Sleep Good “Skyclimber” LP

Sleep Good “Skyclimber” LP

Twenty-one year-old Will Patterson‘s fourth LP as Sleep Good and his first with the project as a band, Skyclimber was recorded using both lo-fi cassette tapes and hi-fi 1/2″ 8 track tape, all during the band’s spare time while attending the University of Texas.  Most tracks are a single take direct to tape, and completely recorded and mixed without the use of a computer.

The album will be released in multiple formats including LP, CD, VHS with videos, and video game (Super-Skyclimber RPG).  The first release will be the digital version on June 15.  CD and LP issues will be out on August 24.


1. Hey Man
2. Schlitterbahn mp3
3. Water Voices
4. Showerstreams
5. Shoney’s
6. Berry Suit
7. Paper Feet
8. Paper Bird
9. Diamante
10. Starbrnt
11. Fractl
12. Jewels mp3
13. Boulderdashing
14. Jasper Frump
15. Friends

Formats:  LP+CD/CD/Digital
Catalog No:  Auto014
Release Date: June 15, 2010 (Digital), August 24, 2010 (Physical)