The horrific secrets of Levi Bellfield: Milly's killer drugged and raped girls in school uniform in council flat dubbed the 'raping room'

Serial killer Levi Bellfield was a paedophile who drugged and raped schoolgirls in uniform, it emerged today.

He had a sex with unconscious victims - one as young as 13 - whose drinks had been spiked with date-rape drugs.

The attacks took place in his council flat which was dubbed the 'raping room' by other predators who joined in and filmed the depravity at his 'parties'.

Tragic Milly Dowler who was murdered by Levi Bellfield
Evil: Triple killer Levi Bellfield

Innocent: Schoolgirl Milly Dowler and her evil killer Levi Bellfield

The Old Bailey jury who convicted Bellfield of abducting and murdering 13-year-old Milly Dowler, were never told of his warped fascination with schoolgirls.

Milly was in her uniform when she vanished as she walked home in Walton on Thames, Surrey, in 2002.

Murder victim Amelie Delagrange who was ambushed by Bellfield

Murder victim Amelie Delagrange who was ambushed by Bellfield

Three of Bellfield's former partners, now adults, said he begged them to dress up as schoolgirls, but the judge ruled their evidence was inadmissible.

Following his capture in 2004, Bellfield was charged with nine rapes on them and questioned about five other drug rapes.

But he was never prosecuted over any of the offences and details of the attacks were kept from the murder jury.

Tracey Hedding described his behaviour to police as a 'sexual and aggressive interest.'

Another former partner, Johanna Collings, 38, mother of two of his children, told the Sun that he would drive around leering at schoolgirls shooting obscenities at them.

The 13-year-old rape victim who was lured to the triple killer's home in Little Benty, West London, blacked out after having a vodka and Coke.

'I felt very panicky - one minute I was fine then I couldn't remember anything,' she told the Sun.

She later became his girlfriend and he would order her to have sex with his perverted friends while he filmed.

Now 22, she recalled how he threatened to have sex with her 11-year-old sister and their mother.

Another victim, was 14 years old when she was drugged and raped only days after Bellfield killed Amelie Delagrange in an ambush in August 2004.

She woke up in his 'raping room' at Crosby Close, Hanwell.


 The director of public prosecutions said he would examine how victims are treated in court after admitting the Milly Dowler murder case raised 'fundamental questions'.

Keir Starmer QC's comments come as the most senior police officer in the case criticised the 'disgraceful lack of humanity' in the justice system following the ordeal suffered by the schoolgirl's family.

Review: Keir Starmer

Review: Keir Starmer

Yesterday, Mr Starmer said: 'This trial has raised some fundamental questions about the treatment of victims and witnesses in the court process.

'Those questions require answers and we will be contributing to the review by the Ministry of Justice into all aspects of victim support.'

Surrey Police Chief Constable Mark Rowley, whose force apologised for missed opportunities that could have led to Bellfield's arrest, said he was 'upset and embarrassed' by the justice system's treatment of the family.

Writing in The Times, Mr Rowley said: 'The family's experience was so exceptionally traumatic that they now regret supporting the prosecution of Bellfield.

'As chief constable, that is something I never imagined myself saying.'

He said there were 'systemic flaws' that must be 'fundamentally rebalanced', and called for a process that enabled 'the proper testing of witnesses without destroying them in public'.

Bellfield gave victim Charmaine Hook, then 16, a spoonful of liquid claiming it was Malibu rum as she travelled in his van.

Charmaine, who has waived her anonymity, said: 'I went into my room and my vision started to blur. Bellfield came in and began lying on top of me on the bed.That's the last thing I remember.'

She reported the attack to police but even though she picked Bellfield from a book of mugshots, the Crown Prosecution Service did not prosecute because they claimed lack of evidence.

A girl of 17, then living in a hostel for homeless youngsters, was taken to a house where Bellfield and another paedophile raped her.

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