Jay-Z's former partner fears eviction as he drowns in debt from $24k alimony to ex-wife, designer Rachel Roy, tax payments and lawsuits

Damon Dash was once living the high life as partner at Jay-Z's record label but now the man claims he is deep in debt and is pleading with a judge to not garnish his wages to pay off his creditors.

The hip-hop entrepreneur claimed in court filings this week that he is overwhelmed with personal bills, including $24,000 in alimony to ex-wife designer Rachel Roy, and could be evicted.

The 42-year-old is pleading with a judge to allow him time to deal with his financial mess.

Falling out

Falling out: Damon Dash (left) and Jay-Z (right in 2002) became fast friends in the 90s and founded Roc-A-Fella Records together in 1996

High life:

High life: Damon Dash had a glamorous life as a hip-hop mogul and a beautiful family with wife, designer Rachel Roy (right in October 2006) but both his business relationships and marriage have fallen apart


Bills: Damon says he is overwhelmed with bills, including alimony payments of $24,000 every three months to his ex-wife (pictured in New York in 2005 with their 2 daughters)

Dash submitted a sworn statement to a judge in Manhattan asking for leniency as his tries to manage his finances and asking that his wages not be garnished, according to the New York Daily News.

'I am currently several months behind in paying my personal bills,' he wrote on Tuesday in the 5-page filing.

'For instance, I am currently over $100,000 behind in rent for the only home in which I live and at risk of being evicted.'

According to the court filing, Dash pays $24,000 every three months to his ex-wife, with whom he has two daughters.

He is also making monthly child support payments of $4,341.10 for his son, Christian, from another relationship.


Glamor: Damon Dash was previously engaged to singer Aaliyah (pictured left in New York in 2001) and ran in high profile circles (right with model Naomi Campbell in 2007)

Good times

Good times: Damon Dash (left, with Busta Rhymes, center, and Gisele Bundchen in 2002) reportedly got carried away with lavish spending

Additionally, he has amassed thousands of dollars in debts, tax payments, and lawsuits from his various business dealings, including a $237,078 outstanding loan, suits brought by landlords, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and even a celebrity bodyguard firm.

Though Dash sounded desperate in his court filing, he downplayed the sense that he is in dire straits in an email, sent from his lawyer, to the News.

'I'm an independent businessman and this is what comes from business,' Dash said, according to an email from his attorney, Gregg A. Pinto.

'I have the guts to fight my battles on my own and it's entertainment to everybody else because I'm so cool about it,' he added.


Fashion: Damon Dash met his wife Rachel Roy (together in 2006), when she worked as a designer at Rocawear - the clothing line founded with Jay-Z. He backed his former wife's own line, Rachel Roy, in 2005

First Lady Michelle Obama blows a kiss at US President Barack Obama before his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on January 25, 2011

Success: Damon's ex-wife has enjoyed success as a designer (left with Stacy Keibler at the Met Costume Gala on May 6 and pictured right, Michelle Obama in a Rachel Roy dress for the 2011 State of the Union address)

Dash's rise in the entertainment world began when he met an up-and-coming artist Jay-Z, then just known as Sean Carter, in 1994.

Mesmerized by Jay-Z's talent and ambition, he forged a tight friendship with the hip-hop artist and together they founded Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996.

In 1999, they founded Rocawear clothing line.

Dash even dabbled in Hollywood, he served as a producer for The Woodsman, starring Kevin Bacon and Paid in Full with Mekhi Phifer. His sister is Clueless actress Stacey Dash.

He began a high profile romance with singer Aaliyah and the pair were engaged, until her tragic death in August 2001 in a plane crash.

Between 2002 and 2004, reports indicate that Dash's indulgent lifestyle, with several luxury properties cross the globe and his outlandish spending, became too extreme.

Jay-Z reportedly grew weary of Dash's ego and ambition and they had a falling out that lead to the sale of Roc-A-Fella to Def Jam Records in 2004.

At a meeting in December 2004, Jay offered Dash a $22 million buyout, $7 million in cash.

In the aftermath of the split, Dash started his own label but it has met with little success.

During his time at Rocawear, Dash met and married one of the line's designers Rachel Roy in 2005.

She launched her own, eponymous line, with her husband's backing in 2005.

The Rachel Roy brand has met with tremendous success and is a favorite of First Lady Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner.

The powercouple had two daughters, Ava and Tallulah, but split in 2009.