Campaigners get steamed up about 'barista baloney' when it comes to ordering a coffee

With a menu ranging from macchiato to mocha, cappuccino to latte, buying a cup of coffee can be a bewildering business these days.

But the Plain English Campaign wants to make it a bit easier - by at least simplifying the serving sizes.

The group, which battles against the use of gobbledegook, wants cafes to ban the 'regular' size and simply ask customers if they want small, medium or large.


The group, which battles against the use of gobbledegook, says cafes should stop offering 'regular' coffees but merely ask customers if they want small, medium or large


To scale: Starbucks doesn't actually offer a 'regular' size. Its dimensions are short, tall, grande and venti

The 'regular' option, they argue, just leaves customers guessing as to what size mug or cup will arrive.

'They seem to use the word "regular" when they really mean "small" or "medium",' said a campaign spokesman.

'That's not what "regular" means – it's irregular use of language. Large is the opposite of small, not the opposite of regular.

'The comedy duo was Little and Large not Regular and Large – and small, medium and large are all regular sizes.'

A snapshot survey of leading coffee shop chains yesterday suggests the campaigners have their work cut out for them.

A 'regular' coffee suddenly seems comprehensible when set against some of the other tricky options on the menu.

A trip to Starbucks found four size options with customers able to choose between a short, tall, grande and venti. Costa Coffee, which has an Italian theme, runs to premi, medio or a massimo.

And Caffe Nero offers the regular size, which it regards as a medium, alongside a small or a grande.


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