Have we just invaded America? Mexican troops who crossed U.S. border claim they 'got lost'

It could have been seen as an act of war.

A convoy of three military trucks loaded with armed Mexican soldiers crossed the border into the U.S.

But the blundering soldiers claimed they were 'lost' after crossing at Bridge Number Two in Laredo, Texas.

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Mexican soldiers accidentally crossed into the US.

'Got lost': Three trucks of Mexican soldiers accidentally crossed into the U.S.

Upon seeing the three armed trucks Customs and Border Protection inspectors were so shocked they had to try and figure out what to do.

A CBP spokesperson said they phoned the Mexican authorities after being alerted that the military trucks were heading their direction loaded down with soldiers and weapons.

Mexican officials said the soldiers, who had just been deployed to Nuevo Laredo, didn't know the area, and got lost so they made their way through Bridge Two.

The incident sparked local fears about the security of the border that armed soldiers could get so close to the international border.