Stacey Solomon smoking: She should ask her unborn baby before lighting up

Stacey Solomon, the singer, TV presenter and Reality TV show participant, is seven months pregnant and is smoking 'a few cigarettes' a day.

She says that her doctor told her that it would be too stressful for her to give up smoking while she is pregnant. I wonder if he consulted her unborn baby on that subject.

Tobacco smoke is a powerful substance containing many toxins, including nicotine. Obviously, it is inhaled into the lungs but it then gets into the blood stream. It therefore gets transported to all parts of the body.

Sneaky puff: Seven months pregnant Stacey Solomon was spotted smoking down an alley way

Sneaky puff: Seven months pregnant Stacey Solomon was spotted smoking down an alley way

In pregnancy the blood supply is shared between mother and baby. That means that any drug taken by the mother is also taken by the baby.

If I had been Stacey Solomon's doctor, I would have suggested that each time she was about to smoke a cigarette she should ask her baby if he or she would like to share the toxins.

At the time, she might hate me for being so direct but she might appreciate me later.

I don't know if Stacey Solomon has an addictive relationship with nicotine or whether she is just being self-centred.

I do know that cigarette smoking kills 300 people a day in the UK. This is three times as many as die from alcohol and ten or more times as many as die from recreational drugs. This is why doctors are, or should be, so concerned about cigarette smoking.

My own particular concern is more specialised. As a result of running an addiction treatment centre for 23 years, I know that people cannot give up an addiction simply by employing common sense. Addicts of one kind or another act on our feelings rather than on our thoughts. This is why rational approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or keeping a diary, do not work for people who have any form of compulsive behaviour.

We need to acknowledge our powerlessness and admit our insanity. Only then can we be helped, by other people like us, to find a way out of our dependency.

Stacey Solomon is talented. That wouldn't prevent her from being stupid at times. The same could apply to her doctor, as it does for me. But we all of us need to have a profound sense of responsibility for the health of unborn babies

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