had thought the photos had been destroyed in an attic fire at his mother's house years ago, came across the black and white prints while he was cleaning out his apartment last year.

Lions who were brutally abused and forced to perform in South American circuses are rescued and will be airlifted back to their African homeland 

A total of 33 lions who have been rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia, where they were subjected to abuse and cruel conditions are to be flown back to their African homeland.

This year we're going for a fortnight on the M5: Service station has become a destination in itself with families spurning the seaside to enjoy its waterfall, rolling country and delicious organic treats 

M5 service station has become a destination in itself with its waterfall

An English service station has become an unusual holiday destination in itself. Families are giving up their traditional seaside getaways to spend time at Gloucester Services, top, on the M5. It bills itself as a farm shop and kitchen and also boasts its own pizza oven, a cafe service, centre, homemade dishes, right, and butchery, left.

What was he thinking? Airport evacuated after teenager tries to take alarm clock designed to look like a BOMB on a plane

A teenager has been charged with mischief for packing a bomb-shaped alarm clock in his carry-on.
Peel Police said that at around 4:50 p.m. Saturday, the 15-year-old, who was en route to Vancouver, was pulled aside after a screening officer noticed the object in his luggage.

The 15-year-old was travelling out of Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada, flying on to Vancouver when he was stopped by security officials.

School girl, 12, takes on TripAdvisor with a new travel review website aimed at children - claiming 'if the kids aren't having a good time, then our parents aren't either'

High school student Bella Tipping identified a distinct, child-sized gap in the travel market and seized the opportunity to create a travel review website specifically for kids.

Have scientists found a cure for seasickness? Gadget that applies mild electric current to the scalp 'could eradicate nausea'

Imperial College London scientists are developing a device that will plug into a mobile phone and deliver a short shock to the head via a set of electrodes. They hope it will be on sale within five years.

Fit for a king or queen! Inside the incredible £100-a-night sandcastle hotels with electricity, running water and toilets

Inside Zand Hotel's sandcastle rooms with electricity, running water and toilets

At €150 a night (approximately £110 or $170) based on double occupancy, the giant sandcastles in the Dutch cities of Oss and Sneek have been fully booked for weeks. With reinforced walls and ceilings covered with sand, each hotel is decorated with more than 30 sculptures and furnishings. Built for two sand sculpture festivals, one of the hotels is themed after the animated TV programme The Flintstones.

Furious Chinese passengers refused to board plane and sang national anthem at Bangkok Airport after 10-hour flight delay

About 100 Chinese tourists started chanting the Chinese national anthem after an 11 hours flight delay from Bangkok to Chongqing. 33 people are blacklisted by the Chinese tourism authority.

Summer's not over yet! Price war breaks out as tour operators slash costs by up to 50% in bid to lure holidaymakers into last-minute sunshine breaks

Following weeks of lousy weather in the UK, holidaymakers can save up to £350 per person on September getaways, with some of the cheapest bargains found in Greece and Portugal's Algarve.

Jet2 bans 14 passengers FOR LIFE after their 'aggressive and verbally abusive' behaviour on flight from Glasgow to Tenerife forced plane to divert to Portugal

Jet2 claimed the unruly men were 'aggressive and verbally abusive' towards flight attendants, and the captain decided to divert amid concerns about the safety of staff and other travellers.

Whatever it was, it was close: Ryanair passenger films moment mystery object almost crashed into aircraft

Ryanair passenger films moment mystery object almost crashed into aircraft

The female traveller was flying out of Eindhoven Airport in The Netherlands, to Malaga in Spain. Around 10 minutes into the journey, the woman was on hand to film a small black object which can be seen flying close to the aircraft, passing in and around the wing of the jet.

Not just for the outdoor adventurers! The hidden gems of Cumbria where cuisine fit for a king is served on silver platters... making the heart of the north the ideal foodie getaway

Emma Glanfield  Lake District

With thousands of eateries, restaurants and pubs to choose from in Cumbria, it can be a minefield to know where to go for that well-deserved evening meal, but we've helped narrow it down.

Italy's most alluring lake: Stunning Maggiore is brilliant for breathtaking scenery and culture (but don't mind the bells that sound as a daily wake-up)

Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Lake Maggiore in Italy: a vast bowl of blue water ringed with rolling mountains, which can be reached by a drive through France and Switzerland.

Faecal matter on the TV remote, bodily fluids on bed linens and drinking glasses wiped with a filthy cloth: The dirtiest areas of a hotel room revealed

With different guests every night and quick turnaround times for cleaning, hotels can be crawling with germs, and several studies have found alarming amounts of potentially sickening bacteria.

A ho-de-home from home: Chalet life at Butlin's with the wife, kids... and a dozen Shaolin fighting monks

One family's home for three days was a pastel-coloured lakeside villa in Minehead on the south-west coast - one of 117 in a new chalet-style village unveiled in May as part of a £16m revamp.

Haunting beauty of the Indian underworld: Inside the mysterious and exotic ancient subterranean stepwells that even the locals don't know exist

Victoria Lautman explores India's subterranean stepwells

Victoria Lautman is enamoured by India's stepwells - the subterranean masterpieces built between the 3rd and 19th centuries that served first as a vital means to access and store water, but which remain architectural wonders to this day. The Chicago journalist has spent four years exploring around 120 sites and says her 'smouldering obsession' with the impressive and varied underground structures stems from their mystery, beauty and history.

It's not the toilet, the seatbelt buckle or the overhead air vent: Scientists reveal the dirtiest surface on a plane

A microbiologist visited five airports and went on four flights to collect samples from objects that are touched by travellers, with a staggering amount of bacteria found on the dirtiest surface.

A thousand miles of coastline, vibrant souks and one of the largest canyons in the world: Why Oman is the Middle East's best-kept secret

The beachside Al Waha hotel in Oman, a 45-minute drive from the capital Muscat, boasts 22 dining options for guests. Visitors can also take advantage of the hotel's half-mile lazy river.

FORTY passengers and crew injured after Qatar Airways plane was rocked by severe turbulence

Three children and two flight attendants were among those who suffered minor injuries such as abrasions on the flight from Doha, Qatar to Manila, Philippines, local media reported.

Forget crowded hotels! The best way to experience the beauty of France is in a 'beast' RV (if you can deal with the mosquitoes)

In a bid to relive her childhood camping breaks, Jennifer Cox took to the road in a rented RV. The six-berth vehicle featured a shower room and toilet, a fridge-freezer, sink and gas hob.

Heaven on our doorstep: The most spectacular sceneries in Britain that have inspired generations of poets and authors (including JK Rowling)

Spectacular sceneries in Britain that have inspired poets and authors like JK Rowling

After decades of travel, Mail on Sunday Travel Editor Frank Barrett has found the perfect place to write a book about... Britain. And he's not alone. Britain has so much to offer, particularly with its picturesque landscape, which has captivated authors such as JK Rowling (inset) for centuries. Sights include the ruins of Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire (centre) and the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire (right).

Mighty Aphrodite: From ancient mosaics to mountains and coves, the Cyprus highlights for a family to fall in love with

Cyprus is dotted with castles and monasteries, and blessed by mountains, white-sand beaches and aqua seas. MailOnline Travel's Catherine Eade and her family enjoy the island's grand designs.

A land of fire and ice: Mesmerising satellite images of the world's most spectacular landscapes go on display at new exhibition

European Space Agency satellite images displayed at new exhibition in Linz, Austria

Some of the best snaps show incredible detail of places such as the Namib Desert in Namibia (left), the Jungersen Glacier in Greenland (right) and large cities such as London (inset). The stunning shots were captured by European Space Agency satellites as they orbited Earth, and have gone on display at an interactive exhibit in Linz, Austria.

Fit for a king! Inside the idyllic coastal town Thailand's monarch calls home (but few foreign tourists bother to explore)

King Bhumibol is loved by his people with a reverence that seems ubiquitous; indeed, many believe that it is his continued presence on the throne that is holding the country together.

'The mother and father of all fare wars': Controversial Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary vows to slash ticket costs as travellers finally reap the rewards of lower oil prices

The colourful chief executive, who famously told refund-hunters to 'f*** off', says the budget airline will slash its fares this winter, predicting oil prices will remain low for months to come.

From stunning churches to the home of port wine: The top reasons why every tourist should head to Porto for a vintage break

Porto is an easy weekend break. It's little more than a two-hour flight from the UK, followed by a 30-minute cab ride. Here are the top reasons why you should head to Porto for a vintage break.

Call of the wild: Playing hide and seek with leopards, sky safaris and fine dining in the foothills of Kilimanjaro at three luxury Kenyan camps

Inside Kenya's luxury Kilimanjaro camps

Chasing Kenya's big five animals from the comfort of three luxury safari camps at Tortilis in the salt plains of Amboseli National Park; the arid desert wildlife gem of Elsa's Kopje, in Meru National Park; and at Sand River Mara, in the fertile savannah of the Masai Mara.

Anger swells over Cornish 'surf tax' which officials claim is needed to fund safety measures but local businesses say is 'all about making money'

EYGHM8 Polzeath, Cornwall, U.K. 29th July 2015.  Surfing lessons in the sunshine and daytime high temperature of 18C on Polzeath Beach in Cornwall. Situated on North Cornwall's Atlantic coast, the beach is popular with surfers and families. © Mark Richardson/Alamy Live News

A new fee will be charged on a per-board basis, with large surf schools who use the 13 council-owned beaches set to be charged upwards of £4,000 a year for a licence to operate.

The Greek island where summer never ends! Ouzo-inspired dancing, glorious sea views and five-star luxury in Crete

After a £16 million investment, the Royal Marmin Bay Hotel has been transformed into a deluxe contemporary resort, with a private beach, five-star service, and panoramic views.

Police investigating man who 'started two fires and abused crew and passengers' on Monarch Airlines flight from Birmingham to Sharm el-Sheikh

EX9RMH Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 G-OZBF departing London-Luton Airport LTN

West Midlands police have launched an investigation into a passenger who allegedly started 'two fires deliberately' on a packed Monarch Airlines flight from Birmingham to Sharm el-Sheikh. 

'Airborne peanut allergies on flights are a MYTH': Leading scientist claims it's impossible for a reaction to be triggered this way

Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Kings College, London, says peanut particles are too heavy to be transmitted through the air - and that leading experts agree the airborne theory is a myth.

Inside the church of hooded statues: Haunting photos reveal the beauty of abandoned buildings before nature reclaims them

Anna Mika's photography shows abandoned buildings before nature reclaims them

While many would think twice before stepping foot into eerie crumbling factories or decaying medical centres, photographer Anna Mika chooses to explore them to discover their subtle allure. The plucky 25-year-old from Poland's mysterious collection called, Urbex - Urban Exploration, features mines, factories, hospitals, both Polish and abroad.

Morocco placed on high terror alert by Foreign Office with travellers urged to be 'vigilant'

Around 500,000 Britons visit Morocco every year, and most trips are trouble-free, but the government has said attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.

Angry parents threaten to boycott castle in Kent after it BANNED scooters, bikes and wheel-based toys in a health and safety crackdown

Bosses at the 12th century Leeds Castle, near Maidstone in Kent, announced a ban on the wheel-based items, saying kids are now banned from zipping around its 500-acre grounds.

Three Jet2 planes declare emergencies as fierce storm rages over Ibiza, Majorca and Malaga

Flooding in Spain
Mallorca airport

Two flights from Manchester to Palma, Majorca were unable to land at the airport and declared an emergency. Flight LS832 is currently diverting to Ibiza while LS58 is circling in the air.

Leaping from a sculpture to jumping over a huge courgette! Watch as a free-runner defies gravity to 'engage' with priceless art

Chase Armitage mounted and performed a handstand on the top of Barbara Hepworth's Three Obliques: Walk In before charging down Richard Long's Cornwall Slate Line at Chatsworth House.

Mother's anger at Thomson after she claims the holiday company refused to pay back the full deposit for a trip cancelled because her baby son was diagnosed with cancer

Mum claims Thomson refused to pay back deposit despite child cancer

Christine Frayne-Elliot, 26, had booked a week long stay for June 2016 in the Sa Coma Playa in Majorca with husband James, 38, and their children Jaden, 1 and Lacey, 4. Also staying with them were Christine's parents, who wish to remain anonymous. The trip was organised with two group bookings between the six of them. However just two weeks after booking the holiday, Christine received the devastating news that her child Jaden had been diagnosed with cancer with a tumor in his back.

The 30,000ft proposal! The moment an easyJet passenger asks his girlfriend to marry him over the intercom while mid-flight

Kevin Christie, 41, was travelling with his 20-year-old partner Kamila Maier from Manchester to Mykonos, Greece, when he took to the intercom at 30,000ft to ask for her hand in marriage.

Thousands of fish mysteriously wash up on a Queensland beach - then vanish back into the sea 24 hours later

Locals who photographed the phenomenon on Buddinna Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland say they have never seen anything like it.

'If I were to die anywhere, I'd die there': McBusted pop star Danny Jones and his model wife Georgia enjoy a heavenly honeymoon at Naladhu Maldives and Per Aquum Niyama

Danny Jones and wife Georgia honeymoon at Naladhu Maldives and Per Aquum Niyama

A pop star honeymoon beyond their wildest dreams was enjoyed by Danny Jones from McBusted and his former Miss England wife Georgia at Niyama Per Aquum and Naladhu Maldives.

It pays to be nicer! Ryanair announces record passenger numbers for August and says that customers can look forward to 'more enhancements'

Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary meets the media to present new routes operating by Ryanair from Marseille, in Vitrolles , southern France. 
A lawyer for a group of Ryanairís French pilots says Wednesday Oct. 2, 2013,  a court on  has fined  the Irish airline 200,000 euros ($270,440) and ordered it to pay almost 8 million euros ($10.8 million) in damages and interest for breaking French labor law.

FILE - In this Jan.16, 2013 file photo, (AP Photo/Claude Paris, File)

The Irish-based airline's August traffic grew by 10 per cent to 10.4m customers based on the same month last year, while their load factor jumped two per cent to 95 per cent.

The terrifying moment TORNADOES struck the coast of Ibiza in storm that sent boats crashing into rocks, uprooted trees and damaged houses

Ibiza tornado

Local news sources reported that there were two tornadoes in Ibiza on Tuesday, that uprooted trees, affected power lines and caused extensive damage to houses.

The saily grind: Workers can move their office to the high seas on catamaran designed for 'digital nomads'

A company is offering a group of digital nomads the chance to move their office to the high seas aboard an 82-foot catamaran. Setting sail from Thailand the boat will circumnavigate world.

August was the coldest for three years - and it's about to get even colder as polar plume sends temperatures plunging below freezing 

Warnings of icy mornings in some rural areas came as it emerged that parts of Britain have had their wettest August for around a century. But weather will give way to a fine and bright weekend.

Do you wish your holiday pictures looked like this? Traveller photographs his model girlfriend as they visit stunning locations

Traveller photographs his model girlfriend as they visit stunning locations

Experiencing paradise locations around the world are young couple Michael Gallagher, 24, and his beautiful girlfriend Alexandra Carson, 27. Leaving behind their day jobs in California they have set out to visit every country on earth, and document their travels with their stunning photos. It doesn't hurt that Alexandra has previously worked as a model, and their backdrops include the whitewashed Santorini and unspoilt national parks.


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Guide says it was 'only a matter of time' before someone died at Norway tourist rock after Melbourne student, 24, fell while trying to walk past tourists taking photos

A tour guide was expecting tragedy at Trolltunga, the rock ledge above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway, as Kristi Kafcaloudis fell to her death on Sunday - while tributes for the woman flood social media.