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Halachos Concerning The Bathroom Part 2

Two People Walking In At One Time

It is not modest for two people to go into the actual area where the toilet is.(6) There is no concern however to enter the bathroom two at a time. It is very common that a young child who is first learning to use a toilet needs a parent to help him in the process. The poskim say if a young child is afraid to go in by himself one is permitted to accompany him.(7) Some poskim are lenient and permit two women to enter an area where there is a toilet,(8) while others are stringent in this regard.(9)


Many people have a habit of talking while in the bathroom (even when one is not actually "using the toilet"). However, this practice is forbidden. Many poskim maintain that talking in the bathroom is not allowed if it is not a great tzorech when one is not using the toilet.(10) Some people take the phone in the bathroom and talk to their friends without thinking anything is wrong with it, but this should not be done.(11) When one is giving their child a bath and they are there for an extended period of time then talking is permitted.(12) When one is using the toilet talking is forbidden.(13) If one is expecting an important phone call and one could lose a lot of money by not answering the phone then some poskim are lenient.(14) One should be careful not to talk to anyone in the bathroom since it might cause the one in the bathroom to talk back to you.(15)

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