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If you have a distributor in your country, you may save money on your shipping and may receive the product quicker.  Local distributors are currently:

USA – MWS Distributing.  Website,, email.
USA –,

Australia and New Zealand – Dr D Fleming. Email phone 0452402570

If you do not have a distributor in your country, a shopping cart can be found here.  If purchased directly please note the following shipping terms.

These products are shipped within the EU without restriction.  The supplements are now officially recognised as a food supplement or cosmetic and are labelled as such.  The product and labelling approval has now been granted for the USA but import duties may apply.  Shipments outside the EU and the USA can be arranged, but purchasers should ensure that they make the necessary arrangements at their customs point of entry to allow onward transit.  Goods are sold outside the EU and USA as FOB, meaning the buyer assumes responsibility of the goods once loaded with the carrier and is responsible for the customs clearance and any import tax.  The description you will need for clearance is that MAFActive is a food or dietary supplement, classified in the trade tariff under commodity code 21 06 10 80 70, and contains glycoprotein suspended in 5ml purified water.

The description you will need for clearance for MAFActive cream is a massage cream, classified in the trade tariff under commodity code 33 04 99 00 00, and contains sweet almond oil (prunus dulcis) emulsifying wax NF, borax and glycoprotein.

The shipments will be sent to you following payment of your order but any loss at customs outside of the EU and USA will be at your risk.  Therefore you are strongly encouraged to speak to your customs prior to ordering.  Goods are shipped on a Monday to maximise the chances of the goods arriving in the same week.

A list of distributors will be published here, as we gain distributors in each country.  If you are interested in a distributor partnership, please send an email to info @

MAFActive is a registered tradename of Cyto Innovations Ltd, Bion, France.