Eye me to the moon

by ANIL DAWER, Daily Mail

Last updated at 17:52 17 November 2005

As the landmarks of the capital lay twinkling below them, these tourists had eyes only for the Moon.

And with a view like this, who could blame them?

Silhouetted against the silver glow, the London Eye provided the best seat in town for this spectacular sky show.

The Moon looked larger than usual because it was at its nearest point to the earth during its 27-and-a-half-day lunar cycle.

And a crisp, cloudless evening made the display even more dazzling, bathing the city in silver.

Photographer Alisdair MacDonald, who captured this stunning image, said all of London seemed under the Moon's spell.

"Everyone walking across Waterloo Bridge who saw the Moon was stopping to take pictures," he said.

"Most landscape photos need something on the horizon to give it scale and a full Moon is something special.

"It only happens once a month but it turns the most ordinary shots into something quite different."